OP’s Reaction to the Movie 3 Trailer


Let me start by saying this: yes, I’m excited about this movie. Why wouldn’t I be? I enjoyed Secret of the Lost Kingdom and Magical Adventure, and I wanna see what Rainbow’s come up with this time. (I hope the movie premieres in the U.S., but I kinda doubt it. :( )

That said, the trailer disappointed me a bit. I knew this would be a season-five movie, but I was looking forward to a new adventure. This plot sounds like season five recycled: “Tritannus tries to take over the Magic Dimension using an artifact from the Infinite Ocean.” The only differences: Politea’s in the mix, and Bloom has to save Sky instead of Daphne.

Why are the Trix bringing Tritannus back anyway? Darcy and Stormy spent the whole season trying to convince Icy to dump him, and in the end, he turned against her. Why would they even want him back? It makes no sense. Unless Icy does it on her own.

Plus, he was a terrible villain. He wasn’t strong, interesting, or charismatic enough to drive the conflict of season five. Now he’s gonna be the villain of a movie? Ugh. I wish it were just the Trix and Politea. We’ve only seen glimpses of her, but she already seems stronger than Tritannus. I think he’ll just be dead weight.

I’m glad Rainbow’s finally explaining the Politea plot, so that “The Shark’s Eye” won’t seem as random anymore. But couldn’t they have saved it for the movie? Why couldn’t Daphne have just dropped Politea’s name instead? Then we could have learned more about her in this movie, instead of wasting half an episode on Bloom’s solo mission.

Another question: was the whole purpose of season five to set up this movie? If so, no wonder it felt so rushed! You could say Rainbow did the same thing with Secret of the Lost Kingdom, but that story was spread out over three seasons. We followed Bloom’s journey from day one, watching her discover more and more about her past and grow stronger for her inevitable fight with the Ancestresses. Lost Kingdom was a satisfying end to her story.

But Il Mistero degli Abissi doesn’t seem like the climax of season five. It sounds like an extra episode. Tritannus already failed once. All he’s doing is trying another way, and of course, he’s gonna fail again. Tenacity’s a good trait, but…it’s time to give up. Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading!

Winx Movie 3 Official Trailer (0:44)

Winx Club: Il Mistero degli Abissi (The Mystery of the Depths) premieres September 4 in Italy!

Rainbow’s description (translated by me):

The Winx Club is back in the depths of the Infinite Ocean! Thanks to their new ally, Politea, the Trix are able to free Tritannus from his prison, swapping his life with Prince Sky’s. Their evil plan to conquer the Magical Dimension seems closer than ever to fruition. To save the prince, Bloom can count on the help of her BFFs, the Winx, and the little Selkies. Can the Winx defeat the Trix and their new ally, Politea? What will happen if they fail to save Sky and restore balance to the Infinite Ocean? Magic, transformations, and an ancient magical mystery … the Winx will be more united than ever in this new, exciting adventure! Don’t miss the adventures, news, and exclusive content from the Winx Club!

Why I Believe Another Network Might Pick Up Winx


“OP, when are you gonna tell us about this show you say has a ‘worse track record than Winx Club‘s?” Right now, of course. :)

Some of you will be disappointed. It’s not like I’ve never mentioned it before. I’m just as crazy about it as I am about Winx Club — maybe more, since I’ve been watching it longer. (I was in sixth grade when it premiered. Ah, memories…)


Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading!

The Winx Clique


Geez, Tecna! Why so rude?

I’m talking about her copping an attitude with Evie, Laurie, and Carol in “The Lost Library.” “Are you kidding me?” is right, Stormy! What if those had been the right girls instead of the Trix? They were thrilled to get to travel abroad with the Winx, but they’d have felt like dirt after this moment. Not a good way to start a long trip!

Has anyone else noticed the Winx act like snobs toward anyone who’s not in their group? Or they leave them out of their plans and conversations. Just look at how they treat Roxy and Daphne. These two have come closer than anyone to joining the club, but something always keeps them on the outside.


Roxy spent almost a whole season with the Winx and (supposedly) became their best friend. Yet, they left her behind on missions (even ones she could handle), didn’t include her in their fun (like the Winx band), and gave her weird looks sometimes when she tried to bond with them. It’s like they didn’t know what to do with her.

Now, they ignore her even if she’s standing three feet away. Episode 6X07 was the first time we’d seen them talk to her in more than twenty episodes!


Daphne’s fared a little better but not much. She’s gotten a few new outfits from Stella Couture (though none have coordinated with the Winx’s yet), fought alongside the girls several times, and scored a mandatory boyfriend. (Rainbow, they don’t all have to have one.) But she barely talks to anyone but her sis, and the others treat her more like an encyclopedia than a friend.

I bet Rainbow’s afraid to show the Winx with “outsiders” for fear we’ll think they’re future members. The funny thing is that’s exactly what happens. As soon as a new fairy character starts hanging out with them, we think, “You know, she might make a good Winx!”

Even dropping names is dangerous. Before season five premiered, some fans thought Krystal or “Keisha” would become a Winx since they were mentioned in the press releases.


I don’t want every fairy in Magix to join the club. I just want the Winx to have friends outside their clique, just like we all do. Remember Dunbar’s Number?” Each of us has about 35 people we touch bases with every month or so. Where are they in the Winx’s lives?

One more thing. I know what some of you are thinking: why can’t Roxy be just an outside friend? She is — at least for now. If that’s Rainbow’s new role for her, there’s nothing I can do about it.

I just hope they change their minds. :)

“Winx Club: The Complete Original Season 1″ Review

winx complete orig season 1 coverI got my copy of “Winx Club: The Complete Original Season 1″ boxset from Amazon yesterday! :D If you haven’t decided yet if you wanna buy it, here’s a short review to help you make up your mind.

First things first: this is the RAI English dub. Sorry, 4Kids fans. I doubt we’ll ever see another DVD of that dub again, especially since 4KidsTV doesn’t exist anymore.

I’ve already shared my opinion of the RAI English dub. To me, the voice acting ranges from “cringe-worthy” to “okay,” and occasionally hops off the chart and reaches “good.” But I still chose to buy this boxset because:

  • I wanna support Winx any way I can
  • It’s the first complete, unedited version of season one released in the U.S.
  • I can use it to make cleaner screenshots :P


Winx Club: The Complete Original Season 1″ comes in three forms:

  • Boxset: Check Amazon, eBay, and retail store sites like BarnesAndNoble.com and Kmart.com. The retail price is $24.99, but most places are selling it for less. Barnes & Noble has it right now for $14.99. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen. (I wish I’d shopped around a little more. :( )
  • 2-Disc Volumes: Each of the two volumes — “Realm of Magix” and “Defeating the Trix” — contains 13 episodes and the “Fairy Identity Booklet” (more on that later). You can buy them from the sites above, or you can look for them in stores. I saw them at Walmart a few days ago.
  • Digital: Volumes 1 & 2 are also on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. Get a few episodes for $1.99 each, or save $10 by buying a whole volume for $14.99 (iTunes only).

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Winx Without Nick

nickelodeon winx club

2015. The end of another era for Winx Club. As you know, Nick will drop the series after season six, and Rainbow’s currently making the next season without them.

Some of you couldn’t be happier. After all, Nick ruined Winx Club, right? This split was a long time coming.

Yes, Nick did a lot of things wrong: not advertising it enough, rescheduling episodes out of the blue, etc. I’ve griped about their shenanigans just as much as you have — maybe more. So why aren’t I happy about the cancelation?

First, Nick was the largest, most established company ever to license the series. Their reputation alone was good for its record. Don’t take my word for it. Even Iginio Straffi had high hopes for this partnership. In the press release that announced Nick as the new licensee, he called them “the most prestigious network in the world.” I doubt that was just flattery.

Second, I know Nick’s exit won’t reset Winx back to “normal.” Prepare for a new normal, everyone. Some of the not-so-popular changes will carry into season seven, such as:

  • The 2D “Flash” animation: Rainbow’s been shifting to this style since season four, where they sprinkled it into a few episodes as a test. Personally, I’m getting used to it. I hate that the characters move like dolls with wobbly limbs, but overall, the animation’s cleaner, crisper, and more colorful than its predecessor.
  • Multiple Transformations: You’ve probably seen this blurb from WorldScreen.com already — credit goes to BelieveInWinx, WinxClubRus, Facebook readers, etc. — but here it is again:

    (Comedy/action 2D animation, 26×30 min. in 2015) Each fairy animal has a special talent, necessary for the balance of the Magic Universe. The Winx will discover this, while facing two new dreadful villains and getting new amazing transformations along their journey!

    Yep, “transformations,” plural. We should have seen this coming, too. If you count Sophix and Lovix separately from Believix, season four had the most transformations of any season — yet Nick didn’t co-produce that one.

  • The retcons: Unless Rainbow pretends the last two seasons didn’t happen, the Nickbow plot changes will likely last. Things like corporeal Daphne, the Winx being students again, and Sky never proposing to Bloom.

Finally, the cancellation means some fans will never see Winx on TV again. Is that just the United States? Maybe, but no one knows for sure yet. Even if your country gets a new network, it wouldn’t happen right away. There will still be a break — several months, a year, maybe longer — between seasons, and breaks mean lost fans. That’s one reason so few American fans knew about season four. (Plus, 4Kids lied and called season three “the series finale.”)

To me, the best scenario would be if another large network picked up Winx Club. “No one would do that!” I’ve heard some of you say. “It’s failed twice now!”

Au contraire. It can happen. As proof, I’ll tell you about another long-running series that’s bounced around to several U.S. networks, and its record’s worse than Winx Club‘s. See you soon!