Credit goes to WinxClubRUS for the tipoff and WinxClubAll for the news source!

Winx fans have found an article with new details about the upcoming Netflix spinoff Winx Club WOW: World of Winx. From Googling the author, I think the article’s from Kidscreen. (I haven’t confirmed this yet.) Here’s the key information:

  • The show will have two seasons, each with thirteen, 22-minute episodes designed for VOD (video on demand) viewing. Season one will premiere early next year, followed by season two in fall 2016.
  • The Winx will go undercover to find kids with talent in art, sports, music, and science. But a “dangerous mystery” will complicate their search.
  • The target audience is 8-12 year olds, the same age group Rainbow was aiming for while developing Winx Club season one. (The article says the classic show’s audience is 4-8 year olds, which is a smaller range than what’s listed on Rainbow’s website.)
  • The show takes place on Earth instead of the Magic Dimension. The setting’s described as “urban [and] metropolitan.”
  • The show will feature “a completely different artistic look and feel, brand-new characters, and more thrilling and mysterious plot twists not commonly found in the classic series.”
  • According to Cristiana Buzzelli, Rainbow’s Vice President of Content, Netflix didn’t “enter the creative process on scripts, characters, or plot lines.” In other words, they didn’t help write the show.
  • Rainbow wants to make Winx Club WOW a separate franchise. They’re already building a licensing program for it (translation: merchandise).

UPDATE: According to my affiliate Michael from Michael’s Winx Club, Winx Club WOW: World of Winx was just the working title. The new official title’s just World of Winx. Michael got this information directly from Rainbow at their headquarters in Loreto, Italy.




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69 Responses to “First Look at “Winx Club WOW: World of Winx” *UPDATE*

  1. This looks like the risky move that everybody has been waiting for, maybe the one to start a new the show! I’m kinda hyped

  2. Wow, indeed! The concept screenshot is gorgeous! Seeing Bloom gazing at the city reminds me of Britney Spears’ “Break the Ice” anime music video, but animating the Winx Couture style? It looked like a very brilliant, although risky move, but I’m sure most Winx fans who are familiar with the series are just as curious to see this style animated on their screen instead of printed on their shirts!

    So far, I’ve heard some fans ticking off about the screenshots, saying that it’s a copycat of Totally Spies, but I don’t think so. I think WOW’s spies in the city theme will be very different.

    • The storyline itself is already different. But what’s wrong with making the Winx spies? Why is every concept automatically a ripoff of another? You don’t think Totally Spies got its inspiration from somewhere else?

      • Exactly! Winx Club itself was inspired by other popular shows, such as Sailor Moon. A lot of people asked if W.I.T.C.H. and Winx Club are the same or rip-off from each other. No, the only things that these two share in common is that both series involved a group of girls who can transformed into fairy-liked creatures and save the universe from evil. Both have leaders with red hair (Bloom and Will Vandom) and when they first started off, they each have five main members. Other than that, the concept and setting is very different.

  3. I’ve heard a lot of bad reception, but I don’t see why. This looks completely awesome and epic to me. I honestly think it’s going to be a great show,and the artistic style is rendered beautifully. It doesn’t exactly look like couture, more of a couture/2d hybrid.

    I hope that the merchandising will target America as well as Italy and world wide. I would love to see dolls from this series, and the possibility of a new or epic transformation could make all the difference. I’m stoked to see this next Spring!

    • Transformations are hard enough to keep up with on the main show, adding one here could get confusing so maybe we could get two seasons of a show/project without one? Or if we have to have one go with Believix, that form seems to be the easiest to animate and has the widest range of abilities (everything enchantix has,plus a unique ability so there’s that, each believix special spell really seemed like it was more of a,”quit your gripes/whining and be reasonable” speech more than an actual spell especially Tecna’s and Aisha’s)

      • I don’t think they’d go back to Believix because that would mess up the timeline. This may be a spinoff, but they need to be careful not to conflict too much with the classic series. I’d expect them to use Bloomix or Butterflix.

        • In that case I’d go with Bloomix, it would translate the best into a darker show because it’s the most practical and it’s also stylish. The Winx should keep Bloomix around for awhile long than the main show got (only 3 episodes of experience with it after the growing into it one, ugh. I would like to see more Bloomix even if that’s a Bloom/Flora centric name.)

          • You know what I’d like? They should transform according to the needs, like they should transform to sirenix/harmonix when needed to solve some underwater mystery. Or believix, if people don’t believe they’re fairies. Ir Enchantix if they have to undo some dark spell with their fairy dust. Butterflix has some special use too, but I don’t wanna spoil it. 😛
            Get what I mean??? Won’t that be like AWESOME or what??!?!?!!

          • That could get confusing we have 9 levels (that’s enough thank you!) Believix Sirenix and Bloomix all have multi-purpose use, and Bloomix or Believix translates the best for a darker tone. Bloomix would be the ideal one (go from leather to armor because that’s just awesome) and it’s not ascookie-cutter as the others are plus i’m sure in a darker show that fairies are “knights with wings” as that’s what the bloomix look plus specialist and paladins armor look like (sans wings for Nex and Thoren, though both should have them since Paladins have wings probably in the color of their buttons just so it’s not all white/red).

          • @Summerautumn I dont want a new one either. i just thought that then they could keep the spin off independent of whats going on in season 8 or something

  4. Awesome! Look’s like Stella got smart with the adventure line and made it more spy-like. It’d be nice if Roxy would be in this series (what’s an Earth-based series without her right?) also I don’t think that’s coture style, looks more Carmen Sandiego which offers a much more mature writing set, also Bloom really looks like Kim Possible in this style, it’d be funny if Christy Carlson Ramono were picked to be Bloom in the more mature series (because i’d imagine that the s7 cast is strictly for the main show, except maybe Bella Hudson, her Daphne could easily work in any setting) and KP would be the easiest way to get a proper mature voice, or just call Liza Jacqueline back, she’ll bring a mature voice back to Bloom.

      • @ OP Thanks, also with that Carmen Comparison you could easily stick Flora in the orange-gold dress with matching pumps and Fedora (because Flora could pull the look off real easily, the only difference look wise would be the eyes, green vs blue/brown) if they wanted to do a retro joke (because Carmen’s making a comeback so the new gen would get it just like we 90’s kids would)
        @Galistar i think you mean Ramono and yes haven’t seen her anywhere since KP but come to think of it Carmen herself Rita Moreno (tv series) or Mari Devon (1990’s CD games) would be a good VA for the villian if there is a villian in this spin-off or better yet a neural character since that’s what Carmen is, and speaking of those two va’s if i hadn’t seen the cast list for s7 i’d have thought that a certain someone was being voiced by one of them.

    • Not a bad idea to cast her as Bloom or any one of the other girls. Come to think of it, I don’t think Sandiego has been that active in voice acting lately, unlike Ron Stoppable’s voice actor, Will Friedle, who did voiced Prince Nereus in Season 5.

  5. So it’s… 2 weeks? after the final ep of season 7 aired in Italy and already they’re teasing the next new stuff! Yay Rainbow, keeping the energy up!

    I wonder if “undercover” and “separate franchise” will mean “no transforming” and if not, which transformation they’ll pick. Straffi seems to like Believix a lot. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Personally i hope they go with no transforming, the Winx are strong enough by now that they shouldn’t have to (unless they need to fly, because i don’t think that they are as strong as Daphne is yet in order to fly without wings) this way everyone gets equal attention. I just hope that we aren’t in Gardenia, please go to another city, if you have to do the US again Rainbow at least pick a different city! I’m sick of seeing what resembles LA, how about NYC? Miami? St.Louis? New Orleans? Ignored Midwestern cities like Indianapolis or Louisville?

      • Actually in S2 [I think it is in “Hallowinx”] Stella hovers while they’re in a buss in Gardenia, and she didn’t need wings nor transformation, I think by now they must be able to fly without wings, just as Faragonda is, yet I think it would be better if they use a transformation [I think bloomix is the best choice] but the fights are more physical than in the current show.

          • I’d actually like to see the winx stop each other like that again, especially if they meant that they wouldn’t be so hive minded.

          • To be honest I liked it more in earlier seasons [1-3] when they were not public and hid their magic from people, since S4 they’ve been just bragging their magic to humans and using it to entertainment, S4 is my favorite but this, along with the Winx’s band and all that “believe in magic” thing is something I hate not only of S4, but of all the series.

          • I’m fine with the Winx being open about it, but not the fact that the Entire Earth believed in Magic after season 4. Gardenia? Sure, i’ll buy that Two Winx are from there so it’s alright, but All of Earth? No way is that possible, even if Morgana’s fairies are more traditional and Nebula’s school, i’d say only the US and Italy (because Gardenia is in the USA and Winx is Italy’s home product!) should be open to it in season 5 and 6 pertaining to the residents over the age of 13 (when imagination is peaked) otherwise the world should be Aloof, residents between 0-13 know, and don’t question it, that’s why the kids in season 2 saw pixies and why they didn’t act so surprised in s5&6 when Bloom allowed them to fly. Earth kids have magic and snap out of it at age 14 (unless they are D&D LARPER’s,Sabrina Spellman or Juniper and Ray Ray Lee)

  6. This has me laughing. I’m probably showing my age with this reference (or more likely no one gets it), but this reminds me of Xeriouxly Forxe.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’ll still watch it as soon as it comes out, and I’ll reserve any judgements until then. For now, though, I really don’t know what to make of this one except to be amused.

  7. 8 -12 is what rainbow calls a more mature audience? I was thinking 12+

    Wasnt winx original target girls between 8 – 13?

    • Actually, it was 5 – 12. Rainbow didn’t say the show would be for an “adult” audience. They said “slightly older” than their usual audience. This is slightly older.

      12+? Personally, I don’t wanna see Winx Club get that mature. We don’t need an PG-13 or R-rated version of the show! In the end, it’s still meant for kids. WOW will just have less cutesy graphics and deeper storylines. That’s good, right?

      • As long as 8-12 means the writing will be good like in season one, then sign me up! I’m too used to not getting my hopes up, but I gotta admit it sounds promising.

  8. Hey unadinoi! 🙂 xoxo

    This information really excites me, i sure can’t wait for what’s about to come!

    The one question i’ve been asking myself frequently is musa and riven’s relationship (lol i know this has nothing to do about ur post but i ship them A LOT) what do u think will happen? Tbh it’s been a long time since i watch the latest winx club and i am rlly curious, do u think musa will find someone new? That’s all for me, thank u so much and hv a great day and night! Xo

    • Riven is probably never going to come back once they write off a character (or kill off) there’s a a slim chance that they’ll come back, it’s not like Musa has to have Riven and we touched on this topic in the specialist post and 6×23 review. To summarize it Riven/Musa is impossible and unhealthy by many and loads of people seem to want Jared to return (especially if things with Alice is more of an “i’m sorry, i’ll be your girl out of pity thing”) because Jared actually treats Musa the way she deserves, but has his own interests too,like the press and with the Winx being marketed as superheroes they could use a pr guy, and he’s the guy,his favorite weapon? The most deadly one,a pen.

      • I agree that MuRi was…well, muri (impossible), but I don’t want Jared to join the Boys Club. He was a sweet guy, but his feelings for Musa just felt like a one-sided crush. I couldn’t take those two seriously as a couple. Like Aisha, she needs a bold, strong guy.

        • True but he’d be the better choice for her if she had to have a guy, i do remember Musa blushing after that kiss on the cheek, so maybe she could reconsider, plus we know Jared has purple as his specialist color which is also one of Musa’s colors, and the guy’s colors appear to be either a match for the girls in one of their colors (Nex has Turquoise gem, Sky has blue, Riven had magenta, Roy had spring green) or a compliment to them (Timmy has yellow to contrast tecna, Helia has orange to supplant Flora as orange is a part of nature in fruits flowers and veggies) or the girl’s favorite color (Brandon’s emerald green is Stella’s favorite). It’s possible but not likely.

  9. I’m so excited for this! Too bad some people on tumblr are downright dampening my excitement with all their whining. This fandom, man. It will never change.

    I do share everyone’s curiosity when it comes to this: Are they going to make up a brand new transformation for this show, go with one of the recent transformations from seasons 6 or 7, or have the girls battle it out in their wingless, catsuit-clad forms? Now that could be interesting.

  10. This is so cool. I mean they are looking super awesome and epic. I think its gonna be a great series but its gonna be on netflix, we cant watch it in pakistan. Honestly i think the-bloom gazing at the city looks like natasha aka black widow from avengers, ie same hair same slim figure and both are protectors.. i think wow ia gonna be like avengers or justice league, with more action and martial arts, what i wanna know is are winx still gonna remain fairies, i mean if they can change magic dimension to metropolutan than why not fairies to agents, ita totaly bogus to think that wow was inspired by totally spies, its not like thier producers invented girl spies concept or any other objective that might resemble wow series.
    I am literally crying i cant watch wow if its on netflix unless my favoyrute blog writer who runs this website and also runs my fav facebook page .una di noi winx. Would be darling enough to upload the epusides on her fb page.. huh???? please…O:-):-*:'(

  11. What I think is, they probably won’t get a transformation resembling anything like the ones in the main show. I think the transformation in this show would be a much simpler one where they just get small, glitter-less wings and simple outfits (maybe the outfits won’t change at all?). Also, the transformation sequence would also probably be very short and rapid, like just a few flashes of light and everything’s ready.

    • That’s possible however i think that Rainbow should implement a “no flights” Rule for World of Winx not just because it’s a more mature show but also because how often do we get to see wingless winx fights? Next to not at all, plus that way we can see Aisha and or the guys more realistically training the other 4 (because we know Bloom and Roxy if Roxy gets to join in having grown up on Earth will adapt the easiest/already have done something similar in their high school PE classes so to them it’d just be routine) in fighting, energy blasts are over rated, flying isn’t very stealthy unless you have an invisibility spell (and Flora’s the only Winx to have such and i don’t think Natural Camo works outside the books anyway so there’s no way she could extend it to all others, she’s the dog, and Rainbow likes kicking the dog for some reason, at least they make up for it by allowing her to be the third official mascot).

      • Flightless Winx? Hmmm, that would sure be interesting. But I think it would be weird considering we know they are fairies and can fly so if they like fall off a building or something and don’t transform, then it would make it too jarring (not that the Winx haven’t managed to fall even WITH wings!!).
        Speaking of Roxy, when I first looked into Bloom’s shades, I thought that was Roxy standing between Stella and Musa (what with her hair appearing too pinkish) and that they missed Layla in this shot. I immediately went to the comments and thought, “What’s wrong with everyone?! Why aren’t they talking about Roxy?! Don’t they care anymore?” And then I went back to the picture to have a closer look and I was like, “Silly me!”

        • Yeah that is wierd and apparently potential spoilers Roxy’s going to really be getting the Daphne treatment in the future because of some reason.

  12. I actually want them to earn one, new main transformation for this show. Just one, alone. After all, this may be a new show, but they’re still fairies after all. What’s the point of being fairies if you don’t have wings. I would like to see more hand to hand combat, or at least something like the initial battle with the robots in SOLK. But like I said, it should only be one transformation. A really cool, combat action, awesome transformation that fits the theme of the show. Bloomix comes closest, but even that’s not a great match.

    • They are still fairies and yes i suppose they will transform at some point, but they must consider just going from the 9 they have because hard as is to keep up with what we have (i mean by the time we learn not to groan at the name Bloomix and see how awesome it is Rainbow’s already on Mythix). I’d be fine if Bloomix were the new “general catch all form”, however the fact that the Winx are under cover means use of any transformation should be only visible to the audience (us) or kids near by (adults should ignore it dismissing it as well… fairytales like early s4 episodes and remain aloof) especially since kids are the focus of the show, better yet other than reporters, the Winx should be the only adults on camera (just have enough 12 year olds around and things will be fine for free range kids)

  13. The animation looks amazing, but like many other fans, I wonder which transformation they’ll use, I don’t think they won’t use any because, even if WoW is supposed to be different, they’re still fairies and are stronger when they’re transformed.

    I also wonder when it’s going to take place, is it taking place between one of the past seasons, or maybe in the future? If it’s the latter [which I doubt] maybe they’ll be so powerful that they won’t need any transformation [like Faragonda], or maybe it is an alternate reality or just another version.

    Anyway, I love the pictures, it kinda looks way too far from the original Winx Club, though. I noticed they changed some things of the original idea of WoW, too, like the name and now the episodes are 22 minutes long instead of 10 minutes. I can’t wait to see it.

    • I see this being a covert season 4 somewhere along the lines of the JLA, like how Bloom,Musa, and Tecna wanted to do it in the first place, they really didn’t want anyone to find out they were fairies by being told, they wanted people to find out for themselves. Maybe the kids in this series will get that.

      • Actually it kinda makes sense, it fits with S4 plot, which probably means it’s gonna be set somewhere between S4, so maybe they’re gonna be using either Believix or Enchantix, which also makes sense since WoW is aimed to older fans and most of older fans love Enchantix.

  14. I absolutely love the winx, but I feel like the series has gotten a little…dull. Season 3 was and is still the best season and I feel like it has slowly been going downhill since. I am so excited to see the revamp, and I think it (sadly) is time for something new. There are only so many years the girls can still “be at alfea” and I think they are running out of ways to write them into situations. It has been the same thing for too many seasons: new villain, new transformation, and the occasional Roxy cameo.

  15. You know, if this new series really is good, I wonder if it might get more popular than the actual series… After all, writing is something that carries a show a long ways… in America at least. Winx Club went down in its writing quality, but due to its already huge popularity it didn’t suffer as other shows would have.

  16. Entry isn’t the newest, but I hope you don’t mind my comment being a bit late. ^^
    In general, I have mixed feelings about this show. Yes, I was waiting for a season/series made for a bit older audience and more similar to early seasons, but now I don’t know what to feel about WoW. Hope I’m not a hypocrite.
    Firstly, I’m not sure about “Winx couture” art style – it looks great on those two pictures, but we will see how it behaves in motion. Can be hit or miss.
    Another thing is something you’ve aldeady noticed – they seems to forget that Winx Club had used to be for 8-12 or 6-12 audience at the beginning! Same for “cliffhangers” and “serialized storyline” – 1st, 2nd, and especially 3rd and 4th seasons had very serialized storyline with ocassional cliffhangers (Nabu’s death, Layla’s vengeance), but they are pretending it’s a new thing. Don’t know what to feel.
    Last thing comes from fans’ opinions. I saw it’s common, especially among Polish fans, to say “OMG, so mature, i loveee it”, “it’s gona be so dark, i can’t”, “Winx gals look so adult!”. I’m afraid that creators may be trying to hard to be “mature” and “edgy” and feel nothing like Winx. 🙁 Also making something “darker” doesn’t mean “better” or “well written”. “Mia nad Me”, co-producted by Rainbow, is really good show (especially 2nd season) and is optymistic and colourful. To be fair, I personally prefer lighthearted stories, of course with some darker and more serious moments, but they don’t destroy general optymistic tone of the series. I prefer stories made “for child in every of us”, like Spielberg said over “omg, sooo matureee” ones.

    But, in general, I’m happy to see a cartoon made for older kids! It seems to be quite a rarity. For some time, tv shows for older children and early teenagers seems to be usually live-action.

    So, I think that many aspects of this show can be hit or miss, like I wrote about graphics. Fairy couture can look beautuful or clumsy in motion, story can be exciting and magical and more similar to early seasons and well-written or “dark in sake of being dark” and not really that good. But we will see how it’s came out after premiere. 🙂

  17. Also, I don’t get comparisions to “Totally Spies”. Secret agents usually are wearing catsuits and Winx’ ones seems very different from Totally Spies ones, not to mention that storyline is very different.

  18. I have been reading and I noticed some interesting comments. Its a spin off which means its not necessarily canon and doesn’t have to follow the main story at all. Why does it need to have the same transformations? Its meant to be its own show, not Winx Club 2.

    Next is why are you all pushing Jared on Musa when he was only a plot device and was even shown to have his own girlfriend? I agree with OP that Musa needs someone strong but she also needs someone who is willing to support her and still be a little cool and willing to have adventures. Jared looks a little underdeveloped to me.

    Lastly can we just appreciate a show for what it is? Winx is Winx and we are judging this spin off before it even happens. Then when the show actually airs we can’t appreciate it because we’ve already judged it too much. Just give it a chance.

    • The Jared thing is my doing, yes i know about Alice but i don’t think that’s going to last especially since both are severely under developed, and he’s probably the only other guy Musa would consider, and I always thought that Jared was this “guy who gets along with all the girls” type of guy, besides Alice was only seen with him twice and not once have they done anything that declares them a couple (such as kissing or hand holding when we see them,just a stock dance.) and it’s possible that Alice is on the same terms with him as Musa is. Now yes this is a spin off but aren’t 9 levels that we already have enough to choose from if we have flights? It’s going to be ridiculous if we have a non-canon transform thrown into it. This is why Bloomix and Believix lend themselves best to the info we’ve been given, Believix fits the plot, bloomix the tone maybe a Believix/Bloomix hybrid if they do make something new but we’d rather draw one out out of what we have.

  19. Honestly i don’t know why i am not that exited about WOW , i believe that the show’s creators have stopped creating good seasons and ideas since the end of season 4 .. Seasons 5,6 and 7 were painful to watch and completely ruined Winx Club , i believe they should work on the original series and make the new seasons more close to the original plot we’ve seen in the first 4 ones instead of starting a spinoff .. and the winx being spies ? No thanks .. I am sorry but i will always insist on the fact that winx club is being messed up after season 4 , i don’t get what the show’s owners are trying to do but i believe it is the best cartoon show ever made in the history , the moment they got enchantix for example was awesome , but what about the new cheesy plots , dialogues and designs , it’s becoming a gardeners show , i am very sad for my fav show to be treated that way specially since nickelodeon got involved !

    • I kinda agree with most of what you said, but I really doubt we’ll ever get to see the classic Winx Club again for many factors, however, it not being the old Winx Club doesn’t mean it is necessarily bad, actually, even S4 has a different style from the earlier seasons, yet it is the best season so far, S7 finale is pretty good too. I’m excited about WoW because it is probably the closest we’ll have to classic Winx, but with a darker tone. As for the Winx being spies, I don’t like so much that idea either, but we don’t know for sure if they are actually going to be spies, some fans are just implying that from the outfits.

  20. I think winx club wow will not come out because season 1 was meant to come out in 2016 spring which is now over and it still has not come out therefor its only got 13 episodes per season.The first few episodes of winx club season 3,4,5 and 7 were exciting but it all gets boring towards the middle and the end.Season 3 and 4 was good as the winx new clothes for their new powers were detailed designs and harmonix was the best powers they had.IN season 4 their enemies(wizards) were very powerful and they had good fights with them.I hope winx club wow and season 8 is better than their previous seasons and they make more seasons and don’t stop Winx club till they have made 500 or 600 seasons and after these seasons they should make a new, better and similar cartoons

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