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Were The Trix Going to Be the Ancient Witches?
~ by an anonymous fan ~

As for the Trix, firstly, the appearance of the Ancient Witches makes them look like older versions of the Trix. They’re as good as look alikes.

I remember Stormy saying, after they failed to get the Dragon’s Flame from Stella’s ring, “We shall be as we once were. There was no explosion” in the RaiEng dub of S1, and in the French and Italian dubs, it’s more like, “We will be like in the ancient times. In those times, there was no explosion.”

In another episode, Icy says, “The Flame will restore the magnificence of our distant past” (RaiEng), and “The Flame! The Flame will give us back our splendor from the ancient times.”

And for them as well, the memory of the Ancestral Witches seems to have been forgotten in the beginning of S1. It’s only in the second half that we hear of them as if people really remember them.

There’s a lot of hints at the beginning of season one that it’s the Trix who have been looking for the Dragon’s Flame for centuries.

And the rivalry between the headteachers doesn’t really fit with the fact that they once worked together to defeat the greatest threat the Magic Dimension ever faces. Their rivalry is beyond bitter (especially with Griffin trying to sabotage events at Alfea). The attitudes of the headteachers at the beginning of season one is the complete opposite of the one they’re said to have had when they fought together against the witches. IMO, in the very first story, they weren’t meant to have fought together against the witches.

I think in the original story, it might have been the other nymphs who helped defeat the witches. And that after the rule of the nine nymphs over the whole Magic Dimension ended, the different kingdoms like Solaria, Eraklyon, etc formed. You know, like how small kingdoms have often risen from the ruins of fallen empires.

I don’t know what you guys will think of my theory, as many have already told me that it seemed ridiculously improbable, and that it’s more of a delusion. Some of you might have the same opinion, but this is the conclusion that I’ve come to after quite some in-depth analysis of the story, and comparison with some other fantasy genres, and other similar & different stories. By the way, it’s the only such theory that I’ve got. I haven’t more crazy theories similar to this one in store. 🙂

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6 Responses to “GUEST POST: Daphne and the Trix’s Planned Roles (Part II) — Were The Trix Going to Be the Ancient Witches?

  1. This one is just a bit more far-fetched than Part I, but I suppose it could be possible. I actually would’ve liked it better if this was the case, because it makes the Trix seem more… evil. I mean, I guess you could say the Trix are still evil, but to me it’s more of their wanting power, not so much pure evil, know what I mean?

  2. Now this I do disagree with. Stormy was just trying to make sure that no one came to investigate the explosion that just happened. I’m not sure where Icy’s quote is from, so I can’t say anything on that.
    Even early on there’s no indication that the Ancestral Witches had been forgotten. Faragonda was trying to keep the truth from her, and unless they were talking about Domino no one would have any reason to bring it up. Besides, none of the girls were history experts at the time.
    Alfea and Cloudtower may have had a rivalry going on, but there’s nothing to indicate that Faragonda and Griffin didn’t get along. It was established in the second episode that fairies and witches don’t get along, so that’s why the witches weren’t invited to the Alfea party. Griffin could probably arrange one at Cloudtower, but she never bothers. As for the sabotage, that seems to be more of a proving point for witches than any malicious attempt on Griffin’s part. It’s probably a test set up by both Faragonda and Griffin. Witches have to hurt the fairies, and fairies have to find out about it and stop them. Even in episode 6, Faragonda took Griffin’s word that the Winx broke into Cloudtower, which Faragonda doesn’t approve of.
    The nymphs thing was always a bit weird, so parts of that may be true. As things stand now, either it was retconned away or Bloom was bad at research.
    The theory’s not bad, but it does require a lot reaching out and guesswork to even make it a reasonable theory. Still, it is interesting to see one possibility of what early plans for Winx were.

    And on an unrelated not, I’ve started a Winx Club liveblog starting from episode 1. Follow the link in my name to find it if you’re interested.

    • You’re free to disagree, this is only my crazy theory after all. 😉
      However I’ve watched the episodes again and I have to point out that after the explosion the Trix were all exhausted from using their magic that they were feeling sleepy and they were all complaining on how difficult it was to get the power compared to ‘the ancient times’. The only thing that Stormy did apart of that was to send Knut back into his closet.
      Actually it is quite obvious that most people don’t remember who the Ancestral Witches were back then. It’s in the episode where Bloom does research on Daphne or the one in which the Trix attack Bloom in the magical reality chamber that Faragonda finally figures out that Bloom is from Domino, she had no reason to ‘protect her from the truth’ before. Moreover, since the Ancestral Witches destroyed Domino only 16 years earlier, everyone should be knowing about the Witches and the disaster they caused, one needs not to be an expert in history to remember the greatest disaster of all times and the ones who caused it.
      Well, for the rivalry between the fairies and witches I may agree with you, but not for Faragonda and Griffin. Griffin and Faragonda were supposed to have been friends and fought together against the witches, it still doesn’t explain why Griffin was so determined to belittle Faragonda, especially when you consider that she tried doing do more than once. I mean, I agree that witches and fairies don’t mix well, but in later seasons Griffin and Feragonda act as very good friends, as if their friendship is above the fairy-witch rivalry while in the beginning of the first season she clearly doesn’t seem to like Faragonda at all.
      Besides, there’s their age: Griffin and Faragonda were of the same age when they formed part of the Company of Light, yet Faragonda now looks way older than Griffin.
      For Daphne, well, there’s still her portrait on the facade of the temple at Magix.

      As you said, it requires a lot of work. The only way of verifying this would be to ask Iginio Straffi himself about this, but I don’t think this will ever happen.

  3. hmm….i think it might be true? and even if it isn’’s still a better story than the one we got now xD >.>

  4. I remember how witches from Cloud Tower were supposed to be evil by nature during S1. “Stay away from the withces in Cloud Tower” But suddenly they became nice, including Ms. Griffin. Winx has never been consistant..

  5. I think the biggest problem here is that the show never had good continuity. I don’t think it was ever intended to be a long (Now 5 season) show with a huge mythology like it has become. I always partially wondered if they wrote the show in a crash TV style (A term from the 90s that means writing a show as you go a long, the scripts not finished until literally the last moment.)

    I agree with part one a lot more than this one, but it was a good read. It didn’t seem like you were just pulling this out of nowhere. Hope to read more of your thoughts in the future.

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