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14 Responses to “Caption Contest #32 (Week of August 22, 2016)

  1. Sky: Charlie, look at the rainbow! Look at it!
    Unicorn: Hmph
    Sky: Charlie! You got to help meeeeeeeee get the rainbow!
    Unicorn: No.
    Sky: Pleeeeeaseeeeeeeeee
    Unicorn: No.
    (Inspired by Charlie the Unicorn, it is why I called what’s his name Charlie. Anyway it’s all innocent fun.)

  2. Sky: I’m gonna warn you now, Elas..Bloom’s so crazy that she thinks that if she doesn’t have everything just perfect she’ll blast something with flames just for the fun of it.
    Elas: What was your first clue?
    Bloom (offscreen shooting a fireball near a river) : I am not that crazy!
    Sky and Elas: Um…

  3. Elas: So let me get this straight. Kalshara and Brafilius are out in the world capturing innocent Fairy Animals (some of them who are, by the way, very close friends of mine) reeking havoc, and posing as a very real threat to the general safety of both animals and humans alike, and you take Bloom on a DATE?!
    Sky: Not a date EXACTLY. More of, um, Bloom and Sky One on One Time.
    Elas: *snorts* I don’t believe this…

  4. Elas: Whatever you do, just DON’T touch my horn!
    Sky (waves his hand around Elas’ horn): Alright, not touching, not touching… whoa, that was close… oops…hehehe…
    Elas: STOP IT!!!

  5. This is a bit off topic but I just thought of a possible answer as to why in season 7 Roxy didn’t advance beyond Believix. It has to do with the lyrics of the Butterflix song. “Magic takes me higher lighting up my fire… in my heart burning the flame of butterflix” The Dragon Flame is required to get it (it’s never said but we know that the girls still have it because Bloom’s flame can never be put out nor can anything truly be immune to it except the water stars/Darkar) and the girls just morphed their flames (due to the mechanics of the flame) into Flora’s powers turned up to eleven after Aisha and Roxy got Ms. F’s digmole to safety. Roxy needs Bloomix before she can get Butterflix (and possibly anything in future seasons). Roxy has simply not gone beyond Believix because she has no need to, until Roxy is put in a position where only the Dragon Flame can save her rear, she will remain a Believix.

  6. Sky: I mean, just look at him! Elas is the Fairy Animal of Spotlight!
    Elas: Don’t make me come over there

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