Remember this? Seemed like a good start, didn’t it?

But now, three years later, Nick and JAKKS Pacific have pushed the pause button on Winx. There have been no new episodes on TV for four or five months; instead, we got an online “marathon.” JAKKS hasn’t made many dolls this year, and the Color Splash dolls they promised us for this month have been delayed. Indefinitely.

It makes me sad — and a little angry. I can’t help but wanna do something to try to change the show’s fate. I refuse to let it die like this.

Is this starting to sound familiar? Well, yeah, it is. I’m talking about another fan campaign. I wasn’t sure how to bring this up again — or if I should at all. In the past, some fans have shot down, laughed at, and even warned others against my ideas.

But I know if I believe this can work (and I do), I can’t listen to them. Nick and JAKKS are squandering this show’s potential. They might still believe there aren’t enough fans, and I wanna prove them wrong. I can’t do that by doing nothing.


I still think these campaigns haven’t worked because not enough fans have participated. That could be my fault. I keep focusing on one activity like writing a letter or email. What if someone’s not good at writing? What if they’re too busy? Or what if they don’t want to because they hate writing letters? (I’ll confess: I didn’t either. I forced myself since it was my idea.) If it feels like a hassle, no one will do it.

So, here’s my new idea: do whatever you want.

Pick something you’re good at, something you do for fun: making videos, drawing, singing, acting out scenes with your dolls (I’ve seen YouTube videos of that), etc. If you wanna write a letter, knock yourself out. Wanna make Winx jewelry and send it to Nick’s executives? Be my guest.

It doesn’t matter what you do. Just express yourself as a Winx fan, then show what you’ve done to Nick and JAKKS. Don’t think too hard about it. We’re just showing them how much we love this show. If you just wanna send a tweet or two, that’s fine, too.

Speaking of tweets, we need to choose a campaign hashtag. Here are a few ideas:

  • #SomethingTrulyMagical
  • #ILoveWinxClub
  • #WinxClubFan
  • #SaveWinxClub

I like #SomethingTrulyMagical (hence the title of this post) since it’s their catchphrase for Winx Club. But it’s long, it doesn’t mention the name of the show, and it’s easy to misspell. Which one do you think would be best?

I hope more people will help this time. Please spread this post around!

*UPDATE* Just wanna clarify something. When I posted the list of hashtags, I wasn’t saying, “Use whichever one you want.” I need your help to narrow them down to one we’ll all use. Vote in the poll below:

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50 Responses to “Do #SomethingTrulyMagical *UPDATE*

  1. I remember. I have written more tweets than I care to count to @nickelodeontv on twitter. I wrote a letter once, have emailed them online several times. But I love to draw, so maybe I can send a letter and a drawing to Nick, showing how much I love the show. We have to save the Winx, one way or another.

    It’s always the winx saving ppl. Now is our chance to save them!

  2. I think #SaveWinxClub would be the best because it’s very short and to the point. Just by looking at your hashtag everyone would know what it’s for. A while back when I did the ” #FlyHighAllAround ” Doll Campaign with a friend to save the Winx Doll line, a lot of people were confused about it, and I think a more ” to the point” name might have been better. But of course that’s just me.
    I really like your idea! I will support 100% We WILL get Nick to notice us!

  3. As terrible as this is, and as much as it sucks, fan retaliation can only do so much. And sometimes it does nothing at all, even when it comes en masse. — Nickelodeon has been absolutely tanking lately, and not just with Winx Club; they’re currently experiencing an enormous backlash from fans of The Legend of Korra series. Nick has decided on a similar fate to LoK as it seemingly did with Winx Club, airing episodes sporadically and in random quantitates, the ratings took a nose dive in the episodes that aired back to back two weeks ago, and they made the announcement that the show was moving online exclusively, and still haven’t given fans a definitive explanation.

    Those things aside, I would encourage fans to keep sending their love and hoping that something comes of it, but at the end of the day we have to be realistic. Nickelodeon is part of a major corporation [Viacom] for lack of better terminology they won’t give a s**t if you threaten to boycott the channel, stop buying episodes and related merchandise, or whine that they “better bring my [your] show back!” — If you’re going to contact them at all, write an impassioned, well-composed and mature letter. Send some fan art, photos of your collections…Talk about what the show means to you, ask for explanations for the hiatus [not that they’d give one] and remind them that the show still has a vast fan base in the States, which is where the ratings are currently weakest.

    • Nickelodeon is at a very low point. One of it’s “popular” shows, Sam and Cat, getting cancelled, replaced by Henry Danger. (That is gonna tank.) Winx Club, Legend of Korra, iCarly, you name it. Nickelodeon is gonna die if we don’t get any shows back on track. Well, without Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents life support. >:(

      • Ugh! No kidding! iCarly and Victorious had decent runs, but Sam and Cat was barely given a chance. Whatever excuse they came up with to cancel it, it wasn’t good enough to replace it with yet ANOTHER male-lead show that sounds completely moronic.

        Winx Club may not have garnered as many viewers as they wanted, but COULD have succeeded if Nick had tried harder. For starters, they made a bad move by giving a new show a practically DEAD time slot: early on Sunday afternoon. Though there are several fans who grew up with the show, the target audience for Winx is younger girls…several of which probably attend church with their parents. They used this as an excuse to pull it entirely and put it up on Nicktoons…but even THEN it wasn’t aired consistently, let alone advertised.

        Legend of Korra started out in a good time slot (I actually first got into it by watching it on TV) and is probably one of their most popular shows. It was supposedly was moved online because it had “more online viewers,” but that’s a big flop on Nick’s part because even if it had a lot of online viewers, it still had several watching it on TV. They have no excuse to pull it from their main channel and put it online (or even on Nicktoons.)

        Based on the one thing all three of those shows have in common, the only theory I can come up with is this: Nick cancels shows with female leads because they think they won’t appeal to enough viewers.

        Either that or they’re biased against foreign/foreign-styled shows. I’ve noticed that most the anime-styled series they get wind up either going straight to Nicktoons or barely getting a chance for a decent run.

        Regardless, Nick needs to get their butts in gear or they’ll wind up losing all their viewers. Disney may have its ups and downs with their series, but at least they try to appeal to both male and female viewers. Cartoon Network is trying to do better about appealing to both genders and their Adult Swim block seems to be doing well (Toonami at least.) Nickelodeon is the only one being left in the dust. Yes, there are a lot of online viewers, but there wouldn’t HAVE to be if Nick would try and show more on their main channel. Not all of us can afford digital cable and they don’t update their site enough.

        And yes, they show WAY too much Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents. Though Fairly Odd Parents still gives me some giggles, Spongebob has lost its appeal to me.

        • Ditto on the too much spongebob and fairly odd parents. I never really cared for those shows (mostly because my parents never did and they pretty much brought me up to not care for them either) and the only shows I ever watched on Nick were Avatar (I got into it thanks to a buddy if mine) and Winx (don’t need any encouragement to get into that 😀 )
          I think Nick just doesn’t want to keep up with today’s trends. It’s their newer shows that get treated like crap by them and they imagine that no-one likes them because they’re too caught up in SB and FOP and can’t see how popular their other shows are in reality.

          Nick needs to shape up. Big time.

          • I didn’t have cable growing up, so I only watched Nickelodeon when I was visiting my relatives. Even then, I didn’t watch it much. While cartoons were better back then, the ones on Nick looked stupid to me. I had a bad image of Nick overall — just a lot of goofy shows I didn’t care about. Today, I’d take those over what they air on TV now.

  4. OMG YES THIS IS PERFECT! I think this will work! I like #somethingtrulymagical, but like you said, it’s quite long and easy to misspell. I also think #SaveWinxClub might alarm some fans if they see it. I vote #ILoveWinxClub. Actually, I think it would be better if it were #WeLoveWinxClub.

  5. I honestly think that if Nick wants to get the show back on track, they need to market it better, and Rainbow also needs to improve the show’s writing and make it much more mature. Focus on the characters, their development, and properly structuring an intriguing, complex, and engaging story. They also need to be much more creative in the spell department.

    I will support this campaign simply because I want Winx to get another shot. While I do think it needs a reboot, I don’t think the show deserves to die, given how season six has actually been pretty good, especially in comparison to season five. I have decent expectations for season seven, but I hope it’s not another season five situation. If Nick is co-producing it, they might as well dub and air it.

    The same thing’s happened with The Legend of Korra and Nickelodeon, except Korra is going digital for the rest of season 3 and season 4. Winx could do the same, but I think it’d be much better both on television (with proper advertisement and time slots, no hiatuses) and on digital media.

    I’ve never really cared much about JAKKS Pacific and the toyline, but I’ll also support my fellow fans who desperately want them to continue it.

  6. I think that the problem is mostly Nick’s fault which it is but having more fan support is a good idea. I think I know where Nick went wrong not including the full six instead just adding Aisha to the standard 3. Seems kinda dumb to not add the Asian-esque fairy to the mascot role especially when Nick’s serious shows feature Asian characters, Musa could have been related to some fire nation musicians or vice-versa bending and magic are technically the same thing (mutant/learned powers) or even Tecna’s brains could have worked with Timmy’s (Fop) idiocy/ignorance. Now there’s an idea two fairy shows on Nickelodeon why don’t you do the flippin’ crossover already? If it’s too expensive to animate i’ve heard live action is cheaper just use Believix suits, those should be simple to modify for live action all it needs is a satin look and a little glitter dip for sparkle. The sets could all just be cardboard and furniture. Plus Believix comes with it’s own special effects set for each girl light beam in power color +associated shape that should be easy to film. There’s a million things Nick could have done but wasted potential. The best they’ve done is add bloom to mega games. I might think of something but rerun slots would help

    • Honestly? Crossovers are best left to the writers of fan fiction. Many TV shows, both cartoon and live action have done crossovers in the past, but in the histories of two major networks, Disney and Nickelodeon, crossovers are pretty much the death sentence of a show. Like a last-ditch effort sort of thing to increase ratings.

      •Lilo & Stitch the Series has multiple crossovers with other Disney Channel shows [Recess, Kim Possible, The Proud Family, and American Dragon: Jake Long] and those were the final episodes before the series was pulled.

      •Jimmy Neutron crossed over with Fairly Oddparents for “Jimmy Timmy Power Hour” shortly before its cancellation.

      •Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys got a full-length movie crossover in “Rugrats Go Wild” and even after all of the hype, it had the lowest ratings of all 3 Rugrats films.

      Now this doesn’t mean that every crossover is automatically doomed to fail, but I think that the reason why most have been unsuccessful is due to the fact that they pick series’ to mesh together that have little or no similarities. Lilo & Stitch and Recess for example was a pretty random mashup. — Also your suggestion of ATLA and Winx Club seems a bit far fetched. ATLA, especially the later seasons, were way more intense than even the unedited Winx Club ever was. The over all feel of both shows is totally different [like Recess and L&S] and therefore the writers would be grasping at straws trying to create a story. Especially one in which characters from two completely different universes were related, but somehow their species [fairies] have never once been mentioned; that’s not something you can really just drop into an episode on a whim. I think that endeavors like this are much better left in the creative hands of enthusiastic fans rather than limited writers. We have a lot more free-range and creative freedom than the actual writing staff. 🙂

      Also, a live action Winx Club actually has been discussed for quite some time. But like everything else, there are fandom hangups and debates. I draw my opinion from watching the Winx Club Power Shows online, which if you haven’t seen them, is essentially a live action rendition of the show, or selected segments from it. And I don’t think it does the show justice. If you’re a child of the 80s or 90s, you probably remember the original Sailor Moon anime, and that they did a live action version of it in America. The over all outrageous styles of the characters [brightly colored large eyes, very long and vibrant hair, ultra form-fitting costumes, etc.] just weren’t done justice by their live action counterparts. There’s just way more possibilities in animation than there is with actors. Not to mention, Winx Club is a “magical girl” series, meaning with all of their powers, transformations, etc. it would be VERY special-effects heavy. Which, with a likely meager budget, just spells trouble, and we run the risk of cheesy, poorly produced special-effects, which can be detrimental to the show in the long run.

      Just as a general thing, I don’t know what’s going on with Nick lately. Every channel has its slumps, but this is nothing new for them, it seems. As I stated in another comment, Nick is receiving a huge amount of backlash now because they recently pulled their ATLA continuation series, The Legend of Korra to be an online exclusive, almost what they seem to be pushing Winx Club to become after the last online-only marathon they hosted. There is some fan speculation that it was pulled due to the “controversy” of having a female lead, which, in conjunction with the hiatus of Winx Club, may indeed be the case, which for this day in age is incredibly stupid and inexcusable. — But, I digress, you’re right. We need to keep spreading the love and show the writers that although this show has been around a long time, it still has a huge fan base who would love to see it continue.

      • Seems the only crossover that worked at all (that I’ve seen anyway) were The Flinstones and The Jetsons. I don’t know how Winx would do with a crossover unless they somehow made a fairy level where they become Never fairies (crossover with Tinkerbell) which could perhaps be a 3d movie. Just a thought. Do u think that’s a crossover that could work?

          • I only saw it once cuz I watched it while my dad recorded it and I haven’t seen it since (I’m not much of a Flinstones person) but my dad really liked it and he’s pretty good about finding crossovers that work so I’m pretty much just trusting his judgement on the show.
            I don’t remember if its titled The Jetsons Meet the Flinestones or if its the other way around, but look it up.

        • I like the idea of the winx in pixie hollow. I’ll have to make some fanart for that now. 😉

      • Your example for crossovers for being show deaths has no merit
        Lilo & Stitch was still under the then 65 episode rule so crossover or no crossover it would’ve ended regardless. The third Jimmy/FOP crossover was intended to be the series finale for both shows FOP only continued because of high audience appeal. The Rugrats/Wild Thornberrys crossover has no effect on the series and treated as a seperate canon.

    • Oh gosh, that would be an AMAZING crossover. I loved the gag commercial they did where “Fun Wanda” was advertised as their “newest member.”

      Avatar and Winx could work as well, considering that the six members of the club all use the five elements (Bloom and Stella’s powers could be related to fire-bending, Aisha’s powers could be related to water-bending, Musa’s could be a new form of air bending, and Tecna’s technology could be related to metal-bending.)

      So many missed opportunities. *sigh*

      • That’s more like whay I had in mind like magic being an “advanced” form of bending, but Tecna’s main power is quintessence (heart/electricity, she just says Tech so it doesn’t sound lame/isn’t a mouthful) so she could be an energy bender, I do see light as an offshoot from fire though. We already know that Bloom and Aisha are respectively Fire and Water benders, Flora is Earth bending but doesn’t do rocks much, she’d rather do vines,maybe animal telepathy is a minor offshoot of Earth bending that could allow Roxy some time? Musa definitely has air bending and Daphne is the Captain Planet of the group, which is why she shouldn’t be around in battle, it makes a relatively easy fight easier, why do you think Martian Manhunter isn’t around as often as Superman in the JLA or vice-versa. Having both overpowered members fixes everything unless you put the focus on a power unique to one.

  7. I don’t really like the #SaveWinxClub hashtag as it seems to have a negative tone to it. If we’re really going to “save” the show, not only do we have to let Nick know that they need to do something about their management of it, but also promote the series to new fans who will buy merch. That’s the best way you can possibly convince a network that a show is worth keeping: through money. So non-fans see stuff like #SaveWinxClub, their first thought might be that this is some lame, unpopular show that needs to be saved constantly. (Because, really, most shows are cancelled for a reason.)

    #ILoveWinxClub and #WinxClubFan do have the advantage of having the show name in them, but they don’t really stand out and most people wouldn’t even know this is actually a campaign.

    #SomethingTrulyMagical is a good one, I think. It may not have the show name in it, but it’s (a) positive and (b) a bit mysterious in a way (as in, it would make people curious wondering what this “truly magical” thing is, ya know? And then they would research it and possibly find this campaign)

    Enough about hashtags, haha. I do love the idea for this campaign, and I think that if everyone puts their heads together, we can do something truly magical.

    Finally, as I said before, the biggest way to save this show is through MONEY. Buy dolls, DVDs, books, episodes on iTunes/Amazon. Whatever you can afford. (I will be honest and let you know that, unfortunately, this is the one area in which I cannot participate, as I made a resolution for 2014 to not buy anything that isn’t necessary, unless it’s a gift. I feel like a hypocrite for telling y’all to buy things when I won’t be doing that myself, but I made this resolution a while ago, so…)

    You could even send a picture of your collection to Nick/JAKKS, with something like “I’m loving all these Winx goods! I can’t wait for more to be released!”

  8. The summaries for the rest of season 6 showed up on the Winx lj community, with airdates in august. So the lag may be in Italy, and Nick just isn’t showing them because they want the episodes to come out at roughly the same time worldwide. It’s possible. Not that this negated how rotten Nick is being in general.

  9. I love Winx club, and I think this is a great idea! I think I can probably send in some winx art and a nice letter, but do you think it would help if I spread the word about this on my deviantart page, and link back to your article?

  10. But what exactly are you fighting for?
    Because, Winx Club isn’t cancelled, it’s still in production by Rainbow, and it’s confirmed next season will be dubbed by Nickelodeon, even if Nick won’t be part of production team anymore.

    • We’re not fighting for them to continue airing Winx (although it hasn’t been confirmed if season seven is coming to the U.S. — just overseas). This is about how Nick and JAKKS are treating it. Even if it’s brought back, it’s not gonna do well if they don’t support it. They’re not advertising it, Nick doesn’t air the episodes consistently (right now, they’re not airing them at all!), there’s barely any merchandise (we were promised more than we got), and they seem to be trying to turn it into an online show. Winx Club deserves better treatment than that.

  11. I like #SomethingTrulyMagical best. I think it’s the most unique and creative. And it’s got a nice ring to it.

    I’m on board with this. I’ll post about it on Flickr too within the next few days to help spread it around.

    Though I must admit, I don’t know how much good sending to Nick will do. They practically haven’t even acknowledged anything from the Winx Club community, I have a feeling everything we say to them just goes in one ear and out the other. We’ve at least gotta find someone better to send to besides like, their social media pages or Jakks’ consumer support, because they’re never gonna pay attention. Maybe we should try sending to Rainbow too?

    I was also wondering where exactly we’re supposed to be sending this stuff to. Like, is there a specific physical address? I’d rather send a letter than an email, since based off past experience that gets a better response and companies take you more seriously.

  12. Ugh, Pretty much we all voted for the same one. I guess that the official hashtag for now. #SaveWinxClubforSeason7inUSA Looool. What a long one I made. HOPE they actually releasing the 3rd movie out in cinema for USA.

  13. Maybe we could all compose a group letter and mail and email it to Rainbow, Jakks and Nick. Everyone could write their own short, sweet MSG saying why they love Winx and then sign it after their part. If we can get enough ppl to input their love perhaps it can help.

    And Obvious Prattler, maybe u can send them the fan art we upload here on the site as well.

    What do y’all think? There’s no guarantee it’ll work, but do u think its a good idea?

  14. well give IF those nick channel really wake-up & realize all shows been messing in give yea for IF winx can get groove back on nick channel here ideas

    1.get better timeslot to watch eps in proper line-up order (give still those nick channel asia area showing it in RANDOM MIX-UP OUT OF ORDER MIS-BALANCE SHOWING) least show it all on tv then later on i-net tv.

    really give idea move winx eps & korra to i-net really trying counter netflix & besides worry on PR series give still suggest go back full-year 30s-40s eps format and not 2yrs 20eps season.

    overall if nick channel keep SCREWING winx well then time move to new channel for them.

    • Clearly, I agree. Can’t the Magic marathon be both streamed online and on TV at the same time? It just simple. There are lots of timeslot in Nick schedule. Mainly, I just wish Nick listen to us

  15. I don’t use Twitter, but I’ll mention it on Facebook.

    Does Rainbow have an English translator on staff? Maybe if we tried contacting them then we might get some answers about Winx Club’s future. Hopefully they’ll say they are “in the process of finding a new partner.”

    I’m guessing from the hints that it’s Viz Media, but there’s no way to tell at this point.

      • Ah I see. Well, then probably the best move at this point would be to ask Rainbow what Nick’s involvement with the series is at this point. If they say something that implies they may be seeking a new partner, then we might want to shift our focus more towards suggesting who said partner should be.

        Until then, I think the letter campaign is a good idea, but with a different focus for each party:
        -Nick: Our main focus needs to be their website and their NickToons channel. I honestly don’t think that they’ll put it back on their main channel, but if we express interest, we might just be able to get them to add more than just clips to their website (I had to view the episodes from the “magic marathon” elsewhere because they were no longer on their website.) As for NickToons, even reruns would be nice at this point.

        -Jakks: The main focus should be the release of the Color Splash and Bloomix dolls so they don’t get added to their toy graveyard. Stressing less Bloom dolls and more Musa and Tecna, limited edition ones like Daphne, and maybe even a Roxy doll would be good.

        -Rainbow: The main focus should be stressing the importance of keeping the Winx in the US.

        • Agreed. Winx is more popular than they think it is and they would figure that out if they would just take a look at this blog. It’s dedicated to Winx (and mostly winx in the USA) and if they looked at these posts, they would get tons of ideas on how to make the show blossom so much more and the ratings would go up for sure.

  16. I wonder if bad management is the cause of it all. Maybe nick had good management when it first aired winx and has new management that hates the show and its fans.
    I don’t know. I’m just tossing ideas for an explanation of why it all happened.

  17. After thinking about it, I really like #SomethingTrulyMagical now. It sounds so unique and I feel like it would be great for Social Media.

  18. I honestly don’t like #SaveWinxClub because it highlights the fact that the show isn’t getting a lot of support… I think we should focus on highlighting our fandom instead.

  19. I would love to make a drawing but I don’t know how to show it to them. Sending an email may not be so efficient because they may not even look at it. But it’s worth a try . So , how can I make them see drawings , letters etc .. ?

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