IMPORTANT: No Spoilers, Please!

capture_007_13022015_112814_750 In less than 24 hours, season seven will premiere on Nick Greece. They’ll be halfway through the season by mid-August! Some fans are lucky enough to be able to see it live. Others will be scavenging for ways to watch it online. (You know who you are. :P )

Whatever your plans are, promise me you won’t spoil the season for the rest of us.

I know it’s hard to be considerate of everyone, since this show airs in more than 100 countries. But we all want that experience of watching and reacting to it ourselves. Don’t take that away from us.

I’ll tell you right now: I’m not gonna watch it yet. I’m gonna be stubbornly patient and wait till it premieres in the U.S. — whenever that happens. (I’ve tried to do the same for season six, but I’ve already been spoiled a bit. :( ) Please remember I mod comments on this blog. If I see anything that looks like a spoiler, I will delete the comment. No exceptions.

I’m not saying you can’t talk at all about the season. Just please don’t give away plot details, new or returning characters, episode titles (unless they’re vague) — anything you know would ruin the surprise and fun of watching. Let us find out for ourselves. (By the way, this counts for Facebook, too.)

The season will premiere in several other countries throughout the summer. You’ll have plenty of fans to chat with soon.

All right. I’m done sounding like a dictator. I hope you understand.

The Boys of Winx Club: Conclusion

Once again, thanks for reading these posts. I had fun writing them, and I hope you enjoyed them.

I learned some things as I was writing these. First of all, I like the guys more than I thought I did. They’re not just “purses with legs,” as I’ve always treated them. Some of them are boring as a white wall (I’m looking at you, blue-eyed Goldilocks), but others are pretty cool and I like having them in the show.

Other things I learned:

  • Not everyone likes Timmy, after all. My sister, The Muse, hates him. Passionately. She thinks he’s boring and too stereotypical. Go figure. :P
  • Sky and Riven are two of my least favorite guys, yet I talked about them a lot in the others’ posts. Either they get way too much attention in this show (Sky sure does), or I subconsciously like them more than I think I do. :P
  • I’m obsessed with the Log Horizon opening. :P I spammed that video a hundred times while I was writing Timmy’s post. :P
  • I had more to say about Nabu than I thought I would. Hey, he’s worth it. :) And his voice in the season three RAI English dub was hot. Full stop.
  • Whatever that indentation on Nex’s chin is supposed to be — a clef, I guess — annoys me to no end. But when I was looking for screenshots of Nabu, I noticed he had a clef in his chin, too! What’s with Aisha’s love interests and distinctive chins? :P
  • Thoren gives off a big brother vibe to me. If I had an older brother, I wouldn’t mind if he were like him. :)

Well, that’s it for this series. Feel free to suggest another theme for me (the Winx, the Pixies, the villains, etc.)!

Just for convenient access, here are all the posts again:

The Boys of Winx Club: Thoren, The Second-in-Command

Before you ask, the answer’s no. Beginning with Sky and ending with his cousin Thoren was not on purpose. I wanted to start the series with the guys we’ve known the longest: Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, and Timmy. Then I wrote about Aisha’s love interests one after another, starting with Nabu since he came first. Thoren was just the leftover guy.

It makes sense to put him last, anyway. He’s not part of the Boys Club the way the other guys are, since his love interest, Daphne, isn’t one of the Winx. The only reason he’s here is because she’s tagging along with them.

Thoren’s introduced in ep. 6X03, “The Flying School.” He’s immediately established as a rival to Sky by choosing to be his opponent in a training match. Since he calls the blond prince out by name, everyone knows they’ve got some kind of a history. (I still don’t get how Bloom knew Thoren, but Brandon didn’t. Just for laughs, I guess.)


The first time I watched this episode, Thoren came off as aggressive and unfriendly, so I called him a “hothead.” (His character description does say he’s “grumpy.”) But during a recent rewatch, I noticed after Sky knocks him over with a sword slash, Thoren — while growling like he’s disappointed — gives him a thumbs-up! Huh? :? Talk about mixed messages!

If I’d seen that gesture, I might have known this “rivalry” was gonna go nowhere. But that’s not what the rest of the episode suggested. Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…

The Boys of Winx Club: Nex, The Jokester

Nex has arguably become the most hated guy in the Boys Club. The fanbase calls him everything from a “bad person” and “Riven 2.0″ to a “jerk” and a flat-out “a-hole.” It doesn’t help that he has a harsh look to his face (his eyes look yellow in some shots). Plus, he tends to scowl a lot, making him look like he’s always angry or up to something.

I used to hate him, too. In my review of “The Flying School” (ep. 6X03), where he knocks Roy out of the ring during a training match, I called him and Thoren “hotheads.” Then he really ticked me off in “Bloomix Power” (ep. 6X04), where he sabotages Roy’s obstacle course run. Why he thought leaving him dangling from a floating platform would impress Aisha — or anyone — is beyond me.

Even though Roy bores me, I couldn’t picture Aisha with someone like Nex. If that meant Roy would be her new boyfriend, so be it. At least she’d be happy again.

But after watching “The Lost Library” (ep. 6X07), I started to change my mind about Nex. We see a different side of him in that episode: shy, love-struck, calmer, and in the end, disappointed. It felt out of character for him, although we didn’t know much about him yet anyway.

Now Aisha’s starting to like him. In “Mystery of Calavera” (ep. 6X15) and “Zombie Invasion” (ep. 6X16), she spends most of her time with him and barely even looks at Roy. Even in group shots, Roy’s off to the side or off-screen, while Aisha and Nex are standing together.

We know she wouldn’t fall for a jerk because she can spot one with her eyes closed. She trusts guys the least out of all the Winx. Plus, the supposed red flags about Nex — aggressiveness, arrogance, etc. — have been obvious since the day they met. That’s why she hated him at first, too, and even confronted him about his behavior.

Have we missed something about Nex? I think so. Nickbow didn’t mean for him to seem like a jerk. In fact, he’s supposed to be a nice guy. Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…

The Boys of Winx Club: Roy, The Nice Guy

Like Nabu, Roy’s difficult to talk about, but for a different reason: there’s not much to talk about. He’s a flat, boring character, even more boring than Sky. His contributions to the show are minimal, and his only meaningful connections within the group are with Aisha, his love interest, and Nex, his rival for her love.

Roy’s introduced in “The Power of Harmonix” (ep. 5X06). He bows to Aisha and speaks in lofty, knight-like language, which he slips in and out of throughout the season (and has practically dropped in season six). True to form for all Aisha’s love interests, he says something that ticks her off: “These are hazardous waters. I think I should go down before you.” Bad move. To steal a line from the theme song of Sailor Moon Crystal, the Winx “aren’t helpless girls who need the protection of men.”

Immediately after this, Roy begins drifting in and out of the show as though he’s a guest character. He shows up randomly for odd reasons — for example, in “The Gem of Empathy” (ep. 5X09), he’s there because someone told him to patrol the oceans of Zenith, even though he’s from Andros. Other times, he disappears for several episodes in a row (as much as nine at one point) and makes only cameo appearances in a couple episodes, such as “The Devourer” (ep. 5X18) and “The Shark’s Eye” (5X23).

This is one reason his romance with Aisha by the end of the season feels forced, awkward, and unbelievable. He’s gone for most of the season, so they barely interact with each other! When they do, it’s mostly brief banter or an occasional compliment. It feels like Nickbow did the bare minimum to make us believe they liked each other.

Yet, in “Saving Paradise Bay” (ep. 5X24), Roy gets hurt protecting Phylla from Icy’s attack. (Yes, it’s not even Aisha. It’s one of the Selkies. :P ) Aisha checks on him, and after he tells her he’s okay, the two appear to be about to kiss. She also imagines herself dancing with him in the ballet room in “Battle for the Infinite Ocean” (ep. 5X25).

When did they become that close if he was rarely there? Were they dating off-screen? If so, not only does Nickbow never tell us, but these two don’t act like that kind of couple. Plus, she was still mourning Nabu for about half the season, so she didn’t seem ready for a new relationship yet. Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…

The Boys of Winx Club: Nabu, The Fallen Hero

Nabu’s a difficult character to talk about, since he’s hands down the fan favorite in the Boys Club. He stood out because of his skin tone, because he wasn’t a Specialist, and because he was able to use magic like the Winx. Also, like his eventual fiancée Aisha, he showed some leadership ability. The Specialists took orders from him at times instead of Sky.

He also had the closest and most meaningful relationships. Obviously, he and Aisha were deeply in love, which made some of their friends jealous. Riven, during his drama with Musa in season four, often went to him for advice or just an ear to listen. The two of them became best friends, to the point where Riven cried after his death.

The funny thing about his relationship with Aisha is most fans just remember them as the happiest couple in season four. But when Nabu (a.k.a. “Ophir”) was first introduced in season three, Aisha hated him. She’d sworn off guys at that point in her life, and having one stalking her annoyed her to no end. Let’s look back at their love story.

Did I just call Nabu a stalker? Yes, I did. :P It doesn’t matter how nice he was. If you’re watching someone through a telescope while hiding in the bushes, following them wherever they go, then lying about it when you get caught, you’re a stalker. Plain and simple.

When Aisha meets him in “Valtor’s Box” (ep. 3X18), she scolds him for “slinking around” and eavesdropping, then races off in a huff. Later in “The Red Tower” (ep. 3X21), when she discovers he snuck onto the Owl before their mission to the Golden Kingdom, she tackles him and tries to put him in a headlock. (He was invisible, so she ends up grabbing his feet instead.) He introduces himself as “Ophir” and tries to be friendly with her, but she doesn’t trust him.

The others agree he can’t be trusted. After all, thanks to him, Valtor was able to steal the Agador Box in ep. 3X18. Aisha and Tecna think he’s Valtor’s spy, so Musa puts magic-sealing handcuffs on him and Aisha decides to lock him up in the brig of the ship. Unfortunately, thanks to some bad timing by Timmy, they get locked up together. :P

This is when they finally get a chance to talk, and Aisha finds out they have things in common: they like the same music and have a similar rebellious attitude (revealed by Nabu’s favorite line in their favorite song: “No one makes decisions for me but me”). Later, he shows off some surfing skills he learned “from a wave wizard on Andros.” Aisha’s very impressed.

In “The Wizard’s Challenge” (ep. 3X23), he finally tells her his real name and why he’d been stalking her: he wanted to know more about her, since his parents had picked her to marry him. He also reveals, to Aisha’s surprise, that he rebelled against their decision and ran away from home. But in the end, he fell in love with her on his own.

What I like about their romance is everything worked out for them and their parents. In most stories where a kid rebels against their parents, the kid ends up being right for “following their heart,” and the parents look like fools who didn’t understand their child’s needs. But Nabu and Aisha fell in love anyway, which proved their parents had picked the right partners for them. It was a good twist.

In season four, Rainbow tricked into thinking they were about to settle down into a happy life together. He proposes to her in “Winx Club Forever” (ep. 4X11), and they start talking about where they want to live (Earth was a possibility). It was all to lull us into a false sense of hope.

Then two episodes before the end of the season, Nabu gives his life to save Roxy’s people. Just like that, he’s gone forever. It was a bold move for a show aimed at girls as young as four years old. Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…

The Boys of Winx Club: Timmy, The Nerd

Sometimes, you tell what a character’s type is just by looking at them. Sky, with his charismatic poses and million-dollar smile, looks like the golden-hearted leader. Riven, with his hunched over, closed-up pose and sulky expression, looks like the rebel. Helia, especially in his season two art, looks like the gentler, more sensitive guy in the group.

Timmy’s type couldn’t be more obvious. He’s the nerd, and he hits as many stereotypes as Steve Urkel: oversized glasses, tacky clothes (in the early seasons), and a cheesy grin. (He’s handsome, but you know I’m right. :P ) Rainbow wasn’t trying to be different with him.

But who doesn’t love nerds? I sure do! Timmy’s a very likable character — dare I say, “adorkable” :P —and he and Tecna make a perfect pair. They’re practically the male and female versions of each other. (That’s true of most, if not all, of the couples, but it’s very obvious with them.)

Timmy wasn’t always just the nerd, though. Like Tecna was for the Winx Club, he used to be the Specialists’ tactician. His friends respected him because of this role. In fact, in season two, when Tecna starts insulting him after he lets Icy go free in Red Fountain’s Codex room, Sky and the others come to his defense. She thinks he’s a coward and doesn’t trust his strategies anymore. They know him better, and they believe in him. (This was a rare time where I didn’t like Tecna. She had more of an attitude and a temper in the early days than she does now.)

To be honest, I think Timmy has a lot more potential than he seems to. I think he’d be a good leader for the Boys Club, maybe even better than Sky. Let me explain. Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…

The Boys of Winx Club: Riven, The Rebel

Riven fans, I apologize in advance. You might hate me by the time you’re done reading this post. Please know I have nothing against you personally. I just don’t understand why he’s so popular.

For some reason, Riven seems to be the darling of the fanbase. Who cares if he’s the rudest, most aggressive, and most unpredictable guy in the Boys Club, and has a terrible relationship with his girlfriend? That just makes him even more charming. :?

If there were ever a poster child for “girls love bad boys,” he’s it. Even Musa admits she likes him because he’s “mysterious and a bit of a rebel.” (Her Italian profile leaves off the “a bit” part.)

This is the guy who doesn’t cooperate well with others, constantly challenges Sky‘s leadership (whether he’s right to or not), willfully betrayed his friends in season one, and treats Musa poorly every other season. Yet, no matter what he does, the fanbase rushes to his defense. Even stranger, they want him and Musa to stay together! We don’t want her to be unhappy, so why would anyone want her to keep dating a guy who antagonizes her?

Supposedly, Riven’s mother abandoned him when he was young, hence why he’s so angry all the time and has trouble dealing with women. Where’d this back story come from? I tried researching it, but I’ve found nothing that supports it. It’s never mentioned in the show, and I don’t remember it on any version of the website.

The only thing I found was a book, The Power of Dragon Flame, that mentions “Riven’s rough childhood.” But it’s an adaptation, so it shouldn’t be considered canon. It’s the same with the comics; those stories are supplemental to the series and didn’t truly happen. In the comics, Roxy was definitively the seventh Winx (at first), Tecna’s the princess of Zenith (King Cryos is her father and looks different than in the show), and many of the Winx have had several love interests.

Yet, the fanbase treats the story like fact, and his fans use it to excuse his misbehavior. Will anyone admit he might be an unstable person who’s bad, even dangerous, for Musa? (The Muse, whose favorite Winx is Musa, has felt that way for a while.) Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…

The Boys of Winx Club: Helia, The Ex-Pacifist

Helia’s one of my favorite guys in the Boys Club. Unlike Sky or even Brandon, he’s not just nice — he’s gentle. Fighting isn’t really in his nature (even though he’s good at it). He originally dropped out of Red Fountain, but he re-enrolls after he meets Flora. I guess he just wanted to be around her more. :P

In my opinion, Helia’s the most attractive guy in the group, even with the “spider ‘do” he got in season four. :P I’ve always wondered if he represents the Japanese character type “The Bishounen” (bishōnen) or bishie for short. In case you don’t know Japanese or don’t watch Japanese anime, here’s a definition (via TV Tropes):

…the Bishōnen, or “beautiful boy”, is a male character that possesses androgynous or ‘feminine’ physical traits. He is usually tall, slender with almost no fat and little to no muscle, and no body or facial hair….It is not uncommon for those at the more feminine end to be mistaken for women by other characters…

Technically, since Helia’s in his twenties now, he’d be a biseinen (“beautiful man”). But when he was introduced in season two, he fit the definition pretty well. Bishounen also tend to be intelligent, more sensitive, and adored by the women around them — and sometimes the men as well.

It might sound like I’m just gushing over him since I like him so much. But we know Winx Club was inspired by mahou shoujo (magical girl) anime like Sailor Moon. Bishounen frequently appear in shoujo (girls’) and mahou shoujo series, so it’s not hard to believe Rainbow would create a character of that type. Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…

The Boys of Winx Club: Brandon, The Casanova

Brandon’s another guy who’s hard not to like. But unlike his best friend Prince Sky, who’s bland as sugarless corn flakes now, Brandon has a personality. He’s laid back, funny, and loyal like his girlfriend Stella. He’s also a little vain — not in a stuck-up way, but he knows he’s good-looking and doesn’t mind flaunting it.

What he’s best known for — besides being the strongest Specialist in the group — is being the biggest flirt. That’s what’s interesting about him and Stella. While the other couples have meltdowns when one partner even looks at another guy or girl, these two have turned it into a competition. Who can attract the most admirers? Last time, Brandon won. :P Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…

The Boys of Winx Club: Sky, The Leader

Sky. (Oops, I mean “Brandon.” :P ) The original Prince Charming of Winx Club.

We know more about him than about any of the other guys. He’s the leader of the Boys Club, he’s Crown Prince/King-in-Training of Eraklyon, and his life is constantly in danger due to tension in the kingdom. Brandon’s his best friend and bodyguard, Riven’s his not-so-friendly rival, and Diaspro’s his psycho ex-fiancée who’s hellbent on winning him back, even if she has to kill Bloom. (Let’s hope we don’t see her again.)

This season, we learned he has a cousin, Thoren, who he’s always thought was a jerk. Why? Once when they were looking for animal tracks in the woods when they were kids, they were ambushed by ninjas (nice continuity nod to season two). Thoren ran for his life, leaving Sky to fend for himself.

I get that Sky barely survived, but this was still a stupid grudge. They were just kids, and Thoren was scared. His flight response kicked in. That’s it. Does that make him a bad person? No. (I’ll talk more about that when I get to Thoren.)

Anyway, is there something else we don’t know about Sky? Even if there is, I don’t really care anymore. He’s just a spotlight hog now like his girlfriend. Rainbow’s so obsessed with him, he’s the only guy they put in Mystery of the Abyss. Do they really think we don’t care about the others? Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…