Call this an experiment. I’m letting you guys choose what I write about next. Here’s a list of topics I’ve been considering. Vote for your favorite in the poll below, and we’ll see which one wins in a week. (I have predictions, but I’ll keep them to myself so I don’t rig the results.)

  1. Why Enchantix is still the final fairy form
  2. How to start and run a business: Love & Pet vs. real life
  3. Winx Club vs. another show I like
  4. Debunking the coma theory: why Nabu is dead, not “asleep”
  5. 8 things I wanna see in season eight
  6. Why Tritannus is an underrated villain
  7. “Water and Wind” (the sequel to the Aisha X Nex “Yin and Yang” post)
  8. What makes a well-written character?
  9. Why the Winx’s test in the Crystal Labyrinth made no sense
  10. Backstory ideas for Nex

Don’t like any of these? Feel free to suggest something else in the comments. Note that I’d prefer to analyze parts of the story and the characters, as well as come up with theories about the show. I think those are my strengths.

But please don’t ask for episode reviews. Scene reviews? That’s fine, but I never wanna write episode reviews again. I’m sorry.


In recent weeks, I’ve been weighing whether or not to stay in the fandom and keep blogging. But I feel like it’s now a case of “darned if I do, darned if I don’t.” If I stay and keep saying what I wanna say, I’ll be hated, keep feeling lonely, and risk being scolded like a child again. If I leave, I’ll disappoint my readers, be seen as a coward and a quitter, and be hated. It’s a lose-lose situation.

I created this blog not just because I love Winx, but because I wanted people to talk to. I understand that about myself now. But as the fandom’s love of the show began to fade, and we became increasingly divided on many topics, people started to leave. I know that’s inevitable.

As for those who have stayed, I guess I thought if I could help them see the positives of what’s left in the show — even when it came to characters and topics they hated — I could help keep that love and passion for Winx alive. And I’d still have a lot of people to talk to. That was stupid of me. All I ended up doing was becoming a nuisance.

I’m deleting all my social media accounts for the blog. It doesn’t matter, though, since people know me better for my blog than anything else and it’s still here. I wanna disappear. I pretend I was never involved in any of this. That’s how I feel right now.

I should never have left my blog. I wish I could erase most of my opinions from my mind and force myself to believe what everyone else believes. Worse of all, a lot of people have a different opinion of me than who I really am. That’s why I don’t wanna be called The Oblivious Prattler anymore. It was always a pretentious name anyway, and I’ve recently come to hate it.

I don’t know how to feel anymore. I’m frustrated with this fandom, with this show, and with myself. What have I been doing for the last nine years?

I’m sorry I feel this way. It’s unfair to those of you who have supported me all these years. I appreciate you more than you know.

I don’t even know what to say, so I’m just rambling. I’m sorry. Everything I’ve done feels pointless now. I don’t even understand why it mattered so much to me.

I’m sorry.

UPDATE: Just adding to my thoughts instead of writing another post.

People often tell me they like my blog because I tend to have a different point of view that the majority of fans. But that wasn’t supposed to be the point of my blog. I don’t wanna have unpopular opinions.

Some people think I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate or being a contrarian because it’s supposedly fun. I’m not. Other people think I think everyone in the fandom is wrong about everything, and I’m the only fan in the world whose opinions make sense. That’s not what I think, and I hate that I’m seen that way.

What’s the point of saying anything under these circumstances? Majority rules. No matter what I say, I’m wrong according to public opinion, which is ultimately the only opinion that has weight. I’m just a vocal minority, and that always gets on people’s nerves.

The thing people love me for is also what people hate me for. It’s confusing.


Last time, I debunked the myth that opinions can’t be wrong. How can we know what being right means unless wrong opinions exist? Plus, if all opinions were right, what would be the point of disagreeing with someone? It would only be to stroke your own ego, not because you might have a better argument.

The real problem with the myth, though, is the choice of words. “Right” and “wrong” are absolutes, so they’re too rigid to apply to opinions. A right (i.e., true) “opinion” is a fact, and as people who disagree with you would point out, opinions aren’t facts. A wrong (i.e., “false”) opinion is a lie at worst and a myth at best.

Real opinions can be backed by facts, but opinions are always flawed in some way. That’s because we’re flawed, too. We don’t know everything, and we don’t always think logically. Our feelings, biases, and mistakes, as well as lack of experience, poor critical thinking skills, etc., lead us astray.

That’s why “makes sense” and “doesn’t make sense” work better for rating opinions. Unlike “right” and “wrong,” sense has a range: a little sense, some sense, a lot of sense, etc. Also, just because something makes sense doesn’t mean it’s right. Have you ever thought you got the right answer to a math problem, but when you got your grades back, it turned out you were wrong? Your answer made sense to you because you thought you solved the problem correctly, but you didn’t.

The World Is Listening

Who decides if your opinion makes sense? The Internet says only you should. No one has the right to judge what you think, and you don’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s your business, not theirs.

That’s fair if you only share opinions with your reflection, your diary, your dog, or a horde of zombies. They can’t form their own opinions anyway. But if you’re talking to other human beings who haven’t been infected yet, that mentality is pretty selfish. Do you really think your public opinions don’t affect anyone but you?

We love saying, “I don’t care what anyone thinks.” But if you really didn’t care, you wouldn’t have most of your opinions in the first place. They didn’t magically pop into your head. You formed them because a TV show, movie, book, article, blog post, forum, friend, family member, or other information source made you think.

In other words, you have opinions because you cared about someone’s opinions. Even if you disagreed with them, that’s still caring. You paid attention long enough to reject them.

Opinions create opinions. Everything we see, read, and hear has the power to shape our thoughts. As soon as you share yours, you become a part of that process for someone else. You make them think, just like someone made you think.

What if they abandon their opinion because yours makes more sense to them? Congratulations. You just changed their mind. Or if they didn’t have an opinion, now they do — and it’s yours. Opinions are persuasive, even if you don’t want them to be.

They also spread. A lot. We share, pin, link to, post, repost, retweet, and reblog tons of things we read every day. Plus, scraper sites steal content from other sites. Sometimes, they copy whole posts! Even some on this blog have been scraped.

Bottom line: you’re not talking to yourself. You have an audience. According to, as of December 2017, roughly 4.1 billion people use the Internet. Will all of them read your opinion? Of course not, but you never know how many people will. It’s out there for anyone to find, so it’s not just your business anymore.


“With great power comes great responsibility.” (I don’t need to say where that quote is from, do I?) You can influence people’s thoughts with just a sentence or an image. That’s an amazing power.

But many people use it carelessly, especially on the Internet. The “opinions can’t be wrong” myth is one way to dodge responsibility. You can say anything you want, and no one is allowed to question it.

But what does it mean when you won’t let anyone challenge your opinion? First of all, they have to treat whatever you say as valid as is. They don’t have to agree with it, but they can’t correct it or say anything against it. So even if it’s full of myths, assumptions, wrong information, or even flat out lies, you’re telling people to accept anyway just because it came out of your head.

Which is more important: the content of your opinion or just having one?

Second, you’re asking for an unequal trade. If you’re allowed to make people think and even reconsider their opinions, why aren’t they allowed to make you think and reconsider yours? Are yours sacred? Is your brain more important?

Why We Need Discussion

I wanna think I’m wrong about people who shield their opinions. Most of them aren’t trying to mislead people, and they don’t think their opinions are more important (though it depends on the topic). They’re just sure they’re already making sense, so why would anyone need to challenge them?

Because everyone thinks that way. That’s why we can’t trust ourselves or people who agree with us to rate our opinions. They’ll always make sense to us because we have tunnel vision. Only by looking from other perspectives (or multiple perspectives at once) can we start to see the flaws and nuances.

That’s what discussion is for: sharing, examining, and rating opinions. It’s how we discover their strengths and weaknesses, along with the hidden biases and assumptions we use to support them.

Discussion — or discourse, as some people call it instead — gets a bad rap on the Internet. It makes people think of fighting, controversy, and personal attacks. But those aren’t problems with discussion itself. They’re created by the people involved in it.

What is discussion supposed to be? Let’s look at the synonym discourse first, since it has a more negative connotation. The first definition you see if you Google it is “written or spoken communication or debate.” There’s another hated word: debate.

But what about the first part of the definition: “written or spoken communication?” When we think of communication (or communicating), we just think of…talking. If you look up discourse in online dictionaries, the same idea keeps popping up. One of’s definitions is “communication of thought by words; talk; conversation.” Cambridge Dictionary calls it “communication in speech or writing.” Collins Dictionary says it’s “communication of ideas, information, etc., esp. by talking; conversation.”

What about discussion? Once you look it up, the nasty “nickname” discourse sounds less intimidating. Still, the idea of talking and conversation shows up here, too. The first definition on Google starts with “the action or process of talking about something.” Cambridge Dictionary says “the act of talking about something with other people and telling them your ideas or opinions.” Pretty obvious.

No matter what you call it — discussion or discourse — it’s just talking to people and exchanging ideas. It sounds easy, but clearly it’s not since lots of people avoid it.

The Critical Role Subreddit

I was starting to think all fandoms hate discussion — unless it’s about topics most fans agree on or no one has strong opinions about. It must be the only way to keep the fragile peace. Then I visited the “discussion-basedCritical Role subreddit.

In case you’ve never heard of Critical Role, it’s a weekly web series where, as DM Matt Mercer puts it, “a bunch of nerdy voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons.” (I softened the language.) It stars a couple voice actors you might recognize: Sam Riegel, the Nick voice of Riven, and Laura Bailey, the voice of Serena the Selkie. I’ve been a casual “Critter” for a couple years.

The subreddit is “dedicated to promoting thoughtful discussion and analysis of Critical Role.” What sort of behavior is allowed there? Here’s a short list:

  • Using strong language that isn’t meant to insult a real person (maybe directed towards a character instead)
  • Voicing simple disagreements (“This is the way I think it should be interpreted. This is the way it should be done. This is what it says,” etc.)
  • Sharing your opinion politely
  • Telling someone they’re wrong respectfully

What isn’t allowed? The most basic rule of the Critical Role subreddit is “don’t be a jerk.” (Again, I’m softening the language). Being a jerk includes:

  • Outright insulting someone
  • Replying to a comment with an image that’s meant to make fun of the commenter
  • Using quotes to insult someone
  • Being condescending towards someone
  • Telling someone they’re wrong disrespectfully (e.g. “Are you stupid? It says blah-blah-blah in episode 25. Duh!”)

Kindness seems to be the most important thing on this subreddit (and in the Critter community). They know discussion can get ugly, but they also know people should be able to speak their minds. Their Civility Policy sums it up well:

Discussion, debate, criticism, and disagreement are encouraged, but you must remain civil and polite when doing so…Treat others with kindness, patience, respect, and empathy. Do not respond to incivility with incivility of your own. Disagreement with one another is welcome, just stay respectful. Pay attention to your tone, as what you have to say is often far less important than how you choose to express it. If you cannot do any of these things, ignore the comment and walk away from the conversation or submission.

Don’t you wish the whole Internet followed these rules?

Final Thoughts

We still haven’t talk about the different types of opinions. What is an opinion anyway? Some things we call “opinions” actually aren’t, and that causes some of the drama in discussions. I’ll talk about this next time.


Guest Posts

Oops! Will wanted me to publish this last Wednesday, but I forgot all about it. Sorry about that. 🙁 Anyway, time to talk about Bloom’s newly-corporeal sister, Daphne. Take it away, Will!

“Winx Girls: Life Of Daphne”

~ By Will N. ~

Daphne is awesome. That’s all we need to know. Not exactly kidding, either, but here’s her backstory.

Bloom’s big sister guardian and the (unofficial) eighth Winx who always makes sure the story goes the way it should. There’s really not much to say about her because she’s so mysterious, even if she is the Zordon of the Winx and “corporeal again.” She’s also the only one of the main cast to actually get married to Thoren faster than a Disney movie. Slow down, girl!

Should I call her the Nymph of Magix, Domino, or Sirenix? Fairy of the Elements, or Fairy of the Dragon Flame? All five fit.

I would talk about magical achievements in this section, but do I need to for her? I’ll let what we have seen about her speak for itself.

Question: What do you like about Daphne?

Next time: Anyone care for pumpkins?

Guest Posts

Time for another season seven episode review from Knight7572! In “Tynix Transformation” (S7, EP14), the Winx’s Fairy Animals give them a new power, which they must immediately use to save the dragons of Pyros. Is this episode worth watching? Take it away, Knight!

“Thoughts on Episode 7X14: ‘Tynix Transformation’”

~ By Knight7572 ~

“Tynix Transformation” is one of my favourite episodes, but does it deserve that title? Well, I’ll decide that in this review. Does this episode shine like a diamond even after nearly three years have passed?

The episode begins in the Alfea Natural Park with the Winx, Roxy, and the Winx’s bonded Fairy Animals. Roxy says she has prepared a little game for the Fairy Animals, which gets them excited and Flitter does a little flight. But when Roxy introduces Elas, who seems to be showing off, it distracts Flitter long enough for him to crash into a tree.

Elas’s graceful walking makes the other Fairy Animals jealous until Roxy shows everyone the game. The Fairy Animals have to charge the carousel, which Sqounk attempts first but falls off. Next, Flitter attempts to charge the carousel with his speed, which begins to work until he loses his grip and goes flying into Tecna’s arms.

Next Critty, Flitter, and Shiny try, which seems to be working, but Shiny pulls too hard and causes the carousel to list. Amarok grabs the other rings and starts running. Then Elas tries to charge the carousel with his magic horn, which accelerates it to the point where the g-forces are too much for the other Fairy Animals to withstand and sends Critty, Shiny, and Sqounk flying. Unfortunately, Elas’s plan backfires, and he gets blasted with his own magic for his troubles and Amarok is tangled up in the rings.

After Roxy explains the point of the game, the Fairy Animals manage to charge the carousel, only to find the surprise was that they learned to trust each other. A strange magic began to appear around them.

In An Unknown Place

The Winx get told why they were able to bond with a Fairy Animal: because their Fairy Animals are the guardians of the Ultimate Power that the Winx and Kalshara and her brother are searching for. They use their magic to give the Winx the Tynix bracelets, which leads to them getting the Tynix fairy form.

After we see the Tynix transformation sequence and hear the transformation song, the Winx in Tynix form see their Fairy Animals transform into Mini-World form. We get a new bit of world-building about the Mini-World, which I will get onto later.

After they return from wherever they were, Roxy is confused and Flora says they’ll explain everything to her. Bloom brings up the fact that Kalshara and her brother could be…

On Pyros

Kalshara and Brafilius teleport in, looking for the dragons that live inside the volcano. Brafilius has problems because he’s clumsy and very unfamiliar with this part of Pyros. The dragons try to use the Magi-fire of Pyros to scare Kalshara, which doesn’t work. Kalshara sends the Vampire of Fire inside the volcano to drain the magic fire. Brafilius doesn’t want to go inside an active volcano, but Kalshara reminds him that they don’t have a home anymore.

Back In Roxy’s Room

The ATWS (or Animal In Trouble Warning System) goes off while over in the Alfea Natural Park, Aisha is telling Roxy about Tynix. The three birds come in, giving her the situation. She passes it onto the Winx, and they along their Fairy Animals go to Pyros.

On Pyros

The Winx arrive, spot Kalshara and Brafilius, and set off in pursuit along with their Fairy Animals. As Kalshara and Brafillius are about to enter the volcano, Kalshara gets blasted by Bloom’s Dragon Flame, which sends Brafilius down the slope of the volcano again. He stops himself and tries to summon an ice giant, but instead gets a creature made of volcanic rock, which is easily dispatched by Elas.

Then Brafilius summons six more. One of them grabs Shiny and Flitter, and Tecna’s attack is unable to free the two, but Flora is able to do so. The one who grabbed Shiny and Flitter is subsequently destroyed by Musa. As the Winx and Fairy Animals fight the fire elementals, Shiny tries to eat Brafilius’s Dark Diamond. Elas tells the Winx to help the dragons, but meanwhile Aisha and Bloom are fighting Kalshara, who shrugs off their Butterflix attacks before diving into the volcano. Bloom orders the Winx follow after her.

Inside The Volcano

The Winx find that the dragons are getting weaker, but they don’t know why until Kalshara explains what she did. Bloom realises the reason as to why Kalshara did this. As the Winx prepare to brawl with Kalshara, she reveals that only she can call off the Vampire of Fire. But to do that, the Winx would have to let her go. When Bloom asks if they can trust her, she asks back if they have a choice. The episode ends with Kalshara laughing as Bloom is clearly trying to decide what to do.

Things I Observed

  • “Shiny, calm down! It’s bad enough that you made a snack out of my rings!” Well, I guess we may now know what happened to the Ring of Solaria. 🤔
  • Whoa, Roxy, Are we sure that thing is even safe? 😲
  • I really don’t think Amarok running that fast is a good idea. 😲
  • Seriously, Roxy, why didn’t you say this at the start? 😠
  • “Knowing they could help each other in any situation.” That was the surprise? Are you kidding me? 😠
  • I like Tynix. I’ll get to why later, but there are some criticisms. 😊
  • Mini-Worlds? Interesting. 🤔
  • “These are the keys to enter them.” Hmmm… So the Winx can now access places that no one else can get into? Also interesting. 🤔
  • Roxy, you made animals talk in season four. Why are you surprised by Elas speaking? 😠
  • Hmm… Does Tynix have time distortion capabilities? 🤔
  • More world-building, this time for Pyros. 😊
  • The geyser scenes with Brafilius were amusing.😊
  • Umm, are we sure taking three critically-endangered Fairy Animal species into a dangerous situation is such a good idea? 😑
  • Seriously, you knew it was a volcano, and yet you tried to make an ice giant? 😑
  • “You have no way out, Kalshara! Surrender!” Seriously, Aisha, you of all people should know by now that a villain will always have a way out. 😑
  • What, why didn’t Bloom absorb all six of the fire elementals’ flames? We know she can absorb fire. 😑

Overall Thoughts

Well, this episode was very hard to review because of Tynix being my second favorite fairy form and my own bias towards the episode. Do I enjoy this episode? Well, yes and no.

For starters, we got a new form, which I like for a few reasons. One, the design is very well done, the transformation sequence is very well designed and animated, which makes me wonder if most of season seven’s budget wasn’t used for Tynix and the Mini-Worlds. Speaking of Mini-Worlds, I like the idea because it’s world-building that the show needs. But I wish the writers had developed this concept more because anywhere in the universe could have a Mini-World, and it would have been interesting to see more unique locations. But it gives the phrase “to see a world in a grain of sand” a whole new meaning.

You already know my opinion on the voice acting and animation. Finally, Kalshara’s plan was genius, and I like the Tynix song.

So let’s move onto the stuff I didn’t like. For starters, I did not like how they got the Tynix form because it was pretty weak. Next, I really question the decision to take three species of Fairy Animals on the verge of extinction into a dangerous situation. But my major critcism is the battle scene felt too long because Bloom could have absorbed the fire elementals fire very easily. I can’t help but wonder if Rainbow cares about continuity anymore because a lot of the later seasons seem to forget continuity. But as for Brafilius and the geyser, well, I can understand why Brafilius was geysered. He was unfamiliar with Pyros, so he didn’t know about the geysers.

So would I recommend this episode? Maybe, but do I still think this episode is one of my favourites? Not anymore because the episode to me is just introducing a new form that will be forgotten by next season anyway. And we don’t get to see what it can do until the next episode.

Anyway, what do you think I should review next? An episode from season three, two, six, or four, a PopPixie episode, or maybe even a Winx toy commercial? Seriously. I would review one of those.