Once when I was translating some text from the Winx Club website (using a site called Frengly.com), I noticed that Artù is Italian for Arthur. Big deal, you say? Well, it might be.

Remember the story Ms. Faragonda tells the Winx in episode two, “L’Albero della Vita” (The Tree of Life)? The fight between the Fairies of Earth and the Wizards of the Black Circle dates back to the age of King Arthur, or, as the Italians would say, Re Artù. How do we know? The slide showing a hand raising a sword out of the water is an allusion to the Lady of the Lake, who gave Arthur Excalibur in some versions of the legend. And Morgana the Fairy Queen is named after another character in the myths: Morgan le Fay. (Le fay is based the French la fée, which means “the fairy.”)

So if the two stories are related, could Artù’s name be important? Maybe Rainbow was just sticking to the King Arthur theme, and Roxy gave her dog that name without knowing the significance. Or Artù could be him reincarnated—the Wizards cursed him, and Roxy, being the fairy of animals, has the power to make him human again.

Anything’s possible in fantasy!

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4 Responses to “Does Artù Have a Secret?

    • Whoa!!!!!!!

      I’m doing a King Arthur play and my friend Rachel is Roxy’s mom! Awkward… and my friend Chris is King Arthur. I’m some Lady Kay person no one’s ever heard of…

      • hey hey its lady kay and morgan le fay there in the midevil play there gonna rock the house to day! woot woot *danceing*

        inside joke.

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