Whenever I read this line in Nick’s description of Winx Club, I pause a bit.

“Together, they study hard in school, hang out at their favorite spots in Magix and go on lots of exciting adventures.”

What? That’s so seasons one through three! The Winx are young women now. They’ve graduated from Alfea and are getting ready for new lives. A couple of them were even engaged!

But things have changed this season. Not only are the Winx acting like teens again, but they’re even acting like students! Remember when Flora raised her hand in Wizgiz’s class? Why would a “teaching assistant” need to do that? (Plus, shouldn’t she know about Age-Changers if she took this course?)

This has me wondering: have Nick and Rainbow turned back the clock on our fairies? Are they truly young again?

One reason they’d do this: extend the series.
Think about it. Let’s say Winx Club survived another five seasons (a long-shot for any series, but not impossible). If the Winx kept growing up, they’d be nearing their thirties by the time season ten premiered. Winx Club‘s aimed at four- to ten-year-olds. What four-year-old girl would watch a show about six, winged women who are old enough to be moms?

The point: magical girl shows lose their magic when the girls aren’t “girls” anymore. If Nick and Rainbow kept the Winx as teenagers, the Winx could stay at that age crossroad where kids, teens, and adults can all relate to them.

vlcsnap-2013-02-18-10h06m18s181Winx Club wouldn’t be the first long-running cartoon to do this. Pick almost any, and you’ll see that its characters haven’t aged in years. (A commercial for The Simpsons made fun of this, listing it as a reason the characters may be aliens.)

Of course, there’s a big downside to freezing the Winx in time: it breaks continuity. (Not that that never happens.) There was a rumor that season five isn’t a direct sequel to season four, but just makes references to it. Are we supposed to believe it, and the first movie, never happened?

The time freeze is also a problem for us fans who wanted to see the Winx move on into adulthood. Whether we like it or not, the younger, “cooler” Winx Club may be back and here to stay.

QUESTION: How would you feel if the Winx were really teens again?

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21 Responses to “Forever Young?

  1. To be quite honest, I like the Winx being teens. It makes it more relatable. I am almost the same age of the Winx (season 1 old) and I feel like its easier to relate being a teenager. I was getting quite nervous because techincally Stella is like 22 years old. It is quite common in shows for the characters not to age.

  2. Daria lasted 5 or 6 years with 3 specials, the final being ‘Is This College Yet?’ and everyone was in school at ‘Lawn Dale High. So no, the Winx definitely wouldn’t be the first to do a long run in with high school/ secondary school.

    However it would be nice if we saw some maturity and character growth in the Winx. Sailor Moon lasted for 5 seasons and you got to see all the senshi grow up and deal with a lot of personal issues. We aren’t seeing that in Winx Club which is another magical girl anime.

    Alfea has been called a ‘College for fairies’ though so maybe the girls are now university students? This would explain why Flora raised her hand.

  3. Truthfully I do not want the Winx to stay in their teen-hood forever, I want to see them grow-up and face the challenges that come along with being older rather than living in the past. We have already seen them at age sixteen, seventeen and so on; why keep repeating? Sure, I understand the value of keeping Winx youthful, but there comes a time when everyone must grown-up, even fictional characters.

    Season five NOT a direct sequel to season four- what?!? Then how do you explain Believix, Roxy and the magic returning to Earth?

  4. If they don’t want to age the Winx as much, then they should keep the seasons short time-wise. Make each last only a couple of months, which will let them milk their current age for awhile. Regardless, they need to grow up, as Winx is a show where they can’t completely ignore continuity. As for Alfea. season 4 introduced the idea of them becoming teacher assistants, but as has been often noted they were horrible at that. Staying at Alfea for more advanced education works, but it starts to strain credibility eventually. Eventually new main characters must be introduced if they want to keep the main characters as teens.

  5. My personal headcanon is that they felt out of place in the adult world (come on, with all the drama, it wouldn’t be surprising) and decided to return for grad school.

  6. Im ok with them being teens but they dont act like teens,they act like little kids. It whould be cool if they act more like the victorious cast for example even on shake it up they are acting more mature.
    Anyone saw the legend of korra? Bloom is older than korra but korra is so much more mature

  7. Maybe its an idea for the winx to go to another school for higher education. That will bring the old storyline of girls studying and exploring new things in the magic/x universe

  8. I said once that after Season 4, Winx Club should have a new main cast (maybe with Roxy as the new central protagonist) for a number of reasons, and you just gave me another reason for thinking this.

  9. I kinda think that they wanted to go back to the original concept of Alfea students being there for 5 years. Even though the Winx graduated when they got their Enchantix, they didn’t learn as much as they could have. So maybe they’ve just been taking extra courses?

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  11. I feel the Winx should grow up, at least until they reach twenty-two (Stella twenty three) and end the series. Its not uncommon for televsion shows to start with a main character being sixteen and ending with them being in their early twenties. I like the knowledge of the Winx getting older, it shows growth, character development and it makes the viewers feel like we’re too also growing up and getting older, just like the fairies. As someone mentioned earlier, it worked in Sailor Moon (okay so over the course of five seasons, Usagi and the others only really aged about two years but still. By the end of the series, they were in high school). I think Rainbow planned on aging the girls (the first three seasons had them age from sixteen to eighteen. Season four had them going out into the real world and even starting up their very own business!) Now, all of a sudden, it looks they might be frozen in time? I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick is behind this. You cannot erase the past four seasons (or two in Nicks case) and revert the girls back to sixteen just because you say so! Just because you want to lower your target audience? If that’s what you want to do then create your own Winx Club and leave our fairies out of it! The fairies that most of us grew up with.
    Btw, in your screenshot, is it just me or is that Roxy sitting in the top corner with three other fairies? Away from the Winx? If so, then… *facepalm*

  12. I definitely thought this as well!
    And as for the whole non-aging cartoons bit, this is true, but if you pay attention, many of the longer running shows with “ageless” characters do not provide exact birthdates (day, month, year) for the characters, so they stay the same age from start to finish. Winx Club however, does this. According to Rainbow, Stella was born on August 18th 1987, and Bloom was born on December 10th 1988, and so on. This puts the “girls” in their mid 20s, and you are right, several of them are engaged, but who knows how Nick will handle this with the second movie? They’ll probably dumb it down and make Sky give Bloom a promise ring or something…
    This also raises questions about the ages of other characters. Dafne/Daphne for example, is supposed to be at least 16 years older than Bloom. Going by the original birthdates, this would put her at having been born in 1972, making her 41 years old biologically! This also raises questions about Oritel and Marion’s ages; one source I came across said that due to Oritel being highly traditional, he and Marion were probably brought together under an arranged marriage themselves; ergo, they probably married at 18. Assuming Marion became pregnant at 19 or 20, that would place her date of birth sometime in the early 1950s.
    Sorry about the ramble there! But it does bring up one thing I never really liked about the series…everyone from kids to adults look the same age. The only thing that separates (for example) Sky and Oritel, is a set or more defined cheekbones. Despite the many wonderful things about this series, the whole “eternal youth” thing isn’t really appealing. I mean unless all of the girls’ parents had them when they were 13 or 14 (doubtful, by the way) they wouldn’t look that young.
    All in all, I wish Nick would just stop changing things. Season 5 isn’t bad, but it hasn’t been spectacular either…

  13. I personally don’t like the forever young idea, I grew up while seeing the Winx growing up as well, and I’d prefer it if we were to see the Winx leading the lives of grown-ups like they were starting to in season 4.
    I really don’t want to see the Winx as teens again, I want to see them as grown-up adults who have learnt from their life experiences.

  14. The girls need to grow up. I’ve seen far too many shows where characters don’t grow up and it’s annoying (cough**Pokemon**cough). Eternal Youth is one of the reasons why I stopped watching a few shows. In Pokemon, I wish Ash would grow up. The Digi Destined in Digimon grow up. Why can’t Ash? And I hope the Winx grow up and I hope the series doesn’t continue on forever like most shows. If there is an ending in sight, I hope it ends on a good note and not a bad one. And if it does end, they can always keep it “alive” with side story films.

  15. I seriously think the winx should grow up i mean season five literally brought them back to teenagers and after season 4 the whole shop thing,having their own home it just seems strange to bring them back to teenagers i started watching winx club when i was 7 and i grew with it and making them ‘young forever’ does not help anything.they seriously have to grow up because even if they do not they will still be cancelled. SORRY WINX FANS

  16. They should grow up! It feels kinds empty and meaningless if they don’t! We all got to know them while they were maturing, how Bloom cried after graduation, ect…
    If they erase all that now they no longer are the Winx we grew with, they are like frozen dolls, unrelatable.
    Every story has to move forward!

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