Ever since I wrote about Nick’s new game, “Do You Believix?”, I’ve been asked A LOT of questions. I’ll try to answer as many as I can.

(For the guide to Aisha’s game, scroll down.)


As of this writing, you can’t. You’ll have to wait until Nick updates the game again. I know it’s hard — I like it, too — but be patient.

I don’t know. When they do, I’ll tell you. 🙂

Nick hasn’t added them yet. Just wait. 🙂

See above.

And finally…

It’s not hard once you get it. Read on. 🙂


Unlocking the Game
After you play Musa’s game for the first time, go talk to Bloom. She’ll say she has “2 more BIG surprises” for you: Aisha and Roxy (who is a Winx in this case) are back.

Now, talk to Aisha (obviously).

Potion recipe

Game Play
Here’s the basic flow of the game:

  • Talk to Aisha to get your potion recipe.
  • Pick any flask and drag it to the table.
  • Pour the right amount of each ingredient, without overfilling the flask. (Tip: Dust pours slower than essence.)

Aisha’s “caffeine mode”

When Aisha stops you and goes into what I call “caffeine mode” (see the previous posts :P), you’ve made the potion correctly.

If she does nothing, your potion’s wrong. There’s supposed to be a counter over her head that tells you the ingredients. It’s not there. Instead, talk to her again to check your recipe. If you did make a mistake, drag the potion to the recycling bin next to the table and start over.


What does Aisha mean by “N parts of Y?”
When you start pouring, pink lines appear next to your flask. Treat them like marks on a ruler. So if Aisha says, “Two parts of Blue Dust,” carefully pour the dust two lines up (starting from the last line you poured to). Don’t count the bottom line — it just marks the bottom of the flask.

How do I mix the potion?
There is no mixing. When Aisha says “mix,” she means “pour the ingredients together.”

My potion turned black! Why? 😥
You overfilled it. Dump it in the recycling bin and start over.


The first potion Aisha teaches you is the Swirling potion. She says the recipe is “two parts of Green Essence and two parts of Blue Dust.” Wrong!

RIGHT recipe for Swirling potion

Talk to her again to get the right recipe: “Two parts of Pink Essence and two parts of Orange Dust.”

Okay, I hope I explained that well. Now go make some potions! And tell Aisha I sent you. 😛

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83 Responses to ““Do You Believix?” — How Do I Play Aisha’s Game? (And Other FAQ’s)

  1. how do i beat the party??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 🙁


  3. I’m playing at aisha and i don’t know what to put in it essence or dust she says:Great!you’ll mix pink,purple and green now.One part of each.put i don’t know what to put essence or dust? Please answer me how to do it!!

  4. Hi, I found your walkthrough and I was wondering, how do you get past the Aisha portion of the “reality storm”? I’ve made that potion a million times and Aisha’s not doing the caffeine thing.

      • Over one month later and there STILL hasn’t been an update for the game. I am also stuck on Aisha’s bit for the reality storm. The same thing happened to me; when I first made the potion correctly it turned black immediately. I think that’s what was supposed to happen, like when you choose to develop your potion skills and the strange things start to happen, but whatever dialogue that action meant to prompt isn’t there or they haven’t done anything to connect the two. I am VERY anxious for some sort of update on the game, at least to see what happens next.

        • I AM STUCK THERE! 🙁 By the way, the potion is not suppose to turned black, you should only go up to line 4 on the potion bottle meter or whatever she called it

  5. At least I’m not the only one stuck. Thank you for the reply. I’ll wait and see if Nick updates the game before I try it again.

    • I think it is a bug, because I’m also stuck right there. We’ll probably have to wait til Nick fixes it.

  6. Wait, so there’s no way passing Aisha’s game during the reality storm? I really hope Nick updates the game soon because I spent a lot of time to get to where I am in the game right now and I’d hate for all my progress to be gone.. Please comment if anyone is able to pass it! Thanks and good luck(=

  7. “1 part green dust, 2 parts blue dust, and 1 part pink essence”
    seems to be a typo… ive tried it too many times to count… ive even used more than one container to come up with the right proportions. however this recipe has 4 total parts, and yet the heart marks that there needs to be 5 parts to complete… help with this please?

    • this should work and does NOT// put all four parts in two separate containers. pour the contents of the second flask into a third, in order to mix the colors. Pour one part of this solution back into the first container, and that is 5 segments of the above proportions… mathematically it works! why does it not in this game??

  8. i got my wings all of them they are just dreess that look the the girls belivix not your own set of wings and the party can last for how every long you want it to when your done just go back to see bloom

  9. Aisha wants to me mix 2 UNITS of orange dust and 1UNIT of green essence. But I don’t know what she means by UNITS. Can anyone help?

    • units are your measurements, like feet and ounces or meters and liters. They use units because it is universal when we don’t know what exactly we’re dealing with.

  10. um there is this part when your doing blooms mission and there is a storm and bloom talks about an aninchant picture and when you do aishia’s part,you need 1 green bust,2 blue dust and 1 pink estance.when i trieed it,it dosnt work! maybe there is a spelling error or something! if you know post it on your website

  11. How do u beat Aisha’s game is the reality storm?!!!! I don’t think that Nickelodeon is ever going 2 update the game!

    • Wow, you actually beat it? 😯 Sorry, I don’t know. Most people, including myself, haven’t had any luck with it. I thought there was a bug.

  12. Like most people, i am still stuck on the 1 green dust, 2 blue dust and i pink essence

    I dont get why it is not letting me pass…it\’s really frustrating

  13. Im stuck on the part when Aisha teaches a Rainbow Potion she says ” Great! You’ll mix Pink, Purple and Green now. Once part each.” but which do i use?? Essence or dust. ?? PLEASE help

    • Well Riley, you’re wrong. I got past that part in ,what, 30 seconds? It’s pretty simple, actually.

      • well soar if you got it then can you please tell everyone who is stuck, i think it could be helpful

        • Well, you have to be really precise. To do that, follow my instructions. First get the appropriate dust or essence. Then when the meter goes up to just before the line in which you stop, let go of the mouse. Then you have it very precise!

          • um i tried doing that and it’s still rigged someone at nick doesn’t want us to beat the game and i’ve tried every single combo and i do not want to start over at all which i fear may be the only bypass.

          • Wait, which part of the game is for the dragonspear potion? Are you sure you are reading the essences and dusts right?

  14. i am stuck help on aisha’ potion lab the potion is purple dust green dust orange essence orange dust can you help me please

  15. why cant I watch season 5 episode 14 I cant find 1 video what happened too the winx club why7 cant I find the video HELP ME PLEASE I NEED TOO NOW WHAT HAPPEND ( don’t tell me what happend in the vid just help me find it please) answer as fast as you can please

  16. I passed the poison winx its esay you do pink dust purple dust and the grren dust the pink liquid and then purple liquid and the green liquid see its easy
    =))))))))) 83

  17. Well, it’s funny that Layla should teach us about potions given that on the older Winx Club website, her profile stated that she hates Potionology!!!! This game should have gone to Bloom because her favorite subject is Potionology.

    • It should have, gone to Bloom, Layla could have handled the meet and greets/invitations and reality missions, she is the second in command of the Winx based on pure observation of her skills since season 2, she is almost always next to Bloom in transform sequences, either right before or right after her. Also this season when they say Magic Winx “Harmonix/Sirenix” she is usually to the right of Bloom, if that doesn’t indicate her status, I don’t know what would.

  18. k. “1 green dust, 2 blue dust,1 pink essence’
    some people claim to have completed it others claim there is a bug so that you can’t. it’s my last quest until whatever the next segment is. please please help!

  19. I was just reading the nick.com boards for the game and here’s what I found. The developers don’t want us getting passed the storm. They rigged it so that you can’t pass the reality storm and get Bloom’s wings presumably. Unless higher ups at nick.com can get that fixed, you’re stuck at trying to figure out how to make that impossible potion, I tried several mathematical combos which are needed in the game and theoretically should work, but nothing did and I found out it was rigged.

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