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Nex is not¬†“the new Riven.” Got it? Good. ūüėõ

Why did I write that post before this one? I mentioned¬†why at the beginning of it. Whenever¬†Nex¬†says or does anything, the¬†first thing people say,¬†“He’s ‘the new Riven'” or, “He replaced Riven” or, “He’s just Riven except ‚ÄĒ,” or something like that. The fanbase keeps¬†trying to force¬†Nex into a role he wasn’t¬†created¬†for.

We’ll¬†never understand his character until we stop comparing him¬†to Riven. The truth is¬†we still don’t know him¬†well.¬†He’s only been around for two seasons.

Here’s what I’ve been hinting at¬†since the¬†ep. 7X04 review. In season six, Rainbow¬†began his love story with¬†Aisha.¬†This season, they focused on his¬†relationships with the Specialists. In most of the episodes he was in, he interacted with¬†one or two of them¬†at a time:

  • “First Color of the Universe” (7X04) ‚ÄĒ Brandon, brief moment with Helia
  • “Back in the Middle Ages” (7X08) ‚ÄĒ Helia
  • “Winx Trapped!” (7X10) ‚ÄĒ¬†Timmy
  • “Mission in the Jungle” (7X11) ‚ÄĒ¬†Sky
  • “Back to Paradise Bay” (7X16) ‚ÄĒ¬†Sky, brief moment with Brandon
  • “Lost in a Droplet” (7X17) ‚ÄĒ¬†Timmy
  • “Baby Winx” (7X20) ‚ÄĒ¬†Helia
  • “New Magic Harmony” (7X25) ‚ÄĒ¬†Helia, Sky
  • “The Power of the Fairy Animals” (7X26) ‚ÄĒ¬†Timmy, brief moment with Helia

The types of interactions varied. Sometimes he talked to¬†them, sometimes he raced them, and¬†sometimes he just exchanged glances with them. You could always tell who the chosen¬†guy was for each¬†episode. He and Nex would be isolated from the others, or Nex would be beside¬†him in almost every scene.¬†For example, in¬†“Baby Winx” (7X20),¬†he was almost always next to¬†Helia:

This is nothing new for TV. For example, when Zuko joined the Gaang in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang, Katara, and Sokka each got an episode (or two) alone with him. When it was Toph’s turn, she lampshaded¬†what the writers¬†were¬†up to: “Everyone else went on a life-changing field trip with Zuko.” (It didn’t work out for her, though. ūüėõ )

The¬†guys’¬†moments with Nex didn’t change their lives, but they did reveal his real role in the Boys Club. (Hint: it has nothing to do with Riven.)

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Musings & Rants

nex and riven comic -- not alike

Like I said in my ep. 4 review, a lot of fans still see Nex as “the new Riven.” They also call him a “clone,” a “copy,”¬†or a “replacement.” Bottom line: they think he’s just Riven with blue hair.

I thought this phase¬†would be over by now. Nex would settle into the¬†group, and we’d be able to tell¬†how different he is. Boy, was I wrong.¬†:roll:

No matter what this guy says or does, somebody ties it back to Riven:

  • He’s teasing Stella? Riven did that all the time! Nex is such¬†a copycat!
  • Look at him racing Sky! Riven was Sky’s¬†rival, so Nex¬†must be his new rival!
  • Ugh, how could Aisha date him? She might as well be dating Riven!
  • No! As long as Nex is here, Riven can never come back! ūüė•

(No, I didn’t make those up. And that’s just a sample of what I’ve heard.)

Some fans barely treat him like a different character. Check out this description:

…a proud and bossy guy, and he always wants to prove he‚Äôs brave and ready to jump into action. He has a rebellious and dark nature, and because of the kind of aversion others have of him, he often tends to isolate himself. He feels he‚Äôs in competition with anyone who‚Äôs in front of him and is passionate about sports, which he trains himself in constantly, because of a strong desire to improve himself more and more and prove he‚Äôs the best at what he does….He‚Äôs an excellent swordsman and athlete….

Sounds like Riven, right? Musa calls him “mysterious and a bit of a rebel” on her profile. He kept to himself a lot (he was a loner), he loved to compete (especially against¬†Sky), he wielded a sword (before season six), and Rainbow said in one of his profiles¬†that he was “good at all sports.”¬†And remember in season six when he kept ignoring Musa and goofing off during missions, because he couldn’t wait to get back to training?

I’d give whoever wrote this kudos ‚ÄĒ if they’d written it for the right character. This is from Nex’s Italian Winx Wiki page (my translation). All I did was leave out the parts¬†about season seven, The Halberd of the Wind, and being in love with Aisha. That shows you how alike¬†some¬†fans think these boys are.


Time out, guys. No matter how you feel about Nex, he’s¬†a main cast member now. Rainbow’s gonna treat him the same way as the boys we’ve known since the early seasons.¬†And he might be here for the rest of the series, especially since¬†‚ÄĒ well, I’ll talk about that in the next post.

Until we let Nex be himself and stop judging him based on someone else, we’ll never understand his character. It’s time¬†to separate him¬†from Riven once and for all. Read the rest of this post


Credit goes to Dane A., WinxClubRUS, and my affiliate Michael from Michael’s Winx Club for sharing this first!

Lots of World of Winx goodies have been found, Winx fans! Let’s start with this storyboard of a scene from the second (yes, second) season. (Netflix ordered two seasons from the start.) Bloom and Musa are chasing someone named Jim on a rainy night. Based on¬†the notes, it looks¬†like they’ll be using spy gadgets (like magnetic gloves) instead of their magic. As Michael said, this scene may or may not have made it into the show.

Something popped into my head as I was writing¬†this. This might be a good time¬†for Tecna to shine. Remember how she used to make gadgets for the Winx all the time? Maybe she’ll make all their spy gear.

The second find is a full, HD version of the poster we saw at MIPTV. (I’m not sure about the original source. I’ll keep looking.) Notice the art style is Fairy Couture. That doesn’t mean that’s what the animation will look like, but it might, judging by the other pics we’ve seen.


What do you think, Winx fans? I don’t know about you, but I’m getting very excited about this show! Can’t wait to see the trailer!

UPDATE: The poster came from a site called Asifa Italia, which ran an article about upcoming show produced/co-produced by RAI Fiction. Credit to @HarmonixEnergy on Twitter for sharing the source link.


Episode Reviews

Season seven ended last Sunday in the U.S. I don’t care. ūüėõ It might still be a year until Rainbow starts promoting season eight, and who knows when World of Winx is gonna premiere. (April’s halfway¬†over, so so much for that rumor.) Plus, Nick Jr.’s¬†re-airing season seven weekdays at 11:55 a.m. EST. I still have time to talk about it before it becomes old news.

Speaking of Nick Jr., kudos to them for airing the whole season in three months. Say what you will about¬†the move ‚ÄĒ I’m still not 100 percent on board with it¬†‚ÄĒ but they’ve treated Winx Club better than Nick ever did. Remember how long it took Nick to finish season six? Oh, wait ‚ÄĒ they didn’t. Nick Jr. did.

On the last episode (that I reviewed), Brafilius stole Roxy’s Stone of Memories, which means¬†he can now travel through¬†time. Roxy thinks the animal from the Digmoles’ riddle is a¬†Cry-Cry, the most ancient Fairy Animal species. The Winx go to prehistoric Magix (without her) to see if she’s right.


1. Roxy’s upset about losing her Stone,¬†but¬†the Winx cheer her up. (Um…that’s it.)
I could have skipped this scene, but I brought it up because¬†I didn’t like the way some fans reacted to it. The word “crybaby” started floating around. Yes, she’s sensitive. Yes, she overreacted.¬†But can’t we be a little more sympathetic? ūüėē

Winx or not, she’s the youngest member of the group. She looks up to her friends and wants to prove herself, but that dopey dog got¬†the best of her. And to be fair, this causes a lot of headaches for them for the rest of the season. She¬†probably thought the Winx would be mad at her. (Of course they weren’t.)

2. After lying to¬†his sister¬†about how he got the¬†Stone of Memories, Brafilius goes back in time to prehistoric Magix. The Winx’s Stones activate when his does. Roxy tells them what he overheard from her:¬†the Cry-Cry is the oldest known¬†species in Magix, so it may be the animal from the First Color of the Universe. She and the guys wish the Winx luck on their mission. Aisha assures Nex she’ll be back before their date tonight.

Ugh! Every time Brafilius is on-screen, all he does is waste¬†run-time! I¬†know he’s supposed to be comic relief,¬†but he doesn’t have to do a full clown act¬†every episode.¬†I can’t stand him! He has a few interesting moments, but 90 percent of the time, he’s just annoying. Even Knut was more bearable than him! ūüėē

I’m not gonna talk about Roxy being demoted again. It is what it is. If she’s somehow still a Winx, she’s clearly not one in this season. (There goes¬†my theory.)

As for Aisha and Nex, it’s official: they’re dating. I guess that explains how they greeted each other last episode.¬†Maybe he didn’t say “hi” right away because he knew he was gonna see her later. ūüėõ

Is it just me, or do the¬†couples not go on¬†dates¬†much anymore? Tecna and Timmy had their “first date” (yeah, right) in season five, and Stella and Brandon had their makeshift pizza¬†date at Alfea in season six. That’s…it. ūüėē

What’s happened¬†to the romance¬†in this show? So what if most of these couples have been together for years? That doesn’t mean Rainbow can put their relationships on auto pilot for the rest of the series. We need to see they’re still in love. They need to act like real couples.

Isn’t¬†that why Daphne and Thoren’s romance¬†was so awkward? They went from “just met”¬†to married in one season, we never saw them date (“The Anthem” doesn’t count), and the first time we saw them kiss was at their wedding! That’s not enough for convince us they’re in love.

Aisha and Nex definitely need¬†more development. I’ll talk about that when I¬†get to their date.

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fumetto_2_51Rainbow posted news about the latest issue of Winx Club Magazine today. Looking at the preview for the comic, “Winx Fairy Blog,” I noticed Tecna says the word talenti, which means what it looks like in English: “talents.” Here’s the full translation of the page:

TECNA: My computer has detected a virus of techno-magic origin…
BLOOM: Do you think it’s connected to what’s happening to us?
TECNA: I’m sure of it!
TECNA: The spell has corrupted our blogs…it’s used them as a way to rob us of our talents!

Is this some kind of nod to World of Winx? I doubt this is the exact plot, but maybe the Winx lose their talents somehow, and they hold the talent show to get them back by being around children with the same talents. (Some of you have suggested that in other posts.) This could also mean WOW is part of the comics’ canon.

Or I could be reading into things, and this has nothing to do with WOW at all. I don’t own the magazine, so I don’t know how (or if) this plot gets resolved. (Any Italian Winx fans wanna chime in?)

File this away as a rumor. I have no idea if I’m right.