As I’ve rewatched episodes from seasons three and four, something’s stood out to me about Musa and Tecna: they weren’t passive characters. They didn’t stand back and make snarky remarks. If they had something to say, they spoke up. And in battle, they didn’t wait in reserve until their friends had been beaten. They fought alongside them.

But “Nickbow” changed that. Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Aisha have become the show’s leads (and mascots), while Musa and Tecna are turning into supporting characters. It’s like they’re Winx in name only.


Here are some of my observations from seasons five and six. Maybe you’ve noticed them, too.

  • Whatever club decisions their friends make, Musa and Tecna just go along with them. That’s very out-of-character for them, especially Tecna.
  • Musa and Tecna rarely say anything. When they do, it’s usually to each other. And most of their lines are about music or technology (like they have one-track minds).
  • Their actions center around their power sources, too. Example: the Daphne makeover scene in “Inspiration of Sirenix.” While Aisha taught Daphne to dance, Musa DJ-ed. Because she’s the fairy of music. And what did Tecna do? She gave Daphne a cellphone, which was just Nickbow’s excuse for her to say tech-y stuff.
  • Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Aisha get a fair amount of screen time each episode. Musa and Tecna? Not as much. Instead, they usually get their own episodes, then stay in the background the rest of the season. (Examples: “The Sirenix Book,” “Secret of the Ruby Reef,” “A Perfect Date,” and “The Golden Auditorium.”)

jakks-musa-tecna-harmonixMusa and Tecna get ignored in merchandise, too. First, JAKKS left them out of their City Style Collection. Then, they teased us with these lovely Harmonix dolls but never made them. (Might be too late.)

At least JAKKS might be listening to our feedback. Their newest lines, Believix Power and Color Splash, include all six Winx. But Musa and Tecna are missing from Witty’s upcoming lines, Gardenia and Hip Hop. Sorry, European fans.

Does Nickbow think no one likes these girls? Yes, they’re the least popular, but they still have a lot of fans. My sister, The Melodic Muse, loves Musa. (Why else would she call herself that? 😛 ) Tecna’s not my favorite Winx, but I relate to her the most. We’re both shy and geeky. 🙂

If someone (Nick, Rainbow, or Nickbow) makes another season, I hope they give all the Winx equal attention. It can be done. Bloom alone gets enough screen time for six people.

Of course, we’re just five episodes into the current season. Musa and Tecna are still acting like wallflowers so far, but that could change later. Like I always say, “We’ll see.”

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23 Responses to “Four Plus Two

  1. Bloom is not really that smart and likes jumping to conclusions, facing the descendants of the ancestral witches alone. etc etc etc. When they have someone smart like Tecna in the group, why isn’t her the one creating strategies?

    • I know, right? Bloom tends to act on impulse. Tecna was always the one who’d analyze the situation and come up with a strategy. But ever since Bloom became the leader, she’s taken over that role. It’s completely out of character.

  2. This whole thing, in addition to English dubs, turned me away from the whole institution. Not even excited for the film.
    Is Straffi even involved?
    Long live Italian Winx!

    • I really wish Winx had enough fans to get fansubs like for anime. I don’t hate the dubs, actually there’s a lot I like about them, but if I had a choice I’d go for fansubs over the official dub any day.

  3. I agree,its really sad that they ignore Musa and Tecna both in the show and in the merchandise,there not my favourite fairies but there still really cool and amazing characters,since I love musas back story and tecna is just simply fantastic
    Even though Bloom is my favorite, theres a time were shes getting too much attention,same with the othere 3
    P.s.:there is a rumor that the only reson both musa and tecna harmonix and the pop disco line are not out yet is because of the fact that the stores dont want to buy from jakks(exept Toys R Us) and im guessing its because of the fact that stores have an overstock of Believix dolls,I went to kemart a few days ago and they had a ton of bloom and stella Believix dolls,and there not even on clearance.
    And we just got the city style collection at my local kmart.

  4. you also forgot to mention that they are trying to shift flora to the background with tecna and musa i.e. ever since season 5 started flora who was suppose to be the second most powerful fairy has became a wimp who is always getting beat up, stoned or just plain unfunctional as a fairy.

    • I don’t believe flora is second strongest despite what straffi says nature power does not work that way, she is actually the weakest one because her plant magic needs Aisha’ s water magic and Stella’s light magic to work. The correct order of power would be elemental starting with life light air water energy and nature. This isn’t just true for winx it’s also true for sailor moon and other magic shows i.e in sailor moon the strength order is Serena hotaru mina/Rae Amara/Michelle/Ami then Trista and Lita before Rini.

  5. I absolutely agree with Sandy on the Flora issue. In season 5 Bloom did, or was a part of everything as was Aisha. If it wasn’t about Bloom then it was about Aisha. Stella took up good screen time doing her fashion line when it could have been used for something else. Also there was Stella’s major family drama. It was nice to see her mom though. Also out of all the Winx she had a whole pillar to herself. I am sure they could have allowed Musa and Tecna to save the others but I guess if Bloom can’t do one then who are they to save a pillar.

    What did Flora do? Lets see. She doubted herself, thought Helia was no longer in love with her, and she got a stone that would summon some sea rats, selkies, whatever.

    Musa argued with Riven, sang to some whales to save her planet, and had a duet. She didn’t even rate a wish.

    Tecna turned into a robot, went on a date with Timmy and… Oh we saw Zenith.

    Did I miss anything?

    • I’d say Flora does get a lot of attention — definitely more than Musa and Tecna — but it’s not meaningful attention. Yes, everything you mentioned was pretty pointless or could have been handled better. Especially the love triangle — that was a huge letdown. But unlike Musa and Tecna, she got a lot of screen time throughout the season, not just in her own episodes.

    • It’s been the Bloom/Aisha show (as some fans call it) since season 2. Bloom saves Aisha, Aisha develops a close friendship with her and when it’s time for battle she mainly transforms with Bloom and Tecna (even though she doesn’t always get along with Tecna but that’s because they are alike in terms of personality). Bloom has her make the base of the convergence drone (signifying she is strong enough to be a leader even if she didn’t know it at the time), takes charge in the Defeat Darkar/Rescue Bloom finale and even comforts Sky when he feels like he’s lost Bloom forever. This expands to season 3 which actually shows the winx working as a proper team, Bloom lets Aisha make most of the major decisions in battle particularly in Revenge/Fury! and Day at the Museum when we meet Nabu in person and the Winx Breakup or Rescue Tecna mission, I’d dare to say that before Bloom left she put Aisha in charge offscreen knowing she could handle it, and really other than her or Tecna who could handle the leader pressure, especially if Bloom’s starting to loose it?

    • I so agree, Niki Clement, Musa, Flora and Tecna are my favourites (in that order) and they deserve more screen time. If you like, you can watch my series Believix Wishes on YouTube and you will see that these three get more screen time than Bloom, Stella and Aisha.

  6. I think you are correct, and it makes me sad.

    As someone who’s tried to juggle six characters in one scene, it is darn hard to give them all lines that make sense, much less lines that show real personality. (plus, it’s actually 12 characters with the guys, 13 with Daphne, etc…) The way they split the cast up during the Sirenix quests must have been a relief to the writers. Not that this excuses ignoring characters! Professional writers are supposed to be better than me after all so they should be able to handle six characters. But it is one explanation.

    I always sort of assumed it was Tecna’s short hair that pushed her into the back, and the reason Musa got a new style in season 3. Short hair on a doll = less “styling fun” = fewer doll sales = less concentration on the character who won’t make as much money for the company. Or maybe just shorter hair = less princessy = favorite character of fewer little girls = fewer doll sales. But who knows if my theory is actually right or not.

  7. While Musa and Tecna need more screen time, Flora needs a background story and we need to see her’s and Tecna’s parents. Flora’s only a mascot because of being the pink fairy (a major marketing ploy), Stella being Bloom’s BFF and Bloom and Aisha as the leaders of the club as far as mascots are concerned, but things might be working to where Musa could become a mascot, remember how the underwater doll had her with Bloom and Stella instead of Flora or Aisha? Concerning season 5, everyone was out of wack, Bloom and Aisha did most of the work with Stella and Tecna picking up their slack while Musa and Flora were practically dummies in battle, season 6 is in recovery, Tecna is starting to come up with strategies again, Bloom has started listening to her team again like a leader should (even though she’s stubborn, she’s at least trying and remembered what each of them brings to the table), Aisha has shown she can lead the team again whether on the battlefield or not, Musa has remembered that she had a magic artifact to use instead of throwing soundwaves everywhere, Flora’s making potions and Stella hasn’t recovered yet.). Hopefully Vortex of Flames will show everyone trying to kick Diaspro’s butt.

  8. I think it has more to do with the fact that while Season 3 and 4 broke the friend pairings, Season 5 brought them back.

    Season 1

    Bloom and Stella were best friends since they knew each other the longest. Bloom and Flora were Roomates so they bonded a bit. Musa was a bit of a loner so she tended to herself a lot. Tecna seemed to have trouble understanding the others so she of course was always to the side.

    Season 2

    It’s year 2 and all the girls are closer to each other, but still in friend groups. Bloom and Stella still had a strong Bond and Flora seemed to get along well with Bloom. When Aisha came she immediately hit it off with Musa. When the girls go camping to earn their Charmix, this is when Bloom and Stella bond with Aisha. Bloom comes to Aisha’s aid when she is confused about Stella’s divorced parents. Aisha gets sad and alienates herself because she feels like she doesn’t know the girls as well as they know each other. Stella comes to her rescue and tells her not to worry about the confusion and that she is one of them. When Aisha gets lost Bloom volunteers to go find her. Aisha earns her Charmix by thinking of Musa, but Bloom finds her. They probably bonded offscreen.

    By the end of the Season, all the girls are best friends

    Season 3
    All Best Friends
    This is the first sign of TecnaXMusa. When Tecna falls into the Omega Dimension, Musa is the most upset.

    Season 4
    All Best Friends

    Stella is upset that Aisha spends so much time with Nabu and they fight and later make up. For a friend to be jealous of the fact that you spend so much time with your significant other means that you two are pretty close. Bloom was the most persistent on not letting Aisha take revenge on the Wizards.

    Season 5

    Bloom, Stella and Aisha have a strong friendship, Flora is like the quiet one of the group.

    My Theory is that throughout 4 Seasons, Bloom, Stella and Aisha have formed a strong friendship with Flora in the loop but just being the quiet one. Musa is a bit of a loner so throughout the series she is by herself. She bonded with Aisha in Season 2, but Aisha was depressed and Musa was having Riven trouble. This was also when Aisha had a heavily feminist personality. After Aisha cheered up, became more outgoing and met Nabu in Season 3, her and Musa didn’t bond as much.

    Tecna is simply not very outgoing and she is a tecno-geek so she keeps to herself as well.

    In Season 4 all the girls became comfortable with each other, but Season 5 retconned their friendship a bit.

    I will say that Musa has lost a bit of her sassiness, but that’s probably a sign of maturity.

  9. Well, I agree, and I disagree.

    Same as most Winx fans, I’ve noticed a painful decline in the members’ character traits, including Bloom. Obviously, these characters are getting older, and their personalities are going to change, but in many regards, I don’t see the girls progressing, so much as going backwards.

    Bloom’s become a bossy attention hog, Stella is the oldest yet acts like a spoiled child, Musa is overly agreeable and compliant, Flora is weak and whiny, Aisha has become somewhat over dramatic and sugary, and Tecna is virtually [no pun intended] nonexistent as far as being an interesting character.

    And honestly, it seems like the little bones Nickbow is throwing us for other characters have either been huge letdowns, utterly pointless/unconnected to other events, repeated events, or, brief and arbitrary. –– Musa got a trip to the Golden Auditorium, we saw Tecna’s homeworld and she randomly turned into a robot for one episode [she got her very own filler…] Aisha got a new love interest and was related to last season’s villain [if we can even call Tritannus a villain] Flora earned a transformation first…but via an event we’ve seen step-for-step in a previous season and was involved in a very brief love triangle, and Stella is becoming a fashion designer, but somehow after being a chic fashionista in every other season, her taste has somehow gone out the window in the Nickbow seasons…However, then we have Bloom, who: Got to revive her once-dead sister, got a transformation [and season] named after her, gets several episodes [and one coming up] exploring her homeworld and family in-depth, got to go on a dangerous mission on her own, got to beat last season’s villain, is for some reason the lead singer of the band when there’s a musical fairy on board already, is asserted as THE strongest member of the Club, has her own “personal” villain [Diaspro constantly trying to sabotage she and Sky] amid other “perks” that come with being a spotlighted character.

    The reason why I disagree, is that I don’t think this whole secondary character mentality is exclusive to Tecna and Musa. It just seems like this is their season to be in the background, just like last season Flora and Aisha were made to be fairly uneventful. I hate to bring up the Bloom-spiracy again, but honestly, that’s all it is. I think that each season there will just be different characters, in a different order, shoved into the shadows; it’s sad, but again, it all goes back to the writers being in over their heads, and only knowing how to write for Bloom.

  10. I love Tecna and Flora!
    Even though they are much of the series in the background.
    I wish they had more interesting screen time.
    They have fans too!
    I’d really like to see Flora and Tecna’s parents!

    Bloom gets the most of the screentime because she is the leader. And i know maybe why. Sailor Moon is the inspiration of Winx Club.
    Serena gets most of the screentime.
    She is always the one who defeats the enemy at the last episode of each season,
    and Bloom does the same thing (especially in season 5).
    Sorry for my bad english.

  11. hmm mention whole musa & tecna being like out of focus in recent season?

    give musa part mostly been whole he said she said issues with riven yet tecna being smart been not much besides compare eps of s4 to now really give focus level on each characters since that era mostly bloom & aisha in s4 & s5.

    give in s5 bloom & aisha show mostly due to bloom rescue of daphne & aisha mermaid family & post nabu life.

    rest been get some yet out of focus doing wonder when reach s7 give anyone NOT named bloom or aisha a chance make a main focus this time around

  12. Flora, Musa, and Tecna tend to rotate on who is ignored the most. Season 1 obviously focused on Bloom with plenty of Stella. Musa probably got a bit more attention than the other two, and Flora got to leech off Bloom, leaving Tecna in last. Season 2 was the most even. Bloom and Aisha were the stars, but Stella and Musa still had their big roles. Flora and Tecna again had the least attention, but they had their own plots. Season 3 cemented the princesses as the stars. None of the other three got much, though Tecna probably loses out overall for being stuck in Omega for a few episodes and not seeing anyone from Zenith. Season 4 shook things up. Bloom and Aisha remained on top with newcomer Roxy, but I think Musa did more than Stella that season. Flora and Tecna were wallpaper that season. Not sure who had it worse. Season 5 as we all know had the 4 + 2, with Flora replacing Musa. Season 6 is unknown, but looks to continue this trend.

    Why does this happen? Well Bloom is the main character, the most “charismatic” (whether she actually is is a question for another time), and has powers and a family situation easily lending for drama. Stella pushes her way into the spotlight easily, and she’s got plenty of issues to explore. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason Aisha gets so much attention, but my guess is that the writers hate her, or at least enjoy making her suffer. She’s the go-to punching bag, which naturally means more drama.

    As for the extras, there isn’t a whole lot to do with Flora. Of course there’s always her self-esteem, but except for seasons 2 and 5, she doesn’t have many problems in that area. Pink + plants + sweetness make her easy to market, so she’s gotten the spotlight lately, even if she’s done nothing with it. Musa is an odd case, as it’s only recently that she lost the spotlight. There are plenty of things to do with her like her dream of becoming a musician, temper problems, and how she can be just a petty as Stella. That isn’t even looking at her mother or Riven. She’s probably the most relatable member of the club, but the writers seem scared to do anything new with her, probably because that would mean changing who she is, and that is always hard to do. It’s a pity; she’s ripe for marketing too.

    Poor Tecna has always been on the bottom, only having two episodes to her name and no family. I find her the most fascinating character in the show, since with her we can explore the tech in the show. There’s always the classic logic vs emotions, which still has areas that can be looked at. There’s also her arrogance, guilt issues, and reservedness. At the same time, she’s almost always on top of the situation, and the main reason she’s not leader is her lack of charisma. And of course her backstory is completely untouched, and she could have been traumatized by Omega. I suspect she’s the hardest one to write for, and marketing her is tricky, so she gets sidelined in favor of everyone else, especially those who are seen as more relatable.

  13. I think thats buttcrack LOL. Why don’t they leave out a little bit of Bloom. I don’t want to make the Bloom fans mad but she takes lots of spotlight. She should volunteer in some parts but kinda stay behind in some. I feel bad for Musa and Tecna but why can’t they just make all the characters volunteer then let them behind. I mean maybe they should let everyone have a turn and lead. Like in season 5 Bloom was fighting the CRAZY lame mermaid guy villain (I am too lazy to find out how to spell his name). When Stella lead the Winx to help Roy (did I spell his name right?) and the mermaids. Also Tecna is my favorite character then Aisha then Stella ;). I wanted to get the Jakks Pacific Bloom Sirenix doll but I got Tecna instead.

  14. To be honest this doesn’t really surprise me, but it does annoy me. I wanted dolls of all the girls in their Believix forms, but had to settle for Musa in her Sirenix. Tecna I couldn’t find a doll of at ALL.

    As far as explanations go, I’ll break it down by company:
    *4Kids Era
    -Bloom is the main character of the show; every show that has merchandise almost always releases dolls/figurines/whatever of the main character; she was included in almost every 4Kids ad, even non-Winx ones
    -Stella is considered the “secondary leader” (a position I find silly as the Winx girls all took leads in the original seasons;) she wasn’t included in as many ads, but was still prominent.
    -Flora is the one that has a lot of pink in her color scheme (understandable since she’s the fairy of nature,) so naturally they would want to use her a lot to sell dolls.

    *Between License Changes
    -“Layla,” Tecna, and Musa stll seemed to be shut out.
    -Roxy had only one doll release by Mattel and a few from the Italians.

    *Nick Era:
    -Aisha was added as the “fourth fairy,” despite being the last to be introduced, usually taking the place of Flora when used on promotion pictures. I’m not sure about this one, but it’s quite possible that there were some parent complaints after seeing the first Jakk’s commercials, so they added Aisha to counter them.

    -Musa and Tecna finally started making commercial appearances when Harmonix was introduced…but were together and at the very end.

    Stella was my favorite at first, but Musa has gradually started to grow on me more and more. We share a common love of music so I can understand some of her ambitions and such. I really wish they would feature her more, but that (sadly) probably won’t happen. >:

    As for Tecna, she wasn’t my favorite per-say, but I liked that Nick left her alone and didn’t mess up her personality like the others.

  15. FINALLY!!! someone understands my feelings! op, I completely agree with you on all of this! musa and tecna have always been my favourite characters (although I like musa just a little more…) and it breaks my heart to see them like this. I try to support them all I can but it obviously isn’t working. they changed musa to be really girly instead of the tomboy she once was, and tecna- well, like another post of yours- must’ve hit the rewind button. oh, and their arguments in S6, why? nickbow. they’ve hardly ever argued before, and my sister even thinks they did that so that they can both fall out and quit the winx club so that nickbow dosnt have to bother with them anymore… (although I think that’s a little dramatic)

    • Exactly. I totally agree! Was Mr Straffi even in this? How could they do that to Musa and Tecna? Rainbow should really listen to the fans? Think about how Winx Club would be like if we made Bloom speak about fire all the time, Stella all about light, Flora all about nature and Aisha all about water. No offence, but that wouldn’t be so good. Even if Bloom and Flora are my favourite fairies, but still. If they want to do that to Musa and Tecna, it’s only fair if they do it to all of them and let some other group be in spotlight. No, scratch that. Let’s turn it around. If they don’t want to do it to Flora, Bloom, Aisha and Stella, it’s only fair if they don’t do it to Musa and Tecna! Your sister’s theory was dramatic, but it’s still makes sense. I’m getting the feeling.

  16. This really gets to me! I love both these girls, they are my legitimate soul-mates. They deserve screentime. Flora doesn’t get enough either! I think that the Winx are now revolving around Bloom (definitely), Stella (pulls most jokes, gets loads of attention) and Aisha (Seasons 2 and 5 were all about her, come on!). Half of us don’t even know what Tecna’s real personality is! I am writing a story on FanFiction, and I am really struggling to find stuff for Tecna to say. I made Musa and Flora the centre of my story, so if you fans out there want to see them in action (finally) then please look here:
    Please like it!

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