I know. It’s been a while since my last post. I’m sorry. 😞 Starting today, I’ll try to get back into the rhythm.

Yes, you read that title right. This is the 1,000th post! Wow! To mark this occasion, I’d like to tell a personal story I’ve been saving since I started this blog. It’s my favorite memory from the 4Kids Winx era.

In 2005, Rainbow, 4Kids, and Upper Deck held a contest called “The Magix in the Cards.” Remember the Winx Club trading card game — back when card games were a huge deal, and every franchise had to have one? Harry Potter? Neopets? Bratz? 😕

Anyway, this contest was part of the marketing campaign for the game’s launch. The challenge was to design your own Winx Club trading card. You had to download the template from 4Kids.tv and draw a picture of one of the Winx. (Season two hadn’t premiered in the U.S. yet, so Aisha wasn’t included.) The winner’s drawing would be reprinted as an official card, and they’d get a $1,000 Toys R Us gift card. (I remember a trip to Italy, too, but maybe that was another contest.)

I decided to draw Flora. She’s always been my favorite Winx, after all. 🙂 Since I couldn’t draw her well, I practiced for weeks until I could draw her in my sleep. Just like everyone else who entered, including my sister (she drew Musa), I mailed in my picture and hoped for the best.

Months later, my mom told me she got an email saying I’d won! Boy, was I excited! Look out, Toys R Us! Here I come!

…Or not. 😅

I didn’t win the grand prize. Instead, I was one of the 15 first prize winners, the first tier of runners-up. My prize was a box of swag: The Fairy Cool Lounge play set, the full card game box set, and a randomly-selected doll. It wasn’t a $1,000 shopping spree, but I was still happy to win something. 🙂

The doll I got was Icy. I already had one, so I never unboxed her. Here she is:

Her box is damaged from being moved from place to place over the years, but she’s still in mint condition. I’ve thought about selling her or just giving her away. I’m not sure yet.

To this day, I wonder how close I got to winning the grand prize. What if it came down to me and one other person? I guess I’ll never know. 😶

I still remember my drawing well, so I’m gonna try to reproduce it. Look for a follow-up to this post soon!

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15 Responses to “1,000th Post: The Magix In The Cards

  1. Cool! That’ll be a story to tell the kids after you introduce them to Winx Club! 😀 Congratulations!

  2. I entered a Winx contest too, back in 2015, it was held
    by a Dutch Winx fansite, i was one the lucky winners, too!

    The prize was the DVD of the third film: Mystery of the abyss.
    I’m still so happy with it 😀

  3. Maybe make a contest here yourself, something about drawing as well! And the prize would be the doll if you really can part yourself from her.

  4. That’s a fun story, also i wonder if that Icy’s been plotting to ruin your Winx dolls lives…she looks like she’s ready to freeze something…or someone…it might be best to part with her.

  5. 1,000 posts? Good Lord! I wish I had the dedication required to write 1,000 blog posts. I barely have the motivation to wake up in the morning and eat a Pop Tart.

    I think it would be cool if you had a drawing contest to give away the Icy doll. I like to doodle and don’t consider myself to be that great of an artist, but I’d probably still enter anyway because who in the world is going to pass up the opportunity for a free Trix doll? I’m not going to! Plus, it would be a way to see other people’s art styles. That’s one of my favorite things about fandoms: seeing how different people draw different things.

    I’m really excited to see your drawing of Flora, but take your time and make it the best you can.

  6. Congratulations 😀 for both, co-winning the contest and the 1000 posts. Also, I’d really like to see the drawing which you participated with, are you sure you didn’t keep it?

  7. Fantastic!! When I was younger I had bought a bunch of the Winx merch, but I never heard of that contest. That’s so neat that you got to participate and actually won something! And I think it’s just as cool that you learned to draw Flora in your “sleep.” (If not cooler.) 😀

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