The Muse came up with this idea — a new feature for the blog and a better way to review each episode. Let us know what you think! If it’s a hit, we’ll keep doing this in place of my “My Thoughts on Such-and-Such” posts. (These are more fun, I think. 🙂 )

This was just a test run. Next time (starting next week), we’ll spend a few minutes after each episode to discuss it.

Enjoy! (By the way, this was recorded in February. 😛 )

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29 Responses to “Episode Commentary: 6X08 — “Attack of the Sphinx” (22:39)

  1. I think you mean 6×08. 😛
    But anyhow, please do not take personal offense to anything that I am about to say.
    I personally did not like this.
    It is a good idea, but the execution was rough around the edges.
    Firstly, it would work much better if we could actually see what was happening in the episode, as opposed to just hearing it in the background.
    Most of the time I don’t even know what exactly you guys are referring to.
    Also, for both of you, but especially…I don’t know..the one who’s not OP (was it the MelodicMuse?), stop trying to be funny and making attempts at comedic remarks, it just comes across as annoying and distracting, like a little kid in a movie theater.
    The interaction between you two felt awkward for the most part.
    Like you’re saying things for the sake of sounding funny for the purpose of the recording, which would be fine if the comedic timing was actually good, but like I said, it felt awkward….forced and unnatural.
    There were good spots here and there, especially from OP, whom felt like she was actually being natural and giving a proper commentary for the most part, as opposed to trying to be funny.
    I do repeat, I hope nobody takes offense to this, as I am not trying to attack anyone personally.
    It was a good effort.

    • Thanks for being honest. 🙂

      Believe it or not, we weren’t hamming it up for the recording. We were being totally ourselves. If you knew us personally, you’d think we were crazy. 😛

      The Muse is the comedian of the family; she’s always joking around like that. I’m the opposite — I can be kinda stiff. So we end up sounding like a comedy routine sometimes.

      I guess that might not suit this kind of thing. 🙁

      • It’s not that it doesn’t suit this, it’s just that…well…at least to me, she’s not really funny.
        Her comments just sound like what a 5-year-old would say in a movie theater, triggering the annoyance of the audience.
        The type of stuff that only other 5-year-olds would force a laugh at.
        But hey, this is just the opinion of one person.

          • That’s irrelevant.
            It shouldn’t matter to me as the viewer if she’s hilarious in real life.
            If she’s gonna try to be funny on what’s presented to me as an audience member, that’s what she’s got to excel at in the material I’m viewing.
            You don’t have to take it personally and defend her because I’m not attacking her as a person, I’m just criticizing her delivery on the subject at hand.
            I find that her humor was annoying and child-like, take the opinion for what it is, compare notes with other opinions, make changes if needed and move along.
            There’s no need to tell me she’s funny otherwise, because point of the matter is that her behavior relevant to the subject was not right, in my opinion.
            And I apologize if I’m coming across as mean, the nit-picky critic in me just loves to come out sometimes. 😛

      • I’m replying here because I somehow cannot reply to the comment you left as a reply to mine.
        Please point out which part exactly was I being mean.

        • OP heard you the first time so didn’t need to repeat all that so many times. And have some respect, it’s her sister you’re talking about.

  2. I’d rather read “My thoughts on episode YxZ”. Don’t get me wrong, I just loved the way they were structured and it was the thing I missed the most during the blog’s hiatus.

  3. I love it!
    The commentary was natural, like so real. I loved if you would do both, but i like this better, but you should show the episode too.

  4. I liked this! I likes this even more then I love the usual reviews! I would rather have a podcast every time we see a new episode!

  5. Wellll, gonna be honest here. I don’t like it. I applaud you guys for trying something new and innovative, but I just don’t think it works quite as well as just type-posting your thoughts for us to respond to.

  6. Though the recording might be a good idea….. I really enjoy reading your commentary. It’s fun! And like everyone else here, I’ve missed it alot! But do whatever makes you guys happy, I’ll stick around no matter what!

    Btw, Welcome back!

  7. Welcome back. 🙂
    I actually like this idea. I just think you need to clean it up a little, ok maybe a lot.
    I seem to be in the minority though. Oh well.

  8. This is called “riffing” is it not? I quite enjoy commentary, but maybe keep the text-part of the review as well. It can be a hassle to sit through 20 minutes for some people, and the other way was a quick way to get the gist of the review, and read sassy comments.
    Keep up with the new ideas, though. Don’t let others discourage you.

  9. I like it, but I don’t have sometimes the time to listen in twenty minutes. I prefer the written review.
    I’m so glad you’re back

  10. I really like this new feature!
    And it was really fun, i laughed on all the jokes!
    I think you should do this more, instead of the writing reviews,
    but i don’t mind..

  11. A podcast is nice, but I’d rather just read your “Thoughts on Episode…” more.

  12. I prefer “My thoughs on…” :/ Not everybody has time or is able to listen to such long commentary. But to do the test was a good idea, at least you’ll know the opinions 🙂

  13. I prefer” My thoughts on episode..” than this. This actually sounded a bit weird coz I did not understand some things you were saying, an plus the episode sound in the background was annoying. I would prefer reading than listening…

  14. I think you should offer it in both formats. I have friends who are deaf and friends who are blind, so it caters to both. 🙂

  15. I loved it, but it didn’t really seem to suit this sort of thing. I did like it, especially hearing your “voiced opinions” and you being more like…yourselves. You know how when people “talk on the Web” or when they write what they want to say, it kind of “tweaks” your true personality and the way you really talk. I have this friend who I’ve been talking to all along on Google +, but I had no idea it was him, until he told me this and that. The way people talk “written down” kind of “tweaks” it a little bit, you know what I mean? I think you should keep going with this type of thing, but not in episode reviews. It just doesn’t seem to suit this type of thing. Besides, I want to see you being yourselves, not some “written speech” covering up the actual way you speak. Don’t get me wrong, I like the written stuff too, but I just want you to do more of this in future posts.

  16. Hey, maybe you can put this in a “voiced opinion”, then write a summary of it too. Just saying. I can really feel your fun doing this. You should do this more often, you know. 🙂

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