Last fall, FloraAsia posted an article on whether the Winx Club should add another member. His top candidate: Daphne.

…unlike Roxy, she’s experienced and has been familiar with the Winx since season 1. And as you all know, it’s the perfect opportunity for her as well, since she was finally restored to her physical form in the season five finale.

This post isn’t meant to be a counterargument. But as you know from “Daphne Should Have Stayed Dead,” I’m opposed to her becoming a Winx. Here are four reasons why I don’t think it could work:

1. Six Winx is plenty, right?

Rumor has it Nickbow kicked Roxy out of the club because Nick’s writers felt seven Winx was too many. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical then to add Daphne? If they’ve changed their minds, they should return to the original plan. Roxy almost become a Winx; spot #7 still belongs to her.

capture_006_15012014_172536_2682. She’s too busy.

Daphne’s a professor now. That means classes to teach, lessons to plan, papers to grade, etc. She doesn’t have time to run around with a bunch of teenagers!

“But the Winx were teachers in season four!”

True, but was that handled well? No. After one class, they packed their bags and headed for Earth. Now they’ve been retconned as students again. And Daphne’s their teacher, at that! (Imagine the “teacher’s pet” accusations!)

Plus, she just became Crown Princess of Domino. She’ll probably be flying to and from school to attend to her royal duties, like Sky does for Erakylon. (Not that Nickbow couldn’t write a way around this.)

3. She’s Bloom’s sister.

Five words: “Vortex of Flames” dance scene. It wasn’t the first sisters-only moment this season, but it was the most blatant. Count on seeing more of them if Daphne joins the Winx. The other girls would be nothing but background fodder.

Also, Daphne’s obviously from the same planet as Bloom and might have a similar power source. That’s too much redundancy. (Bloom and Roxy didn’t count since they were born on different planets.)

capture_008_24102013_071155_6854. She’s too elegant to be a Winx.

This is gonna sound like I’m dissing them, but bear with me. In Nickbow’s Winx Club, the Winx are trendy teenage fairies who love to party and rock out in their band. Daphne’s not like that. First off, she might not even be a teenager. Second, she’s more graceful and mature than them.

Now, some people felt Roxy didn’t act like a Winx, either. Surprise — I agree. But if she took on that “cool” personality, it wouldn’t feel as out of character for her. Think of it as her growing up. But for Daphne, it would seem like she was trying to act young again.

Even with all I’ve said, I don’t think Daphne will become a Winx anyway. There are a few signs of that:

  • She has no known power source.
  • She’s still a Sirenix fairy.
  • She’s still treated as a separate character (“Daphne and the Winx”).
  • She hasn’t had a matching outfit with them yet (even her Sirenix looks different).
  • She has no emotional attachment to anyone but Bloom (same as Roxy now that she’s not a Winx).

We’re only six episodes in, so this could change. But I hope it doesn’t.

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34 Responses to “4 Reasons Daphne Should NOT Become a Winx

  1. I think what they are doing is what they did with Roxy, making Daphne the second most important character after the Winx. :3

    • Well,I don’t think that Daphne or Roxy should be a part of the winx,since the Trix have two allies,don’t you think that both should join?

  2. Please choose Roxy over Daphne nick. Roxy has earned it, Daphne is an old lady trying to be cool whenever she’s with the Winx. She should be treated as the new Faragonda. Only helping when needed which is not every episode. The Winx can hold their own in battle and if Bloom is in distress Aisha can pick up the slack as she’s proven for fivesstraight seasons, even if she was a bit Star Sapphire in the conclusion of season 4. Now we need to focus more on the Winx solving their own issues again with out outside help.

    • I pretty much agree with this, but can’t help but notice (and have noticed since I first heard about it) that Daphne’s class, History of Magic, is…basically the class everyone in Harry Potter fell asleep during. Hopefully, she won’t have that many problems with sleeping students!

      And right now, she seems like more of a Mission Control type that just tells about the threats, etc.

  3. 1. Six isn’t too many, especially when we’ve got 26 episodes and not much character development for half of them. Granted, a seventh Winx would also add a boyfriend, family, and whoever else comes with that person. Since Daphne isn’t adding anyone new herself, she’s one of the better choices in that regard.

    2. If Stella can do whatever she wants whenever she wants, I think Daphne can be allowed to be a part time member. Princesses seem to have few responsibilities in this setting. The teacher thing is a point, but the Winx can probably skip classes whenever they want, so it wouldn’t look odd if a teacher did the same thing from our perspective.

    3. Yeah, the sisters thing is getting annoying. It would probably downplay if she became an actual member, but that assumes competent writers. Power wise we’ve seen three notable skills from her: fire, controlling creatures, and dream magic. The first is already redundant, the second is vague and conflicts with Roxy, and the last probably won’t appear any more since she’s no longer mysterious. Not great, though with a bit of effort she could be as useful as Musa.

    4. Chronologically she’s probably in her 30’s, but physically she’s around Bloom’s age. She seems a bit more mature, but honestly she’d probably fit fine alongside Flora and Tecna. She’s missed a lot of years, so there’s potential to get some quirks from that. A “cool” personality would be out of place for her, but that didn’t stop them from adding it to Tecna.

    Other: The lack of an emotional connection except for Bloom is a definite issue, and not one I see being handled well as long as Bloom remains the focus. Being a Sirenix fairy separates her now, but there’s not much stopping her from copying whatever new transformation they get. She does have Roxy’s separation issue, and she does stand out outfit wise. We do know her power source though, or at least as much as Aisha or Musa. She’s from Domino, which gives her fire and possibly healing powers.

    I don’t support Daphne becoming a Winx. I agree she wouldn’t fit and would screw over the others’ screen-time. For better or worse though, all the issues brought up could be dealt with by writers that know what they are doing. Personally, I still think the hypothetical 7th Winx should be a new character, but Daphne is the most logical choice among the existing cast.

  4. Well we all know that Daphne MIGHT be a Winx ._. Sadly because we can’t change it because Rainbow is on Season 7 already and working on it so it can’t be changed.
    This is just my opinion.

  5. 1.) I agree with that; having a huge main cast would honestly be too much to handle; I mean right now the writers only have 6 main members to deal with, and can’t evenly balance screentime and decent dialogue between them! Not to mention [also covering #3 here] there’s already so much backlash in the fandom towards all of the Bloom-centricity the series has suddenly acquired [for those who don’t enjoy it] and adding one of her family members to the main cast is only going to cause more Bloom bashing. Also, it is totally unfair that ANY other fairy should be anointed into the club when Roxy, the first extra member [after Aisha] to almost make it into the original cast is just sitting on the bench.

    2.) Well first, I think it’s been [subtly] made clear that the Winx aren’t teens anymore; the more concealing clothing, running L & P, subtly dropping lines that there have been long passages of time between certain events, etc. [Not to mention, Marion states in Rai’s MA that Bloom is 18 in that film] I always assumed that every season equals one year, which makes sense when taking into consideration that both S2 ans S3 began with new years and breaks at Alfea… But I agree about Daphne; not only is she a full-time professor, but she’s also Crown Princess. Being the official next Queen of Domino likely means she’ll be burdened with more responsibilities at home, in addition to her job. And from the looks of all the time she’s spending with the Winx in combat, and on their journeys, she may prove to serve as a mentor to them later.

    3.) Again, I agree. Also, even though Daphne will bite the bullet and go into action when she has to, she seems to me like a bit of a pacifist. She doesn’t thrive on conflict and tries to maintain a level head; so she also seems a lot less impulsive than “certain” members. This definitely makes her more of a Queen [to be] than a fighter. Not to mention, biologically speaking, she’s too old. While her body is still 16 to 20 years old [my estimates] by birth she’s likely in her mid to late 30s, and frankly with Bloom as the leader, I think it’d be awkward for her to be “bossed” by her younger sibling. And I can’t IMAGINE how the fans would react is Bloom appointed her as some sort of co-leader!

  6. I agree.

    1+ especially since the writers are having trouble handling the six they’ve got!

    3+ This show does not need more reasons to focus on Bloom.

    And I agree with 4. Roxy could have grown into a Winx-type personality, she probably will if they give her more screen time, but Daphne is already mentally older than the Winx… well, probably, her age and aging process being totally mysterious… and reverting her to “cool teenager” would just be weird.

    But while I agree Daphne shouldn’t become a Winx, I’d be sad if she faded into the background so soon. She’s an interesting character with a lot of potential, as crown princess, Bloom’s sister, former ghostly guardian, and teacher. And she is just gorgeous so she needs to stay around long enough for all the really good artists like Fantazyme to do lots of pictures of her!

  7. Urgh, I agreed. Roxy should be the 7th fairy, not Daphne. I would rather have Daphne as their mentor, dead or alive.

    I know that you’ve pointed out a lot of things wrong with season 5, demoting Roxy to a mere background Alfea student is one of your examples. But what really gets me is how many times is when the Winx faced dangerous animal situations, making me screamed, “And you didn’t include Roxy for this…why?!” Let’s see how many time they had animal problems:

    S05E07: If you’re trying to look for the Creature of the Rainbow Mantle, you should have asked Roxy. Oh, and you might have needed her help in defeating that manticore!

    S05E08: A mutated jellyfish with a petrifying laser power…hm…why didn’t you include Roxy in your mission to handle that?!”

    S05E09: Okay, personally, I thought that the bonding between Musa and Sona was pretty d**n cool in comparison with all the other bonding moments in this season, but c’mon! Tritannus turned Musa into an animalistic monster! Couldn’t Roxy have helped Sona with her with her power, too?

    S05E10: I know they’re made of ice, but maybe Roxy could have given it a try to counter control those dragons?

    S05E11: Yes, I know that they’re originally machine, but since they’re also lions, could Roxy help with that animal part?

    S05E12: A shark…I wonder if Roxy has enough magic to convince it to hold its jaws open long enough for them to get the gem. Would have been a better choice than letting Bloom dive into it’s mouth. You call that courage? I call it stupidity because you would have to be an idiot to stick your hand in a wild shark’s mouth!

    S05E18: I’m pretty sure Roxy could have been very helpful to the Winx in finding out the wild dragon’s weakness as well as the weakness of the devourer.

    S05E20: Yeah, I know it’s cool and important to show Musa use her Voice of Sirenix to free the whales, but if Roxy was a Sirenix fairy, they could have shown her trying to free the singing whales, but failed. Also, wouldn’t Roxy be more helpful with their lesson in the aviary?

    S05E21: Hmmm…if Roxy was a Sirenix fairy, this episode would have been great for her to earn her special Sirenix spell (Roar of Sirenix sounds cool and powerful) and save her friends from that giant eel, thus giving Tecna more time on her date.

    S05E23: I wonder if Roxy could have helped Bloom find Poletea since she’s been turned into a sea creature…

    S05E24: C’mon! Icy and Tritannus are polluting Roxy’s planet! Those dolphins would have been awesome sidekicks for the Fairy of Animals! And if the Winx are facing giant praying mantas, wouldn’t they need Roxy’s help? Seriously, she almost handled a giant spider in season 4!

    S05E26: If they’re overwhelmed by the numbers of mutated merpeople, wouldn’t an extra fairy in your club…oh, like Roxy…help a little bit?!

    I swear that Roxy would have been so awesome and so helpful throughout season 5 based on all of the Winx’s battle with animals.

    Have you noticed that instead of Roxy, they practically had Flora replace her whenever she says, “No, don’t hurt it! It’s just hungry! They’re just defending their territory!” Flora, I’m sorry, I know that you’re a compassionate fairy, especially when it comes to nature, but leave the worrying about animals to Roxy.

    • I’d upvote, if this commenting system had upvotes. Very nice listing of times Roxy would have been useful!

      • In episode 20,I liked your idea of Roxy trying to tame the whales but failing,but wouldn’t it be better if Roxy and Musa converged to tame the whales?

  8. I think she should join the winx,and here’s why:
    1)Sky is crown prince,and he still is a specialist.
    2)Well,who said she MUST age when she is dead?Maybe she didn’t even age.
    3)She is a teacher,and this is what will make her even better.She is a history magic teacher,so she probably knows a lot about creatures and magic and you know,stuff like that.
    4)Why not add her?She REALLY is experienced and eight winx isn’t too many anyway.And just imagine every winx had a sister in the club,then that would be VERY annoying,but take it like this;The Trix have two allies this season,wouldn’t it be better if the winx increased too?Oh,and why didn’t they think six winx was too many when they added Aisha,huh?Or are they just making up an excuse just to make Roxy a background character.
    Well,she is a sirenix fairy but she might as well gain bloomix,and the diamond on her tiara looks like that dragon flame,maybe someone put it on the crown.

    • What about both Daphne and Roxy joining? Then they would only be one member away from becoming the new nine nymphs of magix! Wouldn’t that be a cool way to end the series?

      • Daphne is mentor dead or alive. The Winx are the new company of light as stated during the first film. Roxy, Mirta and Lucy are far better options if they were to be the new 9 nymphs.

        • I saw Mirta’s transformation,so she is a fairy,
          But Lucy? out of the question!
          She’s far too ugly and stupid to be a winx anyway!
          And she refused to go to Alfea with Mirta,and crossed out all her pictures and all her property,so clearly,she is NOT a good choice for a ninth winx

          • Who said every winx had to be a fairy? If the Trix can have Diaspro then the Winx can have Lucy. Mirta did reconnect with her and she did reconsider light witc mirta is just per her words a light witch.

      • Yes! And I have the perfect ninth member:
        Mirta! What do you think?
        She has been useful for three seasons all right!

  9. hmm well give if make her 7th winx give more she older of batch give mid 30s age yet more like mentor or put in 2nd team of winx line-up.

    besides really give daphne magix level type she got yet with main winx team she should be 2nd team or back-up in case something happen to main winx.

  10. I never saw Daphne as becoming part of the Winx Club. She was always an adviser and when the preview said that she would be the History of Magic teacher, I saw her continuing that role. For them to make her a Winx would actually make me seriously consider boycotting the show for a while. Like most everyone here, I really think Roxy would make a better Winx. She already knows the girls, understands the dangers the Winx get into on their adventures, has personally faced the Wizards of the Black Circle and proved that she is intelligent and can be a leader. And though it would take me a while to adjust, I would even prefer a whole new character to Daphne. I just don;t see her as a Winx Club member.

  11. Daphne deserve to be a winx because she saved bloom and without them no winx club people I am bloom ,daphne plus daphne is a nymph,we saw daphne first,bloom fans daphne resued bloom so I like her,rainbow please let daphne be a winx

    • No. Daphne said in season 5, even if she didn’t help Bloom that Bloom still would have found a way to get everyone together and accomplish everything up to that point. If Daphne joins then that ends the show on another “perfect” Bloom moment, how about Tecna or Flora getting one for once?Also I know two far more deserving fairies. Mirta and Roxy. If there is to be an eight member Mirta is more qualified and adds something special to the group besides the illusion powers, she was a witch and now she’s a fairy/witch, each member of the group should be from a different planet, Roxy is from Earth and has animal magic super different. If Daphne joins this adds more unnecessary Bloom bashing. If we were to add any new members it should be Roxy and Mirta.I stand by that and I’m pretty sure others would rather have Mirta make a comeback with Roxy and join the Winx rather than Daphne.

    • I agree,and oh,how did the winx gain sirenix?By taking it from Daphne’s power source!She did help them.She always made contact with Bloom and told her what was going on and what to do.

  12. Just something I noticed, but I realize that all the Winx girls have different hair colors and maybe that’s why Roxy couldn’t become a Winx in the end…because her hair color is similar to Tecna’s! Daphne’s hair color is similar to Stella’s (even her eye color) so maybe they won’t make her a Winx because of that. 😉 Just a fun thought, but I don’t want Daphne to be a Winx either! I like her role as their mentor.

  13. Honestly, I can’t say I’d really mind Daphne joining the Winx Club.

    I agree she should’ve stayed dead for sure. But since she’s back anyway…

    The ‘sisters only’ stuff doesn’t bother me. Heck, after all Daphne and Bloom have been through, they deserve some bonding time. And I can’t really see them doing it for too long anyway, after a while I’m sure she’d be dropped down to the status of the other Winx. Her power might end up kinda redundant, but then again; I’m sure if they wanted to they could make it different enough, since she has shown some differences. (though I’m not sure if I have enough faith in the Winx writers to care enough…) And we also kinda gotta keep in mind… all the Winx ever really fight with nowadays are power beams, it’s not like it’d be that much of a crime to have two girl’s with red/orange beams. (though maybe that will change this season? we have been seeing less power beams lately.)

    While I do think Roxy would’ve made a better member, her time has passed. I wouldn’t like it if she joined now; it’d be too out of the blue. As of Season 6, she’s irrelevant– she hasn’t spoken since her 2-3 lines in Season 5. It’d just be too weird if she came and joined now, it’s too late.

    But I don’t expect Daphne to join. I think she’ll just hang out with them every once in a while, and show up after Selina summons something so that she can say some History of Magic fact about whatever was summoned. I can’t imagine them giving her much of a role next season, either. She’ll probably just join the ranks of Roxy/Mirta.

  14. Look,I have some little questions to ask:
    1)How did you know Daphne’s age?
    2)Why couldn’t both Roxy and Daphne(oh,and Mirta too)join the winx?
    I like bloom’s idea (NOT the in in the show,the one who posted) about the winx becoming the new nine nymphs of magix (really,the company of light thing is kinda stupid,it wasn’t mentioned in the series,only in the end of the first film.It seemed as if the winx didn’t know what lord bartulbee said!)

    • 1) How did you know Daphne’s age?
      I don’t know Daphne’s exact age. But in an article I read, Thoren is said to be a little older than the Winx and the same age as Daphne.

      Now, with Daphne, that’s relative. It makes more sense if she was frozen in time and looks young, instead of actually being young. Have you seen the show Avatar: The Last Airbender? The main character, Aang, gets trapped in an iceberg for 100 years. He looks and acts 12 years old when he gets out, but technically he’s 112. It’s like that with Daphne.

      2)Why couldn’t both Roxy and Daphne(oh,and Mirta too)join the winx?
      There’s no reason why they couldn’t, but it’s very unlikely that’ll happen. Nickbow was already uncomfortable with having seven Winx. Why would they want nine?

  15. Look, it doesn’t matter and anyway, the Winx need plenty of help on their missions and I think Daphne, Roxy AND Mirta should join the club.

    • I agree the Winx need all the help they can get. But having nine main characters just wouldn’t work for this show. Rainbow already has enough trouble balancing the six they have; if they’re gonna add another, that should be all.

  16. Daphne is not a Winx. If she is a Winx, her Sirenix transformation should be more detail and as long as Winx transformation. But I agree with you, Daphne should not be a Winx, and Roxy, too. 6 member of Winx is enough.

  17. Okay, I think that Daphne should be a winx, simply because she’s a very powerful fairy, and she is Bloom’s sister.
    Obviously Roxy should not be a winx, because she’s younger than all of them. She was a person to be rescued throughout season 4, not a very big help. Of course, she obviously was helpful…but still.
    Daphne has been around since season 1, and, as far as we know, Roxy is still on Magix Winx! That means she has way too much catching up to do to join up.
    It isn’t like you need Bloomix or Mythix to get whatever the next transformation is…butterflyix or something.
    If Flora’s sister was the right age, she would be a winx too.
    Plus, obviously they are like 25 (give or take,) at this point, because I remember when Flora’s sister was a little girl.

    • The Winx Club wasn’t formed around the idea that there should be a team of powerful fairies ready to fight. It was formed around their friendship. Age doesn’t matter that much (magical girl shows often have a team member that’s younger than the others). The Winx are closer to Roxy than Daphne or Miele. Yes, Daphne’s been around longer, but they’ve never really gotten to know her and she’s only close to Bloom.

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