That’s what BanjoGate, a Youtube user who subbed season four, says in a note on his playlist. (He’s the subber I recommended in this post back in May.)

He doesn’t specify which English version, though, so it could be either one—the Singapore English (RAI English) or USA English (4Kids). But with the recent English promo that’s surfaced and the fact Secret of the Lost Kingdom was also released in November in Singapore last year (coincidence much), it’s most likely the RAI English version we are waiting for.

Also, this English Love & Pet video at the end of the playlist suggests that, too. Hmmm…November 2nd, huh?

Wonderful news for Singapore’s Winx fans, but what about us here in America? Will 4Kids TV follow suit? Winx Club was (and still is) one of their most popular shows. They wouldn’t pass up such a big money-making opportunity, would they?

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One Response to “English Season Four Coming in November?

  1. I agree it is hard having to wait if your from America, pesta rica, england or another countrie but at least it will be in english language.

    -Pandawinx. 🙂

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