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Launched in 2009, “Una di Noi Winx” is a place for Winx Club fans to read the latest news, share their opinions, and interact with fellow fans around the world. If you love this magical show, come fly with us and be “One of Us Winx!”


  • Episode Reviews: Usually on Mondays after a new episode premieres
  • Caption Contests: Fan come up with silly captions for Winx screenshots
  • Thursday Your Say: Fans respond to a special topic
  • Fanwork Friday: One fan’s art or fan fiction featured weekly


Three Winx super fans from different parts of the world. Read a little more here.


It’s Italian for “One of us Winx.” 😀


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Click one of the links to open a message page directly from the blog! All emails go to the founder, “The Oblivious Prattler” (a.k.a “OP”).

16 Responses to “About “Una di Noi Winx”

  1. Oops , I meant to send this in the Contact Us tab :O not comment policy
    Dear UnadiNoiWINX,
    Firstly , you have the best winx blog out there ,congrats on your material:P
    I mean seriously ,I am amazed;)
    Delving into the subject at hand now
    Have you noticed that from about Season 5 onwards the Specialists’ significance has lowered from co-combatters to the Winx and skilled fighters with some use to the plot to just love interests and just there for “cutsey fluff’.I know some people may not notice this ,but it geniunely upsets me ,since they have continuosly shown us their worth in the first four seasons and even in the movies(especially the second) ,and now suddenly they don’t even bother to develop their skills anymore…I mean remember all the missions the Winx and Specialists did together (Season1 ,Season 2,Season 4 and Second movie being the perfect examples) ..I mean they train in the best school in Magix specialising in combat ,for God’s sake !
    I feel like the Specialists never got enough appreciation (as combatters ) to begin with , so (just a suggestion ,you don’t have to take it obviously ,i dont want to sound pushy ) I think it would be a great idea to make a post dedicated to our favourite “Specialist (fighting)Moments” .Sidenote-Who’s your favourite Specialist?

    • Are you talking about World of Winx? If so, it’s not Winx Club season eight. It’s a spinoff series. Season eight won’t premiere until next year. I’m not sure when World of Winx will continue, but I’ve heard it will be sometime this spring.

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