I keep seeing these myths around, so I wanted to debunk them. If you already knew the truth, that’s good — but I bet the last myth will surprise a lot of fans.

Myth #1: World of Winx is season eight of Winx Club.

World of Winx is Winx Club’s second spinoff. Like the first spinoff, PopPixie, it may not fit into the Winx canon at all. Rainbow’s currently making Winx season eight. It may premiere next year or in 2019, which will be the 15th anniversary of the series.

Myth #2: World of Winx is one season split into two parts.

One more time. World of Winx has two seasons (so far). The 13 episodes released last November are season one. Season two will premiere this coming Friday.

Myth #3: World of Winx was written by different writers than seasons 5-7 of Winx Club.

Nope! The five scriptwriters for World of Winx season one were Davide Aicardi, Francesco Artibani, Alessandro Ferrari, Alan Kingsberg, and Nicola Venanzetti. If you check the end credits of Winx seasons 5-7, you’ll find these names in each of them.

Alessandro Ferrari wrote for season five, Francesco Artibani and Alan Kingsberg wrote for seasons five and six, and Davide Aicardi wrote for season six. And all five of them wrote for season seven. (Nicola Venanzetti only wrote for season seven.) Francesco Artibani was also a story editor for all three seasons, as was World of Winx’s story editor Maurizio de Angelis.

That’s it for now. What other myths about WoW (or Winx Club) have you heard?

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79 Responses to “3 Myths About “World of Winx”

  1. The third one both was and wasn’t a surprise to me. I expected that there would be at least some of the same people working on “World of Winx” and actual Winx, but I didn’t know they were ALL the same. (Although I should have guessed. Rainbow was probably going to choose people who had written the Winx before, rather than just picking random people from their staff.)

    • Rainbow announced World of Winx in 2014. Winx season seven premiered in 2015, so those writers may have started working on WoW immediately after they finished season seven. It was probably easiest to just stick with the same group.

    • I’m almost twice that age. 😶 Also, 15 has always been outside their demographic for any season of Winx Club, so I don’t think they were ever intentionally aiming that high. Yes, “outsiders” always end up picking up a series, but we’re not the core audience.

        • Yeah…that’s gonna ruin it. Rainbow might do it next year…after all…No one (except misguided movie producers) ever gets away with it inspite of those meddling kids…and their mangy mutt.

  2. That first myth is probably the most popular one and, yeah, it bugs me way more than I should. Almost everyone I talk about WoW to, they open up with “did you check out Winx Club’s newest season?” or “season 8’s out now.” No, it’s not. Spin-offs don’t count as new seasons and, if WoW was the eighth season, I’d have a lot more questions than I would with it being a spin-off.
    It’s made even worse when people refuse to believe that they’re wrong and continue to call WoW “Winx Club Season 8.”

    • Yeah, absolutely nothing in this show would make sense if this were Winx Club season eight. If they’re so sure, how do they explain why it has a completely different name instead of, you know, Winx Club 8? 😕

      • If it’s anything canon (and the jury’s still out on that) it’d be a what happens *Between* seasons 7 & 8 if they go the comic route, but it may not be canon.

        • The comics are their own canon so they are free to use WoW as canon.

          As for WoW everything points to non canon.

          So far they made no references to before. No references to the Dragon Flame (which given its signagance to the Winx Mythos as Blooms powers the creation of reality and fall of Domino would be all they need to make it canon) When tinker bell got Blooms powers she didn’t sound amazed more was she suffering huge sanity slippage or god complex megolmia which has been a stable of the last few who have gotten a piece of it.

          Their is no references to season 4 with Roxy no talk about her parents, no talk about the specialists Alfea or the fact the Winx are technically aliens. In fact I expected Tecna would have used Zenithian technology in their Winx mobile. Considering it was hacked by earth technology that raises eyebrows.

          At this point it is non-canon with season 8 going to just continue off season 7 and not WoW.

    • Call them out show them out on it. Show them it’s not and hammer it home. This fandom has to much confusion as is. I say enough is enough time to stop them and set them straight.

      • Confusion is an understatement, i would say it’s ignoring plot cues about concepts. However I agree…it’s like all this confusion started with Roxy’s charmix looking like a believix because she wanted to blend in and be taken as a serious threat despite being weaker than the other 7 girls (butterflies camouflage)…no wait it started with Aisha and Layla naming inconsistencies. Anyone want Bloom to raise her wand and shout “Mythix Vision”? in order to burn some sense into the fanbase?

        • Rainbow already released a Video stating she was a Believix fairy. They also explained she wasn’t a Winx same as Daphne.

          The creator himself stated Bloom was the strongest Winx with Flora behind her yet people either assume Flora is the weakest or org pantry believe Bloom (who’s power made the universe itself which was reinforced many times in the show) isn’t the strongest (Seriously I saw people think Aisha water could combat the Dragon Flame… Sure the force that made the Stars planets, magic life and space-time put out by normal water. That’s about as believable as me punching a planet in half) or that Daphne is stronger then her.

          For the Dragon’s sakes Daphne lost her powers in season 6 episode 25 like everyone else not empowered with the Dragon Flame. That alone proves she really did give it all up to prevent the Ancestrals from getting it.

          Seriously the wikia has a problem with idiots mixing up everything. Luckily they fix any wrong edits and remove fan theories like Believix being the ultimate fairy form instead of a option transformation.

          I mean Daphne went for Sirenix before she was cursed and force to give up the Flame. Whose to say all the transformations aren’t option? All you really need is Enchantix and your good.

          Oh well theories are nice but the facts are the facts.

          • if i remember rightly when bloom trapped acheron in the infinity box the magic returned to selina and probably daphne too since in season 7 she had her powers

          • Never trust a wiki. They can be edited by anyone…also the treatment of Roxy as a believix is only in reference to dolls which is how that video was done. Why would Bloom be so insistent on Roxy sitting out some missions if she was a believix? It wouldn’t make any sense it also doesn’t make any sense for Roxy to have incomplete believix. As for Winx status…Roxy’s & Daphne’s is always left open ended…maybe not in their highlight seasons…but in a future season…well…who knows? Roxy & Daphne are always counted with the winx…if they were not going to be Winx at some point …they wouldn’t be in that video or any other multi-level video. As for Daphne? How do you explain her joining the Bloomix convergence in Egypt if she didn’t at least retain some of the flame?

        • Oh well maybe that’s why the Wikia exists in the first place. It’s the only state that keeps the facts.

        • Daphne was a Sirenix Fairy not a Bloomix fairy which calls into question why it’s a Bloomix convergence. However she is compared to the Winx extremely skilled in magic as seen with her being a nymph. Keep in mind her follow Nymph Poletia was able to rip Tritanus out of the Oblivion prison dimension easily which is impressive as opening a Oblivion portal is hard do to the fact it’s not stable and requires more ennergy the longer you keep it open, and even the Winx had to combine their powers to just exit it. If Daphne is anything like that, her skill alone allows her to prefer the convergence. Keep in mind skill was how the other Winx keep up with Bloom’s powers. She was arguably the least skilled of them yet had the most raw power.

          Adding to my point Tritannus stole her powers and he didn’t gain any piece of the Dragon Flame nore did the Trix when he gave it to them and seeing how they used it once before tand Darcy and Stormy where relevily sane that a point against her having a piece of Dragon Flame.

          The next point is the Ancestrals. Having even a fragment of it within her would jeperize everything. At that point the curse was heavily effecting her and the Ancestral could likely sense it given their vast knowledge of magic. In the first movie even as ghosts they could feel the fire of the Flame. Daphne had to get rid of all of it in order to insure they could’t get their hands on it. (True they had Valtor already but he was more of a artificial human/weapon for them)

          Next point is seasons 1 and 2. With 5 retroactivly making Daphne not dead but bonded in spirit form with her powers the fact the Trix vacuums couldn’t sense the energy of the Dragon Flame in Daphne and instead went after Bloom is a huge point in the fact she doesn’t have it. Its reinforced with Darkar in season 2. As the Dragon Flames direct opposite he would be able in theory to know who the keeper or keepers of the Flame are and told them to go after Bloom instead of a weakened spirit.

          Also she lost her powers like everyone else in Season 6 episode 25. Though admittedly hers where the lost to go because of how vast they where being a nymph and all. however that shouldn’t happen if she had any bit of the Dragon Flame as even a spark of it would allow her to keep her powers seeing as a spark of the Dragon Flame powered the spell to strip all magic from the universe.

        • Also keep in mind the dolls are officially licence by Rainbow and Rainbow has came out that Roxy is a Believix. Its called Word of God and god in this case is Rainbow.

          However The reason Roxy won’t be a Winx is simply the gap. She had barely any skill with magic to being with which is why she was sent to Alfea yet despite the training now she has a experience gap and a power gap to the Winx.

          Daphne? Daphne is the opposite effect. Without the Dragon Flame only Bloom is able to exceed her in raw power but even then its a mute point. The fact is… she’s to experienced and skilled in Magic to justify the Winx Club, Furthermore people complain about Bloom, the main protagonist of the series, due to her seemly running the show and the spotlight, again main protagonist, image Daphne Bloom’s sister being a winx. It would be a nightmare for them and given her veristail magic, skill and Experience the Winx Club would be mute.

          That is why the two of them would never join the Winx. The divide between the two of them and the girls would get in the way of the series.

          • That post also said Roxy could join in the future. Not that she wouldn’t ever. Why would season 7 try to insert her back in? Why would 7 be a recurring theme of strongest measure of the Winx? We also had an old post discussing Roxy’s level. A lot of fans came to the conclusion that the reason why it could be counted as Believix (despite all logic pointing otherwise) was because of her animal powers allowing her to blend. Next how does Roxy start off Believix? It would undo the other 6 hard work to get there.

          • Why would season 7 try to insert her back in? Why would 7 be a recurring theme of strongest measure of the Winx?

            I didn’t think of that. Roxy was originally going to be the seventh Winx. Episode 4X14 was called “7: The Perfect Number” in the original Italian and in the RAI dub. Now Roxy’s given a somewhat-important role again (or at least more screentime) in season seven? Hmmm…that’s an interesting pattern.

          • @OP also…come to think of it…something in the final episode of season 7 seems to indicate that Roxy and Daphne joined offscreen… When Kalshara said Winx…the camera pans freeze framed on them too. If they weren’t Winx or going to join at some point…Why would they get a freeze frame? Why would Daphne stand next to Flora in 7×25 at the end? Next another reason for Roxy & Daphne joining. Rainbow is the studio name and colors vary depending on what you see. The Winx rainbow in the believix music video had musa’s magenta fill in for red…red’s daphne’s flame spiral/generic power beam color, but strangely blue was missing, blue is Roxy’s energy color. That at least alludes to them joining at some point.

          • @Will M

            Yet the season end shot had the Winx all together with a fairy animals kinda debunking that idea that they joined off screen.

            Look the truth is that Roxy as a Winx wasn’t fully agreed on with the writers themselves leading to her demotion and reviving Daphne? The fandom is divided on that alone and the idea of her as a Winx would cause them to riot.

            She also wasn’t apart of WoW which while a spin off was being made after they finished Season 7 and Roxy only appeared due to it being set on earth and as a love letter to the fans.

            Also your sounding like you came from another fandom or something with the whole Rainbow design and Daphne Colors thing. I think you would use anything justify them as Winx but that kinda reads of Insane troll logic.

          • I’m not trolling (as far as I know). It’s just with all this fan split on everything it’s hard not to get confused with anything after season 4. Also even if Rainbow’s logo predates Winx…why would 7 be the only number associated with the Winx? Roxy might be having the miele dynamic but she’s generally treated as 7th. Why would that one episode even have 7 in the title everything around her is always focused on 7 or animals.

          • @Will M

            It’s just a title. It got changed in the redubbing of Nickbow.

            Also back then the producers figured Roxy would be the 7th Winx but the writers didn’t seem to share in that view given how they wrote the season and Roxy interactions compared to Aisha when she was joining. Of course for a time until Rainbow came out with it everyone treated her as such even the Wikia did.

            Well that never happened and she was demoted to extra which wasn’t surprising.

            And even the trailers for season 7 was Rainbow Trolling us as Roxy was quickly written back into the side Conor after about four episodes.

            Rainbow hasn’t changed its stance on Roxy sense in fact I think that comment about her possibly being one sometime later was nothing more then a way to claim her fans sadness… while having no attention to do so.

            It makes sense as their is a gulf not just in power but in their relationship and the Witers of the season made it feel less like them befriending her and more trying to get her to become a fairy and a mission.

            Besides she isn’t the first girl we where lead to believe would be a Winx. Mirta in season 1 seemed to have been set up as the odd one at Cloud Tower her arc seemed disjointed at times and you know what several of my old friends thought she was to be a Winx before they watched season 2. Why won’t they everything fit for it.

            But come season 2 that didn’t happen and Rainbow dropped her after season 3 with her last camp in season 5 before fading away.

          • @ Dragon but unlike Mirta…Roxy & Daphne have gotten things that Mirta never did. New Outfits every other line. If they’re using Roxy & Daphne as bait for the viewers. ..they need to stop it because it’s just them irritating us that oh hey Bloom’s sister teaches here, oh look Roxy’s her student. Another thing Roxy got was a mention in an episode she didn’t even appear in. Aisha heavily asserted in 7×12 that the stolen stone was Roxy’s. Also unlike Mirta…they haven’t disappeared just yet. I have a theory about Roxy and Daphne and why maybe they don’t want to join just yet but are allowed to help on select missions. If they join now… they’re tied down by schoolwork. However if Roxy graduates she wouldn’t be tied down by anything because she could be guarding Earth without much issues. This might be why the Winx are staying so long at alfea…they want Roxy & Daphne in, but schoolwork from either end of the desk ties them down…guardian fairy duties however wouldn’t. Maybe Bloom’s waiting until Roxy isn’t tied down by schoolwork? Roxy’s role is supposed to be “Green Arrow” for the Winx. Are you saying that Rainbow doesn’t want a green arrow type? The Winx need someone like that though…it keeps them in check.

          • @ Will M

            Actually the reason they are at Alfea seems to be a bit of a plot hole. On one hand they are suppose to be teachers though… But they are back to being students which makes no sense.

            Yeah listen that’s just wishful thinking alright. As stated before the writers have no attention of making them Winx. Roxy because she doesn’t feel like one and Daphne cause the last thing they want is to piss off fractions of the fan base with the discution.

            Also season 7 is technically corresponds with Roxy’s third and final year. And I greatness you that season 8 would not have her as a Winx.

            They are not adding more members. They made it painfully clear when they said no to Roxy. In fact they wrote her out of a main role in the comic books to coincide with the discition. That’s how committed they are to her not being a Winx that they would literally remove her a comic book that has no bearing on the main series.

            Keep in mind the comics are officially liences by Rainbow but with different writers from those who didn’t want Roxy… Yeah so she isn’t a Winx.

            Also the dinament of the group is already set after 7 seasons of working together.

            Daphne was apart of her own group you know. Like Faragonda she is done with that and is letting the Winx take charge of everything. Why she would join the second company of light is behind me.

            Roxy and Daphne never will join. So stop believing that they are or will. Your almost acting in denial of what has become obvious to everyone else.

            Can you just accept Rainbow doesn’t want anymore then six members like the rest of us?

          • Keep in mind the comics are officially liences by Rainbow but with different writers from those who didn’t want Roxy… Yeah so she isn’t a Winx.

            Actually…it may not be different writers. I own one of the comics, and Nicola Venanzetti (one of the writers I mentioned in this post) wrote the story. I haven’t seen the other comics, so I can’t say that definitively.

            Roxy and Daphne never will join. So stop believing that they are or will. Your almost acting in denial of what has become obvious to everyone else.
            Can you just accept Rainbow doesn’t want anymore then six members like the rest of us?

            Okay, c’mon now. Settle down. I’m not sure it’s that obvious, either. I once browsed the website of one of Rainbow’s licensing agents, and it listed Roxy and Daphne as Winx. It was changed later, but I was surprised it had even mentioned them. You never know.

          • @OP

            It was probably a error or a mistake. They occasional happen from time to time in companies.

            However it seems like they don’t feel the need to state it. With how things are written they seem to be showing us. Perhaps this reasoning can be traced back to Roxy herself. After all they stated that Roxy was a Believix once and people still argued over her transformation long afterwards. Some even seemed surprised with a later video showed she was or when the dolls list her as a Believix Never mind those that still think 4kids made the series or that Nick rebooted it… Kinda hard to talk to the fans when they just act confused about who you are.

            If that’s the kinda commucation they have with fans… Well they’ll only going to show us they aren’t by either ignoring the character exists (like they did with Roxy in season 5 and 6 it’s was a hard way of saying she’s a extra) or building them up… Before taking away everything as a trolling. (Season 7 trailers put Roxy up and… She was regularied to side character again.)

            They seem to be showing us they aren’t Winx cause simply speaking to the fans doesn’t work like it should.

        • Considering Season 7 was about animals I believe it was them using her as more of a plot device.

          Rainbow made it seem like she had a big role before the season appeared… And after the fifth episode she was just mostly tossed aside.

          At least she wasn’t the only one though. Bringing back the Trix near the end was nothing but a way to actually give the season a actual villain knocking aside the seasons villains in the process.

          She exists solely for Fanservice (not that kind your thinking of) which is likely why she’s being used like she is by Rainbow.

          After 13 years though It’s not likely they would add a new member. Shows don’t usually do so in later seasons usually if the time to add members it has to be within the first two seasons. Another thing not mention is that Roxy as a Winx is not agreed on with fans even when she had the opportunity. It’s a split on weather or not she should with some saying yes and others saying no.

        • Also Rainbows Logo predates the airing of Winx Club so that’s a bit of just…. Well no real logic.

          Daphne coming back was a big deal that lead to many in the fandom hating it or becoming disappointed. The current seasons 5,67 are considered to be weak to the point they feel like seasonal rot, aka a show lingering longer then it should.

          Now with that knowledge of her revival as a consvernce subject (still to this day) how well do you think her being a Winx would go? Their already are those mad about Bloom for one reason or another adding Daphne to the mix would just… How to say cause the fandom to implode on itself. If that happens Winx Club would lose its ratings and be tossed out due to the alienation of viewers.

          OP is one of those people I believe and I know several others… In fact I’m one as well.

          • The current seasons 5,67 are considered to be weak to the point they feel like seasonal rot, aka a show lingering longer then it should.

            My reaction to this statement… Sigh. And no, that’s not specifically about you. I feel like the “weakness” of the show (depending on who you ask) is for another reason, but I won’t say why right now.

            Also, I feel like this idea suggests a show should only stick around if it stays consistently good or stays the same. I know most people think that way, but it’s kinda ridiculous if you think about it. Everything has peaks and troughs, and even if people think Winx Club‘s going through a trough right now, that doesn’t mean it can never get better.

          • @OP

            Sorry about that. Just series which start hitting low points in their later seasons don’t usually make a comeback. Some mange to stay avange or ok but for most it’s usually a descent downward.

            Though if Winx Club can make a comeback it already has shown it can with its World of Winx spin off to many.

          • Can I jump in the Roxy discussion?

            I’m not sure Roxy was even supposed to be a seventh Winx, there are so many mixed signals. When you look at Aisha, it was painfully obvious from the moment she popped up on screen that she was going to be a Winx. The entirety of season 2 was incorporating her into the group, and this wasn’t easy, given that the five founding members were already very close friends who went to h**l and back together, and Aisha didn’t seem to really connect with any of the girls other than Musa and Stella, in a frenemy kind of way. She was portrayed as being on equal footing with the rest of the girls, and having an equal dynamic with them.

            Roxy, on the other hand… yeah, there was that episode title. Yeah, there was that final scene of Bloom waving for her to join them as they fly over the skies of Gardenia. Yeah, there were merchandise that implied she was going to be a Winx. But one thing was for sure: Roxy had a different dynamic with the girls than the girls had with one another. She wasn’t their friend. She wasn’t their equal. She was their mission, their object of protection, their apprentice, their informal little sister. I daresay season 4!Roxy had more or less the same dynamic that older!Miele would have with the Winx later on. That’s just not going to work. And then there was also the fact that it was nigh impossible to integrate her into the group without a huge power difference between her and the rest of the girls (she was only starting out when the others were already powerhouses). You only have two options: either make her skip all those fairy stages that the Winx worked their butts off for years to achieve, thus making her even a worse Special Snowflake than Bloom, or have her forever stuck as the useless Damsel in Distress that the Winx have to save because she’s not strong enough to defend herself.

            Both options suck. Maybe, just maybe, THAT’S why Iginio tossed her out the window? There seems to be a conspiracy theory going around the fandom that he has a personal vendetta against Roxy, but I honestly see her exclusion from the group as the best thing they could have done to salvage the situation. It worked well, too, because season 4 never fully made an attempt to incorporate Roxy into the group the way season 2 did Aisha.

          • @Lex

            Your not wrong about that. Though keep in mind iginio didn’t really write the 4 season so much as came up with the basics of it. It’s clear the writers themselves didn’t see her as a seventh Winx and nothing but a mission or a plot device.

            She became like Mirta (anyone remember her?) a character that once seemed important but just disappeared into the back ground with only one or two real points in the series. When season 7 was going to be about animals they had a reason to bring her back but like Daphne before her they just decided to make her a side character of the season.

          • I agree that Roxy is a lot like Mirta in that regard. I’m not quite sure I find the argument that the writers saw things differently from Iginio Straffi and decided to do their own thing. Iginio Straffi is the creator and director of the show, his say should be the most important. I have a hard time believing that the Winx writer team would just go, “Yeah, sure, Mr. Straffi told us Roxy was going to be a Winx, but we don’t like that idea so we’ll toss her aside”. I like to believe the producers behind this show work with a semblance of unity and won’t make such huge decisions without consulting each other, and Iginio Straffi first. If Roxy isn’t a Winx, it’s probably because either Iginio Straffi decided she shouldn’t be, or a collective decision kind of thing.

          • @Will N

            Also another thing. Superheroes don’t want to kill (outside the edgy Anti-Heroes) the villain and doing so is seen as wrong (the logic of letting a unrepentive mass murdering psycho gets called out allot)

            Magical Gir series are ok with the heroes killing the villain. Its actually presented as the right thing to do in many cases. In fact Bloom Straight up killed Valtor, in fact it was clear the whole season she was going to. The Winx also killed the Ancestrals… who where nothing but spirits so yeah… the Winx destroyed the souls of the first three witches. Oh and they also killed Poleatia… Mondargia, Darkar (ok you can agrue his essence survived but Darkar as a being is gone) and a bunch of other things.

            This is a central reason tendanit of both medium and is one of the biggest ones which is why I do’t think comparing them to comics is such a good idea.

        • The difference between Roxy and Mirta is that Roxy has a following of fans in the fandom yet Mirta is forgotten.

          If Roxy didn’t have this who to say she wouldn’t also be slowly written out? As it stands Roxy is a reacuring side character. Rainbow has no real attention to change that. Considering the fairy animal plot has been rapped up with season 7 expect her once again fall back into the background.

          If that seems harsh at least they aren’t pulling a Rivan and writing her out of the series (or until they find a use for her again)

        • Also When has School Work ever stopped the Winx before?

          Yet another thing. Technically Daphne doesn’t need to be a teacher (She’s a Crown Princess) She could leave if she needs to but look at that she doesn’t.

          Rainbow just put her their in order to let us know what she is doing. Yeah they are leading us on… Well you as everyone else saw though it.

          • @ Dragon Well…it might be an “imaginary” requirement now since many tend to think that experience is required to join…which it isn’t…also age doesn’t stop other magical girl shows from having a significantly younger character in the group why would this be any different? Wishful thinking maybe. Next question…you seem to be typing an M instead of an N when replying to me. Did you misread the name space on my comments?

          • @Will N

            Oh yeah My tablet… I kinda hit it on the side denting it and occasuolly it miss fires n with m.

            As for the whole age experience or whatever it is doesn’t change the fact that Rainbow is now set solely on Six Winx only.

            However it came to pass it’s done and when Rainbow makes a decision nothing the fandom can do would change it. I mean if the fans could Nabu would have been brought back by now :p

          • Another technology issue…understandable…i hate mobile autocorrect sometimes. Also Rainbow when they release things needs to to do a better job of communication just like the fan base needs to. First off they need to explain how Roxy starting as believix is possible directly to the fans on their channels, and why Nabu is dead and what the exact levels are for powers and why they are that way…as well as the Aisha/Layla issue. It would probably help the fan base with communications. At least fanfics & art (as some i’ve seen or written) will allow Roxy,Mirta, Miele & Daphne to join. Although there’s another thing about that pre-s5 post you brought up earlier. Friend and Adventurer Teammate, what if saying teammate was a non-descript way of saying “part-timer”? That’s what the conclusion of a few fans has been…the known allies are simply part-time members who only come into play when needed and as part-timers they are effectively “The Winx” when the main six are off for whatever reason. Maybe Roxy,Miele,Daphne, Nova, Lucy & Mirta should form a beta-Winx group? They all seem to be part timers of the main group so maybe a secondary group could handle something elsewhere?

          • @Will N

            Actually I won’t consider them part-timers. Technically its a fairy job to protect their words and stop evil. The Winx do it for the whole universe yet they aren’t the only ones who have done it. The Nymphs did that before hand as did the Company of Light, and when the Winx retire another group would just form.

            At best you can call them co-workers who occasionally help out but as it stands their is no Part-Time Winx on account their really isn’t any reason to. In fact a big part as to while their is only six members is likely because of how their powers are. Their is rarely any overlap in abilities and allows them to cover most if not all bases.

            Roxy’s power are actually to similar to Flora’s and while animals could be nice… it can destroy Drama to have her on the team if the villain has controlled some creature or animal.

            Daphne is another case. Technically her powers overlap with both Aisha and Flora. She’s also way to powerful for her own good. Season 6 was her finally getting her body back after two decades without it. She’s still getting use to her powers but that’s the thing once she does her skills throws out a real reason.

            Look if working with the Winx meant partnership then Eldear might be one.

            Their no such thing as part-time its just similar jobs and working together on missions. You won’t call Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers now would you? That’s the analogy with this series whole planets worth of defenders yet only six Winx. No paart timers.

          • Daphne is another case. Technically her powers overlap with both Aisha and Flora.

            And Bloom’s. She had a fire attack, too. For some reason, she had the power of all — well, most elements, so it did steal the Winx’s thunder a bit.

            At least with Roxy, she’s fauna instead of flora. Yes, both plants and animals are part of nature, but Flora’s never been able to communicate with animals. She’s only had a small sense of their feelings. Roxy can communicate with animals, but not plants. They overlap, but not by much.

          • @Will N

            Also I don’ think a beta Winx Club will exist. Mostly on account why make one when most universe wide threats are already being taken care of.

            Daphne for one has had enough of that life. Lucy and Mirta probably have their own stuff to take care of and Roxy isn’t as adventurous as she seems. Until Bloom who dived rright in and never looked back she keep turning back very offend.

            I also think part of the reason is due to the fact the Winx where destined to do this. They where supposed to walk into Obsiaden and free Domino. Keep in mind its the home of the Ancestral Witches and its not like anyone wanted to walk in the birthplace of evil of their own Will.

          • What about this possibility? I didn’t think this up myself, but I can’t remember who I heard it from. What if Roxy and Daphne aren’t Winx, but with them and one other fairy (Mirta, Miele, Eldora — I don’t know), they’ll become the new nine nymphs? Maybe that’s why Rainbow’s keeping Roxy and Daphne close to them.

          • @OP

            Actually I think Daphne’s powers might be a stealth shout out to another Italian Magical Girl franchise.

          • @OP

            I’ve entertain that idea before. However given we know nothing about what makes a fairy a Nymph or why their is only nine or even if the nine happened to all been active with Daphne.

            The two nymphs we know off are quite powerful and skilled more of prodigoius but better then the Winx who are also prodigoius themselves.

            However Lucy would probably be written out of the running for it. That is if one has to be a fairy to be a nymph. But if one needs to be a prodigody then Mirta is out due to taking 4 years at Alfea compared to three and while Roxy did skip to a incomplete Believix she does seem to have much more in the way.

            Rainbow has made them mysterous yet in doing so it makes us question how and why. I would like a answer.

          • @OP The Nine Nymphs thing…if anything…Miele’s the only one in the running for the new nine nymphs thing as number nine since she’s quickly becoming a Roxy jr. It may be all plot device…but it’s still awfully suspicious as to why she’s still around if they weren’t intending on using her in the future for something big. Daphne & Roxy also wouldn’t disappear so quickly.

            Why would a secondary team be needed? What if two major universal threats happen at the same time on two worlds? There’s no way the main group can handle a crisis occurring simultaneously on Earth & in magix at the same time. The main group would go to Earth first (because Earth in this show the Winx are the jla) and thus Magix would be undefended. A secondary branch would help free up the main Winx to be where they’re more needed. That’s the whole reason why DC has multiple teams that are all just extensions of the league, they’re only different in name and age. Also surely the Winx wouldn’t be the only club in magix, they’d just be the “it” club. Also co-workers can still technically qualify as part-timer.

          • @Will N

            The logical jump between Co-worker equals part-timer is flawed… I should know I have worked with people like that.

            Also the thing about two Universes threats attacking at the same time… it won’t last very long. What usually happens is one of the two would defeat the other. This was painfully clear with the Trix and Asheron in season 6 and the Two incompleaint Shapeshifters and the Trix in season 7.

            If they start working together… expect one too betray the other at the last minute (aka the whole villain team series after season 1)

            This is quite logical and a bit of brilliance as those that do are offend dark magic users and Dark Magic amplizes such things like pride and selfishness (such a winning combination for team work *sarcasm*) with to much of it driving the unser insane Its been confirmed and explained in universe. In fact its pretty clear When the ancestral began their war its likely any villain either went into hiding, followed them, or worse, fell too them.

            So yeah the series own universe actually deals with the question of the possibility needing another Club by having the nature of such threats being in such a way that only one can exist at any given time.

            Also this is a Magical Girl Universe! Please stop using superheroes universe logic!

            The thing is dozens of threats are put down to to the millions of fairies, good witches and specialist/Paladins/Wizards ect. Statous Quo is not god only two villains still live and both are currently unreachable. Most of the villains are dead and the general population of the universe can take care of itself.

            Their are hundreds of fairies free on earth now and earth is on the way to joining the rest of the universe.

            Here the difference between the two genres makes your compares jarring.

          • @Will N

            Oh by the way… the earth thing is failed. Its Alfea that they usually go to. The reason why earth has been pulled in the front is because its a recoving world, and quite frankly most people are starting to get sick of it.

            Their is whole galaxies whole, worlds, in fact we barely spend time on the Winx’s home worlds. In fact the only other world with this kinda thing is Magix and that’s mostly because of Alfea.

            By the way the Winx are more allogicity to the Sailor Scouts, or Sailor Senshi if you willl.

            …You never watched a single magical girl show outside of Winx Club have you?

          • I’m gonna be honest with you: I have no idea what you two are debating anymore. 😅 It’s gone very long (which is fine), and the tone has also changed so much that I don’t recognize the original discussion.

          • @ Dragon, it’s not that i haven’t…it’s just that that i see things in this show differently than you do…and we should stop this now. I get that you are fact heavy, but not everyone is, even if they get the facts they want to have their fun too, it’s almost like fan fun is outlawed in this fandom…yet enjoyed in others.

  3. Love the new blog header!

    Re: Myth #2, I do think it’s entirely plausible to interpret that WoW as simply one season split into 2 parts. The story in season 2 seems to pick up right where season 1 ended, the girls deal with the same villains, same problems, same settings, etc. Normally a new season brings new villains, problems and settings, even if old villains do make an appearance now and then (i.e. The Trix). They do have a new transformation, but with season 5’s introduction of the ‘two transformations per season’ formula, that doesn’t really mean much now. The three latest seasons have seen the Winx earn a second transformation halfway through a season (13 episodes in, coincidentally the point where WoW season 1 ended).

    So why do they have a season one and a season two? WoW is a Netflix original series, and Netflix originals always cap their seasons off at 13 episodes, no exception. Technically, episode 13 of season 1 could be seen as a mid-season finale, in that it’s a game-changing Wham Episode that ties up the plot of the first half while giving a peek at what’s to come in the second half.

    Not saying that myth is correct, but it is entirely possible to see WoW as just one season split in half. Just saying.

    • It’s two separate stories, though. Season one was about finding the talents and protecting them from the Talent Thief. The season two trailer didn’t mention the reality show or talents at all. The focus this time seems to be on Tinker Bell.

      Yes, the reason it’s two seasons is because of Netflix’s system, but it’s still considered two seasons. Perhaps when season two comes out, we’ll see if Rainbow’s picked up exactly where we left off and assumed the fans have seen season one, or if they separated them enough that you don’t necessarily have to have seen season one.

    • About the header…thanks! I should have done this forever ago. I think the Gardenia header was supposed to be temporary, but some reason I never changed it. This is a season seven blog theme, right? I feel like it’s finally complete now. Better late than never. 😊

  4. It’s one story line divide into two seasons. If you watch the season two trailer , it clearly continuously of season one.

      • i’ve noticed that gardenia is always where trouble seems to rear its ugly head and seriously gardenia always seems to a magnet for disaster and shame ogron wasn’t squashed by that train in season 4 ep 13 because it would have told viewers to never play on train tracks

        • Gardenia is important in the cosmic Skeme of things. Bloom who’s destiny is to destroy the Ancestrals was raised their tiring it as a important place in the universe as its where the keeper of the Dragon Flame spent most of her days before she meet Stella.

          Also the second point” Stella ending up on Gardenia of all places just so Bloom could meet her.

          If I’m so bold it’s almost like the Dragon has made the place important for some reason.

          • Probably so Bloom has a connection to make her human. If Bloom’s supposed to be Superman’s sister…she needs a Superman story. Gardenia is Smallville, Magix is Metropolis. Without visits to Smallville…she becomes ineffective in Metropolis.

      • Though I think part of the confusion its that season 1 and 2 of WoW feel more closely alike the season 1,2,3 of Winx Club.

  5. I heard this myth around somewhere (pretty sure it was on a YouTube video) that Rainbow were going to stick with the Fairy Couture art for Winx Club from now on. I don’t know how that one started or why.

      • Yeah, Rainbow is most likely to stick with their flash animation for the show and keep Fairy Couture for stock art.

        Also, this is completely unrelevant, but are you still doing the guest episode reviews?

      • diaspro in season 6 actually saved Bloom’s life by chucking her into the vortex of flames however that doesn’t make up for the fact that diaspro tried to assassinate Bloom
        as another reviewer said n their review of vortex of flames
        if you fight fire with fire does it extinguish it no it makes the fire stronger

    • Most likely not. It takes more time to edit then and drawn then even Handdrawn style or Flash.

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