Winx Club 7X25 - Aisha and Nex HuggingNope, my blog’s not dead. 

Last month, I started writing Winx fanfiction. I wanted to finish this story by Valentine’s Day, but schoolwork — and nervousness — got in the way. Now I’m finally done…with the first chapter. Good grief.

As you can guess from the picture, “The Storm” is about Aisha and Nex. Expect most of my fanfics to be about them. No couple in this series has ever ignited my imagination as much as they do. They’re a treasure-trove of creative ideas waiting to be used to tell thrilling, clever, romantic, and even profound stories.

Let me guess: you think I’m exaggerating, right? Okay then. Give me a chance to show you why this couple’s so unique and powerful together.

My story takes place on Andros between seasons seven and eight, ignoring the comics (they’re not canon, anyway).

“The Storm”

By: The Oblivious Prattler


Winx Club -- Andros (Tides)

When would her silly boyfriend learn not to make bets he couldn’t win?

Aisha smirked as she led Nex along the palace-side beach, staying close to the shoreline so he could feel the lukewarm water sweep across his feet, and the crisp, salty breeze brush his cheek. He’d let his guard down if she lulled him into a vacation mood. She watched his face. No smile yet, but she’d change that in a few seconds.

Her beloved oceans showed off for him, as if they were in on her plan. Faking a tour guide voice, she pointed out every detail: the sparks of sunlight twinkling on the surface like the energy in a fairy’s wings; the gradients of teal and sky-blue, shifting to green where the water mixed with the sand; the waves — perfect for surfing — roaring and bubbling as they tumbled onto the shore and dissolved into suds.

Nex just nodded. The corners of his mouth sagged like he’d glued them to his chin, and his eyes had a mischievous sparkle in them. 

She should have known. He never let her win easily.

At least she had another trick waiting in the village: the street musicians’ drums. No one could resist them! He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling, as the beat took control of his arms, his hips, his feet.

Aisha glanced at his slip-ons and grinned. Yeah, he could dance in those.

The familiar stone and brick buildings began to rise in front of them. She closed her eyes and listened for the drums in the distance, usually the first sound she heard. Where were they? The only noise was sails rustling by the beach. And where were the villagers? They always greeted her — their princess — as she walked by. A chill crept through her body as she scanned the deserted streets. All the doors and windows were covered by beams and planks, clogging the air with the stench of freshly-cut oak. 

Near the square, the marketplace looked like a monster had attacked it. Nothing remained but torn tents, shards of wood, and rotting food scattered on the ground, along with tables with their legs chopped off. 

“What happened? Where’d everybody go?” she said. Nex held her hand tighter and caressed it with his thumb.

“They’re gettin’ ready for Oya!” a gritty voice called out from behind.

Both of them jumped. Where did that man come from? Well, at least they weren’t alone. As they approached him, he bobbed his head like a parrot and nearly dropped one of the logs he was carrying.

Oya? Of course. That explained everything. Maybe she’d been away from home for too long.

“That’s right,” she said with a sigh. “It’s almost time, isn’t it?”

“Ay, Your Highness,” said the man. “Me favorite time of year! Ha ha! Oya’s big business for we carpenters. Sold outta all me wood yesterday! These are for me fireplace. Could be rainin’ for a while.”

“Glad you’re prepared. I’m sure the farmers are happy, too. We need the rain.”

“Ay.” He nodded solemnly. “Long as it ain’t too much. Lost a lotta crops in the floods last year. Me shack came tumblin’ down, too. Had to build it up again. Oya’s a fearsome beast. Can’t take ‘er lightly.”

Nex gently nudged Aisha with his arm. “What’s Oya? Is that a holiday or something?”

“Listen to this one! A holiday?” The carpenter’s laugh shook the ground.

“He’s not from around here,” said Aisha, choking back a chuckle. “It’s a storm, sweetie. A big one.”

Nex’s eyes grew as big as islands. “Whoa! Seriously?”

“It’s okay.” She rubbed his chest. “We’ll be back in Magix before it gets here.”


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36 Responses to “Fanfic: “The Storm” — CH. 1

  1. Nice to read one of your fanfics, you might that “waves of magic are dancing around” it. Also slightly urelated…why is it that Magix is the only planet that actually has a decent security system in show? Seriously. It’s like magix is the only planet with a brain to know that “the winx can’t always save their rears?”

    • I’m not quite sure what you meant about “waves of magic,” but…thank you. 😊 Yeah, all the other planets are pretty easy to conquer, aren’t they? I think Oppositus takes the cake. All Valtor had to do was confuse those two guards, and he got access to their most powerful spells. Makes you wonder why no one had taken that planet over before. It’s not like he was the only evil sorcerer in the Magic Dimension.

      • I was referencing Aisha’s part of the butterflix song (in the full version, they only ever play Bloom,Stella and Flora’s part in the episodes themselves just looping it rather than Aisha,Musa and Tecna’s part.) In addition to saying that I feel that Nex and Aisha’s love life is like a tidal wave because of how much it rises and falls just like the seas, it’s not as steady as the others are because it’s fresh and interesting, also a change and change can be a bit crazy for some. (Also describes the fanbase being shaky on Nex, like they want Aisha to put him in a Maelstrom XD.) Next, yeah Oppositus,Domino,Eraklyon, and Solaria are danger magnets especially Domino (what in the world is up with that planet? You would think that Bloom & Daphne would tell dad to better train their bodyguards or does Oritel think two megapowerful daughters is all the security he needs besides himself and Marion with swords and a little magic themselvea?), doesn’t anyone bother to ask “What if the Winx (includes the boys in this statement) can’t save us?” I mean seriously it’s not like they’ll be flying around forever (they might live forever or at least be long lived but they won’t fight forever unless they happen to have Bloom’s amount of willpower and craziness, especially craziness.) they will want to settle down. The planets must consider what would happen when their heroes get ready to settle down, about what should be done in the case of Winx retirement. So far besides Magix, I’ve only seen two competent planets in this whole show that can handle themselves if the Winx can’t help. Andros and Zenith (Earth doesn’t count as a third because of course we can handle ourselves without superpowered beings, it’s just fun for us to have them around). The military of both planets actually did try to fight whatever situation was happening and just needed Bloom’s resourcefullness, Aisha’s fearlessness and Tecna’s intelligence to help move them along more timely than they could on there own with the others on cleanup/crowd control duties. It’s just that the mermaid guard and droids ran into minor issues that couldn’t be helped. Finally Oppositus is hopeless, Anyone could take over the planet, even Brafilius (and that’s saying something!) without trying. Makes you wonder why Acheron or the Trix didn’t even try there first!

        • Oh! 😅 I need to listen to the full version of “Butterflix” again. I have it downloaded on my iPad, but I haven’t listen to it in a while.

          Aisha and Nex’s relationship is like a wave? Hmmmm…yeah, I see what you mean by that. They’re still just getting to know each other, so things are gonna be a little turbulent at first. I like that about them, though. They get along really well, but not perfectly, and there’s a lot of story potential in that.

          You’re right about Domino. They have no excuse. With two members of the Company of Light, a nymph, and the Winx who controls the power that created the universe, you’d think that planet would be untouchable. But even Diaspro can just sneak in and cause a ruckus. (Why was she invited to Daphne’s coronation if she has a known grudge against Bloom? 😕)

          Andros defends itself well, but Zenith has a bit of a disadvantage. Everything is digital, so one, well-programmed computer virus could theoretically take them out. Plus, we’ve seen that some magic users can manipulate technology without knowing technomagic. Remember when The Wizards of the Black Circle took control of Tecna’s “Gardenia Park” game? They also attacked the Winx’s computers with an energy-draining virus in one of last year’s comics.

          I wanna say Brafilius couldn’t conquer a planet of ant larvae, but Oppositus is so pathetic, you’re probably right. 😄

        • You should listen to the full song, it’s quite catchy and all the girls did get a part, but yeah i suppose Zenith’s always slightly disadvantaged when you count the videogame fiasco. Yeah…I still don’t get how Domino is weak. I mean 7 women with the Dragon Flame (daphne might still have a bit to just survive) and the planet that is stated to be the best of the best that even Valtor had issues taking down Oritel…you’d think that Oritel would’ve had more sense to train his guards and even if he didn’t…let Bloom and Sky do it. That’s what Faragonda and Saladin do on Magix when they realize there’s nothing they can do. Probably because Bloom and Sky actually know what they are doing.

      • Ocs that seem mary-sueish, pointless crossovers, a fixation on a two dimensional evil flop of a certain red head, A relation of certain red head with a guy she hates his guts, bashing of main characters (again mostly a certain one…), the whole better/forgotten relatives, and finally Winx in name only works taking the characters outside the magical universe and mostly who they are?

        This is just a simple one-shot using a canon couple that most don’t write about (actually I think no one wrote about this canon couple so props for being the first).

        • Hmmmm…yeah, I think I know what you meant by all those. 😄 I’ve seen plenty of examples.

          Thanks for the compliment. 😊 Yeah, no one writes about Aisha and Nex. Plenty of writers put them in their stories, but rarely as a couple. Nine times out of ten, Aisha’s with Nabu again somehow (though I’ve seen some Aisha/Roy stories). Nex is with…pretty much any other young, female character in the series: Roxy, Selina, Mirta, Diaspro, Icy, Krystal, Miele, Flora, an OC — just any girl as long as it’s not Aisha.

          I’ve seen some next-gens where she and Nex are married, but I wanna read about how they got to that point. Most of the stories I’ve seen where they’re still dating are in Russian, not English. I hope that changes soon. I really wanna see more fanfiction (and fan art) of this couple. For now, I’ll keep writing about them.

          By the way, my story’s not a one-shot. This was just chapter 1. More to come soon. 😉

        • About the Nex/Roxy. ..that shouldn’t happen. I consider the comics semi-canon and always have Roxy with Manuel when I write stories involving them. Manuel is the male version of her except for one thing that’s opposite about him. He’s braver. Which goes right along with the relationships between the guys & gals…the guys are a male version of the girls but they have something opposite about them. Doesn’t the fanbase realize that opposites keep the couples from breaking up? That’s another reason why Nabu had to go. He was too similar to Aisha in personality except for the fact that he was pretty much perfect and perfect is boring. If someone is perfect they have no purpose on the planets other than to fulfill a mission that’s not necessarily part of the adventures they go on with the Winx, then they are dead. Nabu’s mission wasn’t actually to give Aisha a boyfriend the more I think about it. Sure that happened but his purpose was to be more like her guardian than her fiancé. He offered her a chance at a love life and got her to stop having so much trust issues but it wasn’t his real purpose to be her man. His purpose was to show her that boys aren’t as bad as she believes them to be. Roy’s purpose? To help her deal with death and not stay in the past. Nex is the only one of her suitors who is actually up for the job of boyfriend and eventually husband because he’s the only guy who’s open with her and actually does what she likes because it’s something he likes too (sports). Since when has anyone of the couples that aren’t Timna actually done the same thing because they enjoyed it together? Almost never, i mean sure we’ll see the guys engaging in the girls personal interests but I really felt like Riven just picked up a mic because Musa wanted him to. Never because he enjoyed music. Come to think about it when was the last time that Flora and Helia just watched the moon together? Has Brandon ever tried designing clothes? Does Sky ever grab a cookbook or pick up a drawing pencil? Even if we added Manuel & Roxy- at least he’s already interested in animals without Roxy having to get him interested, andthe two go to reserves regularly. I kinda wanna see him added in show. That’s what makes Nexisha interesting too, also what is the one thing that they do that everyone but Tecna and Timmy fail at? Communication. Fans don’t like it because they don’t want communication between the boys and girls they want drama drama drama. It’s ok for a few speedbumps but really? You’d think communication would be less of an issue now.

          • Pairing Nex with Roxy (or any other girl I mentioned) is just a trick to shove him out of Nabu’s (or Roy’s) way, but keep him in the story. What makes me sad is it ignores the symbolism Rainbow weaved into his relationship with Aisha. It’s wasted if he’s not dating her. 😔

            What you said about opposites is one reason I love Aisha and Nex. They’ve got enough in common that they work together well and enjoy doing things together (i.e., sports), but they’re different enough that they can learn from each other and help each other grow. I think that was missing from her relationship with Nabu. You pinpointed one reason why: he was perfect (or “unproblematic,” as another fan I talked to put it).

            That sounds great on paper, but what would he have learned from her? How would their relationship have made him a better person if he was already perfect? He really had nothing to gain from her, except a wife. And since people were giving their daughters away to him — not just Aisha, but a girl in the comics, too — I don’t think he was having a hard time finding someone.

            This article from a fiction-writing advice blog said it well: “A perfect man has nothing to overcome, nothing to change, and no problems to face when he and the heroine connect.” Nabu had two problems: 1) he grew up alone; 2) he didn’t wanna marry Aisha because his parents were trying to force him to. Both of those problems were resolved in season three. After that, what would Rainbow have done with him? How would they have developed his character further, especially if he had no major character flaws?

            Nex has major flaws that Aisha can help him work on. As for her, she can be moody, and she sometimes withdraws and becomes something of a loner when she’s upset (one of her character descriptions mentioned that). Nex is an extrovert (optimistic, hates being alone), so that balances her out. Not to mention, they love challenging each other. To me, this is a more balanced relationship.

            As you kept hinting at, the only other couple who comes close to this is Tecna and Timmy. They both love technology, so they can enjoy it together. Timmy has lower self-esteem than her, and we’ve already seen how this relationship is boosting his confidence. And of course, Tecna convinced herself to accept her emotions because she was falling in love with him. He brought out her warmer side — and he still does. 😊

  2. Fanfiction really isn’t my thing anymore, but I gotta admit you’re a pretty good writer. So… guess I’ll totally keep reading as you update the story. 😛

  3. i wouldn’t be too surprised if a lot of people don’t like this couple due to it being interacial (i think that’s the word), yes roy was white but he was still darker skinned than nex.

    • Sadly, you’re right. That is one reason. Some fans have said they liked Aisha better with Roy because their skin tones matched, so they “looked better together.” One fan on Tumblr even called interracial relationships “creepy!”

  4. Speaking of fanfiction,one I think I enjoy the is the Winx Club Rewrite series. Although I’m mixed on the many,many liberties ArachCobra takes, he manages to make the entire cast and story feel more human(especially Bloom),while actually exploring the darker elements in WC verse(in his own way of course). He’s good at taking the stuff that was always there and showing it in a new light.
    For example,in the first story which covers S1,he actually describes the toll the events have on Bloom,which makes her more likable. If you actually think about all the stuff she goes through,she should’ve broken down and turned into a nervous wreck,which she does in this story and she basically needs a therapist. It’s amazing what showing human vulnerability can do for characterization. It’s definitely not for everyone,but if you can handle the liberties taken,it’s a fun ride.
    But my favorite Winx Club FFnet author is Akela Victoire. She made a really good Diaspro/Bloom what if fic that explores if they decided to talk to each other and become allies after the whole Brandon/Sky mess in S1. It’s called Burning Gems,but unfortunately it’s on indefinite hiatus for now.
    Also,I get the feeling you don’t care for the comics,which is fine. I personally feel like the comics shouldn’t be dismissed just because they aren’t canon. I think the comic does more for storyline development and worldbuilding than the show has ever done in it’s more recent seasons. Considering how underdeveloped the Winx Club universe is in the show, I’ll take my worldbuilding where I can get it.

    PS. For me, OCs depend on how good a person is at writing them.Sadly, the wide majority of fanfic writers(that goes for any fandom) half a*s them and don’t think through their character development/traits/flaws etc. at all.
    I’ll admit that one of my favorite fanfics ever involves an OC-centric POV,but I like it because the author took the time to fully develop and consider how his OC fits into the universe.Tropes and cliches aren’t bad in and of themselves,it’s how you use them that matters.

    • I’ve heard of both of those fanfics. I think I’ve read “Burning Gems,” but not the other one. I actually love the comics, and I agree they develop the world better than the show does. The reason I ignored them in this story is because not only are they not canon, but not everyone has read them. But most fans have seen all the seasons, so that’s a better foundation to build off of.

      • That’s fair and you’re right,the comics are an obscure part of the franchise.
        I may not agree with all the ideas the comics had,but there were quite a few good ones,I wish had made it into the show. How awesome would it had been to see a magic tournament arc in the show?
        To be honest the Winx Club Rewrite series is a mixed bag for me. I like how certain things are done,but others I raise an eyebrow.
        For one thing,there are no transformations at all. I actually asked ArachCobra once why that was and he said that to him,it didn’t make sense. You see,in something like Sailor Moon(or any modern magical girl series) the girls can’t use their powers in civilian form,thus needing to transform make sense.
        In W.I.T C.H,at least in the comics there was a reason: while the girls could use their powers outside the Guardian form,but they always seem weaker in their civilian form.
        Also,he said something about how in SM and W.I.T.C.H the girls are superheroes and thus it makes sense that they have a transformation,but since in Winx magic is any everyday occurrence it makes less sense for them to.
        I think I’m paraphrasing what he said,but I agree with some of it,mainly with the part where it seems they can use magic just fine outside their fairy form,so why have it?Especially since all those spells can be combined into one elemental power that they grow more skilled at manipulating over time.
        While I agree with this,nixing fairy forms entirely was a copout his end. I’m not saying it would’ve been easy to find a way to make the fairy form still make sense in the context of the rewrite, but it’s possible. Also,he said that being able to fly,removes a good deal of danger from the series which I think is stupid as they are plenty of of other ways to die or get wounded.
        Personally,if I was rewriting the series I’d make it so that the human form and fairy form have distinct pros and cons. Like say in their human form,fairies have access to general magic only. Thus style of magic is more methodical and requires study. (which is slow for fairies to learn,but is relaible) Also,they are just as squishy as a real human is.However,in their fairy form they can manipulate their singular element as they wish,no spells required.(Think Avatar) This is more intuive for them,rather than logical.But this form drains their magical energy depending on their stamina. I think that as they grew more experienced in magic use they’d be able hold the form for longer and longer.(Though this would take years of pratice.) This only a rough sketch of what I’d do.

        As for Akela Victorie, I really can’t recommend her stories enough. Burning Gem was awesome. Also,she made a Winx/Harry Potter crossover,that’s does a pretty good job of blending the two series together,even if the result comes off as weird sometimes .

        • Maybe ArachCobra should read the comics. 😉 In “The Vampire Club,” one of the HalloWinx comics, the Winx can’t transform because the power of Legendary Monsters (like vampires) cancels their fairy magic. But they’re still able to use what Bloom calls their “natural magic,” implying there’s a difference. She says natural magic is linked to a fairy’s “human feelings” and gives her different abilities.

          Here are the pages I’m referencing: 1, 2, 3.

          I’m not sure if that lines up with the cartoon, but it makes some sense. The Winx have always had specific abilities and spells they can only use in fairy form (or once they have the power of a particular transformation). You know how the theme songs always talk about their wings being magical or having energy? I think the majority of a fairy’s power is in her wings, so when she’s transformed, she can use different and more powerful spells.

          As for your idea about their fairy forms draining their stamina, that’s in the show already. In an episode of season two, while Bloom, Aisha, and Stella were looking for the Pixies, Bloom and Stella spent too much time transformed and collapsed from weakness. Now the Winx are more powerful, physically and magically, so that’s not be as much of a problem anymore. But they usually can’t transform at all if they’re too tired.

          Also, they could control their elements without specific spells in World of Winx.

        • Here’s my attempt at an analogy for the difference between natural magic and fairy magic. It’s like the difference between knowing how to cook and being a chef.

          Anyone can cook and make delicious dishes, but it’s more by instinct, trial and error, or following a specific recipe. But chefs know more about taste, quality and balance of ingredients, proper cooking times, etc. Instinct and trial and error still play a role, but it’s more informed. And often, they don’t need recipes — they create the recipes everyone else follows.

          That’s not a great analogy, but I hope it makes some sense.

        • Yeah,but the problem for me is that the show never goes into detail on how fairy magic or any kind of magic works really ,aside from the positive/negative emotion factor. Sure,we get things that are vaguely implied(at least to me!),but are never explict. I’m not asking for every single thing to be spelled out for me but it’s stuff like this that make me feel like Winx Club’s worldbuilding is really weak. I don’t think that something as important as the backbone of the magic system is something to be skipped over. As for my ideas about the transformations in my rewrite,the only reason I did this was so there’s actual reason why they do it aside from the fact they’re supposed to be fairies. If they can use some of their spells in each form,why the need for transforming in the first place?They may as well just have wings on at all times then.I can’t think of a good reason why they or the witches can’t manipulate their own element,the one they’re born with freely,without the need for spells. Definitely have them require practice and control to refine it,but blocking it off behind spells no. it makes sense to me that more general magic is blocked into spell but not control over a whole element.
          What’s more is that I realized that fairies and witches alike can control a vast amount of elements. The thing is that some of those elements are ones that more conceptual,than physical in nature. I think that in battle conceptual elements benefit more from a less Winx spell based approach .
          Two examples come to to mind Morgana the Fairy of Thought and Neubula,the Fairy of War/Peace. if I hadn’t watched the series,I honestly wouldn’t have know that that was their main element from watching a fight alone. Morgana erased her husbands memory before,but here’s the thing:how would I know that that’s a demonstration of her element? it could easily be a general memory erasing spell. How would I know how through or strong it was compared to her just using her element? The show has never delved much(if at all)into how general magic works,so i don’t have a clear idea on what it can or can’t do. The same goes for Neubula,Given her title you could assume that her leading has to do with that,but she’s royalty,I would think that she would’ve trained for that. I could say the same about the more physical elements too.While the show does show some limits,they’e too vague for my liking. Hopefully i managed to explain well enough why i feel the way i do. Disagree to agree.
          As for ArachCobra?The thing is that he’s not actually a fan of the series.He’s someone who observed things that he felt were lacking and he decided to make a remake for the h**l of it. i think that having an outsider perspective is always important as fans can get to love a series so much that they’re blind to the faults. Different opinions are what make the world go round after all and I feel that what ArachCobra does is important. What I’m hoping is that WCR gets popular , not because i think this is the optimal remake(Like I said before my opinion is mixed),but because there are some genuinely good ideas here. Maybe some other Winx Club writers take inspiration from the good parts and improve the quality of Winx Club fan fiction. Who knows?

  5. I sometimes write stories (not fanfics, just short stories I make up) in my free time, and for me, the biggest pain in the butt is describing things. I can see my characters and setting in my head, but I just want to move on and write the actual plot, and it just takes forever to actually describe things accurately, and I just hate it so much. So, I commend you on your vivid descriptions of Andros. I would not have the patience to sit and write all that out.

    I am calmly awaiting future chapters. *refreshes Internet browser ten times*

      • I hear that a lot about descriptions! I agree and disagree at the same time…because I spent a lot of time practicing descriptions until they became my forte 😀 But the plot devices and the flow starts to suffer…I’m glad you found such a balance!

  6. I sense that they my either have to come back and help during Oya or Oya may come early and they’ll get stuck in it and still have to help lolol.

    Either way, I can totally visualize this story as I read which makes it a great one in my book. Good job OP. I almost missed this cause you haven’t posted in so long.

  7. This is somewhat irrelevant but I thought of why there’s so many Earth scenes and especially Gardenia ones these days…We’ve grown up with the Winx… the Magical Universe was already set in its ways (Especially Eraklyon…ya i’m talking about you Erendor.) so they really couldn’t grow like the schools of magix could, but Earth is able to, simply because we’ve had two fairies on our planet the whole time, even if they didn’t realize it at first..because neither did we, sure Mike,Vanessa and Klaus all knew there was something special about their daughters but they weren’t sure what until Stella (and later Bloom & Flora) hit ’em with a whammy and caused a meltdown. I still laugh when I see Stella turning Mike’s phone into Kiko’s lunch on rewatches to this day. That’s also the reason why Bloom (and to lesser extents Aisha, Musa, Stella and Roxy) although she probably doesn’t want the limelight on her any more than we do, gets the most of it, she and Roxy are just two regular girls going along with wherever their magic takes them and having fun, they don’t give a dragon about their status as magical beings or protectors of the universe, because they were raised human, and that’s how they carry themselves and the other girls through Bloom and Roxy learn how to be human because in Magix emphasis is placed more on the actual magic than what makes the magic happen. What makes the magic happen? Long lasting Friendships and emotions started by Bloom saving Stella in the park that day, had Bloom not saved Stella…things would be different. Without Bloom’s and Roxy’s human nature we’d probably think differently about Magix than we do today. This is why the Trix always lose. They think that magic makes magic happen. They don’t realize that the Winx friendship being almost like actual sisters is why their magic is as strong as it is. It’s not because they want the powerups, it’s because they get what the meaning of the powerups are, the Trix just think that it’s a powerup, but it’s so much more than that. For instance the Trix are always granted whatever new thing they get, the Winx on the other hand when they got their charmix (s2 iteration) they had to overcome some problem they had relating to their emotional health, similar to how Bloom,Musa and Tecna earned their Bloomix (as i believe that dragon in the vortex was Bloom’s self doubt manifested physically.), that’s something that i don’t think most would do in the magical dimension (aside from Daphne, Miele and Mirta that is) all tying into the underlying theme that Bloom and Roxy are the Kent Cousins in their world. Clark and Kara may be aliens but they were human all along and their human confidents (Lois and Lana), that is what makes them as well as Bloom and Roxy…Superman, Supergirl and Superwoman blue (lois/bloom) and Superwoman red (lana/roxy).

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