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21 Responses to “Caption Contest #25 (Week of Mar. 10, 2014)

  1. Nabu: I’m gone for two seasons and Nick doesn’t renew Winx Club? You’ll be hearing from my lawyers, Riven.

    Helia: I don’t think it was his idea…

    welcome back, OP! 😀

  2. Welcome back! Fot the contest though

    Nabu: Riven loosening up has done you well
    Helia: Agreed it’s much better to see a happy you than a grumpy one.
    Riven thinks to himself: did they have to be so cheesey? (Spoken: Thanks I decided to finally support Musa a lot more.

  3. NABU: Hey, Riven, did you hear the news? NICK cancelled the show 🙁 I think it was because of my absence. The show just didn’t have the right charisma.
    HELIA: What’s he talking about? The show lost its charisma? How could that be when I’m still there?

    Oh, and by the way, welcome back!!! Hooray for Una di Noi Winx!

  4. Nabu: i’m here to save the show and give Aisha MORE love interests
    Riven: Nabu?! What are you doing here?
    Helia: Oh! What a relief; I honestly thought I was hallucinating

  5. Nabu: The only way we’re ever going to get you to change your bad habits is to have a little one on one TALK, if you know what I mean.

    Riven: Wait, what are you guys doing…

    Nabu: You got his legs, I’ll go for the arms

    Helia: With pleasure *cracks knuckles*

  6. Nabu: “Say what you will, Riven, but it takes a true man to wear a fanny pack.”
    Helia: “Yeah, like how I’m not afraid to be mistaken for a girl from the back!”
    Nabu: “Not the same thing, Helia…”

  7. Nabu: So your saying I was replaced with your evil twin, Riven?
    Riven: For the last time, NEX IS NOT MY EVIL TWIN!

    (And this is why I don’t enter these contests very often)

  8. Nabu: Riven, just because Helia looks slightly like a female version of himself does not mean you can criticize him for that! You can never be mean to Helia on my watch.

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