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Was Daphne Going to be Bloom’s Mother?
~ by an anonymous fan ~

My theory is that in the beginning, the story was supposed to be as follows:

In the old times of the Dragon, the nine nymphs ruled the Magic Dimension with Daphne as the greatest one of them. Later the Dragon disappeared, and Bloom was born to Daphne. Shortly after, the Ancestral Witches attacked Domino, and Daphne sent her across time and space to the modern-time Earth, while Daphne was locked in another dimension. The Ancestral Witches, having failed in their quest, later took on a younger appearance and became the Trix, which explains why the Trix were so powerful in S1.

And I think that at first, Bloom was meant to defeat the Trix (i.e. The Ancient Witches), and then find and free her mother Daphne from the dimension where she was locked. Then the story was changed in mid-production of season 1, and Daphne was turned into Bloom’s sister and the Trix into The Ancient Witches’ descendants.

There are a lot of hints towards this.

Hints that Daphne was Bloom’s Mother

When Bloom first looks for info on Daphne in S1, she learns that Daphne was one of the nine nymphs of Magix, the supreme fairies who ruled the Magic Dimension for the aeons following the Dragon’s disappearance (Cinelume dub). In the French and Italian dubs, it instead says that Daphne and the nymphs ruled the Magic Dimension before the Dragon’s disappearance, and we all know that the Dragon disappeared a very long time ago.

When Daphne appears in Bloom’s dreams at first, she tells her that she’s not in the realm of Magix, implying she’s in another dimension (and strangely at the end of the season we learn that Daphne’s spirit lives in Lake Roccaluce found in Magix :/ ). And she first appears like a kind of goddess, gigantic and full of light. She is even described almost as if she was a goddess, she appears on the facade of an ancient temple in Magix. Besides, nobody seems to know anything about Daphne at the beginning of S1, except a lot of history books found in the Alfea library mentioned by Bloom, and except Faragonda (given her position as a headmistress, she would be sure to know a lot of things on the history of the Magic Dimension).

I mean, logically, everyone should be knowing about the princess of the most wonderful kingdom of all times, which was destroyed only 16 years ago in one of the greatest disasters to ever happen in the Magic Dimension. Instead everything, including most people’s lack of memory, gives hints that Daphne ruled the Magic Dimension long ago and that Bloom was born in these ancient times, and that it’s shortly after that Domino was destroyed during these ancient times.

Even the flashback of the destruction of Domino that was seen in S1, EP21 shows the palace of Domino as being ancient, lit by flames, and Daphne holding Bloom looks more like a mother with her daughter than anything else, especially since Daphne looks quite like an adult woman back then, in contrast to the more late-teen like appearance she later had. Even when she appeared in Bloom’s dreams, her way of talking is more of a motherly way of talking, as she calls Bloom “My precious little angel”, and “Ma petite” (My little girl) in the French dub. In contrast, as from the second half of S1, it’s “Little sister” and more sisterly stuff.

This would actually explain how the Dragon Flame and the title of heir of the throne passed from Daphne to Bloom, since it would have been more of a parent to child inheritance.

Daphne’s dress and other ornaments also gives an impression of ancientness to her, like no one else is seen wearing such clothes, and she also seems to stand out when her appearance (I’m not considering her being transparent in this however) compared to Bloom, Oritel and Marion, she seems less human and more like a goddess or something like wise. And saying it’s because she’s a nymph doesn’t really help about this; the nymphs were supposed to be the most powerful fairies of all time, nothing else.

Daphne’s method of appearing in Bloom’s dreams is also extremely similar to how Morgana appeared to Roxy and helped her.

Change of Plans

So, my conclusion is at first Daphne was at first meant to have been Bloom’s mother who was locked in another dimension after her kingdom was destroyed, and that Bloom was meant to free her.

However, when Rainbow realized that Winx Club was becoming a massive success, they decided to produce more seasons and dropped this original idea halfway during the production of S1 to create Marion and Oritel in S2. And many of us know that it was first planned for Bloom to find and free Marion and Oritel from Darkar in S2, but this idea was dropped as well, and Rainbow decided to make Bloom go on a journey to find her parents, creating S3 and SotLK for this purpose.

And I think that it’s this original idea about Daphne and Bloom from the first half of S1 that was used (with some modifications) for Morgana and Roxy in S4: a mother ruling an ancient kingdom sealed in another realm who communicates with her daughter in dreams, the destiny of the daughter being to free the mother.

To be continued. Daphne pictures are from Winx Wikia.

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28 Responses to “GUEST POST: Daphne and the Trix’s Planned Roles (Part I) — Was Daphne Going to be Bloom’s Mother?

  1. I think if they kept the first idea there would be less bloom haters cuz then the how of season 1,2 and 3 wouldn’t have been about bloom cuz she would have found her mother xD and i think the story would have been more interesting if daphne was her mother

    • I don’t think there would be less Bloom haters because even if Daphne was Bloom’s mother she would try to free her from the spell probably and it would add to Bloom even more and focus more on her.

      • Honestly, I think it’s quite lame to be a Bloom hater because, as the main character, it’s got to be obvious that the story will revolve around her.
        It’s like being a Harry Potter fan and hating Harry for being the center of the story.
        It would have been better in Iginio Straffo kept the initial title of Magica Bloom.

        • Agree, the original story is About a girl (bloom) discovering her fairy powers and searching for her real parents.

  2. Eh, maybe. It’s mostly speculation based on events that are inconsistent with later stuff in the show. If it was in the original plans, it was probably scrapped very early in production. The parts that made it through would be due to bad editing then. Granted, they hadn’t completely set what the Magic Dimension would be like yet. Anyway, what about her father then? And would she regain Domino in this hypothetical script? While most of this is just guess work, it’s one possibility as to what could have happened. Personally, I think it’s just sloppy writing, but perhaps you’re correct.

    • I was guessing that she would have been born out of magic. If you watch episode 14, when the Trix try to trap Bloom, they make her believe that she was born to the Ancestral Witches, and Bloom sees a baby being born out of magic. I was guessing a similar situation except with Daphne and maybe the nymphs instead of the witches.
      This, or her father would have been trapped with Daphne or a Klaus-like scenario, with him having the magical level of the Specialists and there fore being too weak to contact Bloom.

      I suppose that she would have indeed regained Domino.

      But, as you say, it’s only a theory based on inconsistent writing and no way of verifying it. The only way would be to present this to Iginio Straffi himself.

  3. I really don’t know what to think. I think I prefer Daphne as Bloom’s sister more than Daphne being her mother. I guess it just seem a little weird to me since I have watched all season am watching season and both movies I guess i’m just used to Daphne being Bloom’s sister.

  4. I agree with this theory a lot, except that I don’t think that the tragedy on Domino happened 16 years ago. Faragonda and Hagen explicitly said that they were the Winx’s ages when they teamed up with Oritel and Marian to defend Domino. A fan comic was posted in the Winx Forum Magazine that I think hits the nail on the head: not only did Daphne put her sister on another planet, she transported her to another time so she’d be well hidden.
    Otherwise there would be no reason for Faragonda and Hagen to be so old; they’d be in their 30s. The information about Domino, Daphne, etc would be more accessible as well.
    I think that’s pretty much the only thing that makes sense, that Bloom was also transported to another time.

    • There weren’t any time shenanigans from what I can tell. Valtor said he was stuck in the Omega Dimension for 17 years, which matches up to about when Domino was supposed to have fallen. Faragonda and Hagen were probably the Winx’s age when they joined the Company of Light, but they were in their 30’s or 40’s when Domino fell. The hard battles probably made them age faster as well.

      • I agree with you, after the first half of the first season everything point to that the fall of Domino happened 16 years before Bloom first met Stella.
        If you take Magical Adventure in account, then the 16 years time period explains Erendor’s age. He looked like 25 or so when young and like 50 or so now.
        It’s mainly at the beginning of season one that there are hints of events that happened aeons ago, with a book telling Bloom that Daphne ruled the whole Magic Dimension aeons ago in the days of the Dragon, the remnants of an idea that was dropped early in production.

    • I recall Tecna saying in the seoncd episode of season one that Bloom’s phone was ancient. So maybe that is proof that Bloom was transported to another time.

    • It might have been the result of all the enormous efforts they made to fight the Ancestral Witches and whatever might have remained of their army after the Witches’ defeat that made them age so quickly.
      However I think it’s more of a plot hole caused by ideas being dropped in mid-production.
      Anyway, there’s more to come; you’ll be able to read my theoretical explanation of the age of the headteachers when The Oblivious Prattler will post Part II. 😉

  5. I wish I knew who wrote this, because it’s amazing! And halfway through the article I also thought of Morgana. Maybe Iginio Straffi wanted to see his original ideas come to life, and did that with Roxy’s story. 🙂

    Though I have to wonder why Daphne would send Bloom to the future. What’s wrong with what was then modern Earth? Perhaps so that the Witches couldn’t just travel to the planet; they’d have to time travel, I guess. But the timing just seems…weird.

    • I think she would have sent her to modern Earth because it would have been impossible for the Witches to find and sense Bloom here, and because the only way of creating a character with no clue of a magical past would be to make her live in modern Earth.
      If you pay attention to the Ring of Solaria arc at the beginning of the first season, everything gives hints that the Trix have been looking for the Dragon Flame for centuries, especially in the episode where Bloom learns about the stories of the Ring and of the Dragon.

  6. I allready thought it was kinda weird that daphne was so important, why was she the one to send bloom to another dimenson and why is she so much stronger than her parents who are the king and queen.

    • It’s because Daphne is a nymph, her parents aren’t. The fact that she is a nymph would explain why she is so mystical. The other things mentioned are plot inconsistencies. There are numerous plot holes in the story of the Winx Club ( especially the past).

  7. The only thing that add up is the time-travelling theory.
    Makes perfect sense in this post.
    But being the only thing that in any way actually supports the main theory, and it not being enough to actually support said theory, I call shenanigans.

    • Not exactly the only thing, but I don’t know how to put it in words.
      Most of what supports the main theory are themes that are recurring in fantasy, although you rarely find them together in one same fantasy genre. Most of the time these themes appear in different and separate fantasy genres (especially high fantasy and epic fantasy) and subgenres
      You need to look deep, very deep. Actually, now that I think of it, way too deep ( I scare myself sometimes lolz 😛 ).

      • Most of it does make sense, but it’s the fact that there really was no need to make Daphne Bloom’s sister instead of staying her mother where it lacks off.
        The point I’m trying to make is that, by the standards of this theory, the main factor of why Daphne was made into Bloom’s sister and not her mother (regardless of changes to the overall plot to continue the series) is because of the time lapse.
        (Keep in mind I’m specifying relevance).
        The logic of the theory is that since the destruction of Domino was eons ago, Bloom’s mother would have to be older than Daphne is.
        So, Marion (and Oritel) was created.
        However, Marion is also too young to be Bloom’s mother, since she’s not exactly eons years old.
        That’s where the time travel part comes in, and makes it all not add up.
        Just like Daphne was able to send Bloom through time as her sister, she could have done it as her mother too.
        It still happened eons ago.
        It’s not that it is impossible for Daphne to had been intended to be Bloom’s mother, it’s just that the reasons behind it stated here makes it an unneeded change.
        I know you’re not gonna understand since I’ve tried to explain this to you before, and I’m not dissing this theory, I’m just saying that although a good, well thought and explained theory, that factor alone makes it less plausible.
        It’s basic logic. You wouldn’t make such a change for an end result that will stay the exact same.
        Still, no offence to the anonymous fan (hmm, I wonder who it may be). 😉

        • I know, there are indeed some holes in my theory.
          I know she could have done the same thing either as Bloom’s mother or as her sister, however the context (the Dragon Flame passing from Daphne to Bloom, the series being originally about a girl finding about her parents, and other things as well) hints a bit at my hypothesis, though I could be wrong, since I am not claiming this to be a truth.
          I am still not understanding your point on Marion, and maybe the main reason for me not understanding that point is because the Internet is not actually the best platform for discussing this. Had it been a face-to-face discussion (which is impossible for many reasons), I may have understood your point.
          No offence taken. 😉

          • Not anymore. The show has switched it back and forth. As of this season, she’s addressed as Marian.

          • I personally prefer Mariam/Miriam over Marian/Marion, probably because Miriam sounds more ancient and all

          • Nope, the official website of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom calls her Marion, and I personally prefer Marion, it sounds more royal, it kinda reminds me of Versailles in France.

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