Caption Contest #25 (Week of Mar. 10, 2014)

I’m back! And so is the Caption Contest! Come up a caption for this season four screenshot by Friday, Mar. 14!

Good luck, everyone!


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  1. Nabu: I’m gone for two seasons and Nick doesn’t renew Winx Club? You’ll be hearing from my lawyers, Riven.

    Helia: I don’t think it was his idea…

    welcome back, OP! 😀

  2. “Of course you think ‘Musaix’ would be a better transformation name”

  3. Welcome back! Fot the contest though

    Nabu: Riven loosening up has done you well
    Helia: Agreed it’s much better to see a happy you than a grumpy one.
    Riven thinks to himself: did they have to be so cheesey? (Spoken: Thanks I decided to finally support Musa a lot more.

  4. NABU: Hey, Riven, did you hear the news? NICK cancelled the show :( I think it was because of my absence. The show just didn’t have the right charisma.
    HELIA: What’s he talking about? The show lost its charisma? How could that be when I’m still there?

    Oh, and by the way, welcome back!!! Hooray for Una di Noi Winx!

  5. “Tell Roy that I’M back for Aisha!”

  6. Nabu: i’m here to save the show and give Aisha MORE love interests
    Riven: Nabu?! What are you doing here?
    Helia: Oh! What a relief; I honestly thought I was hallucinating

  7. Your relationship with Musa is going better in fanfictions than in real life. The writers of the show are screwing you over!

  8. Riven: What should I say to Musa?
    Nabu: That you hate her?
    Riven: What? No, I LOVE her!
    Nabu: *snickers* She’s right behind you.

  9. Nabu: The only way we’re ever going to get you to change your bad habits is to have a little one on one TALK, if you know what I mean.

    Riven: Wait, what are you guys doing…

    Nabu: You got his legs, I’ll go for the arms

    Helia: With pleasure *cracks knuckles*

  10. Nabu: “You know, your hair kind of looks like a flower I saw once.”

  11. Nabu: “Say what you will, Riven, but it takes a true man to wear a fanny pack.”
    Helia: “Yeah, like how I’m not afraid to be mistaken for a girl from the back!”
    Nabu: “Not the same thing, Helia…”


  13. Nabu: So your saying I was replaced with your evil twin, Riven?
    Riven: For the last time, NEX IS NOT MY EVIL TWIN!

    (And this is why I don’t enter these contests very often)

  14. Nabu: Riven, just because Helia looks slightly like a female version of himself does not mean you can criticize him for that! You can never be mean to Helia on my watch.

  15. i love voting and participation is the best
    best of luck all os you

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