As you know, I’ve stopped writing episode reviews. But last week, a Winx fan named Will N. emailed me with a suggestion: how about guest episode reviews? Why not? Great idea!

Here’s Will’s review of “Baby Winx” (7X20). If you’d like to submit an episode review, too, email it to [email protected].

Review of Episode 7X20: “Baby Winx”

By: Will N.

Quick Recap: Back on Earth again (yawn!). The Winx are helping Roxy with an animal show to benefit the rescue park. Meanwhile, Kalshara and Brafilius try to cause trouble in any way possible like always (yawn again!), still searching for that First Color of the Universe. (How long is this search gonna last? Even Ogron didn’t waste this long trying to accomplish his goals.) This time, however, it involves the Winx being turned into seven-year-olds, and circus hijinks ensue as part of the benefits program.


  • Brafilius actually doing something smart for once. Too bad he has to undo it almost immediately.
  • Well, I guess the people who said Butterflix was based off circus clowns were right 😛
  • Are the guys being designated babysitters now?
  • Roxy’s as sassy as ever. Where was she when we needed her?
  • Why does Sky have to fight with Bloom’s unicorn? What does Elas have that Sky doesn’t?
  • Well, at least that Etno Chic outfit wasn’t ditched after two episodes; it stuck around for 4.

Loose ends

  • Sky, you’re clueless to not believe that a 7 year old, who strongly looks like your fiancée and has a pet unicorn, is not your fiancée turned into a kid when you live in a magical world on a daily basis.
  • Kalshara, you should stop relying on your brother.
  • Apparently, power is not restricted by age. Must be something to do with Believix or Enchantix.
  • Quote: “Yeah, I can’t leave you alone for more than ten minutes.” Well said, Roxy. Well said.

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  1. Yay guest Episode reviews! Oh are guests going to review World of Winx?

    On thatt note when do you think season 2 will drop.

  2. Thank you, OP. This episode seems to be the wackiest one, and the one where the others are irritated as to why Roxy didn’t lose the “honorary” from her title as a “Winx”.

    • I wonder why the trix so obsessed with destroying the winx and conquering alfea even every time they try they always fail and trapping the trix in limbo outside of time for all eternity was the winx’s best bet at stopping the trix once and for all considering the only option left would be the unthinkable one actually killing the trix

  3. You know i do wonder where do the previous season fairy froms go when they are replaced
    Bloom’s fairy animal being a unicorn has some irony to it considering that scene with the unicorn illusion in season 4 episode 17

    • It’s uncertain about Charmix level 1 and level 2 as to what happens to them, Enchantix is a common stopping place, but as for anything after Believix (for those who even dare and start wars about if “our” representative dared to.) all that those forms are is simply a reformatted Believix based to the seasons needs is how I look at it because 1. Uniform looks 2. Believix colors and patterned wings. 3. Special new additions are some variation on the Believix specials (i.e Flora’s sirenix wish is simply a highly advanced form of Nature’s Kiss and her Natural Whisper is essentially an amplified second nature and yes I prefer calling Flora’s believix abilities by their nick names, they’re less of a mouthful and possibly more accurate.) 4. The fairy dust symbols on the magic.

      • I never thought about this, but it does actually explain a lot outfit-wise. What came to mind for me was Flora’s Believix outfit compared to her Butterflix outfit. Beyond the wings being completely different and her hair being in a braid as opposed to loose, the outfits look rather similar to me (the color scheme, specifically). Really, just compare any two fairy forms and you’ll begin to see a lot of similarities. [The only exceptions to this (that I can think of anyway) are Musa’s Mythix and Bloomix. They have more purple tones than red. But then again, purple was the secondary color in her Magic Winx/Charmix form.] If you want, you can even use this to explain why Aisha’s signature color shifted from green to turquoise. Believix was the first time that was used as her color. (Yes, I know that Aisha’s Enchantix often alternated between the two colors, but I’m assuming it was supposed to be green.)

        • Aisha’s Enchantix is actually a good point here. In the pre-Bloom Enchantix it was straight up baby blue, pink and gold like Bloom’s uniforms (likely to signify her status as secondary lead and to show her plain water powers in addition to the morphix) but post-bloom she went back to green because green was her original color, although we even got a third color option in s3 opening for nick (and they showed green before her name plate and blue at the end likely so it wouldn’t come as a shock), Turquoise like her believix. That should have been the color to be used in the first place and we wouldn’t have had to worry about the switchup (then that way Roxy had she been around in season 3 could have had a green one.)

      • Actually I think Believix Sirenix, Bloomix are more of a altered Enchantix then anything else. Well maybe not but Sirenix is strongest underwater, where as Believix is strongest… on worlds where people believe in magic… It’s more of the transformations just exist for eye candy at this point.

    • We know that Charmix level 2 disappears after a certain amount of use (Musa and Tecna mentioned something about it), Charmix 1 is turned into Enchantix upon achievement (look at Aisha’s sequence showing her green charmix going into her enchantix clothes just after her braids) and Believix pretty much overwrites Enchantix (if a fairy dares to go that far) as for the other forms beyond believix it’s like Sophix and Lovix simply an extension of the believix powers. (Color, uniform look, pattern wings and spell style of fairy dust on the magic trails is how i base this)

        • Probably. Since the Winx are strongest on Earth…that might be why we keep seeing so much earth scenes…if everything after Believix is still believix…Bloomix is the only thing keeping the Winx alive at this point otherwise we’d have no show because Icy would have killed Bloom by now since the believix powers get weaker on Magix than they do on Earth and especially in New Magix…er I mean Gardenia (but seriously they oughta call Gardenia New Magix at this point.)

  4. The fanbase that dislike bloom according to tvtropes is an example of a trope known as periphery demographic
    Also a separate note
    some say bloom is too perfect yeah i don’t think so since bloom herself does not know what else the dragon flame can do since there is a lot of information about the dragon flame that is still unknown
    Like say for example what are the limits of the dragon flame’s capabilities

    • So far the main limit is splitting it up runs the risk of killing her… or the fact she doesn’t know what she can do with it which seems to be for the best… and I think you might have took my name… I think.

        • It’s all good

          The water Star weakness works both ways.
          Season 7 is so bad I have a hard time taking anything stated in it seriously. She might be able to for all we know and considering just last season a guy with only a piece of the Flame removed magic from the Universe itself (excluding keepers of the Dragon Flame, as well as the Universe being created by the Flame according to all the lore so far) so I’m chalking it up as a continuity error. Or Bloom not being the Great Dragon means she can’t use the “Great powers”

          Honestly it feels like the writers are making Bloom forget about her powers just to make the fans happy… which ended with Nabu dying…

          Also I’m might go on a bit of a rant about the hate that Bloom gets as I find it hypocritical. The reason is that it almost always biols down to the show’s title of Winx Club and why its’s a fallacy to believe that the club is the main character. From the first episode when they introduced her in the first act of the episode it should have been plan as day that Bloom was the main protagonist and her struggles was going to drive the plot, the name was more of a marketing ploy then anything. Also most if not all of them agree the first three seasons where great and moan about the later seasons… when those seasons focused on Bloom’s story itself.

          Anyway considering I’m well over the series age range I say that I’m one of the few in the periphery demographic that Like her.

          • Sigh. I’m sorry, but I’ve had my fill of hearing about Nabu today. 😑 I feel like the fanbase only sees that situation from one perspective: we loved him, so he shouldn’t have died. Have they ever wondered why they loved him? That was Rainbow’s doing, too. The writers wrote him in a way so that he would be very likable.

            But what if that was part of the setup for his death? After all, if he hadn’t been so likable, no one would be talking about him anymore because we wouldn’t have cared that he died. Character deaths don’t just happen. There’s a process to making them have the desired emotional impact on the audience.

            Why are we still stuck in the same place when it comes to Nabu’s death? When are we gonna start looking at it from a story perspective instead of just grieving forever? Say what you will about Bloom’s powers or whatnot, but there’s a strong possibility Rainbow meant for him to die from the moment he was introduced. Why is no one considering that angle? 😑

      • Yeah bloom is my favorite too considering the volcanic attack can punch through limestone and sandstone
        I wonder what would happen if bloom absorbed way too much fire from the vortex of flames

        • I actually wonder how she hasn’t killed anyone with it. Most likely magical beings are just that durable.

    • Uhh dragon sorry for using your name by mistake
      Just to let you know the message that this one is replying to is not from dragon but it’s actually from me

    • Adding on I think the hatred comes more because people have forgotten who the Main Protagist is as well as forgotten that a Shows name doesn’t mean it coincides with who’s story it is.

      Most of the complaints are based on the fact the think the Winx Club should focus on them… when really it’s a catchy name for the show that they can use for marketing. The main protagonists was introduced in the first episode (which also set most of the stories plot into place) and the club only came into being a espide or in 4kids canon four later.

      Really I think it’s mostly the fact that people have been feed on a idea that Title=Protagonists without realizing that’s a fallacy of logic. As added bonus most of them agree the first three seasons where great,,, the Seasons that focused solely on the main Character that they complain about!

      • Not soley we did have Aisha, Musa and Stella with major seasonal arcs too. It’s really only Flora and Tecna that have less spotlights and that’s likely because you can only do so much with the “beware the nice ones” and “help the Tingirl get a heart” stories that follow them around. With the other four you can actually follow their lives and bounce to everyone else from them in both daily lives and battles. Flora might possibly be able to do this (but it will take some time because shockingly we know less about her than we do about Tecna and yet her colors are the colors of the Winx logo.), on the other hand Tecna in general is just all around difficult to come up with stories for that don’t involve her and Timmy having the most stable relationship in the love department or Tecna needing a heart. They need to do something about Flora and Tecna to get them to fly on their own wings. Even honorary members Roxy and Daphne have more background than the two we know the least about. If we’re trying to get Flora to fly on her own (like s7 was trying to but might not have gone that way entirely) we should bring Mirta and Lucy back for a few episodes to remind others that “The Winx have friends outside the club” this would possibly help Flora as that’s something that’s been forgotten about in recent years or if they remember…they wind up a temporary villain from the past. Maybe if we get the continued “Flora’s not a doormat” development that’s happened subtly since Believix (when she started fighting with more than just vines for once!) then maybe there will be less accusations of Flora being a particular derogatory flower even though she’s a buttercup as her mythix wand shows.

        • You’re right. It’s hard to develop a nice character unless you reveal a flaw or two they need to overcome. But then you run the risk of ruining their reputation — or yours, if the audience feels like you’re corrupting the character for no reason. Rainbow should have factored that into Flora’s character from the beginning. And like you said, Tecna only has the “lack of emotion” plot, and that’s been resolved already.

          Aisha, Bloom, Stella, and Musa are rounder characters. That’s why Rainbow has more material to work with in their stories. Though in my opinion, Musa was eclipsed by Riven for six seasons, and she’s just now getting to shine on her own. She had the same problem as Tecna: most of her supposed character development revolved around her boyfriend. But Riven got more character development than she did.

      • Okay, honestly? Bloom being the main character should not be an excuse for her getting much more attention compared to the other Winx that actually need it. Bloom’s whole story of finding out her magical past and, later, her birth parents and family has long since ended. Everything after Secret of the Lost Kingdom was supposed to be about how the Winx, as a group, grow and develop as Guardian Fairies. Yet somehow, later seasons still feel like need to shove Bloom into everyone’s faces like she’s the only one that matters.
        I don’t hate Bloom but simply saying that “she’s the main character so you can’t hate her for getting so much screentime” isn’t a valid excuse in my book. I sincerely apologize if I sound really pushy or hostile right now, but so many people use this as a reason for “Bloom Haters” to stop hating on her as if their disdain somehow isn’t logically justified. If anything, “Bloom Haters” might actually hate how the writers are handling Bloom, which I believe is pretty poorly given how they still feel the need to focus everyone’s attention on her as if the rest of the Winx are just background props. But rather than hating on the writing, they hate on Bloom instead because it’s generally easier to do so.

        • It might be easier to hate on Bloom but…i think that the reason why Rainbow has her up front even after season 4 is because of the fact that despite Bloom now knowing her magical history…she’s still the same Earth girl we met years ago and sure the others get their major plots but it always goes back to Bloom because she is the first we met and it will likely end with her doing something important when the show ends for good. It would be an akward thing to suddenly declare “Bloom’s moved on from Earth so she’ll start being a magix natured fairy forever as if Earth never happened”. Going back to that Bloom=Linda Lang (Supergirl) element that is present. Biologically? They’re from some ancient world, but naturally they are from Earth. (Which is why bloom’s b day vid last year said Earth, not Domino.)

        • Bloom’s story may be over, but that doesn’t mean she’s not the main character anymore. She’s still the face of the show. Don’t forget: one of the working titles for this series was Magical Bloom. I bet if Rainbow had kept that name, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. We’d still want the other Winx (if they were called that) to be developed as much as her, but it would make more sense for her to stay in the spotlight.

        • I don’t mean to come off as if I’m saying that Bloom should be sidelined just because her story’s over, I just mean that she shouldn’t be hogging so much space like nothing else matters. I always use Season 5 as an example because it could’ve been based around Aisha (more so than it was), but the writers still managed to make it mostly about Bloom, what with Sky getting amnesia’d, Diaspro inexplicably showing up again and Daphne’s death being retconned into a curse.
          It wouldn’t matter if Rainbow still kept the prototype name; the way they’ve been writing the show would still be the same: having a GROUP of main characters led by the central one. “Magical Bloom” or not, the amount of attention Bloom would be getting would still crease people and it’d still be considered as bad writing.

          • Retconning Daphne’s death may have been necessary because she never acted dead anyway. For example, at the end of the scene where Bloom visited her in Lake Roccaluce in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, she told Bloom she was tired and needed to go rest. Why would a dead person need sleep? 😕

            Daphne was always a ghost. Her properties were never the same as those of other dead characters, even other ghosts. Here’s another example. In one of the comics, the Winx use a spell to allow a widower to talk to his late wife one last time. To do this, they borrow Daphne’s power. The strange part is the dead wife had fully passed on, while Daphne had still be wondering around Lake Roccaluce. Yet the comics acted like those two were the same. Obviously, they weren’t.

            Another reason the retcon may have been necessary? To clarify what death means in this series. Daphne was the only dead character whose spirit we’d seen floating around the material world. The other known dead characters in the show passed on immediately. Why was she special? Or was she? Were all the spirits of the dead floating around somewhere? We would have had no way of knowing otherwise.

            Change her situation from a death to a curse may not have been the most glamorous way to handle the problem. But unlike some “Bloom haters,” I don’t think Rainbow was trying to give Bloom everything she could ever want, while depriving other characters. They were just trying to fill in a long-existing plot hole.

        • I just thought of another long existing plothole in the season 5 finale and why we never saw Musa use her wish and it was never brought up after not using it on her mom as that was another loose end. When Aisha lost her sirenix powers…she didn’t turn ethereal like Daphne when she should have probably because she didn’t lose all of them, only half. I think Musa had something to do with that, but did it offscreen and in secret because not everyone needs to know about certain wishes that help them and Musa and Aisha’s friendship would go that far for one of them to do something for the other without them knowing about it because sometimes that’s the best gift you can give someone is making their life less painful (and Aisha’s might as well be a living you know where if she hadn’t met Bloom, Musa, Flora and the others but especially Musa) . That is Musa wished secretly for the Winx that if one (or all) of them lost their sirenix in a given battle…they wouldn’t suffer the consequences nearly as badly as Daphne did, instead they’d just suffer a temporary dilution effect like in season 1 when they got grounded because the girls couldn’t bear another one of fate’s ( a cruel mistress she is) attempt on Aisha or anyone else. Musa probably knew that Bloom was going to use her wish to break the curse, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be changed a bit before the right breaking point so Musa altered it, which probably started the process for Daphne’s return but Bloom still needed to break it somehow so Bloom’s wish broke it, but Bloom’s wish probably wouldn’t have worked if Musa hadn’t tried to lessen the effects of it first.

    • Also sorry for the same comments I can’t seem to see my own comments on this blog so I assumed they where deleted or ignored. So just ignore any doubles or whatever.

  5. Why your article about “Tecna and the reset button” doesn’t work?
    I’d love to see your “Thoughts while watching”. I don’t get why you were always writing detailed synopsis about every episode. It was unecessary. 🙂

  6. In terms of firepower the dreamix seems weak considering the zombie pirates can take a dreamix blast and get up and keep going

    • If World of Winx is an alternate universe, Dreamix may not be any stronger than Charmix was. It felt like Charmix to me. The Winx’s spells were just basic manifestations of their power sources, and they didn’t even have names. Also, something about how surprised the Winx were when they transformed — especially what Musa said — made me think this was their first time becoming fairies in this canon.

      But if World of Winx takes place in the same universe as Winx Club, then I agree with you. Dreamix is pretty weak. I love the spells, but it seems like another utility-type transformation — that is, it’s useful for the mission to save the talents, but it doesn’t really make the Winx stronger. And like I said in one of my posts, it doesn’t have much to do with figurative dreams (goals and aspirations), either. It’s obviously connected to real dreams, since it came from The World of Dreams.

        • Most likely yea. I mean the only villains who revenge is a bit part of them are the Trix and they kinda are the only villains that haven’t been killed /Or imprisoned in ridiculous ways or reformed by the Winx.

      • Hmm dreamix could get an increase of power but winx club comic no.156 explains how the winx got hired by wow in the first place

        • The comics aren’t canon, though. There are already some inconsistencies between that comic and the show. For example, the comic states that WOW! (the talent show) is a brand-new show, thus in its first season. But in World of Winx, there had already been at least one season of WOW!. We know because everyone kept saying “the new season of WOW!,” and Annabelle’s boss and friend Louise was on that previous season.

        • What if the comics of WOW are supposed to be the first season of WOW? That could explain the inconsistentcies there, if Louise appears (like she did in the flashback) and fails, and the comic gives us the number of months on Earth (probably 6 if this show runs on a 13-26 episode season with annoyingly long delays due to winx missions like it does in our world) and explains why the “special power” (since it doesn’t become Dreamix officially until Stella dubs it as such).

        • That kinda gets iffy though. I try to do the same thing but the comics, as OP said, hold some minor to major inconsistencies. Like how in Issue 110, Flora tells Miele that she and Helia used to play in the Shimmering Flowers Valley when they were kids but, in the show, it seems that Flora and Helia never met each other before Brandon introduced Helia to his friends. It could’ve been the case where they have not seen each other in such a long time and may have matured well beyond how they looked as kids, but there’d still be a familiarity there. Plus, Flora still vividly remembered playing with Helia as a kid and, later, Helia introduces one of his childhood friends to the Winx, so if he and Flora were friends during their childhood, their behavior in the show wouldn’t make sense, and that’s just an example.
          Not trying to be a Debbie Downer ’cause, again, I do the same thing, but it can just be really difficult doing so.

          • Here’s how I reconcile the show and the comics. It’s not perfect, but it works for me:

            • If the show and comics agree on something, then it’s canon.
            • If they disagree on something, the show overrules.
            • The stories in the comics are non-canon. However, individual details that don’t conflict with the show and explain something that wasn’t explained in the show could be considered canon. (For example, the show never explained what happened to Love & Pet after the Winx went back to Alfea. In the comics, they left it in the hands of two Earth girls. That doesn’t conflict with the show, so I can accept it as a logical possibility.)
          • I remember I saw Musa in S5 when she took out of the box one of the Love&Pet plushy. It was only cameo but teddy was lifeless. So for me they still have them but they put a spell and now they are again just a normal plushie. It makes sense since they are not working in the shop anymore but also they didn’t want to throw away them.

        • The comics must really get confusing at times, although I do like how they had Bloom find Roccalucce during the time her powers were diluted. Having Aisha secretly help Bloom from behind the scenes explained how Bloom got to Daphne so quickly after leaving Sky because there’s no way that after just a few months that a novice fairy from Earth (at least as far as she knew at that point) would know where her sister’s lake is without help from someone who had a water connection. It might not be entirely canon but i haven’t seen that scene discredited yet since they had her stay hidden during it in the comics.

  7. what i want to know is what is the difference between this episode and the one where flora got her enchantix, why did the winx get younger but still keep their power but the trix were completely changed back to normal

      • perhaps it was because the Stones of Memories worked differently from the weeping willow in terms of magic? Maybe the spell was only physical? Or maybe it was because of the Dragon Flame?

    • Hmm good point actually
      Considering all the primary and secondary fairy froms from season 1-7
      the winx have gotten a total of 12 fairy forms so far
      which combined would be a massive amount of power which probably the baby winx would be unable to handle that amount of power
      but i have my doubt but we don’t know where the previous season fairy froms go when they get replaced

    • I think what the difference is…is that the Winx had the power of magical insurance…oh excuse me, I mean the Dragon Flame/Bloomix. Since the Winx had Bloomix it’s likely an advantage of the Dragon Flame protecting them and allowing them to access their magic when really they shouldn’t be able to utilize it until 13. (Assuming that Miele was 10 in season 3) Maybe Bloom didn’t think clearly when she wasn’t sure whether or not that was going to work…you’d think that she might have considered “oh right i’m literal plot armor” like she did last season…or she forgot because she was turned back to 7.

      • Maybe Brafilius turned them into children but not exactly the young versions of themselves (if that makes sense). He just kinda shrunk them. After all, they didn’t look the way they actually looked as children. They were even still wearing the same outfits — just mini versions of them. Also, they were able to transform, but their magic was much weaker. They couldn’t cast their spells properly, so that was within continuity.

        • i was watching ep 22 earlier and the thing that the season 7 bad guys were looking for was in faragonda’s office the whole time and no-one thought to check and kalshara was clever because she must have figured that if she let the winx find the ultimate power and then she could snatch it from them later

        • kalshara was clever because she must have figured that if she let the winx find the ultimate power and then she could snatch it from them later

      • True
        On a separate note
        in a fanfic i’m writing which in it
        the winx obtain the ancientix fairy from
        The ancientix has ability but only 2 of them have been revealed the other 3 will be revealed later
        1). the ability to access their previous fairy form from seasons 1-7,dreamix, tynix and harmonix
        2). the ancientix gives the winx a final strike attack but the ancientix does have a catch

  8. I read a blog post by ophira over on somewhere else
    Who points out that Bloom’s panicing when Diaspro shows up in season 5 may not be a personality problem but actually bloom’s fear of her and sky breaking up which in desperation to stop that she will do anything to accomplish that and the book of fate has basically destroyed any chances Diaspro had left of winning back sky

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