“Una di Noi Winx” aims to be a safe, welcoming place for Winx fans to chat with one another and share their thoughts and ideas. The rules below will help all of us keep it that way.


The writers of this blog read every comment that gets past the spam filter. Though we reserve the right to edit, delete, or mark as spam any comment for any reason, we try to avoid it. As long as your comment follows the rules, we’ll approve it.

Don’t worry if your comment’s not there right after you submit it. We may not have read it yet. Check back again later.


1. Be kind and respectful.

“Free speech” is NOT an excuse to be rude. Don’t forget you’re talking to real people, not computer screens. Think before you type. To change the old saying a bit, “If you can’t say something nicely, don’t say anything at all.”

We WILL edit or delete your comment if:

  • It contains a personal attack
  • You threaten, mock, or curse at another reader or a blog writer
  • You insult someone’s religious beliefs, race, nationality, etc.

2. Stay on topic.

It’s okay to bunny-trail now and then. But don’t leave a comment that doesn’t add to the conversation. If you’d like to share news, feedback, an idea for a post, etc., email us at [email protected] or comment on Facebook or Twitter.

We WILL delete your comment if:

  • It has nothing to do with the post/page or Winx Club
  • It’s self-promotion (e.g. “Like my Facebook page!”)

3. Keep it clean.

Young kids, parents, and grandparents read this blog, so keep your comments as family-friendly as possible.

We may edit or delete your comment if:

  • It contains a lot of curse words
  • It’s about something risqué
  • It shows or links to a video, picture, etc. that’s risqué

4. Stick with one online identity.

Try to use the same name every time you comment. That way, we know who you are. Don’t comment as someone else or as multiple people.

We may delete your comment if:

  • You re-post a comment under another name
  • You use a different name to get around being banned
  • You use a fake email address

5. Don’t “correct” old posts or comments.

The info on this blog is based on what the writers knew/remembered at the time they wrote each post (especially opinions). If that info ends up being wrong later, we don’t go back and edit it or delete the post. Our readers have moved on.

Here’s an example. In May 2009, The OP wrote that Roxy’s dog, Artù, might be an important character because his name’s a reference to King Arthur. Was she right? Nope. But there’s no point in editing it now. That post is nearly five years old!

We WILL edit or delete your comment if you ask us to correct/delete a post that:

  • Is one month old or more
  • We’ve already written a follow-up to

Also, we may edit or delete your comment if you correct another (yours or someone else’s) that’s a month old or more.

Bottom line: Check dates before you comment.

6. Be careful about spoilers.

Winx Club airs all over the world, and some countries get new episodes before others. Two of the three writers are from the U.S., and so are a lot of readers. Please don’t ruin the surprise for us.

If you comment contains lines that are spoilers (i.e., anything about episodes that haven’t aired in the U.S.), we may hide them with our handy spoiler tag. If pretty much the whole comment’s a spoiler, we’ll delete it. That includes pictures, links, and videos.


We don’t want to ban anyone, but we will if we need to. You WILL be banned if:

  • You constantly break the Site Rules and/or comment policy
  • Your comments rarely add to the conversation
  • You’re often rude or hostile toward other readers or the writers
  • You constantly try to start fights with other readers or the writers
  • You constantly insult other readers, the blog, and/or the writers

We may send you an email telling you why you were banned.


Feel free to disagree with anything written on this blog or leave feedback about the blog itself. We love to hear from you! But the comment policy still applies. If you break the rules, we WILL delete your comment. We may send you an email telling you why we deleted it.

If you have a personal concern/complaint about something on the blog, please talk to us about it in private. You can email us at [email protected].


If you don’t see your comment after 24 hours, we may have deleted it. If you think you followed the rules, re-post your comment and send us an email. We’ll take another look at it.

There’s also a chance your comment ended up in our spam bin. Comments may get marked as spam automatically if:

  • They contain a lot of links
  • They’re too long
  • They contain buzzwords

We’ll double check the spam box to make sure it’s not in there.

If you have any questions about this policy, please send us an email at [email protected].

13 Responses to “Comment Policy

  1. I got a few questions about winx club. We are you going to show winx club please say on nickoldean? Are you going to play it where you left off? And if you do you should do before you show it you should play from the start to the day of the new show. That way more winxers will be more excited. And use the old animations. So please think about the what I just said. And replay back.

  2. Hi there! I have a quick question:

    I tend to post quite long comments, around four lines long-ish, but they are completely related to the post, and they are just my opinions on it, e.g, ideas on what you have posted, like, I post things like “I think (name character) is like (trait/something) because…”
    “I agree, because…”

    Is that OK?


  3. how do i do the second special potion in winx club do you believix? it says one blue essence two pink dust and three orange essence. how do i do. i did it million times but aisha does not do anything! help pls

  4. by the way i got it. but i dint get the reality storm. i read about it and every body says its a bug. if anyone gets through it please say how or put up a walkthrough please. thank you.

    • Think of buzzwords as slang or jargon (aka nonsense that isn’t Mary Poppin’s favorite word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”) because it’s basically the same thing.

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