I’m sure you know by now, but the popular Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting a live-action remake simply called The Last Airbender (thanks to James Cameron). The movie is directed by M. Night Shyamalan and is set to be released this summer. (If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you must. It’s awesome. ^^)

If Avatar can cross into this dimension, why can’t Winx Club, which may even be more popular worldwide than it was? It is less likely to happen; Avatar had no previous theatrical releases, and Winx is coming up on two, so it seems Rainbow intends to ground those releases in the CGI format. However, another popular girls’ franchise, Bratz, started with CGI movies before a live-action one was released a couple years ago. And the Winx Club theater performances show that Rainbow isn’t opposed to live portrayals of their characters. Most cartoons don’t even go that far.

How would you feel about a live-action Winx Club movie? If you were in charge, who would you cast in each role?

(Yes, I know the picture is from Winx Power and not from a movie announcement or something. :))

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47 Responses to “A Live-Action “Winx Club” Movie?

  1. Wow! That would be so cool! Here is my cast:

    Bloom – Miley Cyrus (I HATE Miley but she looks a lot like Bloom)

    Stella – Scarlett Johanson

    Flora – Jessica Biel

    Musa – Zhang Ziyi

    Roxy – Kristen Stewart (just dye her hair pink and you’ve got the perfect roxy XD)

    Tecna – Charlize Theron

    Sky – Brad Pitt

    Brandon – Ashton Kutcher (Whooopiiie *-*)

    Riven – Jackson Ratboe

    Timmy – Robert Pattinson (imagine him with glasses XD)

    Nabu – Taylor Lautner

    Helia – Orlando Bloom wit long hair

    • Zhang Ziyi? Kill me. That woman has no cultural pride. She’s Chinese and she played the role of a Japanese of Memoirs of a Geisha. That is an offense to all Chinese and Asians in general.

      • The mark of a good actor is versatility, and sometimes that calls for reaching across cultures. I don’t know anything about Zhang Ziyi, but I don’t see how her playing a Japanese person is much different than, for example, Steve Martin playing Inspector Clouseau even though he’s not French. Unless what you’re talking about has to do with Chinese-Japanese relations.

        • Do I need to explain the uproar the movie caused in China? There are some barriers that cannot be crossed because of WWII.

    • first of all, i don’t think a live-action winx club would be very good. i’ve seen live performance stuff of it, and it just doesn’t look like them. and in response to twilight fairy, no offense, but some of your choices…ewwwwwwe(twilight pple). if robert pattinson were in it, i would kill myself. secondly, your choices dont match up with the characters properly. the winx club is 19/20 years old. i wouldn’t be putting someone like brad pitt to play one of the guys. he looks too old.
      thirdly, if they did make a winx club live-action movie, it would be totally done and casted in Italy because thats where it originated. so all the ators would be Italian and we wouldn’t know who they were. and if it did go into english(not neccessarily in north america), it would be english dubbed, which is much ahrder to do in a live action movie than in a CGI one, as you can tell if you’ve seen the movie/adds.

  2. Well I can’t say I disagree Oblivious Prattler , I would love to see a live action movie, but my question is what would the story line be? Would it be a new adventure or a live version of a season of the show? I really think doing that would be a lot of fun movie or stage show! I have seen so may clips and it would be kind of easy to do recreat, if only we could get the rights to do the show, because I would get all my friends involed and we could do the stage show! If it was a movie I really don’t know who I would want to cast but I would have to have a couple major names like Miley(as much as that hurts!) to get more people intrested, but regard less who is in it I would go see it the day it opens (that is if it is in America). Once again I will say this someone needs to email them and asked them this stuff. If only getting the right email was easy!

  3. Here’s my cast:

    Bloom: Demi Lovato
    Stella: Ashley Tisdale
    Amentia: Selena Gomez
    Layla: Keke Palmer
    Flora: Debby Ryan
    Roxy: Miley Cyrus
    Tecna: Miranda Cosgrove
    Musa: Brenda Song
    Mirta: Jennifer Stone
    Timmy: David Henrie
    Sky: Orlando Bloom (if the last name fits… XD)
    Brandon: Taylor Lautner
    Helia: Joe Jonas (ew)
    Riven: Robert Pattinson
    Nabu: Corbin Bleu
    Roxy’s boyfriend who I named Donny: David Archuleta
    Sponsus: Nick Jonas (ha ha nick jonas!!!!)
    Mirta’s boyfriend who is JARED!!: Kevin Jonas

  4. A live action movie would most likely not end up well. Magical girls normally don’t look good in live action. Ever seen Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon? That was awful. Sure, that was a long time ago (and they were probably low budget), but I still don’t think it would look any good. Maybe if they can get some really good special effects people, they could make it work, but there’s a small chance of that happening in my mind. So, as much as I totally adore Winx Club, I have to say, no, please do not make a live action movie, Rainbow.

  5. I would rather watch leekspin then watch live action. Bratz was horrid, in cgi at least. I never saw 3d. But usually cartoons to live action suck. At least, that is my opinion


  6. It would suck. The entire cast would have to be actors that we don’t know of. None of the actors that anyone has named above would act for the Winx Club (notice how they’re all the disgustingly trendy ones; I really don’t want to hear Cyrus’s country accent on Bloom because that would be stereotyping rednecks and farmers). The movie would probably be a reimagining of the series because the half the plots in the Winx are way too farfetched for a film.

    Due to the large cast of the Winx Club, I think a lot of main characters would be relegated to secondary roles (you heard me) and the Winx Club would be renamed as the disbanded children of the members of the Company of Light. The characters that I imagine that they would keep would be Bloom, Sky and Stella. Maybe Flora, too. Everyone else would be lucky to just even be mentioned. I suspect some of them would be written out completely, non-existent like Layla or Musa.

    The transformations would probably be not there and skimpy outfits for sure. They might just focus on the wings since wings are the symbol of fairies in the Winx Club.

    • I agree with them disregarding the majority of the cast; it would suck, but it’s honestly what would probably happen…

      And if that were the case, although I love Winx Club, I wouldn’t pay to see a movie only about Bloom, Sky, and Stella (maybe Brandon). They’re all my least fav characters in the show…

  7. I guess I wouldn’t mind one….It seems pretty cool!! I’d put the cast list as the same as Layla n Amentia really. But like AVATAR, It would be big! Then only win 2 or 3 Oscars. It wouldn’t really work though!! Get me?

  8. If they where going to do it just make the live shows in other countries and put them out on DVD and let people get the rights to the show so they can do it themselves. What i would hate to see in a live action movie would be lots of names, not that thoses people aren’t good but so we could see the girls as the winx not the Jonas Brothers or Miley as them, because that’s what people would think, if they where to do it why not have some new people who aren’t really popular do the show. Then we could just see the Winx not Miley or Demi with wings

  9. Eh, I don’t think a live action movie would work out too well. CGI and live-action musicals/ice shows are more than enough, in my opinion.

    And not to disregard anyone else’s casting choices, but the large majority of them listed are teeny-bopper Disney stars…or the Twilight cast. I’d honestly shoot myself in the face if any Disney stars were cast; I don’t care how BIG NAME they may be on the Family/Disney channel, Winx deserves far better for a cast if Rainbow was ever thinking live-action movie. And the Twilight stars…eh, I can’t see Taylor or Rob going from HOT TEEN VAMPIRE AND SEXY SIX-PACK WEREWOLF to Specialists wearing tight uniforms and capes. I’m sorry but no…just, no. And Kristen Stewart can’t act worth a crap, anyways. She’s good at “silent emo introvert,” and Roxy’s definitely NOT quiet about much.

    Well, that’s my two-cents. I say leave Winx where it’s at.

  10. I don’t think a live-action movie would work out well. I love Winx Club and I’m sure it would have a great storyline, but it’s just how they’d look. Cartoon characters generally don’t look good in live action, especially not fairies and the like. Not to mention that the Winx girls are very skinny (even skinner in CGI than in the cartoon; even if a person was severely anorexic, it would be impossible to get that thin). They really wouldn’t look good in live-action.

    • Cartoons are all about exaggerations, though…so just because the Winx are severely skinny in the show and movie, actors for the live-action film wouldn’t have to be anorexic, just fit.

      It’s no different than the musicals or ice show…all of those actresses are just slim – not even close to anorexic in any way – and they portray the Winx just fine, imo. The success on re-creating the look of the characters would be based on the ability to match the Winx’s clothes, hair colors/styles, personalities, etc. I honestly think having the Winx be stick thin is (besides impossible) completely irrelevent in the creation of a live-action film.

      Plus, parents and critics already bash Winx enough over how skinny the characters are. If Rainbow was ever going to make a live-action movie, I’d think they’d try to AVOID replicating that particular Winx look (wouldn’t want to send a bad message to the kiddies; if they feel “pressured” now by a CARTOON, just imagine the pressue that seeing REAL people so skinny would have on their minds)

  11. See My Cast
    Alexz Johnson from Instant Star as Bloom
    Ashley Tisdale as Stella
    Silvia gunadi from Aaron Stone as Musa
    Layla: Keke Palmer
    Flora: Debby Ryan
    Roxy: Miley Cyrus
    Tecna: Miranda Cosgrove

    • I also think Miley would be a good Roxy. She kind of looks like Roxy, but with curly brown hair. That could be fixed though.

      Great minds think alike (especially for this cast compared to mine!)

  12. In my opinion, if the Rainbow ever made a live-action movie, they wouldn’t cast any big shots or famous names. The stars would probably not be willing to down-grade from a love/action movie to a ‘kids’ movie. They would consider it beneath them. So, Rainbow would probably find some good but not so famous actors and actresses that are trying to break into big-time for this movie.
    It would probably also be hard to find people who have similar looks and be willing to wear sparkly wings and go-go boots. And, they would have to be pretty good at portaying the characters.
    So, maybe they will have a live-action movie. After all, if Avatar: The Last Airbender could do it, why not Winx Club?

    • I’m willing to wear sparkly wings and go-go boots if it’s for Winx, but I’m only 11, so I can’t be anyone except a short background kid at Alfea.

      • Agreed Layla n Amentia, anything for the theather as me and my friends say. Well if they had a casting call near me, odds are I would try to go and at least try to get casted. But hay a girl can dream! But rega

        • I just randomly got cut of there, as I was saying. Not matter what role you get in a show if its a lead or extra it is still a lot of fun just to be part of it! 🙂

          • Yeah, I’m in a King Arthur play called A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. (I’m from Connecticut in the US.) I’m Lady Kay, aka The-Person-Who-Doesn’t-Really-Need-To-Be-In-The -Play-And-Has-No-Significance-Except-For-Getting-Captured- By-Roxy’s-Mother,-Played-By-My-BFF-Rachel.

            Yes, Morgana is in the play. Except she’s evil in it. She wants to kill me. (Not in real life, though. Me and Rachel, the girl playing Morgana, are really good friends. It’s weird with her screaming at me. :/)

          • Yaay, go Connecticut!! ^^ I live in CT too.

            If there were auditions for Winx near where I lived, then sure, I’d go try out. Of course I would. But I bet I would be a) one of the citizens of Magix who get attacked, or b) one of the random extra students at Alfea.
            And I agree, it’s really strange when you have to pretend to hate your best friend in a play. Or to be in love with someone you can hardly stand. Oh, well, at least that makes the parts where I have to hate him easier……(Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing….I’m Beatrice in it. ^^ We only have 3 boys)

    • but the Avatar movie sucked. at least the adds looked like i and its done nothing since it came out. personally, i don’t want to see it and if i do, i think it would ruin the show. that also goes for if winx club went live action.

  13. Well, I have always-ed dreamed of a Winx Club Live Action movie, I think it would be a hit!
    This would be my cast
    (Even tho I know they wouldent even consider doing this, Also…sorry to everyone about using disney stars….They are young enough)

    Bloom: Kay Panabaker
    Stella: Laura Bell Bundy
    Musa: Demi Lovato
    Layla: Keke Palmer
    Flora: Debby Ryan
    Tecna: Jemma McKenzie-Brown (Brittish :D)
    Roxy: Bridgit Mendler

  14. If there was Live-Action Winx Club Movie, There’s going to be a better cast. Using two stars from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. The Live-Action Winx Club Movie is from Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures.

    Bloom: Famke Jansen
    Stella: Vanna White
    Musa: Maura Tierney
    Flora: Halle Berry
    Tecna: Katey Sagal
    Layla: Leeza Gibbons
    Roxy: Catherine O’Hara
    Sky: James Marsden
    Brandon: Shawn Ashmore
    Riven: Ted McGinley
    Helia: David Garrison
    Timmy: Ed O’Neill
    Thorn Thompson: Liam Aiken
    Breanna Thompson: Emily Browning
    Faragonda: Beth Broderick
    Griselda: Caroline Rhea
    Palladium: Nick Bakay

  15. if they re-enacted s3 i could be miele! or flora! i have roxys personality, though!

  16. i think it would be intresting but i fear it would be a flop
    if they were going to ashley tisdale is a perfect stella!

  17. there is a rumor on wikipedia(i had to edit some stuff one day and i saw it) about a live action winx movie that include, police and Animal Control Robots. (thats what i saw and edited out, anyway)

  18. oh yeah, and a guy called thom thompson! some ppl r TOTALLY lame and have no life.

  19. Omg. Nick Bakay is too old, but SOOO funny! Like in Sabrina the Teenage Witch(another cartoon-live-action) he was Salem!

  20. There is a rumoured Life-action movie called The Lost Princess

    Bloom-Emma Roberts
    Stella-Ashley Tisdale
    Musa-Kristin Kruek Techna-Miranda Cosgrove
    Flora-Jenifer Love Hewitt
    Layla-KeKe Palmer
    Roxy-Erica Durance
    Sky-Justin Hartley
    Brandon-Brandon Routh
    Riven-Jared Padalecki
    Timmy-Tom Welling
    Helia-Chance Crawford
    Nabu-Corbin Bleu

  21. Bloom-Britney Spears XD
    Stella- Ashley Tisdale
    Flora- Maybe Taylor Swift… idk.
    Musa- Yifei Liu
    Tecna- I don’t know, Miranda Cosgrove?
    Layla: Kiely Williams
    Roxy: Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart

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