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Season three, the season that most like. But like most seasons, it is not perfect and nor is the episode where our heroine earns Magical Girl Powerup #3. So does this episode shine perfectly like a star, or does it freeze like a prisoner in Omega? Time to find out.

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Looks like I was duped. This app @WinxClubEventi claimed Rainbow was working on already exists! It’s called TimVision. Thank you to Magia del Winx for the heads-up. I’m sorry for sharing false information and getting your hopes up. From now on, I won’t use @WinxClubEventi as a news source.

Merchandise News

According to @WinxClubEventi on Instagram, Rainbow’s working on a new app that combines seasons 1-7. It looks like the app will let you watch episodes and trailers from those seasons. @WinxClubEventi also shared these images. Stay tuned for updates! UPDATE: Unfortunately, this turned out to be fake. See this post for details. Credits: @WinxClubEventi