I really wanted to finish that “Yin and Yang” post, so that’s what I focused on last weekend. That’s why this is so late. “What If Wednesday” will resume next week. Like I said in last week’s post, I’ll talk about the Specialists and Paladins.

Today, here’s chapter 2 of my fanfic “The Storm.” (Click here if you haven’t read the first chapter.) I hope you like it!

“The Storm”

By: The Oblivious Prattler


Oya, the recurring storm. How could anyone from Andros forget it?

Aisha remembered the times she snuck out of the palace to visit the farmers. They talked about Oya all the time. Every year, it provided them with enough rain to water their crops all summer. But it also flooded fields, toppled trees, and tore apart buildings.

The storm was a blessing and a curse, but Andros wouldn’t be paradise without it.

While the sun was still shining, Aisha had plenty of time to share this paradise with Nex. Besides, she hadn’t won the bet yet.

She led him along a bay just outside the palace walls. Her parents, Queen Niobe and King Teredor, had brought her here when she was young to meet her underseas family: the mermaids. Nex had never seen one before. If this didn’t make him smile, nothing would.

Near a boulder in the water, a long, lavender fin poked through the surface. Nex jolted.

“Wait, is that a — ?”

“Uh-huh,” Aisha said, grinning. The frown on his face stayed put, but his shaky hand gave away his excitement. Why hadn’t she tried this sooner?

She knew who the mermaid was right away: her cousin Tressa. This time of day, she’d be patrolling the ocean for pirates, but maybe she could spare a few minutes.


No response. Tressa’s fin flicked up and down a couple times, then sank back beneath the waves.

Just as Aisha was about to call her name again, the red-haired mermaid burst through the surface, waving her hand wildly. “Cousin Aisha!”

The fairy beamed. “Hey, Tressa! I’ve got someone I want you to meet!”

Three more mermaids popped up next to Tressa. Perfect timing.

“Tala! Nesia! Kalia!” said Aisha. “Hey!”

As the mermaids waved back, an idea flashed into the fairy’s mind. “Stay there! We’ll come to you! Up for a little swim, Nex?”

“Why not?” he said, keeping his expression still.

Aisha stripped down to her swimsuit and charged into the water. It was lukewarm, the perfect temperature. A smile broke across her face as she took in her surroundings: the sand, the breeze, the seashells prodding her heels, the rhythm of the waves. The ocean was her home. It moved her, energized her.

“Race ya!” she said as she dove in. Her arms spun like turbine blades, digging a path through the water. She rolled with the waves, letting them lift her and propel her towards her goal.

Nex’s voice grew louder, closer. She could see the tips of his hair, the spray from his swim strokes. He laughed between breaths. A taunting laugh.

You won’t beat me! She kicked harder and faster. Her lungs sputtered. No stopping. No looking back.

She sighted the boulder. Just three feet away. Two feet. One.

Her palm collided with the cold stone, and she leaned against it as Tressa and her friends applauded. Nex came in seconds after. For a few moments, they floated there and caught their breaths, with the ocean’s roar and their heartbeats as their soundtrack.

It was Aisha who broke the silence between them.

“Is that all you got, sweetie?”

“You had a head start!” Nex snatched her up into his arms and planted a wet, salty kiss near her lips. The fairy dissolved into giggles.

The mermaids crowded around the couple like paparazzi.

“Who is he, Princess?”

“Is he a Specialist?”

“How long have you been dating?”

Typical mermaids. They loved gossip.

As Nex stared at them with a whale-like grin, Aisha giggled again. Had she looked that bug-eyed and full of wonder when she met the mermaids when she was little? Maybe her parents would remember.

Then it hit her. She leaned right up to Nex’s ear. “I win the bet.”

It took a few seconds for him to realize what she meant. As soon as he did, he buried his head in his hands and let out a frustrated sigh mixed with laughter. Aisha threw her arms around his neck and chuckled.

Who cared about a bet? This was all she wanted, the only thing that really mattered. A day alone with her sweetheart.

* * *

When she and Nex returned to the shore, she snapped her fingers. Two beach towels appeared in a flash of glittering light. After wrapping herself up in one, she picked up her pants and fished her cellphone out of her pocket.

A missed call? From Mom?

She couldn’t ignore it. Her mom only called when she had something important to tell her. Aisha mashed the call button, and a hologram of the queen, Niobe, jutted out of the screen.

“Aisha, darling!”

Her breathless voice made Aisha shudder. “Mom? What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, my dear, but your father and I would like to speak with you.”

Now? Great. This would set the tour back a few hours — maybe the rest of the day. But family came first. Besides, her mom looked worried.

“Okay, Mom. We’ll be back soon.” Aisha looked up at her boyfriend as she slipped the phone back into her pocket. “Nex, I’m sorry, but I — ”

Before she could finish, he grabbed the tips of her towel and scooped her into his arms.

“I know,” he said, laying a kiss on her forehead. “Don’t worry. I just hope it’s nothing serious.”


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40 Responses to “Fanfic: “The Storm” — CH. 2

  1. You know this is great 🙂 Also sorry for making so many comments for you to approve. Anyway I reallly think their needs to be more of Nex/Aisha shipping fics as this is the only one on any site.

    • Thanks! And don’t worry; it’s okay. 😊

      Yeah, I’ve seen very few fanfics about Aisha and Nex. 😔 I’ve seen them in a lot of fanfics, but most writers break them up, pair Nex with some other girl (like Roxy or Krystal), and put Aisha with Nabu or Roy again. And most of the fanfics I’ve seen where Aisha and Nex are still together are next-gens, so the development of their relationship was just…skipped. 🙁

      Sigh. I’m gonna keep writing about them, even if for now, I’m the only person who is.

  2. And this continues to be awesome. 🙂 I just love these two’s dynamic. Also, I love the liberal amount of foreshadowing. “I just hope it’s nothing serious.” “We’ll be back in Magix before it gets here.” Okay people, use your imagination, but you’re the main characters in a story involving magic, so inevitably something bad going to happen to you.

  3. Another chapter! Awesome but to quote Stella “Way to ruin the moment.” Always cutting off when it gets good…man is that irritating. Although the wait is worth it.

  4. Sorry its not about your fanfic but it still related to Aisha and Nex, so 🙂

    I noticed that Aisha is acting a bit different in WoW. She is more spontaneous, energetic, has quick-temper and shes more impatient. Well, you know more tomboyish just like Musa in season 1 (but obviously Aisha is more confident than Musa was). I noticed this many times in WoW, especially when she was rude to Tecna, by neglecting her gadgets and her powers. I didnt like this part. Like seriously Aisha was always appreciated Tecna’s talent for gadgets in Winx Club, for example in season 2 (when she thought that Stella is useless) or in season 3 (not mention Tecnas sacrifice and saving Andros and its people, really Rainbow?). Maybe that poison from season 5 (The Gem of Emphaty) is still working… It came out of nowhere. I know that someone could say that WoW in not canon, for me it is – just a bonus story like Rainbow said. Plotholes? They are in Winx Club and WoW as well, sometimes its up to fans to fill the story. There is so much similarities with Winx Club (especially that Roxy is a fairy). My point is when Aisha said that she was in a hurry and that she hate waiting I thought immediately about Nex when he said in 7×04 that he can’t stand doing nothing. My theory is, that relationship with Nex affected her in a way, that she acting more like he (we know what Nex can be like sometimes :)), not completely of course but kind of – yeah. He is fire and she is more like boiled water now ;). Im not saying thats bad actually it make sense and would explain her hot blooded behaviour in WoW since Musa is more calm now (after breaking up with Riven) so they needed “tomboy” girl and Aisha is probably the best choice. I’m beginning to understand why Musa is more patient and calm now and why she uses words such as harmony or zen recently but thats the thing for different topic ;).

    • I’ve noticed that, too, but I don’t think it has to do with Nex. In fact, it’s possible none of the Winx’s boyfriends exist in this show. The YouTuber WinxClubDissected noticed that in the sixth episode, Rainbow threw in two guys who look like Sky and Brandon. Stella points them out to Bloom, who says they’re “too excessive” and doesn’t seem interested. Rainbow’s way of writing them out, maybe?

      I think all the Winx are single in WoW, so Aisha’s behavior wouldn’t have anything to do with Nex or any guy. Also, like you said, she’s always appreciated Tecna’s gadgets in Winx Club, so Rainbow may have changed her character just to add drama to the show. My sister recently watched WoW, and she hated it. That was one of the reasons why: too much fighting between the Winx over things that never bothered them in Winx Club.

    • A correction to what I said earlier. Stella doesn’t point out the two guys. She’s pointing to someone else, but Bloom thinks she’s pointing at them. So it sounds like Rainbow dropped these look-alikes in as a nod to Sky and Brandon, but Bloom and Stella ignore them and write them off as “excessive.”

      To me, that suggests the real guys won’t be in this show. That may have been Rainbow’s way of writing them out of it.

      • Which might be for the best…the guys are pretty much distressed dudes at this point…why have someone that would be a liability? Sure Roxy’s gone on missions and might not care for the front lines but at least she’s not as much as liability as the guys would be.

        • Actually that’s a pretty recent development. Season 5 and 7 have other dimensions that only the Winx are allowed to enter (because plot) and like the Winx they seemed fanderized but in a different way… they are treated as a joke.

          Actually if you can’t grow wings in these seasons you aren’t helpful and if you can if your not a Winx prepared to be regulated to tag alone or helper (Sorry Daphne, Roxy… Miele kinda ok with this) only the Winx are allowed to do anything of note ,Like bring together a whole bunch of Kingdoms together… or fight a shapeshifting lady and her dog brother with time travel and small diimennsions (The more I talk about season 7 the more trouble it sounds how is that even possible?) in fact Tecna even snarked at the “studens” who where allowed to come with them… yeah so the Winx are elitists for some reason.

          I mean the boys got magical weapons and use to have a battleship… also anyone wonder where that battleship disappeared to? I’m starting to think Rainbow would just mistreat anyone who is not Bloom Stella, Flora, Aisha, Musa, Tecna.

          • The guys still have the Owl in season 5,6 & 7 it’s just they don’t use it much except for “dramatic entrance” reasons these days. Also even if some were mistreated at least unlike the guys…Roxy and Daphne actually do get new outfits occasionally. The guys haven’t gotten anything new since their Frutti Music bar days except armor and a better haircut for Sky. It’s always them same old duds. Sure the outfit count on the “allied girls who a lot of us would like to be Winx” is at least better than the boys. Daphne weighs in at 4, Roxy at 3…and they really should let Roxy wear her retro dress more. It looks really good…and she appears to be close with Daphne so maybe they’ll not necessarily be Winx per se, but might be like an adjunct section that does “damage control” that’s actually probably what the “Friends of Winx” group would do…surely someone’s gotta clean up all that collateral damage. We only see the winx on their adventure days, but with every adventure there comes grunt work that likely happens in between that the Winx consider beneath them (which would be odd for Bloom considering she grew up on Earth without magic). It might not be pretty, but i’m sure that because the Winx have to consistently be on call for threats…there’s hardly damage control time so someone else does that. That might be a reason Roxy and Daphne don’t care much for front lines…they’re a behind the scenes type…like every other character that would be considered a major ally (Mirta, Lucy , Nova , Miele and Eldora). Not everything about being a fairy is as glamorous as it appears. I tend to think of the new outfits as a “reward” to make Roxy and Daphne feel better about their work…since all Roxy has to do to get rid of litter around magix or wherever is say “hey you vultures, want a snack?” and Daphne could easily repair whatever needs it with her elemental powers…whenever she’s not teaching. Whenever a particular “mundane help” task has reached a certain point…new outfit time…it might not be much but someone has to do it…and any girl in Winx would do just about anything for a new outfit….so it’s a small reward…sorta like “you can’t always go on new missions, but if you do something mundane for us, we’ll give you a new exclusive from Stella.”

          • @Will N

            Actually all the Winx do know reconstitution spells… or I think they did. Its kinda hard to tell with them. I mean a standard education at Alfea and CT teachers includes shape shifting but they never used it. The Trix have but they kinda stopped doing so.

            Actually now that I think about it the Winx have shown a few abilities they don’t use later on.

            Flora showed she could manipulate rocks but never does so, Aisha manipulating water was usually a informed ability as she mostly used Morphix. Stella could almost instantly teleport in short distances. Musa did a rain dance magic once… (well she now as a weather Pixie) Oh and the big one, Bloom could heal people from near death situations.

            Yeah it feels like they only use what magic they are best at or from their abilities but don’t seem to use anything else for long.

          • @ Dragon…which is why I think that the known allies do use the basic stuff the winx just don’t….somebody’s gotta cover reconstitution, why not their friends? The magical beings outside the Winx are jellyfish unless they significantly aid the Winx in some way…and since we only know of six who did…why not let them do something besides tag along? I mean i can see Roxy, Miele & Daphne getting dirty doing certain things that need to be done in reconstitution, Mirta & Lucy likely appear as social advocates for acceptance of odd things and Nova tends to report on the happenings…with the six of them coming together as like a PR adjunct for the main six. Not everyone truly likes them…Mitzi might as well join Icy and for those who are like Mitzi but need help to understand that magic isn’t always bad…but could be freaked out by the “I’ve had too much caffeine/rainbow barf” personas of the winx…the other girls that are their allies by being more “down to earth (literally with Roxy)” wouldn’t freak them out…wasn’t that why Roxy got freaked out when Bloom told her years ago? Maybe Roxy was about to discover it for herself and felt like Bloom & Flora outed her?

          • @Will N

            I am now picturing Miele selling Winx merchidise while leading Flora’s fanclub… and the Winx fanclub but mostly Flora’s.

    • Maybe. The comics suggested a way for that to be possible. One story was about how every year on a specific day, the mermaids are given legs and allowed to experience life on land. Maybe Niobe was a mermaid who decided to stay. Or…maybe not. I don’t know. 😅

      Oh, well. The comics aren’t canon anyway. But it’s not like the idea of a mermaid getting legs and marrying a human hasn’t been done before, you know.

      • Yeah I mean its common after all would explain her weird family. I wonder if thhat means shhe can breath underwater for a time?

        • She can breath underwater. Remember season three? She had to rush back to Andros and the Winx wanted to come with her, but she said they couldn’t because only she could breath underwater.

          • Yes. I mean, Tressa and the twins are her cousins, so…

            I’d say either Teredor and Neptune are brothers, or Niobe and Neptune are sister and brother. I realize Neptune is of a lighter complexion, but seeing as how he’s a merman, he wouldn’t get much sun.

      • I think the little mermaid story on Andros is actually Little Merman. Terredor called Neptune brother…so it’s probably reversed. Terredor fell in love with Niobe and decided to go to land…I just hope he never sold his voice to the sea witches temporarily just to get a date.

          • And unlike canon pixies as far as we know…boy selkies exist. Maybe the boy pixies just don’t see the point in hanging around in canon? It might help the specialists if Fixit was given to Timmy and Martino went to… Helia, Sky can have Lockette’s cousin Giga, Robinson would be best off with Roxy’s boyfriend Manuel from the comics…but that’s about it.

          • @Willl N

            Actually their is no boy Pixies in Winx Club. In Poppixie however their are. Although as a spin off they could get away with it seeing how twas it’s own universe.

            As for Tecna’s and Musa’s new pixies… its what called Canon Imagines where a character from a spin off or another work based on it appears in the main work.

            Also you want to bet Daphne’s Selkies was the one for the lake she was kept in?

  5. wow! i loved the fanfic you created! i am also creating a winx fanfic. it’s a thrilling adventure involving the specialists. and you’re right. some people think of aisha and nex a not-that-interesting couple. in fact, they’re my favorite couple. i’m OBSESSED with bloom and sky.

    • Thank you! I love Aisha and Nex. They’re my favorite, too. 😊 The story’s not over yet, so keep checking back for more chapters. 😉 Good luck with your fanfic! Now I know how tough it is to write one! (Tough, but fun.)

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