capture_001_15052014_164749_346Back when season four was airing (outside America), I griped about how the Winx were relying too much on items and advisers to guide them. I missed the days when they’d use their own spells and brains to defeat challenges. Sadly, the hand-holding has only gotten worse.

First, the Sirenix Quest. The Book told them where to look for the gems. Once underwater, the Selkies led them to their destination, and if they couldn’t find the gem, all they had to do was ask their Guardians for a hint. It was almost like an RPG!

Now this season, the Winx have a walking encyclopedia of Magix on their team: Professor Daphne.

winx 606 vortex of flames 55A typical conversation with her goes like this:

A WINX: What are those things?
DAPHNE: They’re [insert name], creatures from ancient times that [insert scary-sounding superpower or trait].
ANOTHER WINX: Oh, no! How are we going to stop them?
DAPHNE: They [insert somewhat-obvious weakness].
AISHA or BLOOM: Then let’s [insert simple plan]! C’mon, Winx!

Wash, rinse, repeat every other episode. For how long? I don’t know, but I hope it’s not for the rest of the season — and future seasons. It’s gotten old already.

capture_019_15052014_170757_625What annoys me most is the Winx shouldn’t need Daphne for this. Any of them could take on her role. Tecna’s the logical choice. With her smartphone or laptop, or even her bare hands, she can look up a monster’s info on the Net, then calculate a strategy to beat it. She used to do it all the time.

The other Winx should also be more knowledgeable than they seem. Flora and Musa are two of the best students in the club, yet Flora’s the only one who applies what she’s learned — and that’s mostly potionology. Bloom grew up on Earth and loved reading myths and fairytales. Why wouldn’t she know about mummies, and why couldn’t she tell Flora about the Sphinx in episode 6X08?

We still don’t know if Daphne will join the Winx, but I hope she won’t just be the resident know-it-all. It’s a waste of her character. I’d rather watch her adjust to being corporeal again and prepare to be Domino’s queen. That’s a much more sympathetic plotline for her.

If she’s not gonna be a Winx, she’d be better off as “mission control.” She can still use her vast knowledge to advise them, but not in every single battle. They’re grown-up fairies now. Let them think for themselves now and then.

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9 Responses to “Encyclopedia Daphne

  1. That’s an issue i’ve seen lately. It’s old. I don’t mind Bloom and Aisha having the transform/attack call but why hasn’t anyone bothered to listen to Tecna like they used to (she even has the call when both Bloom and Aisha are gone) They should think for themselves. Daphne should be mission control (this could help Roxy too if she doesn’t become 7th Winx) but i’d rather see royal prep for Daphne than walking book. Flora and Musa should also be able to work at the same level as the others. The girls are twenty not five!

  2. daphne as mission control give other reason why since she is oldest of the main 6 winx group.

    give we know physical young look but older within (almost 40s) like whole captain america got cap-sicle treatment (besides cap said he 95yrs already if watch winter soldier movie).

    so if daphne focus on s6 been sure re-adjust to have body, present timeline, & mission control.

    if plan i know give her put on 2nd winx team?

  3. I guess they make Daphne like that to make her seem more like the History of Magic teacher she is. Maybe playing this role is part of her being a teacher, and she wants to play her part in helping the Winx and her sister to make up for lost time or something.

    Just a thought.

  4. It is strange when you think about it. Normally, the saying is “with age, comes wisdom”, but the Winx are becoming more reliant as they get older instead of self-sufficient. It’s almost as if they’ve aged up chronologically, but are going a bit backwards mentally/psychologically.

  5. This is what happens when you add more characters and then have to figure out what to do with them. The Sirenx Quest I kind of get because it was a Quest after all but still the fact that the Winx knew they had someone to rely on meant they would use it. It’s like having a cheat sheet. Some people don’t bother to study when they know they have one. Sadly that’s a hindrance. You still need to study. Not every question can be answered by the cheat sheet. It’s what made season 5 so annoying. They did less studying (relying on their own power) and more cheat sheeting (depending on something else).
    Then there’s the fact that they made Daphne whole. They had to find something to do with her until they could make her the new heir. They chose the logical choice but rather than have her as someone to go to in extreme circumstances, they made her a part of the team. Now it’s too late to weed her out because she is too well established there. The only way they can get away with weeding her out is if they start finding excuses for her to head back to Domino to do her duties the way they do with Sky.
    It’s sad but the focus of the show is no longer on the Winx as a group so much any more. Too many things are getting in the way of their growth as characters and they insist on rehashing old plots like Musa and Riven’s problems. Any fighting they do not should be just regular couple bickering. They have taken their growth in season 4 and dashed it on the rocks. There is too much of Bloom and Sky, Bloom in general, Stella’s designs which are becoming too ordinary now. I liked it best when she did things on special occasions. Now every episode has a new design and they are using it for comic relief even. Some of them are great but some should never have even been shown.

    • I’ve only seen four good ones this season, The Domino Ballgowns, This season’s winter wear in China adventures (not the balloon one *spoiler*), Color splash *spoiler* Shimmer in the shadows. the cheetah print looked awful as did those horrible ballet wing collection.

  6. that’s what happens if you add much characters, Yes, daphne can advise the winx on some missions but really not all the time. It’s really getting old, it’s like in every episode (or it is in every episode) they use her as or anyone (Faragonda, Daphne,Some Gaurdians or whatever can be used as an encyclopedia) to lead them the way (an OBVIOUS way) to battling monsters and stuff

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