Daphne and Bloom -- Winx Movie 1

Daphne was one of my favorite characters. Until she became corporeal again.

She’s not the mysterious, motherly being who watched over Bloom anymore. She has a milder personality, she talks like a teenager (even though she’s not one), she whines when things don’t go her way, etc. It’s hard to tell she’s the same character!

If you ask me, “Nickbow” (thanks, Zadien) made a big mistake. Daphne and Bloom’s story was one of the sweetest parts of the series. Imagine if your older sister gave her life for you when you were a baby. You didn’t get to grow up together, but her spirit is still with you — literally — like a guardian angel.

Now that Daphne’s alive again, her sacrifice seems like a waste.

Plus, this weakens our concept of death in Winx Club. If Bloom can just wish her sister back, why can’t Aisha do the same for Nabu? Or Musa for her mother? And if one of the Winx died (that’d never happen), couldn’t their family and friends save her? Suddenly their missions don’t feel as dangerous.

s5-ep4-daphne-appears4Of course, “Nickbow” had to change Daphne’s story to get away with reviving her. The Ancestresses didn’t exactly “kill” her; they turned her into a “disembodied spirit.” Right.

I want an explanation. Why couldn’t they leave the canon alone?

I hope it’s not why I think it is: they really are gonna make her the new seventh Winx. I told you Monday how I feel about that: Roxy or no one. If they replace her with Daphne, I’ll lose a lot of respect for them and this show.

Am I the only Winx fan who feels this way?

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54 Responses to “Daphne Should Have Stayed Dead

  1. Okay. 1, I’m almost sure they have a good reason for this. 2, Everyone wants Roxy to be the seventh Winx but she’s still unexperienced. 3, Musa said that it wouldn’t be right to use the Sirenix wish to bring someone back from the dead. Plus, Bloom didn’t say that she wishes for her to be revived she just said that she wished to break the Sirenix curse, and Nabu and Musa’s mom weren’t victims of the Sirenix curse: Nabu was killed by the Wizards of the Black Circle and Musa’s mother died because of a sickness.

    • 1, I’m almost sure they have a good reason for this.

      I don’t think making her a Winx is a good reason. That means they lied to us about Roxy and then replaced her. But we don’t know for sure if that’s what’s going on.

      TheRedStar‘s idea makes sense:

      “I think Nick did this because Daphne was the only dead person who was in the series as a spirit. They didn’t wanna confuse the little kids with why the spirits of characters like Nabu or Musa’s mother weren’t there, plus I don’t think hardcore religious parents would like it all that much and automatically jump into the “indoctrination of the young'”

      I can see Nick doing that. Winx Club‘s not like Avatar where people dying and becoming spirits is pretty well established in the canon (ex.: Princess Yue).

      2, Everyone wants Roxy to be the seventh Winx but she’s still unexperienced.

      I’m gonna talk about this later in a post. My response for now: I don’t think her power level matters, and I don’t understand why people make that such an important requirement.

      3, Musa said that it wouldn’t be right to use the Sirenix wish to bring someone back from the dead. Plus, Bloom didn’t say that she wishes for her to be revived she just said that she wished to break the Sirenix curse, and Nabu and Musa’s mom weren’t victims of the Sirenix curse:

      That was Musa’s in-universe reason, but the real reason was simply because Nickbow decided she wouldn’t. Again, TheRedStar‘s idea could be right. Which means contrary to what I said, Daphne coming back might have actually made the concept of death stronger. Interesting…

      But breaking the curse had more to do with bringing back Daphne than anything else. Do we even really know what the Sirenix Curse was? It was never fully explained. In my opinion, it was just a weak way of making Daphne’s revival make sense.

  2. God bless this post. <3

    I literally cringed while watching the pilot, it just didn't feel right. The fact that she is the same Daphne that was dead/ a spirit has still not sunk into my head. Mind you, she is actually really pretty, and her ballgown is downright gorgeous.. but I still prefered the old Daphne, especially when I thought she was dead. She was probably the most mysterious character in the show, and she contributed heavily to the emotional side of Winx Club.. and her relationship with Bloom was so beautiful yet heartwrenching, I loved it.

    Now she's a living, breathing being again, it's not necessarily a bad thing but it's just taken the depth of the show away. The least they could've done is given her a more wiser, mature personality rather than a whiny crybaby one :/

  3. No, you are FAR from the only fan who shares these feelings, trust me…

    S5 in my opinion was a huge flop. As I said in my review of it, I can’t put it past a 5.5, maybe a 6/10. Nick absolutely DESTROYED pieces of canon material that have been long established, just for the sake of inserting their own crappy renditions of what happened.

    With Daphne though, what bothered me the most wasn’t that she was suddenly a disemodied spirit, it was how poorly Nick wrote that in. Even in their clumped together specials for the episodes in S1 and S2 showed Daphne sending infant Bloom to Earth to spare her from the Ancestresses during Domino’s downfall, and she was in spirit-form. So…how then, Nickelodeon, were she and the Ancestresses on Domino, and then abruptly transported to the Infinite Ocean, where Daphne was “supposedly” cursed, when she was shown to already be in spirit form on Domino at the same time? ––– And what’s more, if Nick planned on completely cancelling out the fact that Daphne teleported Bloom from Domino to Earth, then they’ve completely thrown a wrench in Bloom’s origin story.

    However, where I think it differs from Musa and Matlin and Aisha and Nabu, is that their loved ones are “dead-dead,” and Nick just elected to keep it that way. Daphne however, the rewrote in as never having died in the first place, so for Bloom to wish her back was never meant to be rasing the dead, rather breaking a curse. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s unfair, especially since [shocker] Bloom was the only one to have a deceased loved written back into the show, AND got to wish them back to life [not to mention save her parents, revive her kingdom, be the most powerful fairy, be the keeper of the most powerful magic in their dimension, still keep in contact with her Earth life, etc. etc. etc.]

    Maybe it’s just me, but I genuinely think it’s some kind of Bloom conspiracy…I mean she was always written in as being the anointed “leader” of the Club, but Nick is going way too far. And once you look at it, it really is a Nick thing! If you watch any of their other shows, new or old [The Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, etc.] There is always a main group/cast of characters, but THE main character is always the one who gets the most screentime, and gets asserted above the rest. It’s almost as if every one of their shows needs a “face,” and so they take the leader, the most powerful, the most handsome/beautiful, the best, etc. character from that main cast and exploit the h**l out of them. And that’s just what they’re doing with Bloom. I mean, we went from a small mishap, like her being able to magically “will herself into” an impossible transformation [Enchantix] to there being a transformation named after her, and her raising her dead family members!

    I’m sticking with the show until it ends [because I want to see how everything closes] but I’ve already lost a tremendous amount of respect for Nick’s writers, and for Rainbow, for letting themselves seemingly get bulldozed by Nick into putting whatever stupid idea they can muster into the story. That never happened when Rai worked alone…

  4. At first, Iiked the idea of Daphne coming back to life. But then I realized something: Nick’s writers suck.

    Seriously, in the original canon, she was DEAD. NOT cursed, DEAD as in DEAD, NO LONGER LIVING.

    I think Nick did this because Daphne was the only dead person who was in the series as a spirit. They didn’t wanna confuse the little kids with why the spirits of characters like Nabu or Musa’s mother weren’t there, plus I don’t think hardcore religious parents would like it all that much and automatically jump into the “indoctrination of the young” bullsh**.” However, this show isn’t made for little kids, it’s SUPPOSED to be made for the teens and young adults who grew up with the show when they were little kids, because it’s most of the people who buy the merchandise and, let’s face it, kids will buy anything that catches their eye, there’s no need to shovel Winx on them when they have all this other stuff that’s made specifically for them.

    The more I think about it, I think the Winx should have an entire story arc dedicated to spirits and their version of the spirit world. It’d be interesting to see the ethereal side of the Magic Dimension.

    Nickelodeon needs to respect the original material that they claim to be working with and give us the Winx we had when we all got up to watch it on Saturday mornings. Honestly, they need to start focusing on getting away from these season-long themes and star focusing on the Winx’ new lives as Guardian Fairies of their home planets. They need to focus on character development, for protagonists, antagonists, and supporting characters; story and time structure (I feel the three-act system would work best for the series); not pissing on the original show.

    Their voice work also needs improvement as well. Some of the voices just don’t fit the characters. Don’t get me wrong, Molly Quinn and the others have definitely gotten better over time, but they just aren’t the characters they play and it makes it a lot worse when they are given such a mediocre script with bad directing. I don’t even think Andrea Romano could help with the scripts these actors are being handed for recording. Actually, I love most of the voices, it’s just a few that really irk me to the point of frustration, and they all seem to be in the main cast, which makes it even worse. At the end of the day, a voice cast for a cartoon (especially this kind of character) should be weird, fun, and unique, not uber-realistic like many fans think if best. If you can’t have fun listening to the voice actors, then why bother watching the show?

    My fictional cast for Winx Club (only actors I’d change) :
    Bloom – Christy Carlson Romano (Kim Possible from Kim Possible)
    Stella – Ashley Tisdale
    Flora – Hynden Walch (Starfire from Teen Titans)
    Musa – Jennifer Hale (she can sing, which is a huge plus)
    Tecna – Rebecca Soler (a mix of her American and British accents would be best, since all my friends who watched the show when they were little LOVED Tecna’s British accent…and so did I)
    Aisha/Layla – Raven Symone

    Sky – Scott Menville (Robin from Teen Titans)
    Timmy – Will Friedle (Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible)

    Icy – Grey DeLisle (definitely using her Azula voice from Avatar: The Last Airbender)
    Darcy – Nicole Sullivan
    Lord Darkar – Ron Perlman (Slade from Teen Titans)
    Gantlos – Mark Hamill (a mix of his Joker and Ozai voices, Batman The Animated Series & Avatar: TLA)
    Duman – Greg Cipes (a darker and more twisted version of his Kevin voice from Ben 10: Alien Force)
    Anagan – Khary Payton (a darker and more sinister version of his Cyborg voice from Teen Titans)
    Tritannus – John DiMaggio (this would be perfect if Tritannus were older, like in his mid-20’s; Tritannus’ actor just increases the annoyance factor for me…and I already wanna gut this fish and throw him to the sharks)
    Selina – Terri Hawkes (definitely for the nostalgia factor and how much life and emotion she’d bring into the character)

    Mitzi – Jennifer Hale (using her Mindy voice from Totally Spies!)
    Diaspro – Tara Strong (Ariana Grande just isn’t spoiled enough…sorry Ariana, I love you though)

    Spells also need an overhaul. I think the Winx should be able to fight and use some of their powers without transforming, sorta like gliding around (not flying) and manipulating the basic elements of their power sources (Bloom – fire, Aisha/Layla – water/plasma/Morphix, etc.). Spell names should be saved for the bigger ones that use runes of an artifact or etc. The transformation sequences also need to be much more unique like they used to be and they need to be much shorter and better edited. No more of this “Fairy of” stuff. We’ve known you for years, we KNOW WHAT YOUR POWER IS ALREADY!

    Animation…oh God. The artwork has definitely improved, but the environments need much more care and detail. The motions of the characters also make me cringe; they look like lifeless puppets that are just being swung around so carelessly and lazily. This ESPECIALLY goes for the transformation sequences (2D Sirenix looks like a mess). Transformations need much more care and unique designs. Some of it can match, but each Winx NEEDS her individuality to shine…I’M LOOKING AT YOU, BLOOM!

    Advertising…we all know this needs A LOT of improvement, I’m not even gonna bother on this one. Cut tot he chase – air episodes on Saturdays at noon, with the last few airing Monday through Friday night with a one-hour season finale.

    More filler episodes. When you look at it, some of these story arcs don’t naturally fit for all 26 episodes and would be better if they were shorter. Tritannus’ arc was dragged out to the point of every episode being almost pointless just to be the 26 episode standard. Filler isn’t bad, it gives the world and characters time to breathe and develop and interact outside the main story, hence why season 2 is my favorite season.

    I know it’s a lot, but…yeah, Nick seriously needs to pick up the pace or I am gonna be one very unhappy fan. To be honest, I’m hoping for Winx to end soon so maybe we’ll get a reboot in a few years with better animation, writing, and voices.

    • Ooh, Darcy with a Shego-esque voice? That would’ve been too awesome. And I agree with you on Bloom, Stella, and Aisha. Though I honestly still have a voice crush on Aisha’s 4Kids voice, so…xD

  5. I agree. Daphne’s story was sort of complete– heroic, saved sister, became a guardian angel figure. If they wanted to bring one of the minor characters up to join the main cast, Roxy has a whole lot of unfinished story with being a princess, spreading magic to a magicless earth etc, and if the writers don’t like Roxy, there’s Mirta becoming a fairy and dealing with how the other witches react to that etc. Either of them has more plot going on with her than Daphne does. And the retconning annoyed me too.

    This doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy whatever the writers do with her this season. If it sucks I’ll just snark and then write fanfic fixing it; if it’s awesome then yay. I’m pretty easy to please as a fan. I will love this show as long as it’s sparkly and gives me fodder for stories.

    And OP, don’t give up yet, it’s not certain Daphne’s becoming a Winx! I know there’s evidence that she is but there’s also evidence she isn’t– she’s a teacher*, she doesn’t seem to have a season 6 transformation, and she doesn’t get a pink/gray outfit. Look at that picture, it’s clearly “the Winx and Daphne” not just “the Winx.” So you may be saved. =D I hope she doesn’t join too.

    *which suggests it could get worse… *spooky voice* so much worse… like… Daphne/Palladium shipping!!! :-O Let’s hope they don’t go there.

  6. yeah i know the whole thing about Daphne was complicated with Nickelodion intervention but I think you exaggerates i mean i think is not so bad also although I think it is very unfair that Roxy was no longer included also think they will not put Daphne in the group besides she would have to wear the same clothes as the rest and technically she is the old that would stop loving this series but disagrees with some things or he would lose the respect ¡Simply not! i love this serie forever even with its changes in the original frame of some characters like Daphne and always be remembered as the series began the good old winx club but the winx still the sames and I do not care about those details compared to other things about Daphne is a trifle


    • I don’t see that as a fairness thing. That’s just the story, and “unfair” things happen to characters all the time. For that matter, unfair things happen in real life, too! 😛
      Daphne definitely did some heroic things, but the show’s never established that heroics earn you a second chance at life if you die. If that were the case, why not Nabu? He sacrificed himself to save an entire realm, too. (Granted, I’m saying not knowing what Nickbow’s done this season, but I highly doubt he’s ever coming back.)

    • I completely agree with you! I love that they brought Daphne back and I think that she deserves a happy life. If you think about it, her life was cut short when she was only sixteen or so, and there’s a lot she didn’t get to experience in life, a lot she missed out on. can you imagine dyeing/being cursed like that and not be able to live for yourself, only getting a taste of the world when your younger sister needed you.

      As for not wanting Daphne in the club, i respect your opinions, but you don’t have to diss her just because she might be getting a chance someone else hasn’t or wont. If you like a character, then just like the character. write to rainbow, tell them you would like to see more of them in the storyline. But don’t take it out on the character they decided to write on. Isn’t the show big enough for Roxy and Daphne? What about having BOTH of them join? And has anyone read Ella Anders story on fanfic.net about Roy being Nabu? I think that that would be in awesome twist to the show! And even if they don’t go by that, than just pretend that’s the way it is. That’s what I’m doing cause I can’t stand that they killed him either. And maybe Musa might get her mother back still. I heard rumors it could happen this season or the new movie, and she still hasn’t used her wish.

      But really, if you really like the show, then please, just think about this and enjoy the show!

      • I thought I was the only one that didn’t mind Daphne being back as a human! I mean, it’s not the best way to incorporate (no pun intended) a plotline, but all in all, it could turn out to be interesting.


  8. I agree Daphne should still be a spirit because what she has done to Bloom when she was a baby. She was trying to save her and risk her life but she tried to use her Sirenix. When she did the witches put a cruse on Sirenix and Daphne became a spirit. She should be Bloom’s guardian angel because she was a great spirit she could have been a sage in season six. Sometimes if the Winx had trouble she could tell them what Sirenix couldn’t do but earn the next power called Bloomix.

  9. I feel bad for agreeing. I love the rai dub of season one to three and daph and blooms relationship was beautiful.
    Now that she’s alive again is just ehhh
    Technically she is a teenager around the time she “died”
    But where did her confidence go? When she was a spirit in rai and nick she was wise strong and now she’s insecure
    I understand her not remembering how to walk and stuff but where’s all her wisdom go? It’s like blooms the big sister

    • if I was an immortal spirit and suddenly got my fragile body back, i’d lose a little confidence too!


  10. Well, even originally, Daphne was never as dead as actual dead people, considering she’s a ghost. Normal dead people don’t stick around, but ghosts get to do whatever. So the concept of reviving Daphne while not reviving Musa’s mom or Nabu is fine. Does it cheapen death? Not really, unless there are ghosts out there we can see but not revive. The possibility of wishing people back to life does have its own issues, but that has more to do with the wishes being a bad idea in the first place then any resurrection.

    Should it have been done? Depends on what can be done with her as a spirit vs. her as corporeal. As a spirit, I did not care for her one bit. She was just Bloom’s guardian figure that cares for her and what not, but she had no personality or anything really to make herself interesting. Season 5 tried to change that, and she was reduced to a damsel in distress. Not flattering. So they really did nothing with her as a spirit after SotLK. Regaining her body lets her become her own character instead of revolving around Bloom. She’s a lot different now, but I’m starting to care about her now, so I’m fine with that. The execution of her revival was weak, but that applies to 90% of season 5, so I’d rather not single that out.

    Do I like her enough to want her to be the seventh Winx? No. Despite becoming her own character, her practical role in the story is still going to revolve around Bloom, her family, and possibly any politics they have. She’s still not enough of her own person to become a main character. Do I think she’ll become a Winx? No. She’s only in the opening a little, and the episode 2 preview is putting her into a different position than the Winx. It’s not happening, at least not this season.

    Will we get another Winx? Definitely not this season. After that, who are the candidates? Daphne, Roxy, Mirta, or a new character. Daphne’s problems have already been mentioned. Roxy is inexperienced and would be given more justice elsewhere. Mirta doesn’t exist anymore. A new character would explode the fanbase, but if her character is good enough it might be the best option. The show will need a new main character some day, but there really aren’t any good options. Daphne may be the safe option, as she can be dropped easily if she’s unpopular.

    • It entirely depends on what is the role of ghosts in that specific universe, as each fictional universe with its own established canon also has its own interpretation of some occurrences (such as ghosts) which may vary from one universe to another and which may coincide or not with the interpretation that out world or another fictional world gives them. So Daphne may have been really dead just like she may not have been dead, as you said it, but we can’t be sure of it unless the series explicitly or implicitly states it.

      I agree with you on the main character part, the series does need a new main character. After SotlK the Winx have been losing in both relevance and individuality because, tbh, their story is actually done and the writers haven’t been able to find a story good enough to reinvent the show after the initial aim of the show (that of Bloom finding her parents) was accomplished. Unless “Nickbow” can make the Winx shine again like in the first three seasons, then I fear that the Winx must make way for a new generation of fairies (or maybe even fairies AND witches), a Winx Club 2.0, to assume the mantle of the Winx while being able to have their own individuality like the Winx Club in its early days.
      Or maybe the Winx Club show itself should come to an end and be replaced by a spin-off (that may or may not take place in the same continuity as Winx Club itself) focusing on a group of fairies/witches/fairies&witches/anything else either similar to a Winx Club 2.0 or who has its own originality or a mixture of both and who can really shine.

  11. I’ve always wanted Daphne to come back to the world of the living ever since I first watched S1 back in 2004 (and the scene where Bloom hugs Daphne in her dream in SotLK was so very sad), and I admit I was quite enthusiastic when there were hints about that happening in early s5, however I was really disappointed when it finally happened because it was done in a really mediocre way. Although the inconsistencies about Daphne herself ( referring to the very first guest post on the Una Di Noi Winx blog 😉 ) were one of the many factors that made Daphne’s transition seem so “artificial” for the world of Winx, it was actually how the whole Sirenix curse and Tritannus thing was badly handled by the writers that made it look so bad.

    Of course it would have been so much better if Daphne retained her good old maturity and imposing, almost divine, calmness (which she had been losing since the beginning of s5 itself) while at the same time facing the difficulties of having a body again after 20+ years of being only a spirit.

    Concerning Daphne joining the Winx, it’s a big no from me. Daphne has been my favourite-most character of the series and I really don’t want to see her becoming a Winx, for the simple reason that it would take more of her individuality away (if s5 hasn’t been enough) and it would really erode whatever might be left from her s1 self completely. Besides, there’s already a Sirenix fairy of the Dragon Flame among the Winx and another one will be too much. I’m still keeping my mopes up for Roxy though *crosses fingers*.

  12. Before addressing how I feel about Daphne being a Winx I want to address some issues I have been thinking of with the series so far. I think that condensing the seasons into 4 hours left a lot of holes and opportunities for manipulating the show later on. Hence we have season 5.

    When I first saw young Daphne in season 5 I noticed she was in her nymph look though she sounded like she was 10. I though to myself was Daphne then born as the nymph of Domino? I thought that was something you became over time… No one ever said how Daphne became the nymph of Domino, just that she was. What makes her, or anyone for that matter, a nymph?

    Why was Daphne never shown to have a transformation before now? Is it because a bunch of 3 year olds watch the show and will accept the change because they don’t yet have the higher order thinking skills needed to question inconsistencies? Most likely. After all kids that watch cartoons swallow everything they see right. They don’t really question timelines and plot holes. But we do and I can tell you one thing, when I saw Daphne’s sirenix, I was so upset I leaped up and started shouting at the tv. I always assumed, on learning that Daphne had a sirenix, that her “disembodied” self was stuck in sirenix form. I always assumed that transformations reflected the time(years, attitude of the era) and need of the situation. What I got was the regular cookie cutter sirenix in aqua or whatever that color is.

    Now in terms of Daphne’s life or lack there of, I will admit that when I started watching Winx, I initially though that Dahpne was not so much dead as stuck. Even when she said the ancestral witches killed her, I didn’t really absorb it because I had already settled into the idea of her being a spirit but not necessarily dead. I know why I had that first conclusion. Even in spirit form Daphne seemed “alive” to me. she had presence and they said she was a nymph. My understanding of nymph was in the mythological term. She was a spirit and since she lived in a lake that made her a water spirit. She could take water shape, human shape, or just hang around. I figured Daphne would eventually be human again.

    After watching both 4Kids and Rai, I understood that my initial idea was wrong but at the same time I was not surprised when Nick changed the tune and decided to make her become real. In my culture spirits are just like Daphne, they come in your dreams and give you visions, but that’s where the similarities end. they hurt people and play tricks on the living, they don’t like to be risen from their sleep, they are not as cognizant as Daphne with clearly defined thoughts, memories, emotions, and do not have ties to the living even though they are your family. Daphne may have been a spirit but she never acted as I know a spirit to be. When they said Daphne was affected by the sirenix curse and could become corporeal, I accepted this but at the same time I wanted to know about the curse and what about it caused Daphne to lose her body in the first place. Come on Nick. If your going to change the canon make it count.

    Now that Daphne is back do I want her to join the Winx Club? I say it’s ok but I also feel that if you’re letting Daphne in, let Roxy in too. I am not a die hard Roxy fan. In fact I though she was a sometimeish little twerp who wined about everything. Every time I heard Bloom say “we are so much alike’ I wanted to hurl. Eventually however, she grew on me. I started understanding and liking her a little. I feel like Roxy should be there representing the parts of seasons 1 and 2 that were not dubbed. You know the struggle to fund her true inner power and get her basic form. Overcoming her inner demons and earning her Charmix boost, eventually reaching her Enchantix and completing her Believix (because I always felt it was never quite complete despite what they say). Every club needs junior members and she would have been a good way to use filler episodes as someone mentioned above to show character growth. It would be great to have the Winx working with her as senior members and giving her their support. After all they went through, they have the makings of good role models, something I noticed that Nick doesn’t take advantage of in the show. Instead they just have the Winx showing off when they show up. They could have had a Winx Junior Club spin-off with Roxy and some others like Nova and Krystal. Instead of going the Believix route after Enchantix they could have accessed another transformation. After all I was always under the impression that a fairy can access any transformation after Enchantix as the situation requires.

    As for Daphne, I felt that her lack of confidence and being thrust into the world abruptly without time to properly adjust to the idea and assimilate is affecting her attitude. Daphne spent the better part of 20 years under water talking to Bloom and a bunch of fish. How is she supposed to grow and mature? Nick is now giving us the impression that she was just as young as Bloom when she faced off against the 3 witches. Once she is human again, that sense of “all knowing being is lost”. I think if we look at things in realistic terms, Daphne is exactly as she aught to be, relearning how to be human and cooping with her new limitations. It’s like taking physical therapy. Frustration at your own weaknesses make you childish and difficult. You don’t want to hear that you will adjust and everything will be ok in time. You want immediate results and to just be the way you were before. This would have been another great filler opportunity to show her trials and triumphs as well as to show Bloom supporting her sister and the Winx supporting them both and even adjusting to roles they never really played before, mentors and helpers.

    The Winx has always been about the Winx. As a group they are very self centered. They don’t share or really support other fairies unless it directly affects them. I always thought that was a failing of the show.

    • I really loves your post this was my thoughts of Daphne and so did Nick obviously. I think what they messed up was her transformation and the unexplained curse which in my opinion they could have given more time. This is why I think Nick writers did what they did; by introducing Politea The sorbic quest and powers links a fairly destiny So I believe when Politea refuse to help Daphne (clearly displaying virtues of a fairy undeserving of sirenix)) and witches tried to destroy her too but think about know witch could truly curse a fairy power without Politea Daphne would have simply died! But Politea actions and the witches extremely evil and powerful attack caused sirenix to curse itself and punish the too fairies responsible (Daphne disembodied spirit and Politea sirenix powers became evil and transform her into a monster)after all it is an ancient Fairy Power.

      Everyone keeps thinking it was the witches that curse Sirenix but Had they not have the help of a Sirenix Fairy Daphne would have been dead! dead!

  13. I do think it would be ludicrous if she became a winx… But, I kind of doubt she will because she is going to work at Alfea now, as the next episode clip said. I don’t feel as strongly about her becoming corporeal again, though, but I do think that the sirenix curse was a bit of a lame excuse. :

    Meh, Nickbow has done so many gruesome things to this show and its important details that I just… basically, I’m already very disappointed with it. Even I could do a better job writing everything, for goodness sakes! Excuse my ranting.

  14. I actually think it’s the one thing Nickbow did right in making Musa decide not to wish her mother back. Can you imagine how hard that would be for them now? Hoboe’s moved on, he’s become a different person and then for Matlin to come back in her original form, to be just slightly older than her daughter, would cause a lot of heartache. I think Musa really thought about that, even if she could have made her mother older, her mother wouldn’t have the experiences to match her age. She’d still be a young woman, in an older woman’s body. If Musa had wished her mother never died, everything that happened and her relationship with Riven (which I believe is a very important thing to her) may never have come to pass. Of course Nickbow probably wasn’t thinking that way and they probably just thought, meh, no plot can come from that, let’s not bother. But it was the best choice.

    Nabu not coming back, was a definite choice for Nickbow. They even used up Aisha’s wish so that he couldn’t come back and I don’t quite know why. What has Roy brought to the show? He’s a nice guy, slotted in disturbingly with the Specialists which I find odd, and just is there. Nothing special and Aisha’s personality has suffered for it. It’s almost like Nickbow were afraid that if they brought Nabu back, Aisha would take more of the spotlight off Bloom and that couldn’t be allowed.

    As for Daphne, I kind of like her back, if only because we’re seeing a bit more of the Domino family. But her’s a question. Daphne was a spirit for 20 years or so and is fairly aware of the world around her. Her parents were stoned, I mean, cursed… and yet they adapted so much better than Daphne. Shouldn’t being frozen solid in a weird dimension lead to trouble with limbs? No?

    Honestly, there’s nothing that Nickbow’s really done recently that I’ve been happy with. The clothing for instance is pretty much horrid. There’s a video posted on youtube about their new clothing… in one they look like the Vontrap family, only worse.

    I don’t want to see any new Winx at all. The writers are dedicating maybe one episode, if even, to the lesser Winx. We still know nothing about Tecna’s family. Are Flora’s parents alive? Bloom’s now the singer and Musa’s relegated to DJ only? Until they can write a balanced story for ALL of the Winx, how dare they introduce more? Roxy won’t get a fair deal when she comes in? She’ll just fawn over Bloom because that’s what the entourage does. They’re no longer the Winx Club, they’re Bloom and the Winx. If Roxy joined, we still wouldn’t know anything about her family life, how they’re adapting to the mother returning, how the Earth fairies are, do they still see Morgana as their Queen, is Nebula coping? Why weren’t they in charge of dealing with Tritannus? None of that will be dealt with because it’ll take the spotlight off Bloom. Season four had more a viable plotline to go into a second season than Season 5. Season 5 was filler at the most, but it didn’t have enough to go into a new season spin-off.

    I’m saddened by what they’d done to Daphne in that she has become a comedic thing, kind of almost pitiable but I hope through her, maybe, we’ll see a bit more of Alfea and how it works. For a series that was based around a school, we learnt very little of it. We should have explored all of its aspects, before we moved on to other planets.

  15. Off topic news: TheFutonCritic.com just updated and shows episodes 602 and 603 will be shown together on Sunday November 3rd!! (Nickelodeon USA)

    Only 1 month to more Winx!

  16. I believe Nick felt the “death” and “giving the life for someone” themes too dark to be in one of their shows.
    If that was it, the writers should leave Daphne alone, not involving her in new storylines. If they wanted to pick a new Winx, IT SHOULDN’T BE DAPHNE. We the older fans know how she looked like before dying/become a disembodied spirit, through flashbacks from Season 1. AND SHE WASN’T A FAIRY, SHE WAS A NYMPH.
    Initially she was supposed to be Bloom’s mother, then she went to older sister, now she is a stupid teenager-looking woman. I’m not interested in this season, so I won’t watch it. Sorry, Iginio, but you sold yourself completely to Nickelodeon. *sigh*

    • Yeah, it’s kinda typical of most American media groups, who either suffer from being too conservative or who think that kids are too dumb to understand serious stuff like death and marriage (“forever girlfriend” anyone?).

      Tbh, he “sold himself” to blind money-making somewhere between the release of the first movie and the end of season 4, cuz Rainbow was already going all commercial when Believix was introduced to the show (to the extent that Magical Adventure was messed up by replacing Enchantix with Believix, most likely for the marketing of Believix products). The quality of Winx Club has been continuously dropping after SotLK, although I still count s4 among the good seasons.

    • I think daphne is perfect. She been through a lot and desire to be in there group and she know a lot too. Unlike Roxy jumping from nowhere and not knowing much and be a part of the group??

  17. Don’t get me wrong I love Bloom……or should I say loved?…..Nick is now making her too annoying. As for Daphne….are her powers clearly yet defined? She is from Domino, the same realm as Bloom so she should have some sort of magic related to fire, the light of the dragon flame, ect… Roxy should become a winx!!! Its clearly a given!! Her powers are defined and stand on their own. Roxy also contributes something different to the group: different powers and a whole different personality, tactics, techniques ect. Daphne also contributes to the group but seems more as an authority figure….

    • Roxy jumping from nowhere and got that powerful wing, and not knowing lot she not desire to be in the group. She need lot of time in alfea like other student still learning. Daphne been through so much and she know all the history. So why not lets her be in the group.?

  18. Thank you!
    I hate Daphne. She acts like a child, smh. Like bloom.
    I FIRST OF ALL HATE BLOOM. And we don’t need bloom jr joining!
    How old is daphne anyway. Isn’t she older then bloom, but acts like her? Shouldn’t she be rulling domino instead of being a winx? Seriously?
    Then again, I will NOT be watching winxclub season 6 if daphne is a winx.
    I also agree with the Roxy thing. Roxy is…well…better!
    It’s so unrealistic. There’s a MILLION of girls who’s sister died. This just shows Bloom gets EVERYTHING SHE WANTS. My best friends big sister died at birth, but bloom can get her sister back. Wow.
    I have loss all respect to Winxclub. I hope daphne doesn’t become a 7th winx. Nobody should.

  19. I found clumsy Daphne adorable, but I see your point and agree. It is hard to believe she’s the same Daphne we’ve known throughout the series, let alone that she’s in her thirties. The whole plot would’ve been better if she hadn’t been so dramatic about it.

    I like Niki’s explanation about Daphne, but I hope it doesn’t take the whole season for her to go back to her old self.

  20. Although I agree on the fact that Daphne isn’t what she used to be in the previous seasons, I guess maybe being back to life made her confidence shatter. Because she’s not used to being around many people after being stuck under a deserted lake. And maybe she is behaving like a teenager because she is one. Maybe, when she died she was only a teen. Time stopped for her. And when she comes back to life, she is still that same age as her age did not increase when she dead.
    Secondly, you should stop complaining so much. It’s not that bad. We’ll all get used to this soon. Sometimes, u exaggerate the facts. I know its your opinion, but I’m surprised you are still a Winx fan. I mean, I rarely hear you say positive things about this show. I loved the old Daphne, but I like the new Daphne as well. And by the way, power levels do matter. That’s why Roxy is not part of the Winx. She needs to learn more. I know she got her Believix with the Winx, but she was still a bit clumsy and inexperienced. I loved Roxy, in fact, I loved her more than Bloom, but now it doesn’t really matter if she’s not there. And Daphne has good chances to be a part of the Winx because she is Bloom’s sister, she’s familiar with the Winx, even she has got Sirenix, she has even helped the Winx, she is brave etc.

    Overall, I miss the dead Daphne but I don’t mind the new one. Maybe she’ll become like the old Daphne when her confidence in herself increases. I would love to see her in a whole new form. And I don’t think Nabu will ever come back, as Roy has replaced Nabu.

    • Secondly, you should stop complaining so much. It’s not that bad. We’ll all get used to this soon. Sometimes, u exaggerate the facts. I know its your opinion, but I’m surprised you are still a Winx fan. I mean, I rarely hear you say positive things about this show.

      I agree that a lot of what I’ve said lately has been negative. But I’ve never felt that to be a “true” fan, I can only say positive things.

      I’m a very analytic person. I can’t just blindly accept everything and roll with it; I’m always picking things apart in my mind. Plus, as a writer, I look at things from a literary standpoint, too. But that’s part of what makes me a fan. I like being able to analyze the show, whether I like or dislike what’s in it.

      The shows I don’t like are the ones I can’t analyze — meaning they’re so boring or ridiculous, they don’t get my mind racing. I can think of a few, but I don’t want anyone to get mad at me. 😛

      But as far as what you said, yes, I’ll probably get used to it. Although, I have a right to stop watching Winx Club whenever I want to…

      But don’t count on it. I love this show and this blog too much. 🙂

    • Secondly, you should stop complaining so much. It’s not that bad. We’ll all get used to this soon. Sometimes, u exaggerate the facts. I know its your opinion, but I’m surprised you are still a Winx fan. I mean, I rarely hear you say positive things about this show.

      There’s where you’re wrong, I know OP already replied to your comment, and I agree with her sentiments, but I have something else to add.

      A BIG part of being a “true fan,” as you call it, is heavy critique of whatever you’re a fan of. Any fan can flitter about gushing over how much they love this and that about a series and how perfect everything is, but it takes a true fan to sit down, dig deep, and pick apart the fallacies in what they’re watching, reading, etc.

      Being a true fan means loving something so much you feel driven to critique it, and point out all its flaws and shortcomings. Not because we’re growing to hate the thing you’re a fan of…but because you want to help make/keep it great! If you’re just sitting back watching all of the tremendous errors unfold and just accepting it for what it is, without question, then you need to reevaluate yourself as a fan. A true fan wants to keep the content they love thriving, and make it great by straightening out all the rough edges and openly discussing where a series excels and where it falls short.

      And you’re right, OP can be very critical…but then again so can most fans. As I said, no series, no matter how much you love it will ever be perfect, and sometimes there are great things to discuss, and sometimes, there are not-so-great things. But being part of a devoted fandom, is knowing that the things you love aren’t perfect, and to share your opinions on where you think there’s room to improve. At the end of the day, it’s really the fans that keep the show alive!

  21. Anyway I love Winx Club, so I don’t mind however the plot is. And if u guys looks at the glass as half empty, i look at the glass as half full. So peeps, stop whining and just watch the show. Its a fairytale, and anything is possible in this show!!

    • The whole “anything is possible” thing, we get. And that’s not what we’re “whining” about.
      Let me ask you, did you grow up/were you a child, teen or preteen when the ORIGINAL Winx Club, before Nickelodeon dubbed it was around? If yes, then you should know why we’re critiquing it so harshly. If not, then there’s your answer. And you should get to know the real show.
      I was 14 when Winx Club came to the states in 2005, and I fell in love with it. The 4kids version, I no longer like, after being exposed to the original Rai English versions. But it will always have a special place in my heart, since it’s where I discovered the show.
      The reason why so many of us, specifically older fans are looking at the series with such discerning views, is because we don’t want what we grew up with to be tampered with. Not to mention, it makes no sense to fool with the original story, as opposed to simply writing a continuation of the show in each season. But for whatever reason, Nick has foolishly chosen to ignore, rather, destroy a LOT of key canon material for the sake of patching together their own rendition of the story, and that’s what most of us take issue with. –– I still love Winx Club, I always will, but I love the imagination, creativity and beauty that Iginio’s ORIGINAL vision wielded, not this wannabe Barbie, “we can do everything and anything!” stuff Nick’s spewing out…

    • I know right!! Thank you. Unlike many of them . Anyone dont like, please dont watch then dont say stupid things and stupid judges to the writer.!

  22. Well they have two different ways in which she became a spirit , so what else can you expect from NIckbow! Honestly season 5 should be rewritten and then reaired, and written by fanfiction authors who know what they are doing, not Nickbow’s writers.

    I am happy that they brought her back but at the same time they shouldn’t have made her so pitiable. She was wise , strong and powerful in S1-S3 and the two movies. I honestly wish they had either left her as a spirit with wisdom and maturity or if they did have to bring her back to life they should have let her be the same her. I can see that being a spirit can make you lose your confidence but in S1-S3, it didn’t look that way.

    Also I know that this isn’t part of this blog but I have to say that Darcy’s dialogue felt so forced and so did Daphne’s clumsiness. Somehow I envisioned her revival as different.

    About Musa’s mother :- Maybe she is happier where ever she is. If Musa had brought Matlin back…. It just doesn’t seem right. They have moved on and it would be difficult for Matlin to adjust to being corporeal again.She would feel out of place in a world she has already left behind.

    Nabu:- Well they really could have brought him back because he’s supposed to be in a coma. However if he is dead , well then , the dead should stay dead.

  23. I agree with this article, and she does sound like a teenager, I thought they made the wrong choice too, but i think they just did that because they are running out of ideas, and you are right, Aisha could HAVE wish for nabu to be alive, but to tell you I am confused, was daphne dead? Or a nymph? Or both? Also how old is daphne? Then I could cover up the “she does sound like a teenager”

    • First of all, daphne has not really dead! Its a cursed. Second of all, aisha moved on, she doesnt thinking of nabu at that movement. Third!! is was bloom’s wish. She ask for bloom’s wish not anybody else. Third , she wished to break the curse of sirenix not wished to. Bring back a dead person to life.

  24. I like Daphne’s corpeal form but I loved her spirit form. She was more mature and she helped Bloom with her insecurities. As far as Roxy she is a waste. She was extremely annoying. There doesn’t need to be a 7th Winx, some people still have a hard time accepting the 6th member Aisha. She is left out of a lot of stuff. Some websites only claim 5 members and only have their pictures posted. So why worry about Roxy when Aisha is not even accepted? Nabu is in a coma not dead remember Morgana’s words ” until he wakes again” that’s not death. You can’t wake from death.

    • I agreed! Roxy wasted, and aisha is not necessary to be in the group. I love daphne back to life and her character!

  25. “Daphne and Bloom’s story was one of the sweetest parts of the series. Imagine if your older sister gave her life for you when you were a baby. You didn’t get to grow up together, but her spirit is still with you — literally — like a guardian angel.
    Now that Daphne’s alive again, her sacrifice seems like a waste.”

    Thank goodness I was not the unique that felt this too!!

      • Daphne was dead until Nickbow retconned her story. I don’t know whether you’ve seen the first three seasons but season 5 and 6 are disasters compared to that. I’m sure that the older fans on this site agree with me.

  26. Im expecting Daphne to become powerful than the other winx. I would love to see daphne be part of the group. She been through lot and knowing lots and desired to be back in life. I really enjoy watching bloom and daphne being together

  27. my view on the whole situation:

    I was okay with Aisha joining the group, because she joined quite early in the series (S2) and wasn’t, (for me), a problem. then we had roxy. I love roxy I really do, but I don’t want her to become a proper winx. it’d be nice if she was in the show a little more, if maybe we saw her transform once in a while. and daphne. she should’ve stayed the way she was. now she’s corporeal, shes a teenager again!!! not good. sorry winx, but its true.

  28. I don’t like Roxy but do like Daphne. She is the better version of Bloom (hate her). But you are right she needs to be more like when she was dead. She looks weak

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