Okay, time to be serious for a moment.

Let me start by saying I love writing for you guys and reading your responses. I’ve always wanted to have a blog like this one, and Winx Club is such an awesome series. Everyone needs someone to chat with about the things they love. I want to keep writing as long and as much as I can. (College is starting again soon, so I might have a little less time, but don’t worry—I will not stop!)

But the Internet has rules: you can’t take other person’s information or thoughts without giving them proper credit for them. That means naming and/or linking to the source (ideally, you should do both). When you don’t do this, you’re basically pretending the information is your own, which is both dishonest and disrespectful.

You know how our teachers make us write “Works Cited” pages with our research papers? As annoying as they are, they respect the original author and acknowledge them for the thinking and research that went into their work.

I’ve had a lot of problems with plagiarism since I started this blog. I won’t describe anything, but I will say this: when you steal from this or any other blog without giving proper credit, you risk shutting the blog down. Why would anyone come to Una di Noi if everything we wrote can be read somewhere else? If no one comes, there’s no point in writing. No point in writing…no blog.

Linking to the posts you quote or take uncommon knowledge from (anything that isn’t well-known) helps to keep the blog alive. (Please see the Site Rules if you need an example.) Also, if you find something from Una di Noi on another site, please contact me or the site’s owner.

I’ll close by thanking everyone who visits Una di Noi. Thank you for your comments (we’d love to hear more from you), your votes in the poll, and just looking us up on the web. It’s fun to talk with other Winx Club fans, and like I said, I will do it as long as I can. =)

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5 Responses to “A Plea

    • Yeah, I saw that! 😡 If they wanted to steal my posts, they should have broken all the links I put in them. WordPress tells you how someone get to your site, so someone must have clicked on those links. I’ll take care of it. Thanks a lot!

  1. God, plagiarism is becoming a problem in the Winx Club fandom, especially with the younger generation. I’m unsure of what to do exactly anymore.

    I didn’t find an article plagiarised from you but I did find plagiarism in the Winx Club. My first inclination is to denounce the plagiariser publically because this kind of practise is absolutely unacceptable but at the same time, I know I will come off as *insert expletive*. I know that I come as one anyways because I’m so tough on people about almost anything, but when did we as a generation make it acceptable for the idea of quality work to degrade?

    What do you think?

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