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17 Responses to “Flora and Musa’s Ethnicities?

  1. Oh, sure. Let the OBVIOUSLY asian girl be considered white, and the OBVIOUS fair-skined african american girl ALSO be considered white.

    ~le sigh

    • American? Asian? African? They’re aliens. They’re certainly not Caucasian either, but I realize they have to label it as something. I’d at least label Musa as Asian, yeah, but Flora isn’t black. I don’t think she’s really supposed to have an ethnicity or race, but for what it’s worth, her character design is based on Jennifer Lopez, who is Hispanic. Each Winx girl has been stated by Iginio Straffi to be modeled after a real woman, so getting technical, I guess they’d share their apparent ethnicity (though that makes no sense since they’re not from Earth) with that counterpart.
      And why is every black person automatically American and not European or African? That reminds me of the time this guy got up in front of my class and gave a report on a book that is set in Africa, calling all the black characters “African American”. It’s an overcorrection Americans have gotten used to since it’s “politically correct” even though it’s not.

    • According to Straff Flora was modeled after Jennifer Lopez, so that would make her more Latina than black or white. But they’re not from earth they’re from another dimension. Ug stupid Kmart

  2. I think Flora looks Hispanic rather than African American.

    I think Walmart really should have gotten this right, or not posted it at all! Why is the ethnicity of a character so important? What matters is what show they come from and whether the doll would make an appropriate gift!

  3. All the dolls except for black-skinned Aisha look pretty alike. If I didn’t watch the series I’d write Caucasian.
    Though the characters are definitely not.

  4. What? Really guys! The winxes race Is fairys! C’mon, like really? Who would put racism on a kids TV show? There just fairys. The winx arent from earth, so what can they be? Nothing! There realms are there “color” and who cares? Really. Aisha, so you call “African American” lives in the ocean!!! Musa, okay, I gotta admit she is a Tokyo styled girl. But not Asian. I never said she was, she was a tokyo styled girl and maybe was inspired to be. But really? So what? Why even add racism stuff to these dolls? Like, I could understand the animators. They want to have diffrent colored girls. So what! They can’t all be white? So what one is darker then the other but keep in mind people its just a TV show. This was as much funny then the whole “winx club is anorexic”.

  5. They are, but at the same time they aren’t.

    Musa looks very similar in tearms of design and apperance to a character like Mulan, where as Flora looks similar to Selena Gomaz (seeing as the skin tones are similar, sorry couldn’t think of another animated female off the top of my head :/ ). In our world Musa comes from an Asian decent and Flora a hispanic (or someone who can tan and typically has one).

    Even though they where based off real life woman, the Winx don’t live in our world. In their world they don’t have the ethnicities we do, or at least that we know of. As we have seen in the series skin tones really don’t play a major role in the series (there have been characters with unnaturally colored skin Ethernal Fairies anyone?). In their universe Musa is a normal fairy -who happens to be a Winx- from Melody, as is Flora from her world.

  6. For one Musa is obviously asian, and Flora could be hispanic but I don’t think it really matters.
    Kmart is a bit weird for listing ethnics on dolls 😛 I mean seriously, who does that?

  7. It has been said by straffi what the races of the girls are even though they are fairies they share the race of the person they were modeled after
    Bloom is Irish
    Stella is Italian
    Flora is Hispanic
    Tecna is British
    Aisha/Layla is African
    Musa is Oriental/Asian
    and Roxy is German

    • Ethnicity: The fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.
      It does NOT mean race or nationality, though you somehow ended up using all three together in this incorrect and inaccurate claim. To be fair, Kmart got it wrong too; Caucasian is really not an ethnicity. An ethnicity is like “Hispanic” or “Aboriginal Australian”.
      Bloom isn’t Irish because she is based on Britney Spears, who is no more Irish than any other mixed white ethnicity. Cameron Diaz is Hispanic, not Italian; her mother is white (non-Hispanic) but is equally mixed. Tecna is based on P!nk who is not British at all. Beyonce, on whom Aisha’s appearance is based, is of mixed heritage. Roxy is not based on any real person, so I don’t know where you got that from. She is not even a member of the Winx Club, as confirmed by Rainbow staff.

  8. Making ethnicity a thing for Winx merch is the most out-of-place thing ever. Roxy’s the only main fairy who’s actually from Earth, so ethnic labels on the Winx just aren’t relevant. Sure, if we apply our standards based on appearances, Musa is clearly Asian and Flora is clearly Hispanic, but it doesn’t matter because it’s not accurate. They’re based on real-life people by appearance, but they’re all still aliens in the end.

    I always roll my eyes whenever I see someone refer to Aisha as African/African-American. But official merch? Really? The stupidity of that is… beyond my comprehension.

  9. For all those wondering of why dolls would have their ethnicity marked, it’s mostly because white dolls are easier to generally find (you can’t deny this is true), it’s becoming common to marked ethnicity to people find dolls that more fit their kids/themselves. So, of course the dolls would be labeled despite their foreign/alien nature to conform to this.

    That said, some more research could have gone into making these more correct.

  10. I’ve been thinking that Flora is Hispanic, but she could be Caucasian with a tan since she spends time in the sun.

    • When I first started watching Winx Club and thinking it was American (thanks so much 4Kids) I thought that Flora and Musa were the token minority characters for the show even though they were from the magical dimension.

      Seeing that Bloom is based off of Brittany Spears makes more sense why I don’t care much for her.

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