Winx Should Just Die

What’s the point anymore? Nick doesn’t give a rat’s hide about Winx. They’ve sat on the last ten episodes of season six for months. I doubt they’re ever gonna air them.

And now, JAKKS is done with Winx Club, too! Better snatch up those Bloomix dolls while you can — if you can find them. Good luck with that. And don’t save up for Mythix and Color Splash; they’re joining the graveyard of dolls never to be.

Face it: Winx is dead in America.

I think it’s for the best. The show sucks now. The writing’s awful, the animation looks cheap — the Winx from our childhoods was way better than this. But now that “magic” is gone.

Ten years is enough. Time for Winx to die. Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading!

Here’s Why Season Seven (Probably) Won’t Be the Last

“Iginio Straffi/Rainbow/My friend WinxFan2190978 said Winx Club‘s gonna end after season X!”

capture_004_13092014_164938_663 Don’t you get sick of hearing this? Worse, when you ask the fan for proof, they either ignore you, chew you out, or link you to Wikipedia. (Never trust Wikipedia.) Of course one day, the boy who cried wolf will be telling the truth. Still, you should wait for the official news before you believe him.

Why does this rumor pop up every season? Because let’s face it: we’re all waiting for Winx to end because it’s lasted so long already. It’s like an old computer. You hope it’ll keep running, but you know it’s gonna die sooner or later.

But I think Winx Club‘s finale is still a ways away. Here are a few signs season seven won’t be the end.

1) “…Additional Seasons”

Last summer, while we were looking ahead to season six, two sites were already looking beyond it: License! Global Magazine:

The new [sixth] season of the TV series is being co-produced with Nickelodeon and will debut worldwide in 2014. Rainbow is already planning additional seasons of the series…

…and Animation World Network:

Coming to screens across the world in 2014 and following on from the huge success of series five, the new 26-episode series [six] is a co-production with Nickelodeon and mixes sumptuous 2D and 3D animation….With even more series already in the planning stage, and another movie set for launch in 2014, Rainbow has announced that it will take the popular Winx Club combination of music, magic, fashion, fun and adventure beyond its already powerful presence in the markets of Europe and America to a worldwide audience within the next two years.

Note the plurals: additional seasons, more series. How many more? Who knows?


2) To Extend Our Reach to the Stars Above!

Both articles say Rainbow wants to extend Winx Club‘s global reach over the next two years (2013-2014). Here’s a quote from Maurizio Distefano, Executive Vice Manager and General Manager of Global Consumer Products (whew, long title!):

“The continuing success of Winx Club after nearly a decade confirms its status as both an evergreen property and one that is able to evolve to meet changing consumer tastes without losing the core values that have made it such a hit. This year and 2014 will bring strong growth and further extend the reach of this amazing property.”

Question: why would they bother if they’re about to end the series? If they were, their money would be better spent milking the show’s popularity where it’s highest: Europe. But Rainbow hasn’t stopped spreading Winx to the rest of the world. Their latest target: ChinaSeason four just premiered there!


3) “We’re Looking Ahead Without Goals”

Last Thursday, Tgcom24 posted their interview with Iginio Straffi. When asked if Rainbow already knows when Winx Club will end, he said (my translation):

“We’re looking ahead without goals. We’ve accomplished a unique feat in Europe — that is, creating a cartoon that goes beyond ten years — so at this point, we’re aiming to turn it into a classic in all respects. For once, we even beat the Americans to creating superheroines. Who knows if one day there won’t be further developments, like a nice film with live actresses.”

Interesting note: the word he used for “goal,” traguardo, can also mean “finish line” in sports. The bottom line is Rainbow doesn’t have an end goal — or ending — for Winx yet. They’ll keep it going until they’re ready to stop. It could be in two years or ten, but we’ll know when it’s about to happen. They wouldn’t send this show off quietly.

So don’t plan your finale parties yet, Winx fans. As Mr. Straffi himself said, “the best is yet to come!”


“Mystery of the Abyss” Debuts With 750,000 Euros

Italian news sites say Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss placed third in the box office this weekend with 751,168 euros ($972,000). It was beaten by The Fault in Our Stars (1,697,936 euros; $2.2 mil) and The Expendables 3 (1,530,618 euros; $1.98 mil), both of which also debuted in Italy this weekend.

Third place isn’t bad, but as points out, that total’s pretty low. Rainbow’s other films didn’t do much better. Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure debuted with 670,000 euros ($870,000), and Gladiators of Rome debuted with 819,000 euros ($1.06 mil).

Let’s hope Abyss does better in the future!


An Update on #SomethingTrulyMagical

It’s week 5 of the #SomethingTrulyMagical campaign! Thanks to everyone who’s helped so far, whether you’ve sent a tweet, drawn a picture, or just told a friend about the campaign! Special thanks to Lotte (LotteWinx), Valory Pierce (ValorBeauty), Luis Brasil, Eric from Just Another Crazy Winx Fan, and the Winx doll collectors on Flickr!

You’ve been awesome! Let’s keep this up and make #SomethingTrulyMagical happen!

We already have! Remember JAKKS’s Winx doll giveaway a couple weeks ago? I think the campaign encouraged them to do it. We’ve been sharing photos of our dolls with them and thanking them for making them. JAKKS also started “Winx Club Wednesdays.” Their first one was to promote the giveaway, but they said yes when we asked them to keep it going!

This is a great start! Now, we need to step up the pace! If you haven’t gotten involved in the campaign yet, now’s the time!

Remember: what you do is up to you. Do you love drawing fan art? Are you great at making videos? Would you rather tweet your feelings about Winx to Nick? It’s your choice!

Need some inspiration? Here’s a truly magical showcase!

“Winx Club: The Complete Original Season 2″ Cover Art Revealed

Credit goes to Marcus M. on Facebook for this news!

Amazon’s put up the cover art for the complete season 2 boxset!


It’s pretty cute, huh? =) Looks like they covered up Bloom, Stella, and Aisha’s midriffs! Go figure! :P (Aisha and Bloom don’t look too bad like this, if you ask me.)

Flatiron Films’ website lists Nov. 11 as the new release date for the boxset and season 2, vol. 1 (13 episodes). Let’s hope it doesn’t get pushed back again like it has for the past few months!

“Winx Club: Mystery of the Abyss” App Released on Google Play

If you’ve got an Android phone or tablet, you can now download the new Winx Club: Mystery of the Abyss game! It’s free to play! (Apple users, don’t worry! You’ll get your chance soon!)

Don’t forget to follow PlayWinxClub online for news and updates on all their games!

Game Description:
Winx Club: Mystery of the Abyss is an exciting Winx racing game set in the Abyss!
Politea has unleashed Tritannus from Oblivion with help from the Trix! Can you help the Winx stop them from getting to the Emperor’s Throne before it is too late?


  • Race through 60 + levels (more levels added every week without updating your APP!), battle against Merciless Mutants, Evil Jelly-fish and Grizzly Piranha Fish.
  • Each level comes with 3 challenges to achieve a 3 star rating!
  • Use a range of spells to defeat the bad guys
  • Choose your favourite Winx (Aisha and Bloom are available in this version)
  • Pick up GEMS along the way and Buy Fairies for GEMS!!
  • With over 20 achievements available linking into Game Centre!
  • Jam packed with SFX and Video from the movie Winx – The Mystery of the Abyss.

OP’s Birthday Bloomix Hunt

I didn’t say much about it, but Saturday (Aug. 23) was my birthday! I’m 26 years old now. It’s hard to believe…

Like last year, my dad, my brother, and The Muse took me to Atlanta to hunt for Winx dolls. (That’s not all we did, but it was a big part of the day.) The first Toys R Us we hit was in a shopping center called Buckhead Station, which is attached to an apartment complex. The people living in it have plenty of cash to spend. They make more than $100,000 a year! I wish I’d grown up here! :P

Toys R Us -- Buckhead StationAnyway, this TRU had all six Bloomix dolls! Our cashier — I think he’s a Winx fan :) — said they’d just gotten them the day before! Lucky! :D I got Flora, and The Muse bought me Aisha and Stella for my birthday and Musa and Tecna for herself.

Yep, we left Bloom. I never buy her right away. She’ll be there even after JAKKS stops making these dolls! :P

I wanted my own Musa and Tecna. So after driving through what The Muse dubbed “Snobsville” — a neighborhood full of houses that looked like villas  — we arrived at the Toys R Us near a place called The Cobb Galleria Centre.

Toys R Us/Babies R Us -- Cobb Parkway

My birthday luck must have kicked in because the only three Bloomix dolls they had were the ones I needed: Bloom, Musa, and Tecna! That also means someone bought the others! Awesome! More Winx fans! :D

We grabbed Musa, Tecna, and a birthday balloon, then headed home.


Final tally:

  • 1 Stella
  • 1 Aisha
  • 1 Flora
  • 2 Musas
  • 2 Tecnas

The Bloomix collection’s okay. Yeah, they’re not that accurate, but they’re pretty for what they are. They look a lot nicer in person than in photos!

Flora and Stella are two of my favorites. Their outfits look a bit more correct than the others’, and their wings are gorgeous! (Not sure why, but my Stella’s wings are stiff and don’t flap well. I’ll have to email JAKKS about that. But I still like her. :) )

My hunt’s not over yet! I still need Bloom and another Stella, Flora, and Aisha. When my Toys R Us stores have them (and I have the money :P ), I’ll look again!

“Winx Club: Saving Alfea” U.S. Release Date: October 28!


Looks like the U.S. is getting this game after all! You can preorder it right now on!

Game description (from Little Orbit press release):

Join the Winx as they prepare Alfea for its upcoming Anniversary Party! Calling on their magical powers, the Winx transform into their magnificent fairies which can soar high, cast spells and dash about. Players can switch between the Winx’ human forms and their fairy forms to access areas unique to each! A puzzle-action game featuring all the fairies using their own unique set of abilities and powers to get ready for the Anniversary and save the party from Selina and her Legendarium.


Kendall’s Winx Club Blog

Fanwork Friday #15: “Bunny Love”

Today’s featured fan art is by fellow Winx blogger Cynthia from Cynthia’s Winx Blog! Check out her deviantArt page for more awesome fan art!

By the way, Cynthia, congrats on winning JAKKS’s Winx doll giveaway! :D

If you want your fan work featured on the blog, email it to [email protected]!