Una di Noi Winx’s 6th Anniversary

Yep! This blog’s now been around for six years! I can’t believe it either. :P

My life has changed a lot in the past several months. I quit my job last summer, and after some soul searching, I decided to go back to school. It’s taken some getting used to, but I’m starting to enjoy it.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, though, I haven’t written as much lately. I haven’t had time because of homework and projects. Good thing the semester’s almost over. :)

That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about the blog. One of the classes I’m taking is Web Design, and as a personal project, I’m building a custom WordPress theme for season seven. I hope to finish it by the season premiere this fall.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting the blog. I’ve made mistakes over the years, but you’ve still stuck by me. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am.

Here’s to the rest of 2015 and beyond!



My Response to “Afrogate”: Winx Club is NOT Racist


The fro seen ’round the net

Winx Club is racist.

That’s the latest charge against the show. It stems from a scene in “Miss Magix” (1X12), where a dark-skinned girl has a meltdown over her hairdo, which looks like a normal afro. A writer for a blog about black natural hair called it “a clear-cut case of racism and ignorance” and “yet another attempt to impress upon little Black girls that their natural beauty is a ‘catastrophe.'” (Full post here.)

Good grief.

I’m not gonna try to defend this scene. It’s been done already, and the critics aren’t listening. No matter what we say, the problem’s still the same: this looks like an afro.

But I don’t agree the scene is racist. Calling it that implies the insult was intentional, and we don’t know that for sure. The blogger claims she does, but was she at Rainbow when they wrote the script? No. Neither were we.

All she knows is she’s offended. She’ll never know if this was meant to be offensive. She’s just guessing and reacting like we are. The difference is we know enough about Winx to give Rainbow the benefit of the doubt. She barely knows anything about it. (Did you see version one of her post? She really skimped on the research. Screenshots below.)

Now her readers think the whole show’s racist. Some have said they’ll never let their kids watch it. One even slammed the fans who defended it, saying they have “no concept of right and wrong.” Wow.

Those readers and that blogger don’t know what they’re missing. In reality, Winx Club is one of the least racist, most diverse, and most progressive cartoons on TV.

Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…

More “Adult” Winx Spinoff, Progress on a Live-Action Movie


Credit goes to Do You Believix? blog for sharing this before me!

On January 8, Cineconomy.com posted an interview with Iginio Straffi where he talked Rainbow’s future plans for Winx Club. Here are some of the highlights (translations mine):

A More “Adult” Winx Spinoff?

Interviewer: “What projects are in the pipeline?”
Mr. Straffi: “One is a “spinoff” series on the world of the Winx, with more adult graphics, the kind of stories more suited for a somewhat older audience.”

Interviewer: “The little Winx are growing up?”
Mr. Straffi: “In a sense, yes, but actually the Winx are already older than their audience. Let’s say we’re aiming to raise the age of their viewers.”

Looks like Rainbow’s thinking about the older fans, after all! The article doesn’t say if the spin-off is World of Winx, the series coming to Netflix next year, but it may be. We’ll keep our eyes out for any more information!

Progress on a Live-Action Movie

Interviewer: “Then the live-action film. Where are we on that?”
Mr. Straffi: “There’s interest from the production companies in Hollywood. Currently, we’re at the screenplay phase.”
Interviewer: “What audience are you aiming for?”
Mr. Straffi: “Here too, we’re aiming for as large an audience as possible.”



Thoughts on the Season Seven Trailer

Season seven’s trailer debuted Friday on the Winx Club YouTube channel! Haven’t seen it yet? Voilà! Enjoy!

What did I think of it? It was…underwhelming.

Like many fans, I expected something epic after last season’s trailer. That one was the best yet. It set the right mood for the season, showed just enough of the plot without spoiling everything, and teased us with gorgeous scenes and cool fights. (Too bad the season didn’t live up to the hype. Blame Nick. :P )

This trailer was nowhere near as good. It just felt like a longer version of the promo.


She ruined it for me. I couldn’t stand her cutesy voice, and her comments made the show sound cheesy and generic. Plus, we were already thinking some of the things she said, so she didn’t need to talk. Who can’t tell Brafilius is an idiot? And of course, the Winx are gonna win! They always do! :P

I wish one of the characters had narrated again. Last time, it was Bloom. How about another Winx? Or Faragonda?



The Winx are late? For what?

Please don’t say class, Rainbow! Don’t make them students again! You undid that retcon in Mystery of the Abyss (Stella says they’ve graduated). Did you change your mind, or are the movies a different canon after all?

I don’t mind that they’re still at Alfea. It’s one of my favorite places in the show. But since season four, it’s felt more like a clubhouse or command center than a school. Is anyone learning anything? Where’s Wizgiz? We barely see him anymore. :?

I want Alfea College back. If the Winx are teachers, show them teaching. If they’re students (Heaven forbid), show them studying. (Roxy, too. I wanna see what she’s learned. :( )


Goodbye, Nick cast. I’ll miss you. :(

We heard some of the new voices: Bloom’s, Stella’s, Brafilius’s, Kalshara’s, and Faragonda’s. Here’s what I thought of them.

  • Stella: No. Just no. Amy Gross did great as Stella, but I hoped Rainbow would recast Jennifer Seguin. No one played Stella better than her. This new actress sounds like a cross between them. I don’t like it.
  • Brafilius: He didn’t talk, but his grunts sounded dumb, so the voice fits. :P
  • Kalshara: Fierce, confident, and animal-like. Just what I expected. Thumbs up from me.
  • Faragonda: Is that you again, Kari Wahlgren? This voice doesn’t sound any different to me. Even if it’s not, it fits perfectly.
  • Bloom: The voice from the promo! Ugh, I really hoped that wasn’t official. :( It’s the second worse voice Bloom’s ever had. (The one from the RAI movie dubs is worse. Much worse.) Plus, she sounds a bit like Stella, so it might be hard to tell them apart when they’re not onscreen.

Lassie’s got nothing on me…


I thought I wouldn’t like them, but I think they’ll grow on me. At least they’re more useful than the pets from season four, and they don’t look like upgrades of the Pixie Pets either.

Like every other season, each girl got her own “pet”:

  • Aisha’s: This animal was leaked last year in a Mystery of the Abyss article. It’s the only one I don’t like. What is it? It doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before. (I guess that’s okay since it’s a magic creature.) It looks like a baby, but it cried a tidal wave, so it might be stronger than it looks. It might have water magic.
  • Musa: A cat, huh? It’s okay.
  • Flora: This one seems to be the favorite. It’s beautiful. It looks like a border collie, which is one of my favorite dog breeds. I wonder what its talent is.
  • Stella: This one is the second favorite. Who doesn’t love phoenixes?
  • Tecna: A flying squirrel with circuit board lines on its tail? Are these animals from the Winx’s realms? That’d be a lot like the Selkies, but I like these guys better since they’re not all the same. You’d expect each realm’s wildlife to be different.

What about Bloom? At the end of the trailer, she encounters a unicorn at a lake. Everyone thinks that’s her pet, but I doubt it. The others’ pets are cuddly and portable, but that thing is huge. She can’t fit it in her dorm!

By the way, that was my favorite part of the trailer. It reminded me of the scene in Secret of the Lost Kingdom when Bloom saw Daphne at Lake Roccaluce (one of my favorite scenes in the movie). I love little moments of wonder like that. They make Winx Club even more charming. :)

I think this was a shout out to season four, when Bloom said she dreamed of riding a unicorn when she was little. Didn’t Musa say unicorns don’t exist? Scratch that from the show’s mythology. :P Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…

NOT Knowing is Half the Battle

capture_004_26022015_173805_176Winx is coming back to America….I think.

Remember the new books coming out this spring? And the spinoff premiering on Netflix next year? And Rainbow’s new U.S. licensing agent? That means more Winx…right?

At least it sounded that way last year. But since November, the English business sites haven’t said much about Winx, especially its future in America. I’m starting to wonder if the comeback’s been cancelled.

Italian fans are so lucky. Every day, two or three sites report on Winx Club events, the new movie, new YouTube videos, or some award Rainbow just won. Plus, WinxClub.com Italia is updated frequently.

What do we get? A spotlight on a voice actor who’s moved on to bigger and better things. A rant about how vulgar and harmful Winx Club is, or how PreCure is better (not making that up). If we hear any big news, it’s only once a month — if we’re lucky.

You’d think WinxClub.com English would be a good source for news, but it’s not. Most of the time, they just post polls, videos, and craft articles. And it’s only updated once a week, usually only Wednesday.

The Winx Facebook page is worse. If they share news, it’s usually from Italy. But for the last six months, we’ve seen nothing but pictures. Cute, colorful pictures. :?

With all this waiting and guessing, it’s hard to stay hyped about this show. Take tomorrow, for instance. I’m excited for the Winx 7 trailer, but in the back of mind, I’m thinking, “Who cares if the season looks great? I don’t know if I’ll get to see it.” I know some of you are thinking that, too.

All it’d take to soothe my fears is a status update or a tweet — something like, “Catch season 7 on Blah channel this fall!” Quick and easy. And not gonna happen. :(

capture_006_26022015_163606_404Rainbow, Nick, Earthbound, Netflix — whoever’s involved with Winx Club — please keep us in the loop. You don’t have to tell us everything, but the silence is making us anxious. It’s even pushing some fans away! How can we get excited if the show seems dead?

We’re listening. Talk to us!

7 Things I Hope We Don’t See in Season Seven

I’d normally write a post like this at the end of a season. But who knows when Nick will finish season six, and Rainbow’s gonna release the Winx 7 in two days. Might as well do this now. It’s not like I haven’t been thinking about it. :)

Voilà! The seven things I don’t wanna see next season.

1. The Winx Ignoring Roxy

This was on my list for last season (Winx 6), and I think I got my wish. Roxy showed up a lot more. She even got her own side plot: break the curse on Ms. Griffin. Plus, for the first time in ages, the Winx hung out with her and treated her like a friend.

Is this a sign? I hope so. Yes, I still want her to join the club (sorry, not sorry), but that’s not why she should be in this season. She’s the Fairy of Animals. Who could help the Winx with their animal-based mission better than her?

Also, I want my “Waiting in the Wings” post to be right. Season seven. Seven Winx. Makes sense, right? :P

2. Matching Transformation Outfits

All hope is lost for Butterflix. It’s another line of color-swapped, cookie cutter dresses with minor variations. But there’s (at least) one more transformation this season. Maybe it’ll be better.


The Bloomix outfits looked great together and didn’t look like carbon copies of each other.

I wouldn’t mind if it’s like Bloomix or Mythix. Even though the Winx wore the same types of pieces — tiaras, wristbands, leggings, and short dresses — each outfit had its own theme, colors, and special touches. You could tell what each girl’s power source is by looking at her. (Except Bloom, of course. Does her Bloomix look say, “I’m a fire fairy,” to you? Maybe her wings do, not the rest of it.)

3. Too Much Earth

Rainbow, I live on Earth. I watch Winx Club to see other worlds, not my own. :P

If this has to be “Winx on Earth” part II, I hope they either A) go back and forth between Earth and Magix; or B) travel around the world like they did last season. But for the love of the Great Dragon, Rainbow, please don’t keep them at the rescue park all season. I’ll cry. Or fall asleep.

4. A Recycled Plot

I forgive Rainbow for reusing the “Trix take over the universe” plot. They didn’t do it because they ran out of ideas — they did it for the tenth anniversary to drum up nostalgia. It’s like an all-stars season of a reality show.

But it’s year eleven. Time to move on. A few throwbacks and Easter eggs are fine, but lifting whole plots will make the show feel stale.

I’m already a little worried about this season. Taking care of animals on Earth? Been there, done that in season four. Bonding with magic creatures? Seasons two and five all over again. I hope these are just elements and the overall season will be something new — or at least a twist on the old.

5. Passive Villains

How do I explain this?

Thanks to Griffin’s Magic Eye, the Trix knew where the Winx were at all times. Did they use that to their advantage? Yes, but not well. They’d just responded to what the Winx were doing. If they were looking for something, the Trix would try to stop them. If they were fighting monsters, the Trix stand and watch.

It was constant reaction and not much action, and it made the plot move slowly.

I hope Kalshara and Brafilius will be active villains. I don’t want them to wait till the Winx make a move. I wanna see the Winx react to them, not the other way around.

6. Another New Guy for Aisha

winx 616 -- aisha roy nexShe lost one guy and gained two. This is getting out of hand.

Whoever she ends up — I know who, but I wanna keep this post spoiler free — she’d better stay with him through the end of season seven. This “new guy each season” thing makes her look flaky.

7. The Winx Acting Like Superheroes

Sorry, Mr. Straffi. I know that’s your angle for the Winx now, but I like them better when they act like regular girls. They’re cooler when they fight for what they believe in, not because they’re on a mission or everyone admires them. I miss the humility and normality they had until season five. They didn’t wanna be treated like stars or heroes (except Stella).

I want the old Winx back. No more concerts (please!), no more catwalks. Just a group of friends using their wits and skills to get out of dangerous situations. That’s my Winx Club.

Your Turn

Based on your reactions to the season seven promo, I know you’ve got your own lists. Share them in the comments!

Season Seven Promo & Mini-Review (0:50)

It was a 50-second promo, not a trailer. Bummer. At least we don’t have to wait too long for the full trailer — it’s coming out February 27!

My Thoughts on the Promo


1. The Fairy Animals

It’s season four all over again. Each Winx gets a cuddly magic pet of her own. These two looked a bit…unintelligent. Especially Aisha’s. What’s with the balloons? :?

As for Musa and Aisha’s new outfits, they look even more preppy than last season’s! I kinda like Musa’s, though, but I think a collared shirt and a tie fits her more than the others.


2. The New Villains: Brafilius and Kalshara

A dog man and a cat girl? Not what I pictured at all!

Brafilius looks like he belongs in PopPixie, not Winx Club. :? Kalshara looks pretty cool, but I’m scared she won’t be as fierce as she looks. But I can already hear her screaming at him for “being an incompetent fool” or something classic like that. She seems like that type of character.

Is anyone else getting a ringmaster vibe from them, though? I hope Rainbow doesn’t go there.


3. New Look(s)

Cute outfits. Kinda kiddy-looking, though, and way too coordinated. I’m sure we’ll see more this season.


3. New Transformation: Butterflix

At last, the animated versions!

Musa and Aisha look…okay. I love Aisha’s wings. Flora and Stella’s color schemes are too loud for my taste, and Bloom’s is bordering on circus clown. The Fairy Couture version is a million times prettier.

The winner in my opinion: Tecna. Her color scheme looked gaudy in the Fairy Couture art, but here it looks fabulous. She also looks the most like a fairy.

Overall, this transformation looks okay — not the prettiest, not the ugliest. I wonder what kind of powers it’ll give them.

One more thing: the Italian promo says “new transformations” here (nuove trasformazioni). Maybe the trailer will show the other(s).

Other Thoughts

  • I guess this song is the intro theme. I like it. :)
  • WHERE IS ROXY?! A season about animals, and you’re still gonna ignore her, Rainbow? She’d better be in that trailer!
  • What the heck does “we’ll fairy you” mean? :P

Season Seven Trailer Premieres TOMORROW


Thank you to my affiliate Michael from Michael’s Winx Club for the tipoff! This all started as a rumor we weren’t sure was true, but we were able to dig up the source of the news.

From the official Winx Club VK page (translation mine):

BREAKING NEWS from the Magical Dimension: in 24 hours, you’ll be able to see the OFFICIAL TRAILER for the seventh season of Winx Club! Don’t miss it tomorrow at 19:00 on the official Winx Club YouTube channel!

19:00 is 5 p.m. in Italy, which is:

  • 11 a.m. ET
  • 10 a.m. CT
  • 7 a.m. PT

Stay tuned to the Winx Club YouTube channels tomorrow!



My Thoughts on Episode 6X19: “Queen for a Day”


Sorry about the sudden hiatus, guys. I just started school again, and I didn’t think my professors would slam me with so much work this early in the semester. I’ve never had this much due at one time in my life!

Well, let’s finally wrap up this trio of reviews. Hopefully, Nick will upload/air more new episodes soon!


capture_007_27012015_193422_734I’ll sum up the first scene quickly. The Trix make their students fight each other to test their attack magic. A couple of them pass. The others fail — hard. Moving on.

When Selina warns them the Winx are coming, the Trix cut the class short. They can’t let them lock the Legendarium! No worries. Leave it to Darcy.

The Winx arrive with the key, but seconds later, Cloud Tower disappears! Did it teleport? No, Bloom can still feel its dark energy. But Tecna’s scanner isn’t picking it up.

So much for the “charge right in” plan. They decide to leave before “invisible” witches ambush them.

Stella goes into fashion mode as soon as they get back to Alfea. Her friends don’t know it yet, but it’s a big day for her. Brandon stops by, and he’s just as excited as Stella. Why? It’s their anniversary! He wants to celebrate with a romantic dinner. Awwwwwww!

Too bad Stella doesn’t care. For some reason, she won’t quit talking about Solaria.

Meanwhile, Daphne and the other Winx puzzle over Cloud Tower’s disappearance. What they need is an anti-invisibility spell. Stella knows a great place to look for one: the Library of Solaria!

But only her father’s allowed inside, and there’s no way he’ll grant them access. How will they get in?

Don’t worry, says Stella. She’s got a surprise up her sleeves.

As they step into the throne room, they hear King Radius talk about a Solarian tradition: when the three suns align, the king relinquishes the crown to his firstborn for one day. Wait — the suns are aligned, which means Stella’s queen for a day! (Yay for title drops!) Her first decree: the Winx may enter the royal library. Thank you, Your Majesty. :P

The Winx’s research doesn’t take long. Daphne learns the type of spell Darcy cast on Cloud Tower can’t be undone with fairy magic. (How convenient.) They need a magi-technological boost. Great! You’re up, Tecna!

Back in the throne room, Stella’s reign is becoming a pain. She ignores the courtiers’ concerns, then declares they can only come to her with good news — or with gifts. Her parents try to reason with her, but she’s in her own world. Next, she throws an impromptu dance party, complete with disco ball, then gives the guards makeovers. Then she mocks hers and Brandon’s anniversary with a half-hearted, magic-made banquet — in front of the whole court. How romantic.

That’s the last straw for Brandon. When he calls her out for letting the power go to her head, she gets huffy and storms off to her room. *Sigh* :roll:

capture_009_27012015_202859_083Selina and the Trix like what they’re seeing in their Magic Eye. They can use the situation to their advantage. It’s storytime! Today’s tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This time, Selina does something a little different: she summons the Magic Mirror to darken Stella’s heart.

The mirror’s waiting for Stella when she gets to her room. Just like in the story, it tells her just what she wants to hear. She’s the fairest. The best queen in the Magic Dimension. Finally, someone appreciates her!

After finding a spot for her flattering friend, she gives it a smooch. Its dark energy flows into her, clouding her thoughts. Today was supposed to be her day. Her special day. She’s lost precious time, thanks to her parents and her boyfriend. They must be punished.

When Stella returns to the throne room, her father looks ready to snatch the crown off her head. Stella’s had enough of his voice — so she takes it away from him!

Now, Bloom’s had enough! This isn’t how a queen — or a fairy — should act!

Oh, really? If the Winx don’t wanna be her friends anymore, she’ll just make new ones. Stella teleports her “friends,” the witches of Cloud Tower, into the palace. From now on, all witches will be honored guests of the queen. She leaves them to fight the Winx while she retires to her room.

This time, Darcy’s waiting for her. Brandon — who happened to peek in at the right time — isn’t as welcoming as Stella is. He draws his spear to defend his love.

No! Darcy’s a guest, too, and Stella won’t let him hurt her! She knocks him back with a burst of sunlight. His spear flies out of his hand and hits the mirror, causing it to fall and crack. That breaks the spell on Stella. The dark energy leaves her body.

When she comes to, she thinks Darcy’s the one who attacked Brandon! Guess who’s not welcome in the palace anymore!

That’s fine with her. Before she leaves, she decides to grab a souvenir: Stella’s crown! If the princess wants it back, she’ll have to come to the Legendarium World to get it! Challenge accepted! Stella summons her Mythix wand.

Solaria’s fantasy world looks like a massive temple. Standing at the doorway is a woman in a white mask and Ancient Greek garb. Her name is Ariadne, the keeper of the labyrinth beyond the door. The crown lies inside.

capture_025_27012015_203505_659Suspecting nothing, Stella dives in. Several turns and dead ends later, she winds up at the center of the labyrinth, and out of nowhere, a Minotaur stomps out of the wall! Ariadne appears behind her and removes her mask. It’s really Darcy!

Stella’s trapped! If she doesn’t escape soon, she’ll be stuck in the Legendarium World forever! Wait! There’s more! Click here to keep reading…