Since season 2, only one fairy was ever officially inducted into the very exclusive Winx Club: Aisha/Layla. Roxy did come extremely close in season 4, but luck was definitely not on her side, as she only had a few cameos during the fifth season.

Many people were rooting for Roxy to become the seventh Winx member, but now I believe there’s only a 5% chance that it will happen.

I’m beginning to wonder: are you satisfied with just six members? In my opinion, I don’t think any more room should be made, but I won’t be mad if ONE more person joins. I’m just so used to the Winx Club that consists of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha.


However, if one more member will be added to the group, my best bet is Daphne. She’s the perfect new member because unlike Roxy, she’s experienced and has been familiar with the Winx since season 1. And as you all know, it’s the perfect opportunity for her as well, since she was finally restored to her physical form in the season five finale.

But Daphne could go the opposite route and put her “fighting against evil” days behind her for good. She might also become an adviser of some sort to the Winx, just like Miss Faragonda.

What do you guys think about this possibility?

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35 Responses to “Any Room For More?

  1. Maybe before the writers give us a ‘New Winx’ we could at least find out if Flora or Tecna have parents. They’ve been terrible at working with the cast they have so far, so no I don’t need them to gift wrap me a whole new member for me to ‘relate to’. There are enough, too many judging by how the writer’s struggle to give them any depth.

    • Yeah I agree, I think they should develop the characters story and make them seem more interesting to little girls and boys who are new to Winx and have them know their story more

  2. No, please Gods of animation no! If they wouldn’t add Roxy in season 5 who had an entire season revolve around her and Bloom then why would they add Daphne this season? It makes no sense and I don’t think it would be good for ratings. Just as a merchandising tool which many fans are set against.

    Sorry, I can’t add more at the moment.

  3. I say there should be more for two more, Daphne could help train Roxy. I don’t care who joins the Winx as the newest member. I’ve seen groups of heroes that consists of five or six, like the Power Rangers, and that got boring. I wouldn’t mind if they had seven or eight.

  4. yeah i like daphne too she is really cool also idk to me it is going to be really weird if daphne becomes the next winx member i wish roxy was the 7th also and daphne will be the 8th but i guess it will be both fine if they both join

    • well i just have to say it will be interesting if daphne did join but daphne should enjoy her life she became a spirit and a ghost and couldnt do anything she needs to relax after what trtanus (sorry i spell wrong lol) did to her

  5. Truthfully, I could see it as a possibility of her joining the Winx. I don’t really care if she joins or not, but I would like to get to know her better outside of just being Bloom’s sister. The idea of her being a kind of mentor would be nice, but I could see just the fact that she’s Bloom’s sister could give her a bigger chance of becoming a Winx (even if just for this season) just ’cause she’s related to Bloom and if they wanted to, they could honestly find a way to spin it to give Bloom more screen time/plot about her/the family, not like I have anything against Bloom, it just seems like it could be plausible ( at least in my brain).

  6. but who will become the next ruler of domino daphne or bloom? maybe bloom will finally marry sky and settle down to rule and daphne will take her place in the group

    • You know, I wouldn’t actually mind that. I wouldn’t want Daphne to become the leader of the group, but getting Bloom out of the picture would make me pretty happy. 🙂

  7. Please, b***h. NOOO.
    “Winx Club” would be renamed to “Bloom and Daphne’s Adventures… and the supporting fairy girls cast!”

  8. Just to throw my two cents in, since this is FloraAsia’s post…

    You know how much I want Roxy to become a Winx. I feel like Rainbow owes us, since they were so wishy-washy about her. First, she wasn’t a Winx, then she was, then she wasn’t again. They should have made up their minds before they made season four and stuck with their decision.

    I have nothing against Daphne — in fact, she’s one of my favorite characters — but I can’t see her as a Winx because:

    The age difference: Roxy’s about three years younger, but Daphne’s 10+ years older!
    Her old background story: She was supposed to be dead! Now, she’s suddenly alive again, and she’s just gonna step in and take the seat Roxy was meant to have?
    She looks too much like Stella: Granted, Roxy looks like Tecna, but there are at least noticeable differences. Daphne and Stella look so much alike, some fans thought she was Stella!
    She’s related to Bloom: I don’t like the idea of a pair of sisters in the club.

    That’s just my opinion, and I’m glad FloraAsia’s is different. 😛

    • Hahaha thanks OP! I seem to notice a bit of a backlash from the Roxy fans here. O.O
      Seriously speaking though, I generally like the idea of Daphne joining the Winx. But I would still prefer the Winx just being the six of them. I will also say that you made a great point about the whole two sisters in the club thing. It kinda made me like the idea of Daphne becoming a Winx a little less. Plus, Daphne would have a much harder time becoming best friends with Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna and Aisha when compared to Aisha’s case in season 2.

  9. personally, I would absolutely love it if Daphne became a winx. Nothing against Roxy, but she just doesn’t have the power or experience the other girls have. It wouldn’t be right for her to just come up and get powers and ability it took the winx years to achieve. However, Daphne already has the training, ability, and power level for the job. Not to mention, she’s the same level/transformation the girls are. I want to see more Roxy, but as a friend. This new incarnation lacks a lot of the friendship basis 4kids and even rai had in the show. I’d like to see more of that!

  10. I would rather have Roxy be a winx member than Daphne….. If Daphne becomes a member I would seriously stop watching winx for good…. ( I would still watch seasons 1 – 3)

  11. I don’t want Daphne to be a Winx. It seems very out of place and I can’t imagine her going from being Bloom’s guide to being guided by Bloom in the group, since Bloom is and probably always will be the leader of the Winx. I see Daphne as a sort of Faragonda-like character, meaning that she can still aid the Winx on their quests but in a more passive way (put them in the right direction) instead of jumping right into the fights together with the rest of the Winx. I think they can do a lot of good things with Daphne’s character now that she’s alive, but I can also see how they can screw up things… I just hope she won’t be a Winx!

    As for Roxy, I’m ok with her not being a Winx and I always expected she wouldn’t be one. Even in season 4, it was “The Winx and Roxy”, and the season made it clear that she would go to Alfea and study to become a full-fledged fairy, which makes sense. But season 5 made some bad decision with where to put Roxy. In the beginning of the season, Faragonda presented her in front of the whole school at the beginning of the school year, which made it seem like she would have a bigger role in season 5 than she did. Then they just made her into a regular side-character… I think they could have handled the whole situation better. If they were gonna ignore her for the whole season, they shouldn’t have pretended she would be important in the beginning of season 5!
    And another thing, we kinda know more about Roxy than we know about the official Winx girls! We knowt as much about Roxy as we know about Bloom, Stella and Aisha. We know pretty much about Musa but we haven’t seen so much of her home planet. We don’t know much about Flora’s family other than she has a sister and we’ve seen a little bit of Linphea. Tecna is pretty much a mystery!
    I think that they should focus more on the girls that they already have instead of throw in other ones. And also, why waste a character like Roxy that we already know so much about? If they Were to add a new Winx, she would be the most logical choice!

  12. I don’t think so, at least I really hope not.

    Daphne’s age isn’t known, but at the time of her “death” or removal from her body, she was obviously a teen or young adult, so anywhere between 16 and 20, although 16 seems to be what most fans are leaning towards. Bloom is 20, this would make Daphne [biologically] 36 years old. That’s waaay too old to be running around with a bunch of 20 somethings, in my opinion.
    I think it would be awesome for Daphne to come into the show as a mentor for the Winx. She’s older, more experienced, and very powerful; one of the youngest fairies to achieve Sirenix! But a member? Probably not. Not to mention the fact that she and Bloom are siblings, and as we saw in earlier seasons in snippets of Daphne fending off the Ancestresses, she also has flame-based powers. So I think it would be overkill.

    As for Roxy, I think there may still be a chance, but as you said, Roxy is likely to be 16 or 17, now. I think the Winx, at Faragonda’s suggestion, have just left Roxy alone temporarily to attend Alfea in efforts to hone and discover her powers and full potential. Perhaps in a later season when she graduates she’ll be invited into the ranks? ––– However, I personally wouldn’t like that. I think that continuously adding new characters season after season loses its luster very quickly. It’s not special after you do it over and over again, it’s just overcrowding the show’s main cast! lol However, I think it would be cool in the series finale, if the Winx all decide to settle down, get married, and live their lives, and pass on the title of Winx to Roxy and other gifted young fairies to assume their roles as protectors of the Magic Dimension 🙂

    Overall, I think that 6 is a perfect number. If we add a new fairy or specialist EVERY new season, it’s going to get stupid. It’s called the Winx Club, not the Winx Crowd. I mean really, there’d be like a hundred people in the Club by the time the show ends for good if they added a new person every time one came in! I remember times when fans were saying Mirta was going to join the club, obviously that never happened…

  13. In theory, I don’t mind adding a new character to the group. Shows need to change sometimes, as season 5 demonstrated. That being said, they haven’t quite yet exhausted what they can to with the current characters, namely Flora and Tecna. Ideally they’d receive proper focus before moving on to any newbies. If the show makes it to season 7, then a new member would be welcome and fresh by then. But not yet.

    Of course, there’s the issue of who the new member would be. Roxy? Obviously she’s one of the better options. By season 7 I could buy her being strong enough to be relevant. However, I think it’s better if they give her something else to do without being tied down by the Winx. She’d be given more justice elsewhere. Daphne? That could have potential. She likely hasn’t aged for two decades on account of being dead, so she should be around the Winx’s ages. She could provide the experience of someone who’s both older and needs to be reacquainted with the world. However, she’s redundant power wise, and her presence would amplify Bloom’s presence by default, and that doesn’t need to happen. Mirta? Hasn’t been relevant for years, though I’d have no complaints with her joining. A new character? I would not want to see the backlash that would create unless she was a very good character.

  14. If anyone joins the club, I want it to be Roxy, but I doubt that will happen. I love Daphne, really, but I don’t think she should become a Winx. As Oblivious Prattler pointed out, she’s at about ten years older than the Winx and I don’t think someone in their early thirties would fit in with people in their early twenties. I’d prefer for Daphne to stay as Bloom’s guide/mentor. She can help them in fighting from time to time, but becoming an actual member. No.

  15. I don’t think so- she doesn’t have the uniform or transformations that the rest of the girls have.
    Unlike when Aisha came in- she was at the same level as the rest of the fairies and involved herself pretty much from the word go.
    I can see Daphne retaining her advisory position. She could be a correspondent from Domino to Bloom when she’s on missions or something.

  16. I guess… no. There’s not room for one more right now. For a couple reasons.

    1) I agree with other posters: introduce us to Tec and Flora’s families before you go adding new characters!

    2) If Roxy had become the new Winx last season that would’ve worked, and it could have been really cool, we’d have gotten to see the Winx helping her learn magic and helping bring magic to the people of Earth and deal with Diana and Queen Nebula and Morgana and everyone. But now if Daphne joins that’ll just seem really mean to Roxy, which adds an ugly side to the awesomeness that should be happening when a new main character is introduced.

    And Daphne is still kind of an unknown, we don’t know yet how old the writers will decide she is, what her power is, what transformation she’s on, what her hobbies were, what friends she had other than Politea, if she had a boyfriend before being ghostified… the writers could decide to do anything with her.

    I really like Daphne, I have all the way from season one– but that was Daphne THEN, who was dead and a nymph and mysterious and in the movies looks like some kind of ghost of fire. Daphne the sirenix fairy is less familiar to me, and she doesn’t look anything like I imagined her human form would. What’s with the green and blue outfit, she’s supposed to be fiery! So I have mixed feelings about her now. (And I want to write so, so many Daphne fanfics…)

    If we got some good backstory for Flora and Tecna, and if either Daphne or Roxy got a different role, as full-time princess, or mentor to the Winx, or member of her own fairy team, then I think the Winx could hang out the “now hiring” sign. But not right now.

    • Well, based on episode two’s preview, Daphne will sort of have a ‘mentor’ role at Alfea
      YES YES YES! I want to know more about Flora and Tecna’s home life or past. Especially Flora’s 🙂

  17. I’d prefer Roxy to join the club, but I’d be okay with Daphne as well.

    But then again not so much.

    I have a theory; Daphne was the keeper of the Dragon Flame before Bloom, right? So, there powers now are pretty much…. the same! Not only that, but I picture as that they have the same power source, their fairy transformations (if it’s ever shown Daphne gets any) would be like Harmonix, or Sirenix — cookie-cutter; they’d look extremely similar. And about her looking like Stella; I totally agree. Same eye color, and about the same hair color. Plus, yellow/gold outfit. Stella seems to have orange/yellow down.

    Now with Roxy, the only issue with her joining is her color claim and lower-level; according to the Trailer for S6, it looks like Flora’s reclaiming green, Musa’s taking pink, Aisha’s going teal/blue, and Tecna’s adding some more blue as well. Roxy can swoop in and claim lavender, green, or even pink this season. Now lower-level — apparently the Winx are losing their powers temporarily this season and have to earn them back some how? (According to the wikia, at least). This gives Roxy a chance to catch up, level-wise. For all we know, she could’ve earned her Enchantix powers sometime during S5, or maybe she’ll be able to earn higher forms with only having Believix.

    Another point we could make; Daphne might want to spend most of her time now with her family, she just got her body (and life!) back. So she’d definitely be only helping ever so much with fighting. Roxy is a new fairy, she’s fought with the Winx before, and is probably itching to explore her powers in battle further.

    Also if Rainbow/Nick would give her back those yellow streaks in her hair, she’d look even more differen from Tecna again 😛

  18. Here’s something to think about. I don’t think Daphne has ever been shown with WINGS, even in flashbacks! Could she be part of the Winx without wings? And she’s usually been referred to as a nymph, not a fairy, though I think they did say she was the last fairy to earn sirenix. Of course, they could have her develop wings now.

    On the other hand, there’s an easy out for the writers to explain the why Daphne doesn’t seem 16+ years older than Bloom. They could just say she didn’t age while under the curse of sirenix and not in physical form.

    In my ideal world (realm?), Daphne would become the adviser, like Faragonda, to “Winx Club, The Next Generation”, a spin-off made up of Roxy, Mirta, Clarice etc. and aimed at the age group that the Winx Club is currently badly aimed at. That would be fun. Then Rainbow/Nick could let the Winx act like the 20+ year olds they are. Just think of the possible new story lines for both groups. Imagine the Winx (and their specialist husbands) trying to balance saving the universe with taking care of their kids etc.

  19. well like i mention give if add daphne to winx team give she should like a mentor/experience with magic give youth appearance but she is older within her.

    cause she did NOT aged since her years as a ghost like same effect bloom’s birth parents had due being not aged as well during many years ago while bloom was a baby.

    & if did put her in winx team like i’m saying for sometime that could be happen make a 2nd team of winx club give pieces are starting slowing come & like power rangers series there are different sets of rangers teams.

  20. I’d prefer if Roxy was in the Club, so she’s a few transformations back, big deal. Daphne and Bloom, it’s going to revolve around them. I suppose just see Season 6 and find out. If Daphne is in (I don’t have anything against her) I mean really? I know Bloom is the main character but having Daphne in too? I want to see more Flora, Tecna, and Musa, not more Bloom. Times like this make me miss Season 1 <3

  21. Really, why do people think Daphne looks like Stella?
    Daphne is much more pale, even her hair color, and her eyes are a dark orange, not brown. I just don’t see a resemblance because they both happen to be blonde… I find her new alive-design nice.
    I’m getting used to it, though they should have her bangs even, not long on one side, and her lips should be orange, too, like how her Nymph form was. Also, how did her hair get so long? Were those wing things on her head a hairstyle, like in the movie? I don’t understand why they didn’t just use that artwork of her in that Book as their design for her, anyway…
    But the new writers’ have a VERY selective memory when it comes to Winx Club. They only make something from past seasons and movies relevant when it’s convenient for them. That, and they’re completely focused on rebooting the series, rather than following where the show was going before it’s ‘hiatus’. If they were still in that same mindset, then Roxy would be with the Winx, where she belongs. SO! Back on topic… There is nothing wrong with adding new members to a group. Look at Tokyo Mew Mew! They added a new member, and a character that was only in a game is considered an official member! That’s 7. Not to mention the most famous Magical Girl series, Sailor Moon, has 9 members! Those shows have no problems with managing their characters. Roxy and Daphne could both be a Winx… if the writer’s were better.

    • You have a point about the Sailor Moon thing, except I believe there’s ten (no matter how many people like to pretend that Chibiusa doesn’t exist).

      *whispers* Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto for the win! I don’t care if Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, Sailor Pluto’s still awesome! /end whisper

  22. This may just be me but when you compare Sailor Moon and the Winx Club, there’s a lot that the writers and creators of the Winx could use. The Sailor Scout team was made up of ten girls plus chibiusa’s four guardians who had bigger roles in the magna and then the starlights and their princess, again, bigger manga roles. The winx club has six members and one more season that sailor moon did yet Techna, Flora and occasionally, Musa are ignored for more bloom time and stella time. Aisha was ignored at points but season five fixed that, although I think that was Nick’s doing more than anything but then again, she was stuck with Daphne the entire fight. Anyways, the reason the sailor scouts worked is because each member came from different backgrounds and different places and brought different things to the table. with the winx, the only one who has a different background is bloom because she “found out” she was magic. the others already knew and were practically a team before her and she’s not even unique since the rehashed her storyline with Roxy. Point being, they could have given the characters far more individuality and backgrounds than they did. Not to mention they fact that they have plenty of other girls that could have been added in this club, and girls they should have put in. Mirta, Roxy, Diaspro,Daphne

    Bloom- we all know her story. (Fire to life)
    Stella- parents, her insecurity, connecting with her mother to learn how to use her moon powers (Sun/Moon to cosmos)
    Techna- learning how to open up, her kingdom, issues with her family, maybe she ran away from home because her parents wouldn’t let her go to alfea (technology and energy to metal and thought)
    Flora- living up to being an older sister, her family, feeling like saving the environment is all on her (Nature to Time)
    Aisha- her season 5 arc, not being able to let nabu go, trust issues and her past (morphix to actual water and all fluids)
    Musa- wants to make her mother proud, her royal status and her father, living up to the legacy of her mother (Music to sound and silence)
    Mirta- the switch over from being a witch to a winx, learning about her new power, missing lucy her best friend (images and illusions to dreams and creation)
    Diasporo- redemption arc, learning to fit in and stop being a princess, explaining why she’s so mean (stones and gems to crystals and all minerals)
    Roxy- season 4, catching up to the others (again her winx should have arrived in like episode 9, her enchantix in like episode 17 and her believix an episode or two before they got the gifts of destiny. it would have been rushed but with the winx as teachers she could have done it.) learning about the magical demention and how it works, helping earth along with learning about magic (animals to all wildlife and creatures and fauna)
    Daphne- the fact that she’s alive, her becoming the heir to the throne again, adjusting to still being a teenager after so many years of being dead, finding herself (instead of fire, lightning or maybe some type of holy power since she’s been dead and closer to the great dragon than bloom)
    The best friends could be
    That’s just my thinking, it gives the show more variety and chances to expand.

    • I really like your ideas, I think that team would have worked well. Diaspro could be a sort of “dark reflection of Stella” not evil anymore, but still showing a lot of the self-centeredness that Stella is supposed to be growing out of. And Mirta could have a great character arc about being tempted to use dark power, or having to pretend she was still an evil witch to spy on the villains. (ok, she was never actually evil, but maybe a villain wouldn’t know that.)

      This also made me think about how little backstory the sailors actually had– only Usagi and Hotaru had onscreen parents, and Hotaru only because her dad was a villain! It’s kind of funny that I’m all demanding parents for Tec and Flora but never thought anything of it that most of the sailor team doesn’t have visible parents. On the other hand, I still knew that Ami’s parents are a busy doctor and an artist, who are divorced, and Makoto’s parents died in a plane crash, so their story was there even if it wasn’t mentioned much.

      And in fairness I guess I should mention it would have been easier for Naoko writing alone for her editor to keep her characters straight than it is for the, what, eight writers working on Winx? That’s a lot of people who have to know all the backstory and get their scripts straight and probably get Mr. Straffi’s approval. They should be able to do it, as professional scriptwriters, but it’d be harder.

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