I said if I decided to leave the Winx fandom, I’d say goodbye first. Well, this is goodbye.

I don’t feel like I belong here anymore. This used to be where I’d escape to whenever I was lonely. Now, this is where I feel the most alone. Every day, I feel more and more out of place and insignificant in the fandom.

Whenever I say anything these days, it feels like it’s me vs. the world. Some fans think I’m just being different to get attention, or I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate. If that were true, I would have stopped a long time ago because it’s not worth the flak I’ve gotten.

I feel like a freak. I know I’m not the only fan with unpopular opinions, but I feel dumb for not keeping mine to myself — and for caring so much about them. All I’ve done is made myself miserable.

I’m already an unhappy person in real life. I know that doesn’t surprise anyone. Piling on the loneliness and stress I feel every time I log into the fandom now isn’t helping my mood.

Detaching from my blog is gonna be hard. I started crying last night as I thought about it. I’ve put so much time, energy, and money into it over the past nine years. Maybe it’s already served its purpose, and my feelings are a sign I’m supposed to move on now.

Contrary to what some fans might believe, I haven’t lost interest in the show. I’m excited and curious about future seasons and movies, and I’ll still look up Winx Club news from time to time. But I’ve unsubscribed from the official YouTube channels and other fan-made channels I followed.

I haven’t decided if I’m leaving for a while or for good. It might depend on what happens in the show and to Winx as a brand in the next few years. This blog will still be accessible, and my social media accounts will stay open. I just won’t be active on them.

Thank you for following and supporting me all these years. This is the first fandom I’ve been participated heavily in. I’ve met a lot of interesting people, and I’ve learned a lot about myself and how these types of communities work.

I also feel like I’ve improved as a writer. Looking back at my early blog posts, it’s like I’m reading someone else’s words. Hopefully, I can use this experience to help me achieve the goals I’ve put off so long.

Goodbye, everyone. I hope you have a safe and Happy New Year.

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  1. Please don’t go (crying), I love your blog. You made me feel normal for being an adult who still loves Winx Club, I have always felt abnormal because of this love and my love of dolls but your post helped me see that it’s okay to escape reality when you become overwhelmed by stress. This year has been tough for me too but I’m still trying to move on. I will still visit your blog. I hope the future brings you joy and happiness. Merry Christmas and happy new year

  2. Gosh, I’m going to miss you, OP!!! I’m so sorry that you feel this way, and I hope you can find relief and happiness, whatever you do, and wherever you go.

    I don’t know you very well, but if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here.

    May you have a Merry Christmas, Oblivious Prattler!

    `Raindrops on Roses

  3. Half of me wants to react like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tim5nU3DwIE

    But the other half of me knows that you need to do what makes you happy. The fact that this fandom has gotten so toxic makes me really sad. I recently started showing Winx Club to my friend, but I honesy think maybe I shouldn’t so that she doesn’t have to get introduced to this dumpster fire. It’s sad to see the state of the fandom, and it’s sad to see you go. But I think we should all remember a quote from one of my favorite authors, John Green: “No one ever says goodbye unless they want to see you again.”

    I don’t blame you for leaving, but if you ever decide to come back, I’ll be here.

    Happy New Year,
    Power of Charmix

  4. it’s a little sad since the caption contest is cancelled
    because had the Season 6 ep 6 caption of Bloom falling into the vortex of Flames been used
    here’s the caption i would have submitted
    Bloom: Worst assassin ever
    Sky: I know right
    Daphne: seriously all the evil in the universe couldn’t kill her and believe me they’ve tried
    Bloom: yeah now if you’ll excuse me i have Bloomix to get

  5. I understand. This fandom is honestly not worth the headache. I kind of follow from the shadows, because I love it so much. The only thing that made me want to interact with other fans was this blog. Your posts were and are awesome and different, and I love how I didn’t agree with everything because I enjoy talking and debating, and getting my mind changed, which happens alot to me on here, like how you changed my mind about Next and Layla. You were the first blog on Winx I ever followed, so you kind of got me into the fandom. Thank you. I know you need to take some time, but just know that if or when you come back, I’ll still be waiting and reading. Good luck and God Bless.

  6. i’ve not been in the winx fandom for about four years now, but for some reason i’ve never unsubscribed from this blog.
    i guess it gave me comfort to see the posts in my inbox every once in a while, to see something i was so attached to, something that’s left from the person i was four or five years ago.
    it’s ok that you’re saying goodbye, whether it be permanent or not.
    i wish you luck for the future, in life and love and all things attached, and i give you thanks for writing this blog for so long.
    goodbye 🙂

  7. You did a great job with this blog, and while I’m sorry to see you go I can understand that doing this… putting opinions out there and dealing with other opinions, being boss of a fandom space, whatever you’d call it, in addition to just doing all the writing, is a thing you’d get burned out on after a while. Have a good fandom-rest! I expect it’ll still be here if you ever decide to come back!

    ..dang, now where will I post all my fun headcanons? ;_;

  8. You’re not a freak or insignificant. And if people online or in life makes you feel that way, shame on them. We’re all entitled to our opinions and voicing them out, but we all have to realize that no matter what, there will always be those who seek to make us feel less so that they can enjoy themselves. In any cases, I enjoy reading your blogs very much and seeing your views on the show, the characters, the writings, etc. Yeah, I don’t agree with you on everything, but it’s fun and enjoyable to hear from your perspectives and I’m really glad that you created this blog for us to visit and discuss.

    I am very sad and sorry to hear that you’re leaving, and I understand how tough life can be on us. Last year, I was very sad and miserable myself, but know that nothing last forever, the good and the bad. I respect your decision to detach from your blog. I, myself, have found that I have little to no time visiting and being active on websites and blogs that I used to go to.

    All I can say is that you have my support and my encouragement. I do sincerely hope that you’ll be able to find your place in life and find comfort and happiness. And should you decide to drop by once in a while just for a quick update or just blogging about your thoughts, I’ll be happy to hear from you again, too.

    Lots of love,


  9. Aww…So sad to see you go but at the same time I totally understand where you’re coming from. This fandom isn’t the best and I see why you would want to leave. I really hope you do come back though because you’ve opened my eyes to some new perspectives about this show and your posts are always a joy to read. Thank you so much for being a part of this fandom and I do wish you’ll return someday.

  10. Wow.
    I’m really sorry you feel that way but it’s nice to know that you’re not completely leaving Winx behind, you’ll just be doing it behind the scenes! Considering how you’ve described you’ve been feeling about being active in the fandom, this seems like the best option. Still sad to see you go, though, ’cause you’ve helped me appreciate aspects of the show and characters that I might have been too hardheaded to do so myself; namely Nex and his relationship with Aisha.
    I know it’s a pain to be vocal about unpopular opinions but I just wanna let you know that it’s never a dumb idea to express them, unless they’re something like, say, wanting one of the Specialists killed off instead of improved upon or wanting Bloom to somehow resurrect an old enemy like Darkar or Valtor because “she always loved them and never Sky.” Again, it was those unpopular opinions that helped me to be less stubborn about characters or plot points I initially disliked.
    I do hope that you post on here from time to time to drum up interesting discussions again. I also hope that you’ve had a Merry Christmas and will have a happy New Year!

  11. Your blog is my favorite winx blog and i would be really sad, if you delete it. I mostly agreed with your opinions and that is what made your blog to become so important for me. Everyday i check if there is a new blog post from you, because i found them to be interesting.
    If you want to quit blogging, don’t delete all the work that you’ve put into it. I love your posts and i will keep reading them, even if you have stopped blogging. But i totally understand what you’re going through. You shouldn’t force yourself to do things, that you’re not capable or not interested doing anymore. Especially, if people just keeps mocking it.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and it was the only winx blog that i enjoyed, ever since i am not very connected with other winx fans, even though i have been a fan of winx club since i was 6 years old, when episode 2 of season 1 aired in my country, in fall 2004.
    Your blog had that something unique that made me enjoy it. And i have tried many other winx blogs, but not many has been as interesting as yours is.

    Thank you for all these years and happy new years for you too
    from a weird anon Finnish winx club fan.

  12. “….You’re ok. You. Are. Ok. You are not a freak, you are not worthless, and you are not hopeless. You are much stronger than you think you are. And nothing you could ever feel can ever stop you from being happy. But first, and foremost, you have to know that you are ok.”

    -Bennett White

  13. *sigh* Well, if this is really what you feel like you need to do for the sake of your mental/emotional health, then we support you. But, just my opinion, the fact that you clearly lamented over this choice, and feel like your hard work will be going to waste, tells me you’re not ready to move on, permanently. –– I understand completely what it feels like to be surrounded by people with different opinions, and how overwhelming it can be when yours don’t match what seems to be the acceptable norm, but honestly? That’s going to occur no matter what fandom you’re involved with. H**l, it’s not even something that’s escapable in real life. Politics? Pop culture? Current Events? Opinion-based conflicts are everywhere! –– The fact that you’re experiencing this does NOT mean you’ve done ANYTHING wrong as a content producer or as a fan. Debates are going to happen no matter what you do to try and stop them, and sometimes, you’re going to find yourself on the receiving end of the shitstorm. And that sucks, but the best thing you can do is to continue to roll with the punches. Don’t put up with anyone disrespecting you, or making you feel like your content, opinions, or discussions aren’t worth the trouble. I don’t think you need to abandon all you’ve accomplished with totality, I just think (just being honest) you need to grow a thicker skin. Not every disagreement equals a personal attack. This blog and everything you’ve done for it has had such a momentous impact on so many people. You’ve created a community. Do you realize how cool that is?! Try to think about all the good you’ve done, rather than everything you believe you’ve done wrong. I hope you have a wonderful new year, and rethink your decision. As I said though, if this is truly what you want, we all wish you the best of luck. 🙂

    • I appreciate your comment, but I wanna make a few clarifications.

      First of all, I know disagreement and difference of opinions is everywhere. That’s not what this is about. I also don’t see disagreement as a personal attack unless it’s worded that way — i.e., the person is directing their words at me instead of my opinion. That has rarely happened to me.

      The reason I’m upset is that so many of my opinions are different from “the norm,” I feel like I constantly seem like a contrarian. I don’t like that feeling. If I disagree with so much of what most fans think, why should I stay?

      I’m lonely because I have hardly anyone to share what I love with. When what you love and what you think is unpopular, you’re stuck in your own isolated world. You don’t feel like you have anyone to talk to, “fangirl” over something with — all those basic things that are part of being in a fandom. You’re always free to express your opinions, but in the end, they’re just gonna get lost in the noise.

      I’d also like to say that I haven’t told you everything about my current real-life situation. There are a lot of things going on with me that no one in the fandom knows about. These feelings of loneliness I’m having are only making what I feel about my real life worse.

    • I realize none of what I just said made sense. Long story short, I don’t have a problem with respectful disagreement and debate, and I don’t see disagreements as personal attacks. That’s not the point here.

      I just feel lonely. I don’t feel like I have many people to share what I love and what I think with. Some of my opinions aren’t just unpopular. They’re opposed. I’m tired of feeling like I constantly have to defend them.

      • i openly dispise the Bly pairing because it has become pointless since it feels like Muri all over again and that is why i like to experiment with relationships in my winx creative stories

          • those relationship pairings i’ve been experimenting with are Bloom in a relationship with Selina and Daphne in a relationship with Aurora

          • i honestly always thought that the Bly pairing would end up exactly like Riven’s and Musa’s ended, i always felt that winx wanted to give a bunch of messages to girls, some being more in your face save the environement literal; one of them being that some people are not meant for relationships, in this pairing Sky because he’s always been super jealous and posessive, and it’s better to let them go and not have to suffer through that and that a girl doesn’t need ana ctual prince or even a guy to be happy and have a fulfilling life, kind of like RIkki and Zane in H2O ended,

      • Here’s an extremely unpopular opinion that is also one of my headcanons if it makes you feel any better because it’s also not exactly something anyone really thinks about and will likely be heavily challenged. Stella isn’t actually the idiot we see in seasons 5-7. Her idiocy is all an act because of her promise in season 1 to Mike and Vanessa. The promise was to make sure that Bloom stays safe at all costs. Stella gave her word on it and a princess’ most precious gift is her promise especially after that near heart attack Bloom gave her & Tecna in season 3. “I don’t ever want to worry about you like that again!”, “Got that!” Everybody in Magix knows this but Bloom and Aisha get a little annoyed when Stella gets carried away with acting dumb to protect Bloom, the only difference there…Bloom is more polite about it…at least until she’s had enough then Stella gets the “duct tape to keep mouth shut” punishment…that Bloom likely went through as a kid.

      • This is basically with anything. That’s why Game Theory was created, right? Because MatPat wanted to share unusual game theories with the world… and also job issues but you get the point. Basically, the percentage of people who read your opinionative posts and decide to leave the blog because of it is, I think, around the same percentage of GT viewers who don’t think Mario is a sociopath. MatPat didn’t give up, and, in my opinion, neither should you. That said, I kind of understand where you’re coming from, and I guess it’s understandable if you leave. I just left a fandom, actually, because I literally couldn’t take it anymore. It somehow comforts me that you’ll still be watching the show and won’t give up Winx forever. If we can make it through Season 5, I think we can stick with the show no matter what happens. I really enjoyed following your blog, and I hope you can return someday, feeling confident and comfortable with sharing your opinions.

  14. I can relate to that, at least a little with the vague way you described it.
    Personally, Winx isn’t something I get involved with regarding the fandom… Don’t really communicate a whole lot, and that’s ’cause I never found a particularly fun Winx community I guess (the discussions on this blog were nice, though). There’s only one fandom I joined a Discord server for, and I stayed because the environment was very silly and relaxing in a way.

    Hope you can find a good place to fangirl despite your lonely circumstances. (: And who knows? Maybe you’ll start something new that makes you happy. It’s a bummer about this blog, but you shouldn’t stay where it’s so lonely.

  15. something that’s always bugged me about the winx fandom
    Bly aka Bloom x sky being focused on too much by the writers and Muri aka musa x riven because the writers showed us that it was bad and sunk muri in season 6 but people still support it and musa deserves better which is why i’m waiting to see what season 8 has in store since i have a hunch the writers will give musa a new relationship since the writers waited 1 season after Nabu died to give Aisha a new relationship

  16. That’s too bad! I think I’ve followed your blog since 2011 and I always liked to see that you were still going. Sad to see you go, but I understand that there are reasons.

  17. It’s sad that you have to go, I really loved this blog and it’s sad that you got a lot of flak. But sadly, anyone who stands out nowadays gets a lot of backlash. I’m tired of this “your different from me so I have to attack you” narrative. I hope you return(if you do). I am really going to miss you and your blog.

  18. Please, don’t go, I know how its hard for you but you’re my main inspiration for writing my blogs on Amino (yeah we have a community of Winx Club Brazil), and I always come here to read yours and get some inspiration, to translate the fanfics you upload here that people send to you. I always come here to get ideas, I always come here to distract, to pass the time. This blog was the first one with enthusiasm enough to continue writing more and more curiosities than anywhere else I had seen. Just please.. dont go.. keep writing.. I’ll miss you so much 🙁

  19. and btw, it’s sad to see you go :(, i was a latecomer into the site but i enjoyed a lot of the articles, i didn’t agree with everything but this blog was a very enjoyable place and there were really cool articles , and who does agree with everyone anyways?, also if you think being an adult woman that likes with club feels really hard imagine being an adult guy *points at himself* who likes Winx Club, i’ve even had my sexuality questioned a bunch by some people who you’d think be more mature like most guys in the blogwould be able to tell you if they are open with liking Winx (and i’m straight if anyone is curious), but some things you just have to let slip to be happier, :p, but with that said, i wish you really good luck in any future projects you have.

  20. Hey. There is no way you remember me, because I haven’t visited this blog in ages. I used to be really active in the Winx fandom, but nowadays I struggle to keep up.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that regardless of whether or not you will discontinue this your blog was always one of my favourite Winx news sites. In facts its one of the 3 I can think of on the top of my head. And when I wanted to catch up on the fandom my fingers brought me here. So I’m sad to see you go, but my own Winx Club site looks like a graveyard now and while I still plan to watch all the episodes one day I am shamefully behind, so I’m in no position to blame you. Especially if that is no longer what makes you happy. I just wanted to say I really appreciate this blog.

  21. I give up. The fandom too far gone to be saved. Any attempt at creativity true creativity, to truely inject a new concept or way of doing things dies. You either fail or they lash back in a sense of misguided self defensive.

    This is a fandom that wants to be irrevelent, mary sue infested and outright terrible. Winx Club should haved died years ago.

      • In order for it to become fresh again we simply need to take a risk at stepping on certain toes of the fans and point out the flaws in the first seasons besides the obvious and yes that means not declaring that “Enchantix is the universally best and absolutely flawless” mentality…and it needs to be done on a popular blog or one on the rise…and if it draws the rabid ones to the popular sites…we need to back our writings up. @OP would you still be open to occasional guest posts and reviews even if you’re not going to be active? I’m really considering analyzing the girls and their lives. It might renew interest.

        • I had some posts in the works like that, but…sigh. I just don’t know what I wanna do. I really don’t feel happy here anymore. 😞

          Anyway, yeah. If you wanna contribute some guest posts, that’d be fine. Just email them to me.

        • yeah enchantix brought in a fairy dust ex machina and another thing that could be done is the mess that sky made in season 1 cleared up

          • It refers to the rather dumb way about Bloom’s Enchantix earning basically being well…like the little engine that could in the children’s book of the same name.

          • well the problem was with domino destroyed Bloom had no way to get enchantix but the writers had to make her get somehow since the title sequence showed her with enchantix

          • There was a better way to do it than what happened. Bloom could have saved her friends by actually making some kind of a risk. It was kind of implied before Tecna closed the portal…Bloom would have died with Aisha to save Andros if needed and the reason that didn’t happen was…princess protocol…as well as…no one else in the club will willingly listen to each other unless Bloom is there…mainly because Bloom’s the only one who can keep Stella under control because everytime Bloom needs a break..Stella sees this as a chance to go crazy. Aisha, Musa and Tecna have tried to stop it…it didn’t work (Musa’s negative side, Tecna can be cold, Aisha somewhere in the middle), Flora, Daphne and Roxy are wise enough to stay out of “Stella” episodes.

          • I kind of wanted Valtor to have actually absorbed Bloom’s parents and she would save them and earn her Enchantix that way but that never happened. Her parents were always going to be brought back to the show so I think that would’ve been the best way to do it and she would’ve gotten her Enchantix a better way than “willing herself” into it.

          • yeah but how she got it in the film was probably better since not only did bloom get enchantix but she got her realm back
            now i noticed something form a rewatch of wow season 1 ep 10
            lorelei seemed to have been rowing out into the pacific ocean

        • “Enchantix is the universally best and absolutely flawless”
          i call humbug on that
          no fairy form is perfect and neither is season 3

          • And yet that’s what most fans think. Most people don’t look at the positives and negatives of something. If they like it, it’s perfect. If they don’t like it, it’s horrible. They might casual throw out a couple pros and cons, but they don’t matter to them.

            Deep analysis of things like transformations, characters, and seasons is rare in this fandom. Analysis of the show in general? That’s more common. Everything else just gets a quick label of good or bad, and that’s it.

          • That was a jab at those “you dare say anything is better than Enchantix? You fiend!” types. Honestly…the only form that’s anywhere close to perfect is Harmonix…and even then…not much was done with it.

  22. Hi! I am just an anonymous that reads your blog from time to time. I commented once that is was the “bloom club” 😂. Anyways I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put into your blog. I have checked it weekly for years! I completely understand why you want to end the blog. Being part of a toxic community is unhealthy. I do not want you to burden yourself. Believe in yourself and you will go far!

  23. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. I completely understand. Sometimes you have to just focus on the rest of your life… it’s what I’m doing too. I’m often disappointed in the squabbles within the Winx community… and I’m an “unpopular opinion holder” as well! (I may be the only fan who LOVED what Nickelodeon did) (GASP) 😉 But take care of yourself, and remember, you’re not alone. All of us “freaks” are the most interesting folks out here. BE YOU. We think you’re awesome. And I do hope you return after awhile. This site of yours has been a lot of fun!

  24. i remember watching Winx Club via 4kids when I was younger. I decided to watch the 2 seasons that Netflix had and it was okay. i watched the other seasons(up to six) and while that was fine too I feel like the potential of this series was wasted. One of the main problems was bringing in interesting characters/concepts/ideas and completely dropping them by season’s end,so it doesn’t take advantage of the interesting setting it has.As a reader for a long time,good worldbuilding can really make something come to live and this show…fails at this IMO. You can definitely tell that they didn’t have a plan for the series beyond the first movie and…I think that hurt it, more than helped. They could’ve used the other seasons to focus on a single girl(and they could have the other girls be focused on in a single ep like they used to do for seasons 1-2)Tying more than 1 transformation per season also made the writers have to come up with increasingly contrived ways to have the girls earn them and also made it so the transformations themselves had less of a chance to shine and not as special of an event.Overall,while I don’t the show is bad, I can’t fully love it like so many of you do. I can appreciate someone who actually comes up with constructive criticism on how a show could be better and I wish Rainbow would take a step back from focusing so heavily on merchandise to actually look at blogs like this one to see how they can improve their show. But I doubt it . Good luck on your other projects.

    • That’s the beauty of fanfiction though. Fanfiction can elaborate on ideas/characters that can’t be done by the show/book/game etc. for whatever reason. I went trawling through FFnet section and the ‘Winx Club Rewrite’ series(while I have my issues with it) is one example. I actually liked how the author characterized Bloom.

        • Yeah,some of the ideas that the author came up with I disagree with.Like taking out transformations entirely, instead of trying to find a way to make them fit in the lore and have them make sense and some of the character personality changes,but I respect what ArachCorbra is doing. I look at that series ,’I Believe in Fairies'(what happens when magic and religion mix?),and anything by Akela Victoire and it just convinces me that the show has fantastic worldbuilding potential and different avenues for character development/progression.(which is badly needed by the MCs IMO)but they just don’t take it. *Sigh*,it seems like Rainbow cares more about selling toys than actually making a good show. It’s a merchandise driven show,i get that,but I feel there can be a balance between the two and I feel like throughout all the seasons I watched,they never struck that balance.

          • For the character developement/worldbuilding side,I always thought it was a shame that Mirta dropped off the face of the Earth after S3. It could’ve been an interesting side plot having her deal with adjusting to fairy culture and having to learn from scratch regarding fairy magic, slowly working her way up until she reached Enchantix. Maybe she has to rediscover herself after being a witch for so long in figuring out what she would want to do after Alfea. She could also work in the social consequence of being a witch-turned fairy,namely some of the students probably wouldn’t trust her. But I think the real loss of opportunity was the insight she could’ve provided on witch culture as a witch-turned fairy which would’ve helped flesh out the witch/fairy animosity and flesh out the world in general.

            The other I feel is wasted is Diaspro. I liked her design and powers quite a bit.She had potential as the arranged fiancee of Sky and considering what arranged marriages are,chances are she would’ve known Sky since they were young. That means that they could have developed Sky himself using his relationship with Diaspro. They also could’ve shed light on how Erakylon functioned,what it’s culture was like,and what Diaspro’s place in it was. It went downhill after S1 though after the Sky/Bloom/Diaspro fiasco.(Although she had a good scene later after the Trix attacked) OP mentioned that the earlier seasons were flawed and to me the biggest proof of that was how that was handled.
            I guess I glazed over it at the time I was watching it,but the more I thought about it,the less sense it made.(I don’t think we’re ever given a straight reason for why they needed to switch places) If Sky couldn’t have told Bloom the truth,he should’ve have never tried to return her interest and he straight up lied to her face.Especially since he already had a fiancee and he was doing this behind her back. If anything,they wouldn’t have been fighting each other,they should’ve been mad at Sky for lying to both of them. And from the next season on? Diaspro is pushed to the side and Bloom and Sky are dating like none of that happened,and it’s unsatisfying because it wasn’t earned. I feel like Sky needed an arc to reflect on his actions and to work to earn Bloom’s trust back after what he pulled. I appreciate the WCR series for reworking this stupid plot into something that made sense and worked in context and I also love ‘Burning Gem’ for using Diaspro in a better way than the series ever managed.

  25. Yeah,i feel the whole love triangle fiasco ultimately did a disservice to all the characters involved and their actions in the fallout don’t make sense. Ughh, I forgot about how dumb Diaspro was portrayed, so that now she’s just an evil girl who’s no different from the Trix. *Sigh*,one of the things I’ve noticed about this show is that it doesn’t handle it’s characters all that well and aside from the MCs,Mirta and Diaspro are the biggest offenders of this.(They could’ve made great secondary characters)

      • I think Bloom ans Sky could’ve used a more convincing “get-back-together” scene. I haven’t watched S1 in a while so I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that after Stella takes Bloom back to Alfea, she and Sky just immediately hop into the underground tunnels and everything seems okay between them. No apology, just go. I get that there’s a dark army attacking everything right now and they probably don’t have time to sit down and talk about everything, but they could have talked while they walked in the tunnels or something.

        I like the route the Winx comics went. In that canon, both Bloom and Stella are mad as heck at their boyfriends for lying to them, and the guys have to sincerely apologize before the girls will be nice to them again. Also the comics just in general handle Bloom and Diaspro better – not perfectly, but to the point where I can believe they’re real people, with real motivations for their actions.

        • There was minor Stella being more mad at Sky than Brandon in season 1, and Bloom? She wanted nothing to do with Sky ever again. Simply because Sky isn’t above things that one would expect good children especially those in power to be above. In fact Bloom was so mad that she wanted to stick with Kiko and other rabbits. Also No one ever treats The Best Friend of the Solarian Princess the way that Sky did in season 1. It was on Domino/Sparks where an apology was given, but Stella didn’t let Sky off the hook right away…dropping the formalities around Bloom was what worked temporarily, but something tells me that…Bloom didn’t just want that. She probably wanted a direct apology to Mike and Vanessa for treating her like garbage and an apology to Stella for that as well. Has Sky ever truely apologized for acting almost as bad as Riven? I don’t think he has..but one thing is for sure…he owes both of Bloom’s parents, Stella, Daphne and even going as far as Roxy an apology for his behavior…I’m sure Bloom’s little sister had to hear both sides of it during season 4’s “non-adventure” days. I wonder who she sided with.

          • Send them back to light rock monestary…with competent security this time. That’s the only place they ever truly got punished….it would help if they had reruns of rainbow colored babies with tummy tv’s on endless loop…that is torture for the trix as it’s “terribly cute”

        • I agree with the comics,for all their flaws,handling the character better. I was curious if the comics did a better job of this than the show did and I was surprised. I also agree that while there was an evil army attack,they should’ve had a moment to discuss the whole fiasco,maybe show that things are still awkward/tense between them,but they’re willing to put that aside for now.
          I still think that show wise,they should’ve not gotten back together at the start of S2 and that things should still been rocky between them. Like I said in a previous post,Sky should’ve had his own arc to come to terms with and reflect on how badly he treated Bloom AND Diaspro. In this case, maybe he goes to Brandon for advice on this(since Sky is closest to him) and Brandon flat out goes brutal honesty in that Sky screwed up,that he needs to apologize to both of the girls,and that he’s disappointed in him for keeping up the lie as long as he did as he expected better from him. (I find it odd in canon how Brandon,Sky’s best friend had no reaction to the whole thing)
          During this time,Bloom is avoiding Sky and is generally angry and mistrustful of him.Stella and the other girls would also be pissed at Sky. Sky(after some soul searching) goes to Bloom and despite her own misgivings,she goes to hear him out. It doesn’t go smoothly as in the middle of the thing Bloom unloads on Sky how she really felt about him deceiving her and how crappy it made her feel. Sky listens to this and decides that he’ll take whatever kind of trust Bloom allows. From that point on they’re not together. Remember that at this point,Bloom knew Sky as Brandon the squire which was a facade.They’re going to have to build their relationship back up.

          As for Diaspro,he goes to where she is and she’s the same as Bloom. He might have to deal with angry noble parents/his own parents who are not happy that the marriage fell through. Diaspro,in her case has expected to married to Sky all her life and now that that’s gone,she has no idea what to do now(this could to a character arc for her) she knows that what Sky did broke her heart . Sky might tell Diaspro that it was own indecisiveness that messed up everything and that he needs to do better, as a person and as the future king. from this point he needs build his relationship with Diaspro back like with Bloom. This is only an outline,but I feel like it’s better than what the show did,which is drop it and never mention it again.

  26. As for the Trix,I think they should’ve been retired as villians at Season 1. After that,the show keeps coming up with increasingly contrived ways to make them stick around and from what I’ve seen they aren’t nearly as effective later which tarnishes their status as good villains.It’s hurts the Trix’s characters since most of the time,they’re reduced to being grunts for the newest villian.(Why?) Not to mention that as as they keep coming back often teaming up with the latest bad guy,it hurts the Bad Guy of the week since they now have to share screentime with the Trix,which means that they can’t shine on their own merits. For example,Selina could’ve made a great villain,but she was handled poorly and one of the problems was for all she was supposed to The Bad Guy,that rang hollow since the Trix were pulling her strings from Day 1. Why couldn’t they have left the Trix out entirely? Either they stay gone or they’re used sparingly,not every season like it is now. It doesn’t help that they don’t anything interesting with the Trix even when they are there as we learn nothing new about them or who they are. All they do is serve as the roadblock for the Winx to eventually overcome and little else when that same function could be served by unique henchmen from the seasonal villain themselves. They’re like Team Rocket from Pokemon at this point.

    • ironically in season 7
      they actually defeated the winx because by sheer bad luck the winx’s magic was useless against them
      but then the winx get saved by swan of infinity ex machina

      • Really?That sounds dumb. Like I said either they actually do something interesting with the Trix or they shouldn’t be there. I do remember that in S1,the Trix were given small scenes where we learned stuff about them.Remember the scene when Darcy saved Riven in the Rose Day race? I always wondered why she did that when it had no benefit to her.Sure we can chalk it up to her having a crush on him,but is that all there is to it? I don’t remember the Trix being given stuff like this pass S1. Let the new villains shine!

        • i’m not joking
          the winx were fighting the trix who had merged with their fairy animals and the butterflix power doesn’t work on people who are using fairy animal magic but the winx’s fairy animals saved them by combining into the swan of infinity

        • The real villian of season seven was the writers. They. are. split. On. Everything. From. The. Winx. Maturity. Levels. To. Daphne. And. Roxy’s. Roles. To. The. Actual. Plot. We need better writers in this show. That would fix most of the problems. Fanfic writers handle this show better half the time….others are worse than canon.

          • @OP maybe it’s time for a true reboot then? They really could do a lot with this concept. Or at least get somebody who could do some cleanup work like Judd “Chip” Lynn does for Power Rangers everytime someone loses it over at Saban…who would be best to do that at Rainbow? Maybe somebody who’s worked for each dub?

          • Yeah, I think the show does need a total reboot. One person I think has worked on every dub is Sean Molyneaux. He’d be a good choice.

            There’s only one problem with rebooting the series: what to keep, what to cut, and what to change. Let’s be real here: some of the most beloved elements, characters, etc. in this show are overrated. They’re not as amazing as the fandom thinks they are.

            Yet the fandom would expect and want to see them in the reboot. What do you do? Change them to make them better? That might destroy whatever the fandom loved about them. But left as they were in the original version, their mediocrity might shine through.

          • And he made Kalshara and all of season seven look bad because the focus was on him. It’s like if Knut had been the main villain of season one. (Coincidentally, Brafilius’s DuArt voice actor was Knut’s 4Kids voice actor.)

          • One thing I would definitely change is Flora and Tecna’s screentime alotment…they seem to need more development than anyone else. Sure Musa is also ignored often but not as much as Flora and Tecna at least Rainbow treats Musa like she’s somebody on occasion. Seriously what do we know about Flora and Tecna besides them having siblings, questionable royal status and being well…..that over protective sweetiepie and the geek.

  27. so if you could change one of the canon relationships
    which one would it be and why
    for me
    it would be Bloom in a relationship with Aurora

  28. I do think that rebooting the show would be better,but if they stick with the same writers I don’t think things will improve. I just feel like the current writers don’t care much about what they’re writing. As for canon relationships I’d change… I already stated that the stupid love triangle(?) in S1 did a disservice to all the characters and I don’t care for Sky/Bloom being together because it doesn’t make sense.

    • I don’t even see how Bloom and Sky benefit each other. What do they have in common? Let’s see…they’re both royalty, they…both have red-headed mothers. 😅 See, there’s hardly anything — not even matching interests.

      What about personalities? They’re similar, and they both have good leadership skills. That’s something, I guess. But Bloom’s really clingy and needy, and Sky clearly hates that.

      They also both get jealous at the drop of a hat, so they’ve got trust issues. Bloom has some justification for being suspicious of Sky, since he hid having a fiancée from her! But why is he always suspicious of Bloom? 😕 I guess we can add “possessive” to his list of flaws (maybe hers, too).

      I feel like Rainbow’s just using run-of-the-mill romance to justify Bloom and Sky’s relationship. But underneath that facade, these two have nothing to offer each other.

      • I wonder if Sky’s suspicious because Bloom doesn’t behave as a traditional royal would even after being told she was one. Bloom’s only flaunted her title once…and only to agitate Diaspro. Normally anyone who finds themselves in a “Cinderella” situation would go nuts over that in the Magic dimesion. Bloom however continues to behave as a commoner even with her newly found status that she does not care for. Sky might have been told “Earth girls are bad news” stories and he might feel like there’s some justification with his fiancè constantly making sure he isn’t being another Riven and only being princessy when it suits her needs. Otherwise nothing.

        • well Bloom grew up as a normal person with zero royal responsibilities and Bloom has to keep the universe safe which is more important

      • Here’s the thing that irritates me though,as stupid as that plot point was,they could’ve used the fallout from that to actually develop the characters(especially Sky and maybe Brandon) involved. I don’t want to repeat what I’ve said in previous posts,but I really believe that Sky should’ve had his own arc reflecting on his actions,figuring out how to repair his relationships with Bloom and Diaspro, and learning how to move forward from that. I feel like Sky needed to earn back trust and build his relationships from the ground up since what he presented was a lie. If they had done this,I would’ve felt like them becoming a couple was earned.
        What Rainbow decide to do instead of this is: Next season they’re dating like none of that happened and as for Diaspro? She’s pushed to the side like Mirta and when she DOES show up she’s mishandled(IMO) badly. You know,with how much trouble the show has handling characters I’m glad Mirta never showed because they’d probably waste the potential she had too.

        • I have to disagree with one thing. As much potential as a minor character might have, I don’t think Rainbow should fully develop all of them. Sure, we can think of plenty of interesting ways to use Mirta better (and you did), but would that really have been necessary? Would it have added to the story, or would it have just been interesting?

          Minor/flat characters exist for a reason. I think Mirta served her purpose, and developing her more would have just created a bunny-trail plotline that didn’t amount to much. My problem is when recurring characters who are more significant to the Winx (like their boyfriends) aren’t better developed. They’ve ended up being shallow love interests when their stories could have helped develop the Winx better, too.

          • No,because she would’ve served as interesting viewpoint as witch turned fairy,witch culture, and maybe actually shed some light on WHY the witch/fairy animosity was a thing to begin with(which adds to worldbuilding). It also would’ve nice to see the Winx have friends outside their circle,I get they’re close but people generally have more friends. A spinoff series might be better for her.

            On Diaspro’s end,i think that that having her around would’ve also helped with giving Sky more developement(since you cited that the Specialist have little of that.) She had an arranged marriage at one point and considering how those things go,there’s a good chance that she’s known Sky as long as Brandon has,so she would have a viewpoint/relationship with him the other characters don’t have.Plus, learning more about Erakylon make sense to me since the show wants to push Sky and Bloom together and she probably going to be queen. It depends on how things like this go. Honestly though,I don’t think the series handles it’s MCs all that great either. The show’s not terrible,but it’s definitely not good to me either and even leaving aside the bucketloads of wasted potential,they show..doesn’t use what it has in interesting ways ,it’s like it’s content to stay where it is and that’s fine.Its like bland oatmeal,it’s serviceable,but if your looking for something special,then this doesn’t offer that.

        • So yeah I do think that rebooting might be better. Winx Club has being on the air for over ten years now.The writers are probably running out of steam and Rainbow is probably influencing the creative direction of the series quite a bit.(why did they need 2 transformations in one season?) If they do seriously decide to reboot they need someone to go over the series and figure out what worked and what didn’t,and what flaws there are. A reboot is pointless is they just do the same thing with a different coat of paint,it would have to improve on its source material.

          If not a full reboot,there’s always spinoffs.I wonder if WoW might be a sign that Rainbow will consider making other spinoff series?The universe is large enough to warrant it and if done correctly would certainly help with fleshing out the WC verse(which IMO is badly needed)Sure theres Pixie Pop,but I doubt WC fans actually wanted a series about them. If Rainbow can’t actually do worldbuilding and develop/use characters well in their main series for some reason( sounds like an excuse to me) why not try getting writers together, give them a reasonable amount of creative control/freedom and see what happens?

          • in the end,I’m not really a fan of this show,i’m approaching from a person who found the series okay and didn’t improve all that much from what I watched. The concepts are great,but the way they are used are not to me.

          • Well, at the very least, I’m glad you’re pointing out problems in the early seasons instead of just the later seasons. A lot of actual fans act like the early seasons (1-3 or 1-4) were masterpieces (only slightly flawed at most), and only the later seasons (5-7) have problems. It’s almost impossible to have a honest discussion about the positives and negatives of the series as a whole.

          • At the end of the day, Winx Club isn’t a well-written show. There are worse shows out there, but that doesn’t make this one good. But for me, it’s a fun show that ignites my imagination. I love its world (as broken as it is) and a lot of the concepts, even if they’re not put together well or developed to their full potential. I’m still tentatively excited for season eight. And if Rainbow ever does a full reboot of the show someday, I’ll happily watch it.

          • Now there’s a good idea…first spinoff suggestion…Specialists Squad. We need more development for the boys…badly. It could even take place between seasons and show them actually being useful again because other than Timmy, Thoren and Nex these days…ah no specialist does anything knightly and of course the paladins seem more competent but even that is wasted…outside of Nex being a less “moopy” version of Aisha of course.

          • If they ever do a Winx reboot, I feel like it’d be beneficial to start from scratch with a hard one. Especially because the soft reboot that S5 threw at everyone kinda left behind a pretty big mess.
            Also, going back could help Rainbow’s writers (hopefully ones familiar with the show since they’re freelancers according to OP), create better. There’d be less established rules to follow (even if most tend to go ignored) and they could greatly improve on older elements of the show.
            Maybe give the fairy/witch tensions more weight aside from witches being almost universally seen as bad news by everyone on Magix. They could also expand on the fairy hierarchy in ways other than meeting their new form per season quota.

          • Well, the obvious cons would be the bad rep reboots have been getting with crud like TTG, PPG 2016 and Ben 10 2016. A Winx Club reboot should be fine so long as they stick to what makes Winx Club, well, Winx Club! There’d also be the fanbase backlash. Aside from all the flack reboots get these days, a Winx reboot would get even more flack for reasons like the S5 soft reboot that turned the Winx into students again (even if their grad students, you still see new freshmen in their class. They could also be grad kids but still, it’s never made clear). Then there’s the issue of how the popular opinions like S1 to 3 being masterpieces as fans who stick by this like it’s law, would see a hard reboot as “erasing” all of that to “make it worse.”
            The pros are that, should they stick by what makes Winx Club itself, they can go back and rework issues. To list off a few examples, they can:
            > write the characters a bit better without their development looking like it came out of left field,
            > fix up the Domino issue. Make it so Domino has been gone for decades; there are interesting possibilities that they could go with this. Bloom could still be sent to Earth and adopted but Daphne, Marion and Oritel could’ve done so because they were being hunted or something,
            > Expand on older ideas that were left behind. Things like the fairy form hierarchy, which they COULD expand on how it all works while meeting their 1 new form per season quota, or the Witch/Fairy animosity that paints witches in such a bad light that they’re just seen as nothing but trouble to everyone else in Magix. Personally, I was always irked by how the witches were just painted as bad people for being witches, while everyone loved fairies because the show was about fairies. It just has me sitting here wondering why some girls would even become witches if they’re universally hated, even with heroic witches like Griffin around.
            > a new art style. This is completely subjective and unnecessary but, if Winx Club ever wanted to “rebrand” itself, they could always pick up a newer art style and hopefully nothing that looks cheap like the 3 reboots I mentioned earlier.

            Those are just some ideas though.

          • I think if there ever is a hard reboot, it shouldn’t be made by a fan. Most likely, a fan would just go through and undo all the events they didn’t like, instead of actually fixing the story. Their version of Winx Club would just be fantasy fulfillment. “In my story, Nabu never died!” Or, “In my story, Riven comes back and he’s way nicer, and he and Musa get back together because they’re meant to be together!”

            I probably just described 95 percent of Winx fanfics. That’s why I don’t read most of them because personally, I think it’s silly to change or undo a plot point just because you didn’t like it. Nabu coming back to life (or not dying) or Riven coming back wouldn’t fix the show because neither of them were essential characters, anyway.

            Extreme changes should be benefit all the characters or fix important parts of the story. I think if any changes like that are made, they should only be to Bloom’s story or to concepts in the Winx universe (like Enchantix being the “final” form). Some fans understand this, but most don’t. There are very few fans I would trust to reboot this show well.

          • but looking at it form a business perspective since rainbow are a business
            how much would it cost rainbow to do this and if the cost exceed the amount they’d make then they wouldn’t do it

          • 1) It’s not clear how long ago Domino was destroyed. The show made it seem like centuries ago, but if Bloom was only sixteen in season one, then it was less than twenty years ago. Why wasn’t anyone still talking about it? Why did it seem like no one knew about it?

            2) The heirless Domino plot hole, too, maybe? Just have Daphne be a “disembodied spirit” from the beginning, I guess.

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