Wow, I haven’t written a post like this in months. Sorry for abandoning my blog again. 😔 No, I’m not leaving the fandom — at least not yet. If I ever decide to, I’ll announce it here before I go.

Since Winx and World of Winx are between seasons, I think I’ll talk about random things for a while. We know Winx season eight is coming late next year. (You knew that, right? 😉) I’ll focus on season seven again as the premiere date gets closer.

Today, let’s talk about a couple I tend to ignore (because they get enough attention already): Bloom and Sky. When I started drafting this, I didn’t know it was almost the tenth anniversary of Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Perfect timing. This post is about how one detail of Sky’s character — a detail that’s been there since season one — wrecked the movie’s ending.

Quick recap: After saving Domino, Bloom finally reunited with her birth parents Oritel and Marion. We later got a preview of her and Sky’s wedding (whenever that’s gonna happen). That’s the proverbial fly in the ointment: their marriage.

For three seasons, Rainbow implied that Bloom would be the next queen of Domino. Some fans still think so. It makes sense, right? Why else would her being the last princess be important?

But she’ll never be the queen of Domino — and she was never gonna be. That’s because of Sky. Why?

Because he’s the prince of Eraklyon.

When Bloom marries him, she’ll become his Queen Consort. That will leave Domino once again without an heir. Not a happy ending for the once-lost kingdom, after all. 😕

Oh, wait! Daphne’s corporeal again!

If you’ve wondered why Rainbow retconned her death, this could be the answer. It was just so she could rule Domino in Bloom’s place. That explains her coronation in “Vortex of Flames” (6X06) and her marriage to Thoren after dating for barely a year. (Who cares about relationship development? They’re so cute together! 🙄)

Were there better ways to fix the problem? Sure. I brainstormed a few:

  • Oritel and Marion could have had a third kid. (Do magic beings have a childbearing age limit? 😅)
  • Bloom and Sky could have had kids and sent one to rule Domino when he/she got older. It would have taken longer, but it would have worked, right?
  • Sky could have given up the throne of Eraklyon.

I don’t like that last option because Rainbow built up Sky’s attachment to his kingdom as much as Bloom’s attachment to hers. Think of all the times he ditched her because he had royal duties to attend to! In fact, his story has revolved more around being a prince than being Bloom’s boyfriend — which is good because it means he’s not just a love interest. He has his own identity. It wouldn’t have felt right if he had given up what made him unique.

This might sound weird coming from me, but maybe bringing back Daphne was the best option. She’s still doing what she did when she was dead: ensuring a “happily ever after” for Bloom. And we know Domino means as much to her, so it’s still satisfying to see her take the throne.

Here’s the bottom line, though. The heirless Domino plot hole wouldn’t have been there if Rainbow hadn’t made Sky a prince. The most important part of his character broke his girlfriend’s story — and the writers (and the fandom) didn’t even notice! That’s why you can’t take everything in a story at face value. Sometimes when you look below the surface, you start to see the cracks.

By the way…Happy Birthday, Bloom! 😅

I know. Weird timing. It wasn’t intentional.

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195 Responses to “How Sky Messed Up Bloom’s Story

  1. Weirdly enough, I didn’t recognize this until after Daphne became corporeal again. But after I realized it, it made perfect sense. It was even lampshaded at the beginning of the second movie (the TV announcer says something like “Bloom will one day be the Queen of Domino…or Eraklyon if she marries Sky!”).

    This may have been the reason Daphne became corporeal again, or maybe also to make death fair, as has been brought up on here multiple times before. Overall, I think it was a good writing choice because it fixed some problems in the show, but at the same time, I see why people were upset when it first happened.

    • Ooh, I didn’t remember that! 😮 I wonder if that’s also why they redid Sky’s proposal in the second movie. Maybe they had already noticed the plot hole, so they wanted to keep it ambiguous if Bloom would marry him or not. It would have been definite if the show had ended after the movie, but that would have locked the plot hole in.

      Now, there’s nothing in the way, really. Daphne’s back, and Domino’s taken care of. Bloom and Sky’s wedding will make more sense now. So…yeah. I hate it that they retconned Daphne’s death, but it did really fix a lot of problems.

      • Given how big a deal Bloom’s powers are in like the first three seasons, there is another thing I’d like to see addressed: the Dragon Fire. By becoming Sky’s queen, she’s presumably agreeing to have kids with him, and she could pass her powers down to those kids (if that’s how magic works?). This would make Eraklyon a target like it made Domino, and if Domino with all its defenses fell, what’s Eraklyon’s chance? And how do its people feel about their prince marrying someone who could put them in danger?

        While typing this, I also started to wonder about Bloom being Domino’s guardian fairy. Wouldn’t that require her being on Domino? Not that she’s staying there all that often now 😄. She could guard both planets, but i’d rather see Diaspro grow as a person some day, earn her enchantix, and become Eraklyon’s guardian fairy. Doubt that’s happening anytime soon though.

  2. Instead of making her a princess, they could have made her the Great Dragon/Creator/God’s (whatever highest diety they have in that universe)daughter. Bloom’s story mostly about her being the female messiah anyways.

    • I sorta agree. Rainbow has always had a problem balancing Bloom’s powers with her being a normal fairy. Maybe she should have been an ordinary fire fairy instead of “The Fairy of the Dragon Flame.” Her family could have still been connected to the Great Dragon, but she wouldn’t have had its powers. She could have been its protector or something.

      • That would have the whole series different. If I was the director of the series, I would have her be the female messiah but not be the princess of a foreign planet. And honestly, just making her be a princess so she could marry a prince is deeply elitist.

          • She would have had become a princess if she married Sky. Just because she wasn’t of royal blood shouldn’t disqualify her from marrying Sky. But oh well, this is a TV show primarily aimed at kids. So I shouldn’t be too critical of this “princess“ thing.

    • She hads shades of that you know. The series however was trying to reference sailor moon with Bloom’s backstory… and then add Harry Potter to it which doesn’t mix at all.

  3. There’s one option you forgot that would’ve fixed everything: Sky and Bloom breaking up. I honestly believe that would be the best option even though the writers would never agree to do it. I think it could’ve added to the realism of the show and Sky and Bloom’s relationship always had problems anyway.

      • Yeah…the Muri disaster being “get your pitchforks here” and “the daisy pusher” incident, mostly Muri. Everyone clearly ignores that we heard it from Musa herself as well as Bloom, Stella, Aisha and Flora that Muri was a bad idea, even Rainbow’s subtle cues foreshadow it in visuals..the fact his doppelganger was dirt in season 3. Ironically it was after Flora said it going basically g-rated obscenities mode that Musa ever actually did anything about it because if Flora’s fed up, everyone listens. The princesses tried to stop it before anything bad happened but Musa only momentarily considered Aisha’s advice.
        On the other hand Bly fans would be like “oh Muri was bad but this is so much worse.” As for the rest of my thoughts: Sky before marrying Bloom please apologize for lying to Diaspro to get her off your backside, apologizing to Bloom was good, but you also need to apologize to Diaspro. You are exactly how people percieve Bloom. Show them your not a total marty stu. At least Bloom shows signs of some humanity. Also: Happy Birthday Bloom!

        • the whole mess with Diaspro is sky’s fault but Bloom’s nature of rushing in didn’t help but i consider the numerous attacks by the trix would have made this worse along with the poor communication

      • I agree that the writers never would have agreed to do it and that the Bloom X Sky would have been completely outraged. However, I think from a narrative standpoint that breaking them up in one of the earlier seasons or even in SotLK would have been the best option. Yeah, I never understood the outrage that came from Musa X Riven fans. The writers have been dancing around their breakup from the moment they were introduced.

        • It’s really more about Riven than him and Musa. The fandom’s crazy about him, so they’ve romanticized the couple’s dysfunction and turned it into this ideal, realistic thing it really wasn’t. You’re right. From the beginning, Rainbow’s been threatening to break them up. It first came up in season three, which was less than a year in-universe after the two started dating. 😕

          • Not to mention that Bloom in both versions effectively said to Riven in the beginning “No one likes a Gaston”. Then you have “Heart of Stone”- perfect description of Muri. Also this rather interesting visual from season 3 about the four who were first to be given male counterparts…those specialist clones on Andros with the elements battle. What was Riven? Crumbly Dirt. Not the strong Earth that the fans idealize him to be, but what his relationship was like with Musa. Crummy. Interestingly those visuals also explain the relationship between the others as well. Bloom & Sky both being fire is just as unhealthy as well see the aforementioned dirt. The only reason why Sky & Bloom are able to make things work (sort of) is because unlike Sky…Bloom surrounded herself with 8 very special friends and a sister to cool her off since two of them can curb her flames with water. Sky…he seems to be more hotheaded. Brandon is water meaning he can adapt to whatever happens with Stella easily. Then Adorkable Timmy is air and makes his own path but Tecna sort of guides him from “blowing too far away” from reality. Helia is well…the sun and Nex is death to balance out the moon (Flora) and life (Aisha) so what does that make Nabu and Roy? Anything that’s not chopped liver.

          • Yeah I really dislike the way the fandom romanticizes Riven. I just wish that some of the shippers in the fandom were less avid because then the writers could’ve broken up Bloom and Sky without retconning Daphne’s story. I suspect that the whole reason they were kind of indecisive about breaking up Riven and Musa permanently was because of the extreme shippers.

        • I doubt they will. SotLK aside, it’s usually a given in shows like this that the Alpha Couple is gonna get married. Also, since every movie has tried to make it look Bloom and Sky couldn’t be together anymore, then of course brought them back together, wouldn’t it be annoying if they didn’t get married?

          • That’s honestly why I wanted them to break up. I think it would’ve caught the audience by surprise and I am really tired of the writers trying to make us think they’re going to break up when they so obviously aren’t.

          • Annoying yes. Although I’m not sure which is more annoying…waiting for them to get hitched or what will happen if they get hitched? Three Proposals! Ring, bended knee and destiny necklace & shell. Just because they marry doesn’t mean that the story ends. Even Disney knows that. They find ways to say “oh look it’s not the end we have a special new adventure we want to show you.” Rapunzel, Ariel and Aladdin are masters of this. Rainbow could easily do the same.

  4. I wish they would just remove the specialists as love interests or from the story all together all they do is fight then get back together.

    They serve no real purpose they don’t ever help in anything really, since season 1 it was obvious which of the groups was m more powerful and which was always in need of help, the specialists talk like white knights and they “Need” to protect the winx but it’s usually the winx that have to save them.
    The whole marriage with Daphne and what ever that specialists name is has me to this day going WTF! That doesn’t make any sense! Who gets married after they just met or from with in just a year they obviously didn’t spend that entire year in each others company!

    • The whole marriage with Daphne and what ever that specialists name is has me to this day going WTF! That doesn’t make any sense!

      His name is Thoren, and he’s a Paladin, not a Specialist. He was obviously introduced just so Daphne would have a husband. Rainbow didn’t care about the actual relationship leading up to their marriage, so they just did the bare minimum (maybe a little less) to make them look like a good couple.

      Who gets married after they just met or from with in just a year they obviously didn’t spend that entire year in each others company!

      Well…Aisha and Nabu tried that. But the fandom has found a million and one ways to justify it because destiny, arrange marriages, “he was so perfect,” blah blah blah. 😑 They had just about as much development as Daphne and Thoren did, but there was a lot more romance, so the fandom ate it up.

      • At least with Daphne & Thoren we can infer that they dated offscreen and Daphne being older and wiser knew full well what she was getting into. Much better than say…a certain overrated olive green wearing princess with icy red hair ever would.

        • We can infer that about Aisha and Nabu, too, but I don’t think the fandom really cares. They got their romance quota out of them, so they’re happy to fill in the blanks and make stuff up to give that couple more credit than they deserved. But the fans didn’t get their fill from Daphne and Thoren, so they’re much more critical of them.

          It’s just one of the many double standards in this fandom.

          • Many many double standards…you can’t even say hardly anything critical/positive in this fandom without someone acting as if they are Sky and can do no wrong unless it’s Bloom bashing (or Tecna recognition on the other end). Character bashing is that necessary? If Flora were the main character instead they’d be complaining just as much as they do about Bloom…when Bloom is the whole reason we have the show in the first place…if not for her well the show would be a boring depression fest. They implied it numerous times for five seasons and then outright state it…Bloom brings a special magic not related to powers. That’s the magic of fun & friendship. Take Bloom out and bye bye fun. We don’t want that do we?

          • If Bloom was male, some fans wouldn’t be that critical. That’s another double standard that I hate. Male main characters are always “hot” and “handsome” and “perfect” while people point out female main characters flaws. Not to say that FMC don’t have flaws, but their’s are pointed out more than MMCs.

          • Exactly. I was gonna say this. Honestly, I think that’s why the fandom gushes over Nabu for being “perfect” but bashes Bloom for being “perfect.” A perfect male character is a good thing, but a perfect female character is worthless trash. Personally, I can’t stand perfect characters — male or female.

          • ‘It’s just one of the many double standards in this fandom’
            how many double standards are their in the winx fandom and which are the ones you hate?

          • I mostly hate the double standards that have to do with specific characters. For example, Bloom gets called “too perfect” and a “Mary Sue.” Nabu also gets called “perfect,” but with him, it’s a good thing. So characters shouldn’t be perfect…unless it’s Nabu. 😑 Never mind that Bloom’s a much better, rounder character than he was.

            How about Musa and Riven being “perfect for each other,” even though their relationship was the worst in the show? The fandom ignores all their problems, but they’re quick to criticize other couples (like Bloom and Sky) for the same problems! Riven himself was a walking double standard. The fandom forgives everything he did and says he was still a good person. But if another character does anything similar to him, they’re a monster.

            In fact, “like Riven” is a universal insult. It’s most often used on Nex (don’t get me started on the annoying Nex-Riven comparisons), but I’ve also heard it used on Sky, Helia, and even Flora! How you call someone “a jerk like Riven” if you don’t think Riven was a jerk?

            Those same fans often hate Aisha and Nex because in their minds, he’s just a copy of Riven. Yet they love Musa and Riven! So Aisha shouldn’t date a guy who’s “a jerk like Riven,” but Musa should date the jerk he’s being compared to? 😑

            I’m gonna stop here.

          • i dread to think what will happen with Musa gets a new boyfriend since i have a feeling rainbow will give musa a new boyfriend in season 8

          • On Helia? That’s like calling Flora “well a witch”….I understand Sky and Nex but Helia? How does one call the guy’s Flora like Riven? Most of the issues with them was Flora imagining things and instigating the argument over Amarok’s treatment. The only thing he did was just go along with Flora. Even if it didn’t help when he was catching up with an old friend.

      • The guys were useful in seasons one and two, and they started gradually becoming less useful over the course of season three and SotLK, but still being relevant enough to be main characters.

        Season four’s problem was that it tried to shoehorn the guys into every single fight. The problem is, the Specialists are only good in certain situations. They don’t have many good long-range weapons, so most villains just have to shoot them with one magic beam and they’re done. Combine that with all the petty squabbling that happened that season, and the Specialists seem pretty useless. Seasons five and six just made things worse, and season seven wasn’t much of an improvement.

        • yeah in season 7 ep 16&17 Brandon’s not knowing that the thing he picked up for stella was important to the leaf mini-world and the Winx had to clean up his mess

    • THIS.
      I’ve never liked the specialists’ role in the story. I think a few of them could stick around just for character dynamic purposes but only as friends to the Winx instead of love interests. I’m sick of them. I’ve never really enjoyed any of their relationships? I prefer watching the dynamics of the Winx with each other rather than with them. Their boyfriends are too similar to them in personality for me to actually enjoy watching them interact because they’re carbon copies of each other.
      They can’t exactly retcon everything now but I definitely want them to break up a few of the couples and then actually make the rest of them interesting, even if they’re in the background.

      • I’m mainly tired of the same old cycle they go through in this show as much as they fight there is no way they would still be together, I don’t want them to try and fix the relationships I’d prefer they just remove the specialists or have them break up

        • I disagree.

          First of all, not all the couples fight a lot. Bloom and Sky, Musa and Riven, and (to a lesser extent) Stella and Brandon fight the most. But don’t forget that some fighting in a relationship is normal and healthy. Just because a couple fights doesn’t mean their relationship is doomed; in fact, science has shown that couples who argue actually have happier relationships.

          The problem isn’t necessarily how often they fight (Musa and Riven might be the exception). It’s that the fights are always the same — usually things that reveal trust issues like jealousy. The couples don’t make any progrsss. They just keep having the same issues.

          I don’t mind the couples, and I don’t even mind them fighting. I just wanna see their relationships grow instead of staying the same. So I guess I’d rather see Rainbow fix the relationships. I don’t want them to get rid of the guys. Rainbow just needs to develop them better.

          • Bloom and sky fight just as much as any other character on the show besides musa and rivan there entire relationship was mainly arguing with each other.
            lol Science hasn’t proven anything of the sort

          • You’ll have to read about it yourself. Basically, arguing, though unpleasant, is a form of communication. It shows the partners have a sense of individuality and feel comfortable voicing their opinions to each other. Naturally, not all forms of arguing are good, but they’re not always signs of a bad relationship.

          • Are you saying you know better than psychologists? Or that something that sounds illogical can’t possibly be true? Is it really impossible for arguing to have positive benefits?

            You’re welcome to disagree and believe what you want to. Many people are skeptics, but it doesn’t mean they’re right to be skeptical. I trust the people who take the time to test things and come up with theories. Are they always right? Of course not, but at least they’re not relying purely on instinct.

          • Because the outrage over Musa and Riven’s break-up and Riven being written out of the show is already super intense. Not to mention, the fandom freaked out when Musa showed interest in Orlando in season seven, even though he wasn’t meant to be her new boyfriend.

          • honestly Musa getting a new boyfriend shows she’s moved on like Aisha has moved on past the death of you know who but this fandom is really dumb sometimes

          • Yeah, Musa should move on, but the fandom will never let her. 😕 As for Aisha, while most of the fandom is still obsessed with “you-know-who,” some fans supported her and Roy. But it’s mostly because they don’t like Nex — and because Roy was like “you-know-who,” so they’ve projected his character onto Roy and treat him like his proxy. It’s gonna be hard for Rainbow to gain the fandom’s support of Aisha and Nex, but I think they will (in season eight, I hope).

            I think the outcry over the death of “you-know-who,” Roy’s introduction only a season later, then Nex’s introduction (creating the love triangle) was why Musa didn’t get a new boyfriend in season seven. Rainbow realized they didn’t give the fandom enough time to get over what happened. Granted, I don’t think any amount of time will work in this case. Unlike Nabu, Riven had been part of the show since season one. We were a lot more used to him.

          • Couples arguing is actually a good thing in a way. It means the 2 are interested in each other. Lack of arguing means lack of interest.
            That’s probably why the Winx & the Specialists have to have a petty fight or argument, then make up, to keep interest between the couples and to try to make drama for viewers. Maybe that’s why so many Winxers liked Musa & Riven’s relationship – they felt it was a real sign of their interest in one another, since all loving couples argue at some point. And perhaps it’s why Bloom & Sky’s relationship is disliked, due to the lack of real arguing. Haven’t seen that happen between them since seasons 2 & 4.

          • Yeah, Rainbow fixing their relationships would definitely be ideal but I don’t really have enough faith in them to do that. The fights have been the same season after season so unless they suddenly develop everyone’s relationships in Season 8 then I’d prefer that the specialists and Winx broke up altogether.

      • And this is why Tecna and Timmy should be giving dating advice in universe. They’re the only ones who have their acts together. Not saying that they don’t fight, but if they do…they have the decency to not cause a scene in front of the whole universe. Must be because they can use their brains to guide their hearts. I wonder what would happen if Bloom & Flora ever actually bothered using Tecna’s advice in season 5…seems like they heard but didn’t listen. Kind of annoying on Flora’s end…well that must come from sharing a room with Bloom for four years (at that point). Riven would have benefited from Timmy’s too.

        • Yeah, Tecna and Timmy are actually one of the best couples — not just in terms of behavior but also relationship development. Too bad they’re the geeks. People don’t pay much attention to geeks. 😕 Also, they’re not a particularly romantic couple (though they’ve definitely had their moments), so they also get ignored for that. (They don’t get ignored as much as Aisha and Nex do, but they’re not super popular.)

          • How are Timmy and Tecna the best in terms of development? I don’t really remember them getting that much development personally.

          • In seasons 1-3, it was mostly them getting comfortable with being a couple, Tecna learning to accept her feelings, both of them understanding each other’s personalities (like Tecna not wanting to talk technology all the time and Timmy not being as cowardly as he seemed) — stuff like that. Nothing really happened with them in season four.

            In seasons 5-7 (ignoring their relationship reset in season five), they’ve been one of the only couples actually doing things to maintain their relationship and move it along naturally. They went on a date in season five. (How many times have we seen the couples go on dates recently? Here’s a surprise: we’ve never seen Flora and Helia on a date. Ever.) And in season six, Timmy met Tecna’s parents, who liked him enough that they let him come back in season seven.

            So yeah. Honestly, Tecna and Timmy are the most like a real couple.

          • They fight just as much as any other couple but in the comics it’s more often but the comics messed up

          • Here’s another way to look at the frequency of the couples’ fights. Each season is approximately one year. So even if a couple has one fight per season, that’s just one fight per year. Granted, some of the fights last for multiple episodes, but they rarely last very long.

            Maybe the frequency isn’t what’s important when you’re talking about fictional couples. It’s what the fights are about and what they reveal about the relationships. For example, Bloom and Sky often fight about other characters in each other’s lives. Their constant jealousy means they have trust issues.

            The intensity of the fights and the characters’ reactions matter, too. Musa and Riven’s fights got very aggressive and sometimes left Musa in tears. And often, she’d immediately consider breaking up with him. That showed their bond with each other was weak (or weakening), and she wasn’t getting enough out of the relationship to wanna work things out.

          • Personally I don’t think musa and rivan had anything in common which they also had trust issues but nothing compared to rivan(I read somewhere that his mother abandoned him but I’m not sure if that’s true) but musa had no communication with Rivan so rivan always jumped to the worse possible conclusion.
            since the season doesn’t entirely show the entire year there’s a possibility they fought more often

          • The only thing Musa and Riven had in common was both not having a mother. Rainbow tried to make it look like he had an interest in music, but it didn’t come up often. The thing about his mother abandoning him is true; it came from his profile on the official Winx Club website during seasons two and three.

            I know the idea the couples only fight once a year is overly simplistic. This is a better way to look at it. We can’t judge how often they’d fight in real life because they’re fictional characters. We’re only seeing what Rainbow chooses to show us. I think it’s better to focus on what it reveals about the couples; after all, it’s meant to build a story.

          • Flora and Helia never seen dating seems like a thorn has not been trimmed off the rose. Flora’s doubting being the big issue despite her appearing to be the more dominant one in the relationship. The comics as well as season 6 seem to indicate that Flora, much like Musa really wasn’t ready for a relationship because of personal reasons, although Flora was smarter about it by trying to avoid it but well…it got out of hand, must be something she learned from Aisha. I wonder if Flora feels like she shouldn’t have said anything about having a crush on Helia first, and feels like he should be the one who made the first move as she said in season 2. Come to think of it…if Helia is the sun…does that make Flora not the earth but rather a female Icarus? She might be flying too close and she’ll get burned, which is also why she should not spend too much time with Aisha… she’ll get too “heavy” and sink. This is why although Flora has six best friends Aisha isn’t her best match. I would say that Mirta would be her true “forever bestie” if we had to pick somebody. Flora is represented by roses a lot, Mirta means thorns. If Mirta is around Flora doesn’t feel as insecure as normal because she’s got thorns to protect and encourage her, Bloom, Aisha, Tecna and Musa try but honestly it’s no substitute for Mirta’s friendship and how she does it even if Musa is the closest to making a thorn shield on the bed of roses. Every rose has its thorns. Flora needs Mirta.

          • That makes a lot of sense thank you for clarifying that! I think I was mostly confused because I don’t remember them getting that much screen time (which they probably didn’t but at least their moments on screen were good).

          • On a separate note, I think Musa and Riven had a lot in common in terms of their personalities (which is probably why they were paired together in the first place). Maybe not interests but I don’t think Sky and Bloom had a lot of interests in common either (What even are Bloom’s interests?). None of the couples (besides Tecna and Timmy and Aisha and Nex/Nabu) had actual interests that were the same but their personalities more or less matched. Yeah we can’t judge how often they’d fight in real life but we do know that it would be enough to cause them to break up. Also Winx relationships aren’t really that realistic because I believe that Bloom would’ve broken up with Sky if they were together in real life. Sky and Bloom’s fights were never as verbally abusive as Riven and Musa’s but I don’t think that either of their relationships had a strong enough foundation to last. Perhaps Sky and Bloom’s love was so intense that they really could not break up with each other but I still don’t believe they have a good relationship.

          • The relationships aren’t realistic, but some are more so than others. Like I said, Tecna and Timmy’s is the most realistic. Stella and Brandon’s is somewhat realistic, too. Personally, I think Aisha and Nex’s relationship is more realistic than her and Nabu’s, which was rushed and felt more contrived than the other couples’ relationships. Flora and Helia are just…there. They haven’t gotten much development at all.

            More and more fans have been comparing Bloom and Sky to Musa and Riven lately, and I think it makes sense. They both have/had the same issues: trust. Sure, Riven’s lack of trust may have to do with his mother abandoning him, but you could just as easily say it made it too hard for him to be a good boyfriend. He was obviously still hurting, and he took it out on Musa. It wasn’t right.

            Bloom and Sky’s lack of trust doesn’t seem character-based. They just keep having the same issues for some reason, even now that they’re engaged. Yet Rainbow still tries to sell us the idea that they’re the best couple. I don’t get it. 😕

          • I think that Bloom and Sky never should have dated in the first place to be honest. Bloom found out about Diaspro before they were officially a couple so I think she should have just stopped it before anything happened. Yeah, Sky didn’t love Diaspro but he did lead Bloom on and that was wrong. Would he started a relationship with Bloom without mentioning Diaspro? Would he have told Bloom before things got serious? I honestly couldn’t tell you but I do know that Bloom and Sky lacked a foundation of trust from the very beginning. They have some serious trust issues and while they may not fight the way Musa and Riven do, they still have the same trust issues as them.

          • @nina well Bloom did seem to indicate that if sky hadn’t been worried about her back then that she wouldn’t have dated him and only needed kiko. Stella agreed and Stella was more agitated with Sky than Brandon. How long has it been since then? 14 years almost irl and only about 6 in universe. Yikes. Maybe Bloom should return the ring and reconcile with Andy again. From what we can infer…long distance was the only reason they split.

          • @OP 4kids…Bloom’s exact words were “Forget boys, next time I’m sticking to bunnies.” Quite a mature line for a rather immature company.

  5. I remember in the 4kids version when Bloom first met Sky’s parents in S2, she wondered if she could rule both Eraklyon and Domino (Sparks)at the same time. I doubt she could cuz ruling one country is a big responsibilty, let a lone a planet, not to mention 2 planets.
    I’m kinda neutral about Daphne becoming corporeal again. It is a good way to make sure Domino & Eraklyon are in good hands, but her coming alive again also kinda kills the sacrifice idea she did for Bloom and all of Domino. Then again, that just proves how much she cares about Domino and Bloom. She would make a great leader someday.
    And the thing about Bloom & Sky getting married… would that mean that other Winx girls would marry someday too? The Bloom haters would go nuts if Bloom was the only one getting married after all, and because Bloom is my fave character I don’t want to see more negative comments about her should she & Sky tie the knot.

  6. =D I kinda love the idea of Bloom having a surprise sibling, it’d throw her for such a loop. But in a world where Miss F is like 150 years old I’m pretty sure Marion and Oritel could totally have a third baby. And they waited a long time between Daphne and Bloom so why not?

    There is still the problem that Bloom is the official Dragonfire fairy so it kinda seems like she should stay on Domino… which is probably why they made Thoren Sky’s cousin, it’ll turn out he’s next in line for the throne, Sky will abdicate, and there you have it correct people on correct thrones! Maybe.

    I confess I agree with most of the commentariat here who don’t really like the boys. They don’t really do much– but if the story tried to focus more on them it would really clutter up the episodes, and because of that they aren’t really developed characters. It’s an endless loop of why they can’t become interesting! I wish the writers could find a way to get the boys more developed, probably focusing on Sky and Brandon’s relationship* and duties on Eraklyon. Or maybe an issue of the comics about what the boys do all day, that could be very fun.

    *as a prince and his squire and bodyguard, getcher mind outta the yaoi!

  7. They should at least try to make the Specialists more relevant if they want to keep always using them as main characters. Like, it’s not good that they’re always “boy toys”.

    • Hmmm… 🤔

      First and foremost, develop the guys more. The biggest problem is after seven seasons, we still don’t know much about them — except Sky. (We don’t know much about Nex, either, but that’s expected since he’s new.) How each relationship plays out should revolve around aspects of the partners’ characters: back story, personality, etc. For example, Riven being abandoned by his mother was the reason he didn’t trust Musa (i.e. he was afraid she’d abandon him, too, which ultimately happened because of his behavior). It was overused throughout the series, but it fit his character.

      Second, progress the relationships. Right now, most of them seem stagnant. It doesn’t feel like they’re moving towards marriage (or maybe peaceful break-ups for a few of them). The Winx and the guys are just keeping each other company with no real goals. The only exception is Bloom and Sky, but they don’t act like a couple that’s ready to get married.

      What about season four? To be honest, I’m not sure it counts. The only reason Aisha and Nabu got engaged was to make his death feel more tragic — to make us feel like she lost something significant. In reality, they’d just started dating, and their relationship shouldn’t have been at that stage yet. They barely knew each other. If Rainbow hadn’t killed him off, they’d be just like the other couples right now.

      Did Brandon propose to Stella? It wasn’t even clear. We saw what looked like a ring, but her reaction was…odd. But in season seven, she called him her fiancé. That might have a mistranslation of the Italian word for “boyfriend” (fidanzato), but if it wasn’t, we can call that confirmation. Honestly, Stella and Brandon seem like they might be ready for marriage.

      The other couples (except Musa and Riven) didn’t get much screentime that season, which leads to my last point….

      Stop focusing on Bloom and Sky and give the other couples more attention! They get the most screentime. Yes, they’re the alpha couple, so it makes sense, but because they hog the spotlight, other couples have barely gotten any development. The worst is Flora and Helia. They don’t have much substance to their relationship. Rainbow has started to develop them more recently, but it’s just generic stuff: jealousy, random arguments, etc. — stuff that doesn’t fit their characters or mesh with how long they’ve been together.

      Aisha and Nex need more development, too, especially since they’re new. It’s gonna be a challenge since Rainbow also has to overcome the fandom’s bias towards her and Nabu (which is their fault) and hatred towards Nex. The writers need to come up with a good story that’ll explain/justify why they put her and Nex together.

      Repeating what I said before, I think Tecna and Timmy are the only couple on the right track right now. Timmy still needs more development (maybe a back story), but at least his behavior in the relationship makes sense for his character. I can’t see them getting engaged yet (it would be interesting, though), so Rainbow can safely set their story aside for a season or two.

          • Maybe, also Aurora is Icy’s fairy version, Nebula is Stormy’s fairy version so Morgana having mind powers would make her Darcy’s fairy version. Would that technically make Diana the earth fairy version of Diaspro if she were a proper fairy instead of a witch in fairy’s clothing? That would probably also make Sybella the fairy version of Miss Griffin in a sense.

          • Honestly, if I had to choose a power (excluding powers as powerful as the Dragon Flame) I would choose mind control.

      • The worst thing about all of this is that these a pretty simply writing tips or things to keep in mind when writing characters and relationships. It’s like Rainbow explicitly goes out of their way to avoid taking this route.

        • Even worse, how well-written a couple is (or the individual partners are) makes no difference as far how popular they are. Compare Tecna and Timmy to Aisha and Nabu. Like I keep saying, Tecna and Timmy have had the most development and most natural relationship progression. And both of them have stayed in character while helping each other grow (Tecna becoming more comfortable with her emotions, and Timmy becoming more confident).

          But who’s the more popular couple? Aisha and Nabu — the couple with zero development (even in season three) and whose relationship was rushed from the start, then further rushed to make it look more mature than it should have been. And don’t get me started on how out-of-character Aisha acted around him, or how Rainbow changed Nabu’s personality in season four (or how he was basically just a gender-bent Aisha with hardly any character of his own).

          No, they were the best couple ever! They were so perfect for each other! He shouldn’t have died! 😭😭

          Sigh. 😑 Forget good character design or realistic development. The only thing that matters with couples is romance. Feed the audience enough mush, and they won’t care about anything else. I guess if Rainbow wants to boost Tecna and Timmy’s popularity, they should kill off Timmy, too. 😑

          • That and both Tecna and Timmy suffer from being pushed into the background. They’re only really used when their respective groups finally decide that having a battle plan is a good idea or when they need a smart guy gag, like Timmy overthinking how to make a raft in S6 while everyone else took Aisha’s Morphix wave-glider things.
            I’ll admit that I had a soft spot for Nabu and Aisha, mainly because Nabu himself was useful in fights. He could certainly hold his own against enemies better than the Specialists but, yeah, the way Aisha was written to be all gushy and dependent on him (moreso than any of the other girls for their boyfriends) got grating FAST. Especially since Aisha was written to be the strong, INDEPENDENT, warrior princess up until Nabu shows up.
            Though, Tecna and Timmy being subtly developed (most likely to make it seem like Rainbow still remembers them) just makes this problem look worse. If they can grow as a couple behind the scenes, then what’s stopping Rainbow from doing that with the other couples? Obviously, at this point, fans are tired of seeing Bloom and Sky fight over the same things every year (or couple of months in later seasons, who knows). I’ve complained about it before but their relationship seriously isn’t okay if Bloom, at this point, expects Sky to get jealous over her being around any living thing that’s male. Likewise, Sky shouldn’t even be questioning Bloom’s loyalty in the first place since he was cheating when he tried to string her along. And Bloom shouldn’t be whining over Sky showing that he loves her when A) THEY’RE ENGAGED, and B) she’s been much more mature in the past when she was younger and had less experience.
            Honestly, just throw me some proper Flora/Helia development or maybe more Tecna/Timmy relatability. Just ANYTHING other than Bloom and Sky doing the same song and dance that makes them look just as dysfunctional as Musa/Riven.

          • Yeah, it does seem like Timmy’s intelligence is played for laughs now. 😕 But honestly, I loved seeing him meet Tecna’s parents and learn to do things “the Zenith way.” I think Rainbow wrote the situation well for the type of couple he and Tecna are. Those were some of my favorite moments in season six. 😊

            Even though most of their development feels “behind the scenes,” as you said, it’s still there. It still counts, and it’s great to watch. I think the subtleness helps it feel more natural.

            Nabu may have been more useful than the Specialists, but he also stood out like a sore thumb. The fandom has accepted him as an honorary Specialist, but he obviously didn’t belong with them because he was a magic user. Yet he didn’t belong with the Winx, either, because he wasn’t a fairy.

            In hindsight, it probably should have been obvious he wouldn’t last long. But since he was romantically attached to one of the Winx, we overlooked and even justified his differences (for example, him being more useful than the Specialists). If you think about it, most of his magic was basic spells we’d seen other characters, even the Winx themselves, do before. He just seemed special because he was the only one of the Winx’s boyfriends using magic, but in the grand scheme of things, he wasn’t a unique character.

            And yeah, Rainbow made Aisha practically worship him. It didn’t fit her character at all. Even now, the fandom imagines her as a hopeless “widow” (for lack of a proper word) whose life means nothing without him in it, so the damage to her character may have been permanent. I feel like the lingering attachment to her and Nabu has more to do with the shock of watching him die (and how Rainbow built up to it) than their actual relationship.

            As for Bloom and Sky, I agree with everything you said. I’ve been hearing this more and more lately: they’re no better than Musa and Riven were. I wouldn’t call their relationship abusive, but if they still can’t trust each other after all these years, why are they still together? And engaged at that?

            How long is Rainbow gonna keep pretending they’re the ideal couple — the one all other couples should strive to be like? Just because they’re the alpha couple and we know they’re gonna live “happily ever after” (happily?) doesn’t mean the writers can throw whatever mess they want into their relationship, and we should just overlook it. I’m also getting tired of every movie being about them. I’m almost not even excited for the fourth movie because it’ll probably be another Bloom X Sky story. Maybe it won’t, but…I’m not hopeful. 😑

            How about focusing on another couple for once? Or don’t focus on any of them. Give them equal screentime.

          • Most royalty back in the olden days stayed in a relationship because of politics. Maybe that’s why? I know I’m stretching it.

          • Yeah, Tecna bringing Timmy over to her parents was really cute! It was also a really nice way of solidifying their relationship, especially after he wins over Electronio and Magnethia’s approval. I know not every couple lasts forever after the significant other meets the family but it’s still a really nice tough, and they didn’t have to slap any engagement rings into the mix! I can appreciate that they’re still developing but it gives Rainbow less excuses if they can do this with the couple that’s practically invisible but not do that with any other underdeveloped couple (Flora/Helia, Aisha/Nex, heck, even Brandon/Stella). Even worse is that, if they can do this with Tecna/Timmy, why can’t they cool Bloom and Sky down? They’re not hotheaded teens anymore; they’re in their early-mid 20s now. I don’t think one would suddenly become less mature as they age (I’m sure it happens but not like this).
            Maybe they’re not abusive (or at least as overtly) but, yeah, neither of them should be having more trust issues when they’re engaged than when they were just dating. It’s just ridiculous.
            That’s also pretty sad too. The 4th movie’s supposed to cover Bloomix, I think, and I’d LOVE to see them flesh out that fairy form just a bit more. The possibility of it being yet another Bloom/Sky story is pretty disheartening, even though every other movie has had that problem. SotLK kinda had an excuse? and Sky wasn’t in it for very long; Magical Adventure gives us a ridiculous misunderstanding that makes their engagement almost the entire plot of the movie (if that stuff with Havram and Erendor wasn’t added in, it’d basically be that) and, yeah, MotA literally wrote out the other guys to make Sky (and subsequently his relationship with Bloom) the focus. It’s not like we needed an explanation as to why Politea betrayed Daphne, noooo.

          • I think Tecna and Timmy will be fine. 😊 Like I said, I can’t see them getting engaged yet (not that I would mind), but I’m sure it’ll happen — maybe in the final season. Maybe the reason their development feels more natural is because Rainbow’s not trying to tell a dramatic love story with them. Yes, they’ve had some drama — note: fights don’t automatically equal drama — but for the most part, they’re just a normal couple.

            The relationships in this show tend to either be dramatic or subtle — one or the other. Bloom and Sky, Musa and Riven, and Aisha and Nabu had dramatic relationships. The first two had self-inflicted drama, while Aisha and Nabu’s had a dramatic build-up to a tragic ending. These three relationships centered around emotional stories instead of natural development.

            Flora and Helia, Tecna and Timmy, Stella and Brandon, and Aisha and Nex have subtle relationships. Their love stories aren’t intensely emotional, but they have more substance and structure. Except Flora and Helia, each partner benefits growth-wise from being with the other person. Tecna has become more comfortable with her emotions, while Timmy has gained a lot of self-confidence. Brandon isn’t afraid to call Stella out on her immaturity, while Stella tames his flirtatiousness. Nex challenges Aisha physically and isn’t afraid to question her decisions, while Aisha tames him when he gets too wild.

            If you look at the dramatic couples, their relationships were either one-sided or…no-sided — i.e., neither partner got anything out of it. I’m thinking of Bloom and Sky with that last part. How do they help each other grow? What do they have in common besides both being royalty? What’s the point of their relationship? What kind of couple are they? This plus the constant trust issues makes them seem poorly conceived — like they’re together just to be together.

            Anyway, about the 4th movie, I’d also be happy if it focused on Bloomix. I feel like season six’s concept had a lot of potential. If Rainbow chooses to use it in a movie, that’s fine with me.

            But yeah — most likely, they’ll shoehorn another Bloom X Sky-centered story in it. Sigh. I hope not. 😑

        • @Merry) Oh man, now wouldn’t THAT be an ironic twist of fate. Sky tries to escape a purely political engagement from Diaspro only to end up turning his engagement with Bloom into a political engagement.
          I highly doubt Rainbow would take that route but, considering that Bloom and Sky’s marriage would mean a stronger unity between Domino, a powerful kingdom that’s basically become the home of the Dragon’s Flame, and Eraklyon, which has been implied to be very influential and ancient; there’s no doubt that there is some sort of political pressure on the couple.

          • I actually think that Bloom having that ring is purely political from Sky’s end. Why? If the Queen of Eraklyon has the dragon flame…well…who would dare stop them from becoming a massive power because an attack on Bloom is also an attack on life itself. Seriously did Diaspro have a death wish in s6? I also wonder if the Trix had such in season 1. Bloom loves Sky, Sky…he doesn’t particularly care for Bloom or Diaspro. Purely politics.

          • I don’t think Sky’s that selfish. He really does love Bloom. If anything, his relationship with Diaspro was purely political. In the episode where she was introduced, he just called her “the princess I’m supposed to marry.” There was no hint of love or any kind of emotional attachment in his voice.

  8. Or they could have done how the Spainish Monarchies did in the late 1400s and have them both rule realms as equals while being each others consort.

  9. To be honest, I always just assumed that Rainbow would have Bloom rule Domino anyway. Like, she may be married to Sky but she’d still be independent enough to rule Domino while Sky ruled Eraklyon.

  10. OP, I’d really like you to write a post breaking down each couple (I know you did that a bit with your “Boys of the Winx Club” series) and I think you could do another series formatted similarly that examines each couple in every season and how they change/don’t change throughout the seasons. You could talk about ways to flesh each relationship going forward (for Nabu X Aisha and Riven X Musa you could just reflect on why their relationship would never work out). If you go really in depth I think it could be a great series of posts.

      • Ehhh. To be fair, shippers would get mad regardless. I know that Musa/Riven shippers were angry about them breaking up but, from what I saw, they were more mad over how it happened than them breaking up in general (I.E: erasing Riven’s development to make him as bad as he was in S1 or S4 to create tension between him and Musa in S6).
        I think it’d be really interesting! It’s always nice to hear a person’s opinion on something so long as they convey it without being hard-headed or condescending. I doubt you’d have trouble doing so when analyzing the couples.

        • From what I’ve seen, they’re just mad that Riven’s gone. I honestly don’t think it has much to do with Musa anymore. Some of them will even admit he treated her badly, but they still wanna see him come back as a better person (whatever that would mean). Other fans want him around even if he and Musa don’t get back together.

          Anyway, I might do it. I’ve clearly got a lot to say. 😅

          • I agree that they are sad that Riven’s gone and it isn’t so much about Musa. Except, to be fair, the writers should have broken them up a long time ago and keeping them together for so long (even if it was on and off) probably gave some fans hope that they would be together. I agree that Riven and Musa’s final breakup was the result of bad writing. If they had done it earlier then I wouldn’t have thought that (the signs were clearly there) but they kept trying to make it look like Riven was getting better as a person before they retconned his development.

          • Yeah, Musa and Riven’s break-up in season four probably should have been permanent. The fandom calls them “the most realistic couple” because they fought all the time but still stayed together. But it seems like they didn’t pay attention to how Musa described described relationship and how it made her feel.

            “Heart of Stone” said it all. He rarely told her he loved her, her brought her feelings up and then down all the time, she felt she was about to lose her mind, etc. It wasn’t just about the fighting. She wasn’t happy in the relationship because he wasn’t giving her what she needed.

            But after season four, Rainbow also acted like their only problem was constant fights. I even remember on Musa’s profile on the official website, one of the sections said something like, “Don’t be afraid to fight and make up. That’s what’s kept me and Riven together all these years.” So, yeah — Rainbow gave the fandom false hope about what really was a bad relationship.

          • the writing leaves a lot to be desired like season 7 ep 3 the bloomix power should have work but also destroyed the earth giant in one shot

          • A little late the party but that’s one of my main issues with Season 4. It may be one of my favorite seasons next to 3 and possibly 2 but it had a lot of issues: the main one being all the relationship drama.
            I let everyone I know who’s aware that I’m into Winx Club that Musa and Riven should’ve stayed broken up in S4. He was unnecessarily harsh on her and even told her to give up on realizing her dreams all because she was doing so with Jason Queen, a man who he was afraid was coming onto Musa. Sure, it didn’t help that, from what I got, the writers sorta implied that Musa had a few sparks for Jason, but still, man. You told her to give up on something important to her because she needed the help of a guy you didn’t like, and it’s not like Jason did anything to make himself come off as an unlikeable girlfriend thief.
            It’s also why I didn’t exactly enjoy seeing Musa get choked up over Jason announcing his wedding and, even worse, her crawling back to Riven after being indirectly rejected (even though Jason never held romantic feelings for her, he was just really informal for a producer). Also, the two of them being broken up and STAYING broken up after S4 could’ve gave them an interesting dynamic in the following seasons. Y’know, unless Rainbow would go the more asinine route and have Riven’s entire character go from “moody bad boy” to “the ex who just wants his girlfriend back.”
            I’ll even admit that Riven could be like this in S5 only for Musa to insist that the mature thing to do for the both of them is to stay apart until they can figure each other out (much like their break-up in S6) and, instead of writing Riven out of the show, they could develop him after that and have the two of them be buddy-buddy in a way, to show that you don’t have to completely hate an ex-lover just because you aren’t dating anymore.

          • Seeing Musa have feelings for Jason really didn’t help the story (I know that she probably only had feelings for him because he was actually a decent guy and Riven just wasn’t). However, it kind of seemed like Rainbow was trying to justify Riven’s anger issues and jealousy, things that are inexcusable. I think it would’ve been interesting to see it play out without Musa’s feelings (however superficial they might be) towards Jason. Then the audience really would’ve understood that Riven had extreme jealousy (I know that we’re supposed to be aware of it by then but it was never that extreme until Season 4). Overall, the writing of Riven and Musa’s relationship proved that the writers didn’t know what they wanted to do with them. From the beginning, it’s established that Musa and Riven are not gonna work out but then Rainbow starts acting conflicted on whether or not they want them to stay together. I think that their relationship had to go one of two ways: ending their relationship quickly after making Riven’s issues very apparent and making it clear that he’s verbally abusive or having some event act as a catalyst for Riven’s development and growth as well as toning down his jealous actions/words so the change didn’t feel contrived. They went half way in both directions and the result is uneven writing.

          • Yes, but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. It wasn’t Musa’s fault. Why did he have to take out his problems on her?

            A back story shouldn’t be used as a “the Devil made me do it” card. He should still be held responsible for his actions, and the goal should have been for him to grow past his problems. He didn’t.

          • Same can be said of her. she had no communication with him so everything she did was a mystery to him he has abandonment issues so ya I can see him always coming to the worst conclusion

          • I know that the mother thing was on the website and all but it was never said in the show. In order for something to be considered canon it has to be explicitly stated in the show (or whatever media it is). So regardless of what anyone thinks about whether or not it excuses his actions (it doesn’t) it’s not even in the actual show. Even if it was, backstories are always used for explaining not excusing actions.

          • Okay fine, it’s canon. I think my point still stands regardless? The only reason she didn’t want to communicate with him is because he was being disrespectful and verbally abusive? She did try to tell him that there was nothing going on (which is communication) but he would never listen to her. Aside from all of that, Riven’s mom abandoning him doesn’t mean he has the right to treat Musa like that. Her mom died and she certainly doesn’t take it out on him.

          • Hated both glad rivan is gone just sad musa didn’t disappear too the relationships in this show are awful

          • I know i was unhappy to see Riven go, not really because of the breakup, but because he’s been around since the very first episode. I just kinda feel like the group isn’t complete without him, so I’d like to see a cameo appearance of him, like we saw with Roxy in S5.
            I’m always a hopeful optimist when it comes to Winx relationships, but I do agree that Musa & Riven are better off as friends rather than a couple. I just wonder if we will get to see him being friends with Musa & the guys, & the rest of the Winx sometime in the future.

          • I’m sure a lot of Riven fans feel that way, but I wonder if seeing him and Musa together would just give them false hope. The show hasn’t done a good job of portraying guys and girls being just friends. The fact these two previously had a relationship would make it worse.

            Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up in the final season or something like that.

        • Blaming Riven’s mom wouldn’t solve anything. It certainly wouldn’t justify his own behavior either because look at Musa! While she wasn’t abandoned by Matlin, she still lost her mother, but she didn’t end up this constantly-brooding teen who goes around believing she’s “unappreciated” while completely distrusting people. I get that Musa and Riven lost a mother in two completely different ways but Riven being abandoned doesn’t give him an excuse to be the jerk he is now.
          So many people have very similar upbringings and end up as completely different people. If you’ve got siblings then that could be an example: you and them (depending on where you fit in your family) growing up with someone to take care of you both as you look out for each other while still teasing or even fighting each other, but neither of you come out as carbon copies of the other.

          • Those are two vary different circumstances, Rivan knew his mother while also knowing she abandoned him for what ever reason which explains why he has what ever mental issues he go’s through ever day does that excuse him that’s for a psychologist to answer

          • With a traumatic experience anything can be justified in the victims head, everyone paints muss the victim but this just go’s back to my original statement that the relationship in the show were poorly written and had not business in a kids show

          • Riven never used his past as an excuse. He knew what he was doing. I’m not saying he was completely at fault, and Musa was completely innocent. But he should be held responsible for his actions in the relationship. He doesn’t get a pass because he had a sad childhood.

            That’s the same idea people use to say that Musa shouldn’t have broken up with him. He was an innocent, misunderstood child with a tragic past. She should have tried harder to understand him and stuck by him no matter how badly he treated her, because he couldn’t control himself.

            Does that make sense? Should Musa really have brushed everything off and said, “Well, he didn’t mean it?” That sounds ridiculous to me.

          • Just because he didn’t say it doesn’t mean it wasn’t on his mind the hole time there both at fault equally for there relationship sucking but I blame the writers more and who knows how many rewrites this show went though

          • Okay, how about this? Forget Musa. We’re not talking about her part in this right now. We’re just talking about his part in it. And actually, I’m not talking about the writers, either. Yes, obviously all this is just a story, and Rainbow’s really at fault for it. But right now, we’re analyzing this as though Musa and Riven were real people.

            Focusing on him right now, do you or do you not believe his actions in the relationship were his fault?

          • Yes it’s not like I’ve been disagreeing with you I just don’t believe musa is innocent shes just as much to blame and ea person handles things differently and that’s the problem you should never come to a simple conclusion in a relationship ” Not Trusting others” being his biggest fault. relationships are hard work and require both party’s

          • No one was saying Musa was innocent. And — and unfortunately, I have to go back on what I said a little — since Riven’s a fictional character, the writers decided what his biggest fault was. In real life, blaming everything on him not trusting people would be too simplistic. But in this story, most of his problems in the series revolved around that fault.

            You’re probably right that this relationship didn’t belong in a show aimed at kids. Rainbow did oversimplify it, and because of that, they didn’t notice the implications until much later. That’s probably why they didn’t break Musa and Riven up until season six. But by then, the fandom had already romanticized what was really an abusive relationship.

          • Actually, do we even know when Riven’s mom abandoned him? We are never given an age or anything. Still, Musa knew her mother too. We know Musa has memories of Matlin so she was clearly old enough to remember. Yeah no one is saying that it doesn’t explain his behavior because it does. No, it’s not for a psychologist to answer. Hypothetical: If someone is racist because of their environment and parents does that mean that they are allowed to be racist? No. Absolutely not. It doesn’t take away the hurtful things they said or did. (Now, I’m not saying that Riven is racist or on the same level as a racist that was just for comparison’s sake.) My point is that just because someone is the product of their surroundings does not mean that it is okay for them to let their surroundings dictate their behavior. Riven let his abandonment issues get in the way of his relationship with Musa. That doesn’t mean he was in the right or that Musa was in the wrong. Riven should’ve been more mature and respectful.

          • If someone is racist that’s there choice so absolutely yes they can. I may not agree with it but I can’t demand or force them to change, depending on the person the dramatic circumstance in there mind anything can be justified.
            Every one paints musa a victim but she’s no better

          • It would be for a psychologist to answer cause that’s were he should go for help doesn’t matter both characters were poorly written

          • Her mother didn’t abandon her she died which leads up to completely different circumstances in their lives

          • I’m not going to fault Riven for having the issues he has but I will fault him for refusing to change for the better. Everyone has their own issues but those issues shouldn’t be what define you. Yes, Riven has reasons for having trust issues but refusing to work on them especially when he’s surrounded by people who try to understand him and maintain trust doesn’t give him an excuse. He constantly defaults to believing that he’s alone and can only trust himself when his friends and Musa obviously show him that that’s not the case.
            He may have more trouble trying to turn himself around than others, but everyone’s capable of improving themselves.

          • Okay wait. If someone was raise to be racist then yeah, it’s their choice if they want to keep being racist or open up and see that that mindset isn’t acceptable. Yes, you can’t force someone to change because that makes them more apprehensive to change and they’ll most likely refuse to change because of how they being forced to do so. What nina is saying is that their upbringing still isn’t a valid excuse for them being racist as people deviate from their parents’ teachings and ideals all the time when they hit a certain point. Someone who was born into and raised with racist beliefs isn’t stuck that way because they can always change, even if it isn’t drastically.
            As for Musa and Riven, yes, their relationship was poorly written. They were drawn together out of the age-old stereotype of “all girls being into bad boys,” and kept romanticising the idea of changing a brooding, aloof punk into a quiet, caring guy who only acts tough around everyone else but you. However, in this discussion right now, no one’s painting Musa as the victim. She was also at fault because we see how much she tries to mold and change Riven into her ideal boyfriend, even when it goes against who he is. Even in S5, when Riven hangs out with another girl, she suspects him of cheating and this is never addressed. They just let her think he’s cheating until he performs the song he wrote for her and everything’s all well and good. Now, in all the years that they were together, Riven never cheated on Musa; he never even showed signs of being interested in any other girl. We all know of the many times Riven’s suspected Musa of cheating and he was always in the wrong yet, when Musa does the same, the show depicts her as someone scared of losing their lover. It could be a double-standard or it could be that the writers thought that Musa was easier for the audience to sympathize with but the fact remains that she suspected Riven of cheating just for hanging around another girl and she’s never confronted about this (but if Riven does the same, he’s seen as irrational and paranoid). The Winx even comfort her like it’s a very real possibility that he’s leaving her like that.

          • @WispyWinds Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to say (with regards to the racist analogy), thank you. I totally agree that their relationship is poorly written and Rainbow oversimplified it and that Musa is not completely innocent. I agree with everything you said 100%.
            @Midnight Musa might be not be a victim but she’s hardly on the same level as Riven. She never verbally abused him on the same level and while I acknowledge that they were both at fault in the failing of their relationship Musa clearly had more emotional maturity than Riven. However, Riven (as a character outside of Rainbow) does not have the right to treat Musa that way and she was right for breaking up with him. Also, things can be justified within someone’s mind but that does not mean that they are justified within the situation. For example, Riven probably didn’t realize how hurtful or disrespectful he was being (he does later but not in the moment). In his mind, when he yelled and verbally attacked Musa he was totally in the right (when it was happening because he does realize later occasionally). Except we as the audience know that he is not in the right to do that because he was neither trusting nor empathetic to Musa. At the end, Riven even acknowledged that the reason he was leaving was that he wanted to work on himself. He knew that he was in wrong (again, maybe not at first) and that Musa had every right to break up with him. Just because he feels justified does not mean that we as the audience should feel that he is justified. Psychologists could explain his behavior sure but they can’t excuse it that’s not their job. They would help him overcome/delve deeper into his issues but they would never tell him that he was in the right or justify his behavior. Musa never acted out because of her mother’s death. She endured through a tragic situation as a young child, not unlike Riven, but was able to rise above it. Yeah Musa’s mother dying definitely was a different circumstance than Riven’s mother abandoning him but the point is that, as WispyWinds said, people have issues but that doesn’t mean they can’t change (no one is blaming him for having issues). People can become better people but Riven never grew up and that’s why Musa broke up with him (the writers tried several times to give him character development but it never really worked out and they kept retconning it). Riven’s actions made sense in the context of his environment but that does not mean that his actions are acceptable. Riven did not change so Musa broke up with him and she had every right to do that because he should have been a better person (doesn’t mean that Musa was not to blame at all because it was more complicated than that). That’s all we are saying.

      • Yeah but I haven’t seen that many rapid shippers on your site and you’ve covered part of their relationships in the past. Of course, it’s your decision and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

          • I really think you should do it! Who cares about the rapid shippers anyway, besides they need to be exposed to more perspectives. I would love to read them because I really like the way you analyze things and you have a lot of interesting points.

          • Go for it. Starting with Aisha’s Daphne. We all know that was Nabu’s true role…that one might be easier to swallow than the disaster that is Muri. Rabid Shippers need to see why things are a certain way. Open them up to the possibility of seeing that just because it’s produced by Rainbow…doesn’t mean that Winx love life is all rainbows and happy giggly sparkle barf.

          • I’m not sure. I feel like they’d accept different ideas or criticism about MuRi better than Aisha X Nabu. Some MuRi shippers at least admit the relationship was toxic. But because Rainbow amped up Aisha and Nabu’s relationship so much for his death by selling us this “perfect couple” narrative, their fans won’t accept any other perspectives. That couple was perfect, and Nabu shouldn’t have died. Anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid or crazy, and they’re not a true Winx fan.

            Sigh. 😑

          • Yeah, but some people actually think he deserved to die because he killed Duman. The last thing Duman said was, “I wanna live!” Sure, it was in the name of justice, but it went against the Winx’s wishes, too.

          • At least with Musa X Riven, Rainbow didn’t overly romanticize it (yeah they messed up the relationship by keeping it going for too long) and it was clearly not supposed to be a good relationship. The problem was the fans romanticizing their relationship but with Aisha X Nabu, Rainbow tried to sell us on the idea that they were the “perfect couple” (same thing with Bloom X Sky except more rushed). I agree that the shippers need to hear this though. You’ve talked a lot about Aisha X Nex but I think it would be interesting to hear you compare/contrast her relationships with Nabu and Nex (I don’t recall you doing that too much at any point but please correct me if I’m wrong). I really do think you should talk about the relationships in depth because you mention a lot of good points (most people don’t even notice that Aisha X Nabu is a rushed/forced/contrived relationship until it’s directly said by someone like yourself). Don’t worry about upsetting people because you can’t please everyone and you have a right to share your opinions on your own blog.

          • No, you’re right. I’ve never compared Aisha X Nabu to Aisha X Nex directly on my blog, and that’s mostly out of fear. Most Aisha X Nabu fans are extremely zealous. In my experience, whenever they even see Aisha X Nex fanart or screenshots, they attack it with comments like “Nabu was better!” “Bring back Nabu!” “I hate Nex!” or just “Nabu” or “Aisha and Nabu.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that.

            The Aisha X Nabu and Musa X Riven fans have a lot of authority in this fandom. A lot of them act like what they believe is common sense and part of being a true Winx fan. And because they’re the majority, they can easily shoot down opposing viewpoints. 😔

          • I think you gotta give voice to the voiceless here. Yeah, those fans have a lot of authority and I can totally understand why you wouldn’t want to post your opinions. However, I’ve seen a lot of people on here who agree with you. Besides, you might even persuade some people. I know that when I was kid Rainbow certainly tricked me into thinking Aisha X Nabu was the best ship ever.

  11. I kinda wanna believe they brought in Jim’s character because they’re going to somehow bring him into Winx Club and make him and Bloom get together. At least they don’t argue in WoW like Bloom and Sky do in WC.

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