The new main screen. Flora looks weird just floating there, doesn’t she?

Nick has updated the new “Do You Believix?” game. A couple changes:

  • The green fertilizer in Flora’s game is now brown.
  • Cancel and back buttons have been added to some screens, like the photo screen in Stella’s “game.”

Surprise! Musa, Aisha, and Roxy are back! And of course, they want to help you find your fairy talent, too. That means…more games!

Rock Band, Winx style. (Didn’t see that coming, did you? :P) Press the right letter key when a star reaches its goal zone. Try to time your press perfectly. If a star has a line trail, hold the key until the end of it. You win if you meet or beat the accuracy goal Musa sets for you.

The song you play is a cool, instrumental version of “La Magia di Winx Club.”

This is my favorite game so far. 😀 Until you have to use four keys! Five will be murder! 😯 (I gave up accuracy points to take that screenshot.)

(Side note: The caffeine high continues. Doesn’t fit Musa either.)

Potionology is my favorite Alfea class, but I didn’t think it would be this hard!

Okay, it’s not so tough once you get it. Just follow the recipe: pour the right amounts of the right ingredients. It doesn’t matter which flask you use. Just be careful not to overfill it, or your potion will turn black. Don’t wanna drink that! It’s hard to see the measurement lines that appear next to the flask when you’re pouring, so you might have lean in closer to your screen. If you mess up, drop the potion in the recycling bin and start over.

Aisha will stop you and go into caffeine high mode when your potion’s right.

And ignore her comment about a counter above her head. It’s not there. Still some bugs to work out.

(Side note 2: Why does the perkiness work for her somehow?)

Roxy’s game has something to do with the Fairy Pets. No surprise there. Sadly, the Winx have left the little darlings with petsitters until the party’s over. So unless I’ve missed something…there’s no game yet. You’ll have to wait.

Here are a couple more screenshots. There’s another change to the game, but I’ll talk about it in the next post.

Bloom says Musa’s back

The full “game select” screen

*UPDATE* I found a mistake in Aisha’s game. When you first play it, she tells you the Swirling potion needs 2 parts Green Essence and 2 parts Blue Dust.

That’s completely wrong. Talk to her again (since the counter’s not there) and she’ll give you the right recipe: 2 parts Pink Essence and 2 parts Orange Dust.

I hope that helps some of you. 😀

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46 Responses to ““Do You Believix?” Part II: Musa, Aisha, and Roxy’s Games *UPDATE*

  1. omg! just like i say that i want more things on this game omg im soooooooo happy!!! i was right that they add musa layla and roxy!

    • To get Musa, Aisha, and Roxy’s games:

      1. Play Tecna, Flora, and Stella’s games.
      2. Talk to Bloom.
      3. Play any of the three games again.
      4. Talk to Bloom again. She’ll tell you Musa has arrived.
      5. Play Musa’s game, then talk to Bloom again. She’ll say she has “two surprises” for you, which are Aisha and Roxy.

      Hope that helped! 🙂

      • yeah but when i take the picture of stella picture doesn’t come 🙁 and she say nothing ;(

        • hey winxgirls12 about stellas picture not coming in do you believix on my laptop it works just fine maybe theres a little tweek in yours i dont know its just a thought

  2. The game is getting to be awesome. Thanks for helping me with Layla’s minigame! Afterwards, you get to be your own winx and stuff! I named mine, Destiny. I love what I’ve created! They’re going add wings soon and I wonder what the powers are. It would be more nicer if it wasn’t the Winx’s powers but your own power choice. But afterwards, when you have to stop playing, why can’t they save it like they do with Winx Club: Dress Me Up?

  3. I found that the second game of Layla’s (the purple and blue essence) doesn’t work properly. Musa’s game is very challenging with cold fingers!

  4. nevermind. but how long does this party last? when can u the game for roxy? and i cant do nothing i clicked on bloom and she kept saying explore the place.

  5. I’m having trouble with Aisha’s/Layla’s game, when she says two parts does she mean half way and then mix the two up? Or is it something completely different?

  6. hey when i pour pink essence and pour orange fairy dust its change in to black whats happening?

    • well if u forget ingredients click on her then pick a flask u can click on her all the time for help then get whatever she said and pour it however much she told u 2 there is measuring thing on left hope it helped

  7. when ur in the party what do u do i play all games like two times and bloom still says to talk to the girls

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