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37 Responses to ““Secret of the Lost Kingdom” 10th Anniversary

  1. yeah and Domino is shining brighter which is more than i can say for obsidian which is a destroyed wreck but unfortunately those 3 witches got out

  2. …Oh, wow. I always loved this movie’s soundtrack, although I think I like the Magical Adventure soundtrack just a liiiittle bit more.

  3. I guess you could say that thanks to Bloom’s “Sparks of hope” Domino is still burning strong today.

  4. This is where the story of Winx should of ended. And I think that this is how Straffi intended it to end. Domino was restored, and Bloom earned her Enchantix and took her rightful place as princess. The rest of the series felt like a cash grab…

    • There we go. I was waiting for this comment. You get a cookie.

      I’m glad the show continued. I think if the fandom had liked the later seasons, they’d be glad, too. It’s because they didn’t that they wish the show had ended. I wonder how they’ll feel if they actually like season eight.

      Also, the movie ended with a hook for continuation (i.e. The Trix teaming up with the Ancestresses). So even if Rainbow had considered ending the show there, they obviously left things open to keep going in some form. Even the comics kept going well beyond the movie.

      One more thing. The ending of the movie seemed to wrap up Bloom’s story and make it clear where it would go from there. But there’s a tiny detail in the show that Rainbow overlooked (until recently) that complicated the ending. I’ll talk about that soon.

          • Thank you for the cookie. Please don’t take what I said the wrong way; some parts of the later seasons I did like, such as how Roxy more or less filled Bloom’s role as the naïve newcomer in Season IV, while Bloom and the Winx filled the role of her mentors, more or less bringing that character arc full circle.
            I simply was making a broad statement about some of the meta level flaws I see in the series. I like Winx as a whole.

          • I get that, and I’m not trying to say the later seasons don’t have problems or fit in perfectly. You’re right, but I see it this way: Rainbow should have given themselves more room to expand the show. Even if they had ended it at season three, the Winx universe still would have had more story potential. By making everything revolve around Bloom, they shot themselves in the foot.

            I see the first three seasons as Bloom’s story and everything else as the Winx’s story. Yes, it still focuses heavily on Bloom — she’ll always be the main character — but we’re learning more about the other girls and seeing their stories develop — albeit slowly because, yes, Rainbow wants to keep the show going to make more money.

            But making money was always a goal anyway. We just didn’t care back then, especially since we were younger. A couple examples? One, Rainbow made dolls of minor characters like the mermaids because…reasons. Two, the Pixies and Pixie Pets were the first plushie fodder creatures. The Pixies were supposed to be in season two only, but Rainbow kept them around because kids loved them, and the toys sold well.

      • I wonder if that detail has something to do with that little screen at the end of the movie “The End?…Or is it?” Add that to the wise woman’s truth in legends remark and well…that’s a good reason to continue the story.

        • Actually, I’d forgotten about that. That makes it more obvious Rainbow wasn’t ready to end it — or at least wanted to give themselves a chance to continue. But that’s not the detail I’m talking about. 😉

          • Now that sounds like a detail of “Is Mirta our narrator?” It would be interesting if she is but i could be wrong. It seems like Mirta might be the one who’s been telling us all this and why Flora suddenly took a level in being a buttkicker beginning in season 4. We all know that Mirta is moreso the reason for Flora’s sudden confidence aside from Helia.

          • neither have i
            now using earth years the winx would all have been born in late 1980’s
            Stella in 1987
            Aisha,Bloom, Musa, Tecna and Flora in 1988

          • Well…I could wrong…but she’s the only “since s1” character detail i could think of and sometimes a narrator will sound like a seasoned Mirta writing a book….say what is it with every season having a book in it? Season 1 has the “omniscient book” Season 2 had that forbidden tome that later resurfaced as robomagics in season 5, season 3 might not have had a specific one (although in that library there be monsters) but then you have the book of fairies, legendarium, sirenix book and the tome of nature. Is Winx Club also a book with an unreliable author?

        • @OP That’s a good lesson, but did it have to also be made so dangerous in season 3 & 6. It’s almost like showing what happens when you get into a good book or not…especially the legendarium…that thing is a monster in and of itself. @ Jordan given the Winx ages at season 1 I would say that until season 4 it took place the same year it was made as Stella would have to be born in 1985 to be 17 in season 1 The other 5, Lucy and Mirta would have been born in 1986 to be 16 in season 1 and Roxy in 1993 (there’s a cliché about what that technically makes the Winx during childhood but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best decade even though certain people who grew up in this decade act as if they’re superior to everyone else, no we’re not.) to be 16 in season 4, Miele in 1997 (to be 10 in season 3) and Daphne and her unstated age would place her born sometime in 1974. Season 5 would have to be 2009 just before fairytales became big again, placing season 6 in 2010 and season 7 in 2011 so any future Winx season would be about 4 years previous to the current year.

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