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“Winx Club” — The story of a normal girl named Bloom, who discovers she’s really a fairy! She leaves Earth for the Magix realm to attend The Alfea College for Fairies, where she makes five best friends: Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora, and Aisha. Together they are the Winx Club! Through their adventures, Bloom learns more about her powers and what happened to her birth planet, Domino.

But that was just the first three seasons, where Bloom’s story tied everything together. The show has been different from season four on.

Merchandise News

As I tweeted yesterday (@unadinoi), I bought Secret of the Lost Kingdom at Walmart. $12 for a full-length movie and seven episodes of season four? Not too bad. It’s a two-disc set. Disc one is the movie, disc two is the episodes. The inside jacket has descriptions of the Winx and stock pictures of their […]