One of my regular readers, Will N., asked if he could submit some guest posts during my “break.” These will be about the Winx’s lives and how each girl has grown through the series. First up is the girl who started it all: Bloom. Take it away, Will.

Winx Girls: Life of Bloom

~ By Will N. ~

Long ago, a young princess was sent to Earth by her older sister for her own safety and grew up on Earth without knowing anything about her life, just assuming she was a regular girl with a fascination for fairytales and magic… Little did she know that she was a fairytale of her own. Since then, we’ve come to love her or hate her over the last 14 years, because even when all seems lost, she retains a cheery attitude and is able to bring whatever fun she has to share to life.

That girl…is Princess Bloom of Earth and Domino (or Sparks if you prefer). Ask her where she identifies as a person most, and she’d probably say Earth. She’s the one who started this all and the girl we know the most about. Why did this all happen? Simple…she was a girl with a dream to share her good feelings with everyone and bring them together to make the universe a better place with fun and friendship…

However, it wasn’t easy by any means, no matter how much like Mary Poppins she seems to be (minus making up extremely long words for being speechless, of course). First, she had to fight off an ogre to save her future best friend, Stella, that her rabbit Kiko alerted her about. If she had ignored Kiko…well, there’s a good chance that Stella would not be alive, and despite her not believing at first — even calling him crazy without actually saying it (“we can’t both be seeing things”) — well, at least not until a fire shield burst from her hand with a rather bold statement to distract the ogre.

From there, we watched Bloom not only learn to accept herself for who she was but convince her parents that she was something more (even though they already knew and faked denseness for her safety). As Bloom grew, she came to know seven very special friends and her older sister Daphne, even if she only formed the Winx with five of them. The five she chose were Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa and Aisha (or Layla, as she is more commonly known), but she was also good friends with Mirta and Roxy too, as she is pretty much everyone’s best friend and she has helped them through their hard times and in return they helped her.

Bloom had a lack of magical confidence, to the point of almost denying her existance as a fairy at first. But her physical prowess was almost akin to Aisha’s due to growing up in a (then) non-magical realm, pretty much teaching Stella, Flora, Tecna and Musa how to defend themselves without magic in a small scope. Eventually, Bloom learned with the help of her friends to overcome those blocks and became the definitive leader of the Winx. Even if they occasionally get fed up with her, she’s the only one who everyone will actually listen to willingly because of her nature being well..something that no one in the magic dimension had ever seen before. And that’s also why that everyone is upset whenever she’s away because…it’s not every day someone with her personality shows up in Magix.

Bloom also learned a lot about herself on her own, too. She learned that not only was she a princess but that she was adopted. Shortly before that, though, she had discovered that she was the wielder of the Dragon Flame, the power of life itself — although she prefers making fireballs out of it, rarely using much life aspects on it unless there’s extreme dangers involved. Another thing she has come to learn is that she is never alone, having friends and family who care about her, including an older sister to be her guardian daily.

Unfortunately, she is prone to easily breaking down when she makes a critical mistake. And although she goes home to her parents to clear her mind instead of trying to fight through it, it sometimes has made things worse for her, causing random Trix invasions that she has to clean up. There was also that time that she temporarily was unwillingly turned into what people would be afraid of if any Kryptonian ever lost their temper: the Midnight Princess who has become affectionately known as “Dark Bloom,” openly using her raw dragon power against those she protected and cared about, giving Stella and Musa the most shock and thus causing tensions the following school year when an even closer connection popped up.

When it comes to her problematic-but-somehow-meant-to-be love life with Prince Sky of Eraklyon, it’s obvious that she loves him. But there are several issues that each of them haven’t agreed on since season three: trust between each other to the point that sometimes we can’t tell the difference between them and Musa and Riven. That almost makes Musa’s troubles less bad…(shudders). If only Bloom and Sky could learn that no matter what happens, even if someone like Diaspro is around to ruin it, that their love is true enough to overcome such things…or else Bloom should return that ring and heart-shaped necklace, thereby dooming the happy couple in spite of political pressure.

Bloom can also say that she, being of two worlds, is of both royal and common natures. Being born a princess to King Oritel and Queen Marion gave her status, but being adopted by Mike and Vanessa made her who she is today by instilling in her what is truly important: to care for those around her, even if it means potentially losing her life for them. This is probably what lead to her artistic talent and creative problem-solving knack. In addition to her personal challenges, she has also made some rather great magical achievements as well. The most notable feat of magic she has done is replicating the Dragon Flame to give to her friends after their magic was diluted to the point where it wouldn’t work. Until they could unlock Bloomix as like a flower, they would bloom. (:P)

Another impressive feat (however train-like it is) was having enough willpower to find a backdoor into Enchantix until she could properly earn it by merging with Daphne and letting Sky drive Oritel’s blade through both her and Mandragora when she restored Domino.

Next was kicking Icy off her high horse in a classic clash of opposites with a great comeback full of spunky Earth attitude. “You thought you got rid of me! Well, you thought wrong!”

However, her most impressive magical feat is combining her fairydust and creativity on the Agador box to return the stolen magic to their rightful realms, as she faked her demise causing a hilarious game of monkey-in-the-middle to take place. Valtor of all people should know what happens when anyone vile meets the Winx, even if he is formidable…it’s still a one way ticket to Omega or worse Light Rock Monastery. Although it worked, needless to say Stella, Aisha and Tecna were not too happy about that, to the point that Aisha almost refused to let Bloom execute this plan and made her promise never to do something that crazy ever again. And although she might have said so, her spunk makes one wonder whether or not she actually listened, as sometimes her craziness is the only way anything gets done.

Warning to all future Winx villians: just don’t ever go after any of her friends or family. Especially if it’s the one who is considered the weakest because that is just cowardly…and even the worst enemy that the Winx had wouldn’t stoop that low.

What do all of you think about Bloom, and what do you think might make her better?

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61 Responses to “GUEST POST: “Winx Girls: Life of Bloom”

  1. Nice to see it up. Thanks OP. Also shame on me for forgetting the “grammar abcs” with this one. Whoops. Now one thing i think that would make Bloom better…is definitley use her creativity more often instead of focusing on her raw power….seems as if raw power is all they care about…when it was always her creativity that saved the day. It’s not the power that counts, but how you use it.

          • Bloom’s more likely to use a convergence than directly do it herself…but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t coordinate a reversal creatively. It would be something along the lines of season 2 where Bloom had that idea to make a golem of each of the girl’s powers but this time dealing with weather she would need to have Flora & Aisha with her to dull parts of the storm. The eye is the safest spot…Bloom would probably attempt to see if she, Flora and Aisha couldn’t do something to absorb the wind, heat and raging water currents together then send them into space where they could do no harm.

  2. I love Bloom, she is my favourite fairy. Love her colours, blue and red hair. I have long red hair myself and favourite colour is blue. Bloom has done so many clever and awesome things and I love her dragonflame power. Fire is awesome. It was especially clever when Bloom defeated Valtor with fairy dust. She was going to fight him but changed her mind. She would have lost if she fought him as seen earlier. Simply because he had more experience and tricks because of the stolen magic. So did such a clever thing. It happend more times that the winx beat the villains with intellegence. Oh and good thing that you still write. You should never stop doing what you like because some find your opinions weird, but I get that it can be hard. I think there are more people like me who do like your blogs : ) Not to teach you or something, just want to give my support : ) thanks for this blog : )

  3. hmm one or 2 things i can think of
    1. tapping into the rest of her magic and learning what else it can do
    2. getting Sky to fix the mess he made years ago i mean seriously considering that she survived an assassination attempt by the person sky dumped
    3. getting her own place to live

  4. I’ve never liked Bloom’s “escapist” side (her tendency to run away from her problems), but it does make sense for her character. She gets her strength from being around those she loves, so of course staying with Mike and Vanessa for a few days would recharge her emotionally. I’m just glad tbat she doesn’t do this all the time; she saves it for important events, such as her boyfriend cheating on her and accidentally poisoning her best friend.

    • and what’s worse that mess of sky cheating on Bloom is never going to be fixed since you’d think bloom would want the problem solved to after the failed assassination attempt on her life by diaspro

    • I feel like young S1 Bloom would be absolutely star-struck. Getting to see the powerful fairy and woman she will become, she may even feel a bit pressured, but the fact that it happens proves that she’s more than capable to grow into that role. Meanwhile, present 20+ Bloom would probably talk to her younger self much like how Daphne does with her, acting like a guiding figure because she’s grown and matured. She’d most definitely loosen up since, y’know, it’s herself, which would show her younger self that even as she grew into such a mature young lady, she’s still the same humble Earth girl that she’s always been and always will be.
      Stella might be the same, either cracking jokes over how cute she used to be or noticing how much more of a brat she was. Lots of jokes, playful one-ups from these two.
      Flora would probably be star-struck too with how confident and powerful she becomes. Even if it’s a more subtle change (since she’s not walking around like Stella), she’d still be able to spot it.
      Aisha would also be the same like Stella, except present Aisha would stand as an example of what past Aisha becomes when she finally opens her heart to people and stands up for herself more. She may have been strong before, but she’s no longer lonely. She may not have Anne anymore but she’s got the Winx (Musa specifically), Nex and the Specialists. She’ll never have to worry about being alone and has more of a drive to become stronger.
      Tecna would more than definitely notice how much more emotionally open she becomes and would most likely be thankful that it’s more of a positive change than a negative one (I.E: she retains her rational mind and her emotions, while open, rarely cloud her judgement).
      Oddly enough, I feel like younger Musa would feel a bit threatened at first. She always seemed the most insecure out of the Winx back in S1 and seeing a more emotionally and physically mature version of herself probably wouldn’t help things. She’d be grateful sure, but I feel like she may think she had to change too much of herself to get to that point. Meanwhile, present Musa would probably have to let her in on the romantic turmoil that she got thrown into with Riven. Even if she were oddly thankful for the experience (like learning the consequences of falling for a bad boy just ’cause he’s troubled and becoming mature enough to end a relationship that clearly wasn’t working), she’d probably warn her younger self of these things but note that she can’t change her mind. I’m pretty sure she’d be more than happy to know that she eventually gets to live out her dream though! Especially alongside her closest friends.

        • Some time anomaly probably. Two of the same person cannot exist at the same time despite the the personality differences. This would result in present day Winx needing to return to their real time and past Winx would only remember it as some sort of weird lucid dream much like when the seven Winx (as far as I’m concerned Roxy is.) visited young Faragonda…I’m quite sure she had a similar effect later. This is the easiest way to time travel really. Use the stones/Travelix to fix an error then make it appear as a dream upon leaving.

  5. nice post what i’d like to know is the backstory of the parents like how are the winx fairies if their parents have no magic power

    • Good point. The only Winx parent who we know has magic powers is Flora’s mom, Alyssa (not counting Roxy as a Winx). We can assume Bloom got her powers when Daphne hid the Dragon Flame inside her, but where did Daphne’s powers come from? Lots of unanswered questions there.

      It’s also possible some of the parents used to have magic powers, but they didn’t need to use them, so they’ve effectively lost them. Just a theory.

      • what is the stupidest idea that rainbow has used in Winx and why
        for me it’s the stones of memories because of the lack of established limits on them

        • Some of the comic-only forms like “Foodix” (not the actual name) or “The Magic of Sports.” But I forgive Rainbow for those because they’re not canon, and they’re just for promotion. We’re not supposed to take them seriously. “Foodix” was a tie-in with that Winx cooking show Ricette a Colori, for example.

          As for something specifically in the show…the zombie bananas. Brafilius’s face said it all. But just because Rainbow used that to lampshade how stupid it was doesn’t mean it wasn’t still stupid. 😑

          • Zombie bananas…i wanted the Winx to turn them into banana related deserts instantly…too bad it didn’t happen quick enough. As for “Healthix”, “Elatix”, Greenix, Travelix, and “Sportix” that was less horrendous….”Elatix” being the best one aside from Bloom wearing pink primarily…that clashes.. badly with red hair, try maroon next time. Side note; it appears Miele got her Enchantix or some other higher form in the comics…how did a 15 year old do that quicker than her big sister and her friends did? Does Lynphea have a better cirriculum than Alfea?

          • @ Jordan as Superman & Kon-El put it… “The less said about time travel…the better.” Trying to give time travel rules will only make it worse.

          • @ Jordan trying to explain how to time travel properly does nothing to help make it easier…it’s best to just give the device and let the user figure it out themselves. Apparently Bloom is the only one to know about the butterfly effect and that direct intervention only needs to happen when someone is in serious danger. Stella probably shouldn’t time travel…she forgot “never say anything about the future or past” rule too.

      • I might be mistaken, but I think we saw Marion use magic at some point. For some reason the second movie and season five stick out to me as potential times for when this happened, but I can’t name any specific scenes or episodes.

      • I think it’s implied that the Dragon’s Flame was passed down from parent to child. While Marion isn’t seen using it directly, there’s portraits of her within the Book of Fate that portray her using fire magic while Oritel just uses his sword.
        I also assume that that’s where Daphne got the fiery aspect of her powers before transferring them to Bloom during the Ancestress’ siege on Domino but that still doesn’t explain the full extent of her elemental abilities. I guess being the Supreme Nymph has something to do with it but it feels like Rainbow just ditched the whole Nine Nymphs of Magix thing after S1.

  6. i kinda have to wonder if most of winx season 7’s budget went to Tynix and the mini-worlds which were the part of season 7 i enjoyed more than the rest of the season overall

  7. This was a great post, Will. I really hope that you do ones on the other girls.
    I don’t know, Bloom has always been a mixed bag for me. There are parts of her character I love, part of it I feel indifferent about and parts of it I hate. I tend to have pretty strong reactions to things so it’s kind of weird for me to not be able to say whether or not I like her. I would probably like her more if Sky wasn’t there and their subplot wasn’t a thing. But I really did like her character growth — she started out as this awkward, shy kid and became a lot more fiery (literally and figuratively). When she used her magic with the fairy dust on the box I was legitimately impressed with her. I think that the writers need to make good on her creative side with fights as you said (that Valtor fight in the second to last episode was honestly one of my favorite parts of Season 3). Anyway, keep it up! I’m looking forward to more of these in the future.

    • Maybe considering how the number of transformations the Winx have had has kind of made them powerful. I don’t know though, I’ll need to try and watch the series more.

    • The way getting drunk works (in a nutshell) is that the chemicals in alcohol enter your bloodstream alongside all your blood cells. So for Bloom to not get drunk, she would need some way to keep alcohol out of her bloodstream, or in such small amounts that it wouldn’t matter. I also believe that in onr of the Captain America movies, they give a psuedo-scientific explanation for why Cap can’t get drunk. It has something to do wifh his increased endurance and resistance to injury. Magical people definitely have more resistance to injury than regular humans (we’ve seen the Winx thrown full-force at cave walls and they haven’t broken anything yet), so that also might have an affect, if the explanation that Cap gave even made sense (it’s been a while since I’ve seeb that movie, so I don’t quite remember).

      • yes but she doesn’t have a ring and they don’t even talk about wedding plans or something like that…and the gus are nearly completly absent in the last season…Daphné got engaged and maried in the same season 😛 I think that they should have at least mention it

        • Like for exemple Stella could have said that she was going to design bloom wedding dress next (maybe she did and I just don’t remember) but its was something I was really waiting for it to happen

          • Rainbow blatantly stated three times that Bloom and Sky are engaged. Movie 1 shows the ring, Movie 2 has the question popped and season 5 has the pennant and destiny shell undeniably confirming the engagement in no way that can be edited out whatsoever. Stella’s engagement is also mentioned quite vehemently because Stella is one of those people you’re better off not arguing with. Another thing…Bloom and Stella can’t get married just yet because they along with Musa and Aisha are the stars (pun intended) of the show and if the stars resemble parents in any form…marketing thinks that parents are about as marketable as Tecna (which is next to not at all and kind of dumb.)

          • Yeah I know that they are engaged but maybe its because i’m too old now and i want them to grow-up too I guess! I started watching the show when I was 13 and now I’m 24.
            But I get your point about marketing, its sad but true

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