World of Winx 1X01 -- Flora Cooking Fish Dish

I can’t be the only fan who thought, “Since when?” 😕 Have we ever seen Flora cook before? She’s great at mixing potions, which is a little like cooking. You follow recipes, right?

But in Winx Club, cooking is Bloom’s talent. Granted, it seems like a new skill in her repertoire. I don’t remember seeing her cook much before season six, except in the comics (I think). Marion even asked her in “Mythix” (6X14), “When did you learn to cook like this, dear?” (Way to lampshade your randomness, Rainbow. :P)

The emphasis on the Winx’s talents feels new, too — and it’s not just for World of Winx. As that “Mythix” quote shows, Rainbow’s doing it in Winx Club, too.

I know the Winx have always had hobbies. Aisha works out and plays sports. Musa writes songs. Tecna loves to tinker with technology and invent techno-gadgets…I mean, devices. 😛

But do Musa and Tecna‘s hobbies count as “talents?” Yes, not just anyone can make an inter-dimensional portal generator, but Tecna’s the Fairy of Technology. Of course, she’s good with gadgets (er, devices) because they’re the source of her power. Same with Musa and music — music’s part of her magic identity.

Isn’t it cheating if your skills come from magic? I’m not saying Musa and Tecna aren’t talented. But if they weren’t the Fairies of Music and Technology, would they be interested in other things?

I’d say Aisha’s athleticism, Bloom’s drawing, and Stella’s fashion design are true talents. They have nothing to do with their power sources. But until season five, Bloom and Stella’s talents weren’t mentioned often. Bloom created the Winx logo, and one of the walls in her room in Gardenia was covered in fairy drawings she’d made, but art wasn’t a major part of her character.

Same with Stella. She designed outfits for the Winx now and then (like the Love & Pet outfits in season four), but it was just for fun. Before season five, I didn’t think of designing as her talent.

Winx Club 6X02 -- Flora Using Magic to Grow Flowers

Gardening is Flora’s talent in Winx Club. I guess Rainbow thought that’d be too boring for a reality show — you can’t have a gardening contest, can you? — so they assigned her something more exciting and more useful to the story.

But I wouldn’t have picked “chef.” It doesn’t fit her. I could see her as a baker, but not a general chef. This is the girl who yells, “Don’t hurt it!” every time a monster attacks her and her friends. Sorry to ruin your dinner, but she’s gonna chop up dead animals and serve them on a platter? 😕

I guess she could be a vegetarian chef.

Anyway, cooking felt like a random choice for Flora. Rainbow just needed each girl to have a passion, and since Bloom already had art, cooking was open. I don’t think it’s Flora’s dream to become a chef, but I guess if this talent’s exclusive to World of Winx, we can just say, “Oh, well. It’s not canon.”

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32 Responses to “Flora’s A Chef?

  1. This is going to seem random, but I’ve had this idea for a long time where after the whole story of the Winx Club ends, Flora goes on to be Headmistress of Alfea after Faragonda dies or retires. Anyone else think that could happen?

        • All the girls are being trained for teaching (which is why they are in the lead position in certain rooms in season 6 just like Daphne. Even the park counts as “Roxy’s class” in season 7) however it was revealed that Musa,Flora and Tecna were the best students in that order. After that Aisha & Bloom tie in terms of study habits then Stella at the bottom.

          • Either way, if any of the Winx would be the future Headmistress, it would most likely be Flora. Musa will more than likely pursue some kind of musical career, while Tecna, depending on which canon one goes by, would probably either go into her duties as a Princess of Zenith, or go into the technology business or science alongside Timmy. Flora just generally has the compassion and maturity to eventually take Faragonda’s job, in my opinion.

        • Something i just thought about why Tecna’s princess status got canned in the comics… she’s one according to the Mulan rules. Meaning that she isn’t born a princess (nor does she marry in unless Timmy happens to be the prince of wherever he’s from.) but of the commoner girls she’s the closest thing to being one because her act of saving the entire universe in season 3 was an action worthy of a princess. However Flora and Musa have also done “princess by Mulan standards” actions and Rainbow doesn’t want to bother with explaining “Mulan rules makes Tecna a princess” but doesn’t necessarily make Flora or Musa a princess thing so they wrote it out when s5 came around.

  2. Flora being the chef is a tad weird. In fact I had actually expected what was revealed in season 6 shortly before the show aired to be the talents transferring the cooking from Bloom to Tecna rather than Flora for wow since Art was always Bloom’s thing and Tecna didn’t really have much or even if they wanted to do something completely random Tecna could’ve been a medic specialist. And even gardening if they had kept a power -base talent for Flora…hello perfume specialist? In season 2’s premiere Flora was arranging her flowers in aromatherapy combos. Bloom even narrated that in the 4kids dub and in season 5’s early days…Flora was still doing some of that but to shoo away pests, come to think of it…they’ve sort of been hinting at Flora being the “perfume gal” of the girls all along, even her verse in “Siamo le Winx” mentions perfume. So the talents would’ve been better off as
    Flora-perfume specialist/aromatherapist
    Tecna- either give her the left over cooking thing or make her the medical specialist.

    • I thought Tecna’s talent might be journalism, a passion of hers mentioned in one of the articles on It fits her. Journalists (good journalists, anyway) have to interpret data, sort out the facts, and present them in a logical order. But of course, she’s the Fairy of Technology, so…yeah. 🙂

      • Now that is something new:I didn’t exactly noticed that she mentioned journalism is her second passion to technology in the website.

    • But,if you did watch episode 7 of World of Winx, there’s a part that explain why the cooking skill is Flora’s talent. Cooking in that sense require one to be in touch in the core sensation and taste of the ingredients itself. And also,how the taste of that particular ingredient makes one feel. She is always been the gal who is in touch with her feelings and also senses. So,it might sort of make a little sense to why the cooking talent is given to her instead.

      • Just one problem with that…Flora’s cooking…is given the cliché of “that grandma who cooks horrendous food but she’s too nice so you have to try it as not to be rude to her.” In Wow. At least Bloom & Stella’s cooking isn’t horrible. Aromatherapy would have been the better talent for flora. Also journalism for Tecna…wonder if she’s as tough as Lois is on the JL and that’s tough…even if big blue has to help get her out of “those situations where reporters can’t get themselves out of” on occasion.

        • So,it’s something like how episode one of World of Winx shows it then: Her cupcake is beautiful but horrendous. Then again,she seems knowledgeable about cooking in episode 7 though…

  3. I kinda just rolled with it and didn’t give it any thought. I mean maybe cooking is something she is actually good at. We really don’t know a whole lot about the girls. Bloom Stella and Aisha have the most fleshed out back stories of them and we still didn’t know everything (like Selina for one). Out of the six of them it actually seems Flora is the one we know the least about.

    • And probably for good reason given her dad. It seems the less we know about the girls personal lives…the more crazy they are and the loonier their parents are. The reason the girls go to Bloom’s parents on earth so much on vacations? Bloom’s the only one who’s anything close to “normal” and her parents aren’t “wackos”

  4. Flora’s sudden change of talent didn’t bug me too much because of her potion skill back in season one and because in the beginning of WoW at least she mostly seemed to make tea and I assumed they were herbal teas that she mixed herself, so that’d be cooking with plants. I think Summerautumn has a great idea about perfume making being her talent, that would be cool.

    Also, it seems like everyone in Winx is a vegetarian, including the tigers in season 7!

    Also also, there’s something weird about grouping sports, art, and tech savvy all under the same umbrella of “talent.” Like athleticism isn’t really a talent because it’s partly the body you were born with and being able to program isn’t a talent it’s a skill you have to learn… but drawing is a skill you learn too… oh I don’t know. Something doesn’t work for me here, but I don’t know what it is! The talents of the talents did it too: singing, designing, modeling, cooking, martial arts, music again, repair, and “science fiction.” I love ya Naoki, but your talent doesn’t fit!

    • As my art teacher once said many years ago, “talent is learned not given.” You may be given a gift of a particular skill (such as being able to draw or sing) but to be talented at it takes time. The more you practice with the gifts you are given the then it will add up to a talent. The kids likely practiced whatever it was they did before hand. Case in point with Silka. She said that her talent was a skill first then it became one by working with her uncle.

  5. If you extrapolate, plant expertise => Aromatherapist (BRILLIANT idea by the way Summerautumn!) =>HEALER. Personally I think Flora could grow up to be a lab-coated herbalist healer, famous throughout the magic dimension for developing “vaccines” against plagues that ravage planets where certain plants don’t grow…

    Again though – no fun for a reality show. Nobody wants to see a “healing contest!” There are flower shows all the time, people get ribbons for prize lilies and orchids… kinda boring though. Vegetarian chef – it has always tickled me how nobody on Winx Club seems to eat meat. Little tip of the hat to American sensibilities on Nickbow’s part, I suspect.

    You’re probably right that Perfumist is the best choice for her on WOW. Girls like to smell pretty. And magic perfumes could cause people to feel certain things, enabling important communications, assisting with tasks, etc. I can see Flora’s “Parfumerie” now: this one is calming, for people who go to board meetings, this one is energizing, for people with physical labor jobs, this one helps you focus, for doctors, this one promotes positive thoughts, for new employees, this one is soothing and restful, for people who work with trauma victims…

    (Can you tell that I’m a Massage Therapist who works with essential oils?) 😉

    • Well actually the veggie thing has been on the main six the whole time except Musa. Tecna’s soup (peas apparently titled algorhythm so as not to sound dull) Flora’s flower cakes, Stella’s french fries (remember chips in EU are called crisps and fries are called crisps), Bloom’s cheese pizza, Aisha’s pasta are the veggie options. Maybe Musa’s the meat eater since her’s isn’t mentioned. And we have no clue for Roxy or Daphne.

        • Yeah probably not. That only leaves Musa and Daphne. At least until we see favorite foods mentioned of them at some point. Hope fully someone eats a steak (they don’t have to do it in front of Roxy though, considering that Roxy would go on a “don’t eat our friends tyrade” worse than Flora’s plant tyrades.)

          • Just thought of something in the “food powers” comic transform…Musa is the one who gets her powers from meat. That would make Musa the meat eater even if comics are arbitrarily AU, must be why the only thing that’s meat related in Winx is a dish of eggs at Stella’s Banquet. (That was no way in shadowhaunt a party once she gained her senses back) and even the shoulder of the dress looks like an egg shell while the actual dress’s stripey patterns are similar to bacon. That would make Musa’s favorite foods Bacon & Eggs and given the sensitivity of some towards animal consumption…they can only show by products of animals that are food such as eggs and milk. Roxy probably likes fruit which happens to be (if WOW is any indicator on the smoothie menu), peaches best. Daphne? She might be the fish person.

    • You were totally right on with Flora. She could even learn a lot from Pixie Village in that regard…(do they teach anything related to healing in Alfea?)

  6. Well, the fact that Flora is flipping what looks like fish on that saucepan probably debunks the “vegetarian chef” theory, lol.

      • Ah, yes, you’re right. I suppose that could be possible.

        But now that I think about it, isn’t Flora like, super attached to plants or something? Would she still eat veggies if, as the Fairy of Nature, they’re pretty much her children/subjects? And if she doesn’t, how is she supposed to feed herself?

        Honestly, my best guess is she probably still eats veggies. Making potions probably requires plant-based ingredients, and she hasn’t shown any reservations regarding that.

        • Good point. That makes things even more complicated. 😛

          Well, I keep thinking back to season one when she grew carrots for Kiko. Even if they were magic carrots, that by itself may have shown she’s not uncomfortable with seeing her “children” get eaten. And like you said, she hasn’t held back from using plants in her potions, either — although if it’s a rare plant, she’ll use magic to create a clone of it instead of using the original plant (like in season one).

          So I think it’s not a problem for her. After all, plants can grow indefinitely as long as they’re not too damaged.

  7. Seeing that twitter buzz about WOW being after season 7…that could work, although I think it would logically fit between season 6 and 7. Why? Dreamix looks like it’s a step between Mythix and Butterflix (sorta like how Harmonix is a step between Believix and Sirenix and how Charmix 2 is a step between plain ol’ Charmix and Enchantix *I use 2 to distinguish the brooches from the outfits whereas Charmix is Winx.) and the fairy tales come to life plot of s6 being wrapped up with peter pan.

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