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29 Responses to “Caption Contest #33 (Week of Aug. 29, 2016)

  1. Flora: Hm, what are you doi-wait are you filming me? Nononononono wait I really don’t want to be filmed! Stella’s going to kill me for not wearing one of her outfits in front of a camera!

    By the way, it might just be me, but I can’t see anything in the newsletter email things.

  2. The one time she let Helia buy his own clothes:

    Helia: Pretty cool, right?
    Flora: NO NO NO NO

  3. Flora: *Gasp* NO! THIS CAN’T BE WHAT MY NEXT TRANSFORMATIONS LOOKED LIKE FOR SEASON 8! Why is Rainbow doing this to me?! I thought that I was Signor Iginio Straffi’s favorite fairy!!!”

  4. ‘Ah! Rabid Early Season fans! Fueled by the dark powers of Nostalgia, it made them unreasonable! I’ll hold them off, girls, RUN!’

  5. Director: Okay, so next season you’re going to have a transformation for fashion designing and baking, then later in the season you’ll get a transformation for planets, then in a few more episodes you’ll get a transformation called Glitterix…

    Flora: WAIT, WAIT! SLOW DOWN! I think we can only handle so many transformations in a season!

      • Have you heard of Shugo Chara? There was a Green transformation for baking. You should try that anime. Its not my usual style but I was quite addicted.

        • I’ve seen it. 🙂 I think I stopped somewhere around Doki, though, so I haven’t seen all of it. But I have most of the manga. It’s a pretty good series.

          For a moment, I couldn’t remember what transformation you’re talking about. You mean Amulet Clover, right? That one’s cute. My favorite is Amulet Spade. 🙂

          • I wanted to stop. I really tried but I ended up going all the way. I was always confused about who she really liked and I wanted her to end up with Black Cat but whatever.
            Yes I was talking about Clover and Spade is also my fave. I felt like she should have been a boy lol.

  6. Off topic but i think it’s cool that you’re actually getting some Witty Dolls as a birthday gift. It’s really neat that you have Aisha (too bad it’s held up in shipping, i hated that when I was younger when my toys would get stuck there), maybe at some point you’ll get to work as a freelance writer for Rainbow if they keep in touch with you. I’m pretty sure that this is the #1 Winx Blog just like Michael’s page is the #1 411 page and scripts would improve if you were writing the episodes.

  7. Stella: *looks at the Cow Plant’s cake bait sticking out of its mouth* Oooh wow! That cake looks scrumptious! *starts to close in towards the cake with, mouth drooling*

    Flora: *eyes widen with horror* Wait! Stella! Get away from that Cow Plant!

    Stella: Why? O_o

    Flora: *quickly pulls Stella away before the Cow Plant munches on her* These plants, Cow Plants, are known to eat people! You have to be careful. If they are not fed well, they will start to lure their victims towards them by using a piece of cake attached to their tongues.

    Stella: O_o Oooh…….Well….I have a hankering for cake now. >_>

    Flora: *sighs*

    (The Cow Plant from the Sims just popped into my mind the minute I saw this picture. Haha)

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