At the Winx Worldwide Reunion, fans got a sneak peek at World of Winx! Rainbow gave my affiliate GermanSirenix permission to post the clip! It’s short, but at least we’re finally getting to see some footage!

Also, GermanSirenix talked to a few Rainbow staff members at the reunion, and they said the show’s premiere may be delayed until early 2017 in Italy. That’s because they’ve been working on so many other shows at the same time. I don’t know if this means only in Italy. If not, it sounds like we’ll be waiting even longer. Sigh. 🙁



The title says it all. I’ve decided to stop writing episode reviews. I need to be honest with myself and you: I don’t enjoy writing them anymore.

When I started writing them near the beginning of season five, it felt like a fun addition to the blog. But things have happened over the years (especially this year) that have drained the joy out of it for me. I won’t go into details. All I’ll say is writing reviews feels like a chore now.

I’m going back to what I used to do: writing about individual scenes, concepts, characters, spells, settings, etc. I’ll still review season seven as a whole — and season six, since I still haven’t done that — and I’ll pick my top 3 favorite and least favorite episodes. I also might post my “Thoughts While Watching” for each episode. (Those might count as mini-reviews.) This will apply to World of Winx, too.

I’m sorry to everyone who enjoyed my reviews. I hope you’ll understand and continue to support my blog. Thank you.

Caption Contest

Wow. You guys loved this pic, didn’t you? 😛 All I’m gonna say is I’m glad I don’t pick finalists anymore.

You have 24 hours to pick a winner. If you need to see the captions again, click here. Good luck, everyone!


Internet News

Remember those mysterious Baby Winx pictures? They linked to the Winx’s profile pages on I guessed Rainbow was about to make new moodboards, and it looks like I was right. In fact, they might be about to revamp the whole design of the pages.

Here are the Winx’s new information cards. They might not be finished yet.

If you scroll over the girls’ faces, you’ll see their Baby Winx pictures. Aw!


Also, the moodboard galleries are empty again. The “Coming Soon” graphics still link to the old moodboards for now, but that could change.


Maybe Rainbow’s trying to make the profiles more mobile-friendly, or they’re just updating them for season seven. What do you think of the new look?