The Switch to a Witch


Remember Lazuli, the fairy who joined Cloud Tower in “Broken Dreams?” We know a couple witches who’ve become fairies, but I’m pretty sure she’s the first fairy-turned-witch we’ve met. (Selina doesn’t count, since she might not have had her wings yet.)

I wonder what made her turn to the dark side. At first, I thought the Trix might have scared her into it. Maybe they captured the students and gave them a choice: join or die! (I know — way too dramatic for this show. :P ) But she wanted to switch! She was willing to use her hair cages on her friends, and she was fine with calling herself an ex-fairy.

Here’s a random back story I thought up in about a minute. :P

Lazuli was the fairy of hair. But instead of being the perfect stylist, she liked doing strange things with people’s hair — tying them up in it, making it move on its own, etc. Her classmates treated her like a freak, and she resented them for it. Over time, her hatred darkened her heart. She started thinking that, with her weird power, she wasn’t meant to be a fairy. When the Trix attacked her school, she saw her chance. She’d become a witch and join their side…

I know — I can do better. :P

How does a fairy become a witch? Not the way I expected.


When Mirta became a fairy, she got a new outfit and a pair of wings. Faragonda must have, too; according to Griffin, she made it to Enchantix level. (I guess older fairies lose their wings.)

Lazuli became a witch by…losing her wings. That was it. She could still fly (or float), but her fairy outfit became regular clothes.

I doubt that’s how it’s supposed to work. I think the animators were just lazy. Almost all the non-Winx fairies’ forms have been like this: everyday outfit + wings. And groups of classmates or friends have looked the same or similar to each other. Nickbow probably didn’t wanna “waste” time designing a unique look for everyone.

Have you ever come up with a fan fic or headcanon about a fairy becoming a witch? How does your story compare with Lazuli’s?

Fanwork Friday #12: “Roxy”

Fanwork Friday is back!

Today’s featured pic is from Emma K.! She said she drew this “fast and from memory,” and I think she did a great job!

If you want your fanfic or fan art to be featured on the blog, send it to [email protected]!


Possible Season Seven Leak in Movie 3 Article

Credit definitely goes to my affiliate GermanSirenix for this find!

You know that Italian article I shared on Facebook and Twitter this morning? (Click here if you don’t.) It has some behind-the-scenes photos of Rainbow staff working on “Mystery of the Abyss.”

But that’s not all. Look what AlexGS from GermanSirenix found in the corner of one of them:


That’s a creature we haven’t seen before!

“Aisha’s Animal,” huh? If you remember from the description on, season seven has something to do with animals that keep the Magic Dimension in balance. If this animal is from season seven, maybe they’ll bond with the Winx like the Selkies did.

It’s…um…cute, isn’t it? Not what I would have pictured such an important magical being to look like. But as AlexGS said in his post, this might not be the final design.

What do you think of this possible leak?

Viz Media and Studio Fun Will Release New Winx Books and Graphic Novels in the U.S.

Finally, some good news for Winx in America. Check out this blurb from Publishers Weekly Magazine:

…Winx Club’s presence in U.S. children’s books is set to grow. Viz Media is launching Winx Club graphic novels this September and Studio Fun (formerly Reader’s Digest) is on board for novelty formats set for a spring 2015 release….The total number of titles in the U.S. is expected to reach 40 by 2015…

imageFor Viz, this might be talking about the “Magic Collection” (vols. 1-9) coming out September 16. (You can preorder it on Amazon, Books-A-Million, or Barnes & Noble.) But Studio Fun’s books will be brand-new!

The writer also claims the TV show’s doing well in the U.S. Maybe season six won’t be the last season for American fans, after all!

Publishers Weekly: “Licensing Hotline: July 10 — Winx Club Spreads Its Wings in U.S. Publishing”

Winx Mag #124 — July 2014

Translated from

cover_magazine_8In your handbag by the sea, between suntan lotion and sunglasses, don’t leave out the new issue of Winx Club magazine! You’ll find all the recommendations for super fairy-fabulous vacations! So … SPLASH … dive into the most Winx summer ever!

Relaxation + fun? In this issue only, get the special Winx Fashion Polka Dots dolls! Bloom, Flora, and Stella are trendier than ever with their super colorful clothes! Collect them all! Plus, with the magic code found in every package, you’ll be able to download exclusive online content!

Stella and her style advice lead you to discover the fashion of summer, for being chic even on vacation!

Ready to make a wish with Flora? The night of shooting stars is coming…learn more about it! Aisha, on the other hand, teaches you water dancing!

What are you waiting for? Winx Club Magazine 124 is waiting for you in the newsstand!

Here’s the ad for the Fashion Polka Dots dolls!

New comic: “Attack of the Centaurs”

Daphne and the Winx are enjoying a day at Gardenia’s Horse Fair, when Selina unleashes centaurs on them!

By the way, you can buy issues of Winx Club Magazine on Most of them are $7 apiece (before shipping).

NEWS & IMAGE SOURCE: ‘Winx Club Magazine 124″

Bloomix Fairy, Icy Dolls & More on

Not sure when these were added (could have been ages ago), but at least we get a better look at these new dolls!

Bloomix Fairy

Six to collect! The “Magic App” mentioned on the box is the new Winx Bloomix Quest game by Apps Ministry.

Icy (Trix Power)

Icy in her season six outfit! Not bad, huh? Too bad Stormy and Darcy aren’t in this “line.”

Check out the rest of the new lines, like Fairy College, My Sirenix Magic (comes with cosplay wings!), and Sporty Chic on’s “Fashion Dolls” page!

You might notice there’s an oddball on that page. This:

Wait a second: Stella’s Design Studio was made by JAKKS Pacific. Yet the doll in the box is clearly Witty’s; you can tell by the body mold. She’s also wearing a different outfit (here’s the original Design Studio).

I Googled “winx club stella design studio” and found some…weirdness. This eBay listing is for an Italian release of the doll. The package has Giochi Preziosi’s logo on it; they’re the Italian distributor for Witty Toys. I also found a couple shop sites, one Russian and one global, and the Russian one uses both the JAKKS and Witty images.

I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe Witty’s distributing JAKKS’s dolls. Hmmmm…

Anyway, which of these new doll lines is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Nex is Like Riven…But Better


“Nex is unoriginal because he is Riven 2.0.” — N.H.

“Nex, this changed my opinion on him at first I found him to be a silver hair Riven…” — musicalfire

Aw, Nex isn’t that bad, is he? :P

I know, Riven fans: he’s not all bad. He’s done some good things — like when he helped his friends out of Cloud Tower in season one, or secretly took guitar lessons so he could play a song he wrote for Musa. Too bad he always resets to “rude boyfriend” or “over-competitive jerk” mode the next season. (Blame the writers. :P )

Nex may be full of himself, too, and he may have a similar up-do. But don’t label him a Riven clone just yet. If you ask me, Riven should learn to be like him. It might make Musa happier.

Here’s why I say “Nex is like Riven…but better.”

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