So far this year, we’ve seen the release of the Winx “Magiche Reginette Sul Ghiacchio” (Magical Ice Queens) line, staring Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Roxy. Of course, more dolls are in store for the stores. The summer-themed “Sun & Ice Cream” line will showcase the fruit outfits the Winx wore this season. I’m not sure what Roxy’s will be, although her Frutti Music Bar uniform is said to be her fruit outfit. Another line Rainbow Toys has planned will be called “I Love My Pet,” yet another one inspired by Love & Pet. The outfits will be very casual and feature each Winx’s pet on her shirt. (Roxy seems to have been given a random pet instead of Artù like you might expect.) The good news is that according to this magazine article, both lines will include all seven Winx. Thank goodness, since Tecna, Musa, and Layla have been left out far too often lately.

These probably won’t be the only dolls we see in 2010, so more to come as the year goes on.

News Source:
Impero dei Cartoni

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12 Responses to “Doll Line-up for 2010

  1. The Dolls in the picture look really stupid, Whats going on with the Stella’s hair? It looks like they were made in 2002. The other ones, however look really nice and well converted from the show. Though, why do they make Roxy have purple hair? it’s more pinkish and has the blond parts. I’m looking forward to seeing Flora’s ‘Sun & Ice cream’ one.

  2. I think that Roxy’s hair is purple cause they would look really weird being as pink as they are in cartoon. Come to think on it when Mattel made Tecna’s they made her with darker hair too, but they added lighter stripes. Its just to make her look natural I think.

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