Musings & Rants

So, I was writing an article on the couples this morning, but then I saw that Winxipedia had beaten me to it. Oh well. I still have my own opinions about the couples. However, there is one thing that Winxipedia mentioned that I am in total agreement with: Flora and Helia are caught! They can’t […]

Musings & Rants

As of the latest episode of season four, it seems like Musa and Riven are breaking up…again. This comes as no surprise seeing as this couple’s relationship has not been the best. Let’s take a look back at their history: In season one, Riven was rarely kind to Musa, even though she tried her hardest […]


Ah, the scandals never end with Bloom and Sky. You would think that after the Diaspro/Diaspora files, the fight about Professor Avalon, Bloom’s almost switching to the dark side, and Sky’s myriad of MIA moments, their engagement at the last scene of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom would finally solve their problems. Enter the […]