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It’s official! World of Winx will premiere Friday, Nov. 4! Today, Netflix uploaded a video on their YouTube channel showing off their November arrivals, and WoW was third in the lineup!

What do you think?




Credit goes to InabluMovies for the tipoff and to my affiliate GermanSirenix for identifying the source!

Rainbow has updated their website again, and it now features a video on their homepage with a scene from World of Winx! We’ve seen it before, but now we can finally see it in HD! InabluMovies and other fans have already spliced the clips together into one video. (The original video’s here.)

UPDATE: Looks like InabluMovies took their video down. Here’s another one. It’s only five seconds.


A few things I noted:

  • Textures and gradients everywhere! That definitely sets it apart from Winx Club.
  • If this show gets a toy line, we know that fairy wing bracelet/communicator will be for sale.
  • In the sixth shot, I can’t tell if Bloom’s blushing or wearing a lot of blush.
  • We’ve been seeing this shot of her standing above the city for months, but it looks like it was just a TV set. I wonder if that means anything for the show itself, or if it’s just a gag for the trailer.

GermanSirenix also pointed out a couple screenshots in a collage on the “Distribution” page of Rainbow’s site:


This is a treat, but I know we’re all dying to see the trailer! Don’t worry, guys! It should come out soon.

World of Winx premieres Friday, November 4 on Netflix!


Musings & Rants

Yes, I have a brother. I know I don’t talk about him much, but he used to watch Winx Club, too. He stopped just because it wasn’t on anymore. That was back in the 4Kids days.

Last year, we got into a long conversation about the show. I was surprised by how much he remembered. He still knew the names of most of the main characters, the three schools in Magix, and the villains (he called Valtor “Balfour,” but close enough). He also remembered small details like how Flora gets treated like a piñata most of the time (his words, not mine).


I’ve talked to him about the show a few times since then. He says he didn’t have a favorite Winx, but he liked Musa a lot. First of all, he liked her relationship with — no, not Riven (he hated him)  — her father Ho-Boe. Second, he liked that she wasn’t just one of the Winx, but she also had a dream of becoming a musician. That gave her more depth than the others.

As for the guys, he thinks they were all useless and unnecessary. They were just “Ken dolls.” I managed to get him to pick a favorite, anyway: Brandon. Why? He liked his weapon, and he admired him for being able to put up with Stella. 😛 (Again, his words.)

During that first conversation, I told him a spinoff called World of Winx was coming soon (back when we thought it would air in the spring). He was so interested, he said he might watch it! That got me excited! Could this lure him back into the Winx Club universe?


As soon as I said the Winx are still the main characters, he said he’ll pass. He doesn’t wanna watch another show “from Bloom’s perspective.” Why focus on them again when there are so many background characters whose stories haven’t been told?

I know other fans feel the same way. They’ve talked about wanting to see spinoffs about the guys, a new fairy club, or even the Trix. He said he wouldn’t mind one about the villains, but he thinks the evil trio has been “played out.” (I guess he felt the Trix were overused even in seasons 1-3.)

But what he really wants to see is a spinoff about the older characters like Faragonda, Griselda, Griffin, Saladin, Oritel and Marion, etc. What were they like when they were younger? How did they get where they are today?

Also, how and when were the three schools founded? What was Magix like before they were built? Rainbow’s never answered those questions, but they’d help build the mythology of the series.

I told him the Winx went back in time to old Alfea in season seven. They met young Faragonda, saw what the school used to be like (complete with uniforms), and met the previous headmistress Mavilla. His response was, “A whole season of that, please.” He thinks it’ll never happen, though, because it probably wouldn’t sell dolls.

What do you think? Would you watch my brother’s dream spinoff? What other Winx characters do you wanna see a show about?



Keep your eyes peeled for news these next two weeks, Winx fans! Rainbow will be at Brand Licensing Europe (Oct. 11-13 in London) and MIPCOM (Oct. 17-20 in Cannes), promoting their newest shows: Regal Academy, Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends, and — you guessed it — World of Winx. This could lead to new licensing (merchandise) and broadcast deals for these shows, so stay tuned! I’ll let you know if I hear anything exciting!



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