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Sorry for the wait. This wasn’t supposed to be the finale week post, but I felt self-conscious about it. That’s why I put it off.

Anyway, I hope it meets your expectations.


The Winx have had ten fairy forms since season three. That includes the season eight form Cosmix (“Starlix” was fake), but it doesn’t include Sophix and Lovix (variations of Believix) or comics-only forms like Greenix, Paintix, and Travelix. How can Enchantix still be the final fairy form?


Here’s the most common theory I’ve heard. Enchantix is the final natural form. All other forms are extensions of Enchantix, kinda like Sophix and Lovix are for Believix. A fairy can’t earn them unless she earns Enchantix first; it’s the gateway to all other forms.

I agree with the first part, but not the second. Enchantix is the final form that comes from a fairy’s own magic, but I don’t think she must have Enchantix before she can earn other forms. Also, I don’t think those forms are extensions of Enchantix. They’re just other types of magic in the Magic Dimension.

Charmix and Enchantix are the only true fairy forms — i.e., manifestations of the magic inside of fairies. Believix is linked to fairy magic, but it doesn’t come from it. It just strengthens it. (Think of the “clap if you believe in fairies” scene from Peter Pan.) If fairies were born from dreams and fantasy, then it makes sense that belief makes fairies stronger.

The other forms — Harmonix, Sirenix, Bloomix, Mythix, Butterflix, etc. — are non-fairy magic. Fairies can still use it, but so can other magic species. Case in point: in “Sirenix” (S5, EP13), Tritannus steals Daphne’s Sirenix power and gives it to the Trix, turning them into Dark Sirenix witches.

Sources of Magic Energy

Bloom wills her Enchantix in “From The Ashes” (S3, EP16). Why is she able to do it? Because the energy she needs is already inside of her, so all she has to do is raise it.

But a fairy can’t will the later forms because the energy she needs comes from outside sources: magic items, hidden locations, etc. Time for a recap:

  • Believix: The source is belief in fairies. It’s more like a trigger; the energy may not appear until a skeptic believes. That’s what happened with Roxy.
  • Sophix and Lovix: They come from the Gifts of Wisdom and Heart (respectively). In season four, The Ethereal Fairies give them to the Winx to help with their mission.
  • Harmonix: The Sirenix Guardians have it. In season five, The Winx need it to complete the Sirenix Quest.
  • Sirenix: The source is…The Source of Sirenix. According to Faragonda, Sirenix is “an ancient power, born of the magic of the oceans.” More proof it’s not fairy magic (though mermaids are like fairies).
  • Bloomix: It comes from pieces of the Dragon Flame. The question is how does Bloom get Bloomix? Does she will it? Does she make it out of thin air? Both of those could be true. If the Dragon Flame created the Magic Dimension, why couldn’t it create a transformation?
  • Mythix: It’s in the Mythix wands. Mythix energy comes from the Legendarium World and can only be used there.
  • Butterflix: Quoting Tecna: “The Butterflix power is a gift from nature.”
  • Tynix: It’s in the Tynix bracelets, which only the Winx’s Fairy Animals can give out.
  • Dreamix and Onyrix: Dreamix is a gift from the Spirit of the World of Dreams. Onyrix is an evolution of Dreamix, like Enchantix is an evolution of Charmix.

My guess is Twinkly, the Winx’s star-shaped friend in season eight, will be the source of Cosmix energy. (Yes, I’ve still been reading Winx news.)

What About Believix?

How does this prove Enchantix is still the final form? It sounds obvious it’s not. Faragonda even calls Believix “a level above Enchantix.” End of story, right?

Well, think about it. The source of Believix is believing in fairies. To believe in something, you have to be unsure about it.

What if I told you I have Winx dolls on my dresser? I don’t believe that’s true — I know it is because I can see them. But you’re not in my room, so you can’t be sure. I could be lying to you. Do you believe me or not? 😛

In season four, the Winx convince Roxy she’s not crazy, and the fairies in front of her are real. That’s how they earn Believix. This makes sense on Earth, a non-magic planet where fairies are the stuff of storybooks.

But how would it work in the Magic Dimension? Look at the name: the Magic Dimension. Almost everyone is a magic being or can use basic, “everyday” spells.

Not believing in fairies would be silly. Most people know they exist — or they’re fairies themselves! Remember this exchange between Bloom and Aisha in “Rescue Mission” (S2, EP03)?

Bloom: It’s up to us!
Aisha: Let’s all transform!
Bloom: You mean you’re a…!
Aisha: Of course I am!

Judging by Aisha’s response, people in the Magic Dimension probably assume every girl is a fairy or a witch. How would a fairy in the Magic Dimension earn Believix if no one needs to be convinced to believe in fairies?

I think before the Winx earned it, no one had earned it in centuries. The Earth Fairies had the best chance, but they were locked away by the Wizard of the Black Circle. Now magic has returned to Earth. As more and more people believe (and even become magic beings), Believix will get harder and harder to earn.

Final Thoughts

Here’s my theory. Enchantix is the limit for most fairies. The other forms (except Bloomix) have always existed, but most fairies don’t earn them unless they need them. In fact, they might not even know about them. How many fairies do you think have met the Ethereal Fairies? How many fairies have found the Sirenix Book — or even looked for it? How many fairies have bonded with the six Guardians of the Ultimate Power of Fairy Animals?

The Winx are exceptions to the “rule.” They’ve gone beyond Enchantix to save the Magic Dimension, but they won’t be superheroes forever. One day, they’ll retire and rule their kingdoms or follow their dreams. Unless a new group takes their place, the post-Enchantix forms will be forgotten again, and Enchantix will reclaim the title of “final fairy form.”

Final, but not the only other.

* * *

But this is my final and only other Una di Noi Winx post. To the people who have stuck around till the end, thank you. I haven’t stopped blogging altogether. Before Una di Noi, I had a themeless blog called Prattler’s Paradise. I’ve started writing there again, mainly about anime lately. Feel free to check it out.

This blog was named after a line from a Winx song, so that’s how I’ll end it.

“Goodbye, my friends. Goodbye.”

Guest Posts

“‘World of Winx’ Season 1 Review”

~ By Knight7572 ~

I know what you are thinking: World of Winx season one was two years ago. But like most seasons of the main Winx series, it had good and bad. We must keep in mind that no season of Winx Club is perfect.

Anyway, on to the review.

To recap the premise, the Winx are on mission to protect people with talents from a talent thief, whilst maintaining their cover as talent scouts on a reality show. Even with the Dreamix forms, it won’t be easy. Can the Winx succeed?

What I Liked

  • The animation was very well done, and the animation style was so good.
  • The animated designs of areas of the world that the Winx visited were well animated.
  • The character designs were really good, and so was the voice acting.
  • The Dreamix transformation sequence and song were well designed and visually pleasing.
  • The song that was used for the scene in the episode in LA felt right for the setting.
  • The overall plot line was easy to follow and understand.
  • The designs of the Dreamix outfits were well animated.
  • There was good character development for the Winx and even Roxy, too.
  • It had funny moments, which were good, like Stella messing up her lines, Bloom trying to play guitar, and Tecna beating Aisha at a video game.
  • The fourth wall breaks by Bloom were amusing.
  • The villain and the lackey’s designs was nice.
  • The Winx’s going undercover as dog handlers to find the talents made sense because the Winx have taken care of animals in season four and seven.
  • The Sherlock Holmes sequence was funny, and the song playing during it was nice.
  • The enemies the Winx faced were unusual and were able to take the Dreamix power attacks and get up and keep going. That is a good monster.
  • One of the best parts was Lorelei’s downfall, which was not only entertaining but also well deserved. Lorelei got laughed at by Ace and the people in WOW! show audience then fired over the phone, which tells me her career is sunk.

What I Didn’t Like

  • I felt the talent show part dragged on a bit more than it needed to.
  • The villians’ motivation for their plan was petty, and ep. 9 was meh.
  • The use of hypnosis is getting very old because it has been used in Winx Club many times already.
  • At least one moment made me ugh, and that was Tecna trying to make a joke.

At least two characters were really irritating: Lorelei and Ace.


  • She’s worse than RWBY volume 1’s Weiss Schnee. Seriously, I couldn’t stand her from her first appearance.
  • Lorelei’s singing was atrocious. It was like Microphone Kirby but ten times worse, and her piano playing was awful.
  • She slammed the door in Bloom’s face, which I didn’t find amusing.
  • Her voice was awful. Seriously, I’d rather watch the RAI dub of season one than listen Lorelei speaking.


  • The host of the talent show fell for the three Winx pulling a sickie? Seriously, that is the first trick that a schoolchild might use to get out of going to school.
  • Ace became more irritating every episode that he appeared.

Overall, my final thoughts on World of Winx season one: despite the criticisms I have and one episode being meh, I found season one to be entertaining and an enjoyment to watch from beginning to end. It made me want to watch an episode again — except for ep. 9 — and it made me want to see season two of WoW.

Some Things I Noticed

  • The camera drones were destroyed by water? Seriously? Whoever designed the camera drones should be fired for not fixing an obvious flaw in the design.
  • I couldn’t help but notice that Lorelei was rowing in the direction that leads to the Pacific.
  • The character who hired the Winx to care for the dogs didn’t even ask for their qualifications.
  • Ace technically committed trespassing and attempted murder.
  • The Big Bad of World of Winx season one and Ace tried to kill the Winx, so they both fall into the category of people who have tried and failed to kill them.
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“Winx Club Etymology, Part III: The Villains (Finale)”

~ By Power of Charmix ~

Villains can make or break a story, and I think Winx Club has done very well at creating some memorable and excellent antagonists. Will the meanings of their names be just as memorable? Only one way to find out…

The Trix

The Trix’s names are pretty self-explanatory — they like to play tricks on people, and each of their individual names relates to their magic powers. Their names may also be somewhat symbolic of their personalities. Icy is rude to anyone who isn’t her sisters (and even they’re not exempt from the cold when Tritannus is around); Darcy is manipulative and loves being evil; and Stormy tends to have outbursts of violent anger due to her notorious temper.


Lord Darkar’s name doesn’t have a lot of hidden meaning to it. They took the word dark and added “-ar” to it. Cause he’s evil, get it?

Fortunately, we can gather a little more meaning from his alternate name, the Shadow Phoenix. The phoenix is a mythological bird that comes back to life whenever it dies. Phoenixes symbolize new life and perseverance, but a shadow phoenix would presumably symbolize the opposite: death and hopelessness.

A shadow phoenix’s immortality isn’t a symbol of hope — it’s a symbol of despair. It’s actually a quite scary concept, when you stop to think about it. A deity that causes nothing but misery, and just when you think it’s passed, it revives itself and attacks you when your guard’s down.


That last paragraph got rather depressing, so let’s move on to everyone’s favorite insane sorcerer/supreme overlord maniac/secret beast-man: Valtor. Or Baltor — whatever he’s called.

I couldn’t find any other examples of Valtor being used as a name or word, but surprisingly enough, I was able to discover a meaning for it. “Val-” is a Latin prefix that means “strength” or “worth”, and “-tor” is used to make masculine agent nouns. (An agent noun is used to describe someone who does an action — for example, a singer is a person who sings. An example of -tor being used is in the word gladiator.) So, Valtor refers to a man who wields much strength.

However, I couldn’t find an example of “bal” being used as a prefix, so I still have no idea why 4Kids felt the need to make that change other than “Baltor” sounding slightly less evil than Valtor.

The Wizards of the Black Circle

The Wizards of the Black Circle have some interesting-sounding names, so I was especially excited to research them for this post. Apparently their leader, Ogron, shares his name with a race of creatures from Doctor Who, but I don’t know enough about that show to make any jokes about that. I can’t find any other uses of the name, so I’m assuming that he was named that because it has the word ogre in it, and…ogres are evil?

In similarly-confounding news, Anagan’s name is somehow even weirder. According to Google Translate, anagan means “it’s over” in Somali…but I don’t trust Google Translate. Anagan is also an adjective for things referring to Macizo de Anaga, a mountain range in the Canary Islands. Macizo is a Spanish word, but strangely, anaga seems to be a Hindi word meaning either “sinless” or “heaven on earth.” Anagan is most definitely not sinless, and I can’t find any other meanings for any of these words, so I have no real conclusions to draw for Anagan’s name. All the information I can find is just confusing and makes no real sense.

To contrast, there seems to be no information available for the name Gantlos — no prefixes, suffixes, or other examples of it being used — so I’m just going to move on to Duman. Duman is a Turkish surname meaning “misty” or “smoky”. Well, smoky things are hard to see properly, and Duman can shapeshift, meaning that you’re unlikely to see him properly?

In all honesty, I’m fairly certain that all of the Wizards’ names were just chosen because they sounded evil.


Similarly, Tritannus was likely chosen because it sounds similar to “triton” and “trident”. -Nus is a Latin suffix that was used in Rome for male names, but that’s about it. Although I did find out that his brother Nereus was named after a Greek sea god, and Aisha’s mother Niobe was named after a woman from Greek myths who was turned into stone.


As you may know, Selina comes from the Greek word for the moon and the moon goddess, Selene. Witches are often associated with darkness and the night, and by extension, the moon. But the moon also provides a light amid the darkness, similar to how Selina eventually becomes a good character.


Acheron, the season villain with the least amount of screentime, has the most interesting name origin of all the villains, and potentially of the whole series. Acheron comes from Greek words meaning “the stream of woe” or “pain”. Depending on which Greek myths you’re reading, Acheron is either a stream that marks the entrance to the underworld, a branch of the River Styx, or both. The River Styx is the river that runs through the underworld and separates it from the rest of the world. It was created by a devious river god who even managed to trick Zeus once, and in some myths (such as that of Achilles), it has magical properties and can grant people superhuman powers.

Winx Club’s Acheron spent the entire season lying to Selina, and he promised to give her more power, like how the River Styx promises to give special powers to mortals. Acheron was devious, and he certainly tried to cause the world a lot of woe and pain, so his name is exceedingly appropriate.

Kalshara and Brafilius

And finally, Brafilius and Kalshara don’t have much going for them in the etymology department. The only thing I found is that their names both happen to end in suffixes used to form adjectives: -ius for Brafilius, and –ara for Kalshara. But the remainder of their names don’t mean anything, so we can’t exactly form any adjectives, rendering their names meaningless.

Once again, we have ourselves a mixed bag — some of the villains have very interesting names, and others seem to have just been a bunch of letters crammed together to make a noise that sounded somewhat menacing. This just seems to be how Rainbow operates.

Unfortunately, this is the final post in this series. It was really fun to research and write these posts. I would like to thank Tori for editing and posting them on her blog and also for just being an awesome blogger that we all love, appreciate, and wish only the best for. I thank you all for reading these posts and giving your thoughts about them.

Even though this is my last guest post, I have also done additional research for other posts I was planning, so if anyone has any requests for names you’re curious about, I can try and tell you about them in the comments. Though the posts may be stopping, the etymology studies will live on!

Guest Posts

Please note I watched the 4Kids version.

They say Halloween is the time when the strangest things can happen. It is the night when the strangest things come out to play, from ghouls to goblins and even witches. For Bloom and the Winx, this Halloween night will probably be one not to forget. But does this episode still spook after more than a decade has passed? Let’s see, shall we?

The episode begins at Alfea where the Winx are presenting a report on Halloween. Palladium tells Flora to explain what Halloween is in her own words. While this is happening, Bloom tells Aisha that they have been invited to a Halloween party on Earth. She passes the info onto Stella, who tells Musa, who tells Flora.

The other Winx continue to explain what Halloween, but when Tecna is told about the party, she is unable to contain her excitement. She tells the entire class and Palladium, who thinks a costume party with a DJ and dance would be a perfect place for the Winx’s research project, much to Tecna’s dismay, which makes Flora laugh a bit.

A card floats down towards Alfea and passes students and a Fairy Pet before it lands in front of the Pixie of Messages. She identifies the Pixie who emerges from it as her little sister Jolly, The Pixie of Fortune Telling, who asks how things are going. Livy suggests they have a cup of tea and chat, but Jolly mentions that there is darkness around her. Jolly then does a fortune telling, and her magic cards tell her that whoever is traveling on Halloween night will face grave danger and unbearable fear.

Stella using her Solaria Staff, casts a teleportation spell, and teleports herself and the Winx to Gardenia. Bloom teleports herself to Gardenia with the Pixies in tow, following on her magical dust trail.

In Gardenia

The Winx are walking up the street when Stella asks Bloom about the friend of hers who’s hosting the party. Bloom says Mitzi isn’t really her friend, but she invited her so she assumes Mitzi had changed. As the Pixies fly by, a woman says that her magic cards will predict the future. Jolly calls her an imposter, while a dog barks at Tune and Chatta, but its owner pulls it away.

Flora asks Bloom about what they are going to wear, and Bloom says the costumes need to be good. Before Stella can say what her idea is, Mitzi appears, and Bloom introduces the other Winx to her. Their first impression and that of the Pixies is not good, but Bloom thinks they should give Mitzi a chance, much to Lockette’s displeasure.

Later On

The Winx and Pixies walk towards the silent villa. Flora sees a motion-activated cat, and Jolly notices a pumpkin that looks like their pet pumpkin. As the Winx are walking towards the house, the Pixies spot a mysterious figure and race to catch up to the Winx.

The Winx walk up to the front door where they are greeted by a woman in a maid outfit who leads them into the main room. Mitzi walks in dressed in what I can only describe as a poor girl’s version of Bayonetta. 😒 Anyway, the Winx reveal their costumes, which are basically their fairy forms.

After a Jolly fortune telling, where it shows the three messengers of doom will be in the forest, and a few party shenanigans, Bloom tries to set Flora up with a guy and Mitzi deliberately makes Bloom spill her drink on her top, which Bloom sorts out with the Dragon Flame. Meanwhile, three mysterious figures approach the house looking for their sister.

Back At The Party

Jolly is getting really worried because of her prediction, but Musa says to the Pixies that they’ll leave soon enough. Mitzi sees Musa talking to herself, while Tecna has noticed the walls in the house are cracked, which once again makes me question the safety of the building. The cracks are originating from a picture of three faceless girls.

After Tecna has read a bit of info, the maid from earlier rushes in saying that Mitzi needs them upstairs. Mitzi says she saw three faceless girls. After telling the story of the three faceless girls, she asks Bloom for help. When the Winx get downstairs, they see that all the mirrors are smashed and that there are four girls in the picture, not three as before. Bloom tells the other Winx to follow her outside.

Outside The House

The Winx are looking around for the ghosts when Stella sees something that turns out to be a garden rake. One of the three sisters shows up, shortly followed by the other two. They surround the Winx while inside Mitzi tells the other people there to get ready for phase two of her prank.

Back outside, the Winx retreat through a graveyard with the three sisters closing in. The fourth one appears, but Stella figures out it’s Mitzi from her perfume. Mitzi explains why she invited Bloom to the party.

Suddenly, a fifth faceless girl shows up and scares Mitzi and her friends away. It was actually the Pixies. The episode ends with the Winx enjoying the party, much to Mitzi’s displeasure.

Things I Observed

  • The 4Kids opening theme song is quite catchy.
  • I guess Tecna hasn’t fully worked out how to rein in her excitement yet.
  • So Pixies can have sisters? Interesting. 🤔
  • “Whoever travels will face grave danger and unbearable fear.” Really? Considering who was the next main season villain makes whatever the Winx face in this episode look like nothing.
  • Bloom is still a poor judge of character — with Mitzi, then her childhood friend four years later. 😒
  • “This house is falling apart.” Okay, why was Mitzi allowed to rent a building that in danger of structural failure? 😒
  • There are quite a few references to movies, video games, and TV.
  • The look that Bloom gave Mitzi. Are we sure she isn’t going Dark Bloom already? 🤔
  • “The house kept falling apart.” Okay, there is something very wrong with the building if it keeps collapsing.
  • Does Mitzi not realise that the non-magical beings are in more danger if the Winx start using their magic to defend themselves? 😒
  • How strong is Mitzi’s perfume if it can be smelled a mile away? 🤔

Overall Thoughts

So was this episode good? Well, yes, it was. It perfectly captured Halloween with the atmosphere being eerie, and the characters were reacting as I would expect if they were unfamiliar with what happens on Halloween. Also, the idea of the four sisters was a good urban legend for the episode. The only nitpicks with the episode are Mitzi, who I didn’t like, and the person who let her rent a building that wasn’t structurally safe. But aside from that, the episode was enjoyable, and I recommend this episode as one to watch on Halloween.

In honour of Winx Club‘s 15th anniversary, I have decided that I’ll be reviewing ep. 1X01 as my next episode review. Rest assured if somehow I’m able to see season eight episodes, I will be reviewing them too.

Now I want to give a special thank you to Tori for hosting my episode and movie reviews, even when she could have said no. I will miss your blog so much, but I hope you’ll check back in from time to time. Just know had the blog continued, I would have asked if you could post my reviews of the first Winx Club episode and my reviews of each episode of season eight if I saw it. So I wish you good luck in all your future prospects, and live long and prosper.

Finally, Happy Halloween to everyone!

Guest Posts

“Winx Girls: Lives Of Mirta And Lucy”

~ By Will N. ~

This is the final entry in the “Life of” series. It has been a fun ride. Now it’s time for our more awkward honorary members of the group. Mirta, the sixth ranger prototype and illusion mage, is up first.


When we first meet her, she and Lucy are trying to fit in with the Trix, which doesn’t work. Mirta is also bullied for thinking that witches and fairies can get along (not that it mattered). She later finds out fairy magic can undo witch magic — if it isn’t done by someone stronger than her — otherwise, Lucy would still be in a pet jar. After that, when Mirta gets a rude awakening about how diabolically insane the Trix are, she warns Bloom and has pumpkin problems, which Flora is later able to fix. She soon forms a deep friendship with her and decides to switch from dark to light and be a fairy, thanks to Flora and Bloom.

In her next appearance, she operates as the Daphne for the Winx when they go to Cloud Tower, as they wouldn’t have been able to understand witch politics without her. We also learn, as she goes to make amends with Lucy, that they have been childhood friends much like Anne and Aisha. But unlike Anne and Aisha, they actually stuck together despite Lucy’s popularity, which didn’t quite last.

Mirta later, unlike most of Alfea these days, actually has a spine and defends Alfea as well as running recon for the Winx during the Valtor fiasco. Too bad she’s strictly background fodder now.


Lucy is the Witch of Insects, the best friend of Mirta, and actually — whether she admits it or not — an ally of the Winx. (If the Trix have Diaspro, the Winx can have Lucy, right?) Generally, she appears to despise all fairies except for Mirta, but that is only due to her trying to fit in. Lucy met Mirta at a young age and was quite popular until her entourage found out she was a witch.

During Mirta’s mentor moments, a heart-to-heart between the two helps them see that fairy or witch doesn’t matter. The two can still be friends and are seen hanging out together at events — even if there was an incident that was rather ribbiting. Lucy at least warms up a bit after being told that fairy magic can undo even the nastiest witch magic and later starts helping Mirta.

Here’s where I would normally say something about magic prowess, but since neither really has that much magic ability at the moment, I’ll ask a few more questions than I normally would.

  • Can you relate to Mirta or Lucy about being “the oddball” at one point?
  • Would you like Mirta and Lucy to have their own spinoff about overcoming mildly serious subjects that are only hinted at in Winx?
  • Would you like Mirta and Lucy to appear in a future series?

If you have enjoyed this series, so have I. So I’ll close it on this note…

Happy Hallowinx Everyone!