No, I’m not back to stay, but I had to write about this. Credit goes to my affiliate Michael’s Winx Club for this news!

Senpai noticed us, Winx fans. Trebek-senpai, to be exact. The February 2 episode of Jeopardy! had a clue about Winx Club, in the category “Join the TV Club.”

Tinker Bell would feel right at home with Bloom, Flora & company in Winx Club, a group of these beings.

Correct response: “What are fairies?” of course! You can watch the moment below.

Tinker Bell, huh? I guess the Clue Crew hasn’t seen World of Winx. Then again, she eventually got along with the Winx. But I don’t know how Disney’s Tinker Bell or the literary version would feel about them.

Where else have you heard Winx Club mentioned in the mainstream?


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23 Responses to ““Winx Club” Mentioned On “Jeopardy!”

  1. Hi Unadinoi-winx, I hope everything is going well. I really miss talking to you on Instagram. My Daddy passed away a few days ago and really could have used some positive advice.

  2. Last I saw Winx Club without me having to look for it was when this woman had this Winx Club themed lunchbox passing outside my university (I was also outside the university’s main entrance) – she had two young children and they were speaking French, I think. This was about a year ago. Aside from me trying to find it myself, I haven’t found much to do with the show these days, so I don’t think I’ve seen it in the mainstream so far outside of Netflix.

      • Considering that it’s Jeopardy! that we’re talking about…they shouldn’t need to worry. Jeopardy! is popular worldwide with numerous international versions. If anything…Rainbow should be glad that the #3 most popular gameshow (right behind The Price is Right and sister show Wheel of Fortune) actually mentioned Bloom & Flora and sorta used an old tagline as the category name…it would be bad business for Rainbow to try to get back at Jeopardy just because of a handwave to their most popular show, it’s not like anyone really knows the clues until taping anyways…they’re 100% random. (I’m a total Timmy about gameshows, “Alex i’ll take random cartoon trivia as a true daily double please”) On the other hand…let’s just say that if trouble did happen…the Exec.Producer would be the next coming of Valtor.

  3. Awesome that pink & blue were mentioned on the number 1 quiz show in the USA! I guess they were too scared to mention Tecna because this would be her highlight outside the club. As for how Tinkerbell would feel…Disney: She’d find Bloom too much like Wendy and get jelly, Flora? Probably wouldn’t mind. Literary? Probably similar to their relationship with Aisha.

  4. *HYPE*

    I haven’t really experienced Winx in the “mainstream,” but I was quite surprised to know that a lot of my friends had watched the show without me telling them about it first. But then again, all of my friends are nerds who love cartoons and anime, so that shouldn’t really be a surprise.

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