Internet News

Been wishing for a new Winx game on The wait is over! In “Do You Believix?”, you’re a new Alfea student trying to find your “true talent.” Faragonda has sent you to the Love & Pet shop to meet the Winx, who are, of course, eager to help you. How will you discover your […]

Musings & Rants

Nick put up a preview of episode six, “A Fairy Found” (original title: “A Fairy in Danger”). In this scene, the Specialists, following Mitzi’s tip, catch Andy’s band and the Winx getting too friendly while painting the girls’ apartment. WordPress won’t let me embed the video, so you’ll have to go to and watch […]

Transformations & Powers

If it wasn’t official yet, it is now. A poll on the Italian Winx Club website asks fans to choose their favorite Winx design. As you can see in the picture, Bloom’s first form is labeled Charmix. This shows Rainbow accepts the new meaning and aren’t only using it for Nickelodeon’s dub. But why didn’t they […]