The fanbase is obsessed with Winx Club‘s past, but like I said last November, I don’t wanna keep reminiscing. I wanna look toward the future. I don’t care what happened or could have happened — I wanna focus on what could happen. That’s what “What If Wednesday” is about.

In this new feature, I’ll look at the potential in the show as it is now. I’ll talk about ideas that haven’t been explored; think of ways Rainbow could develop certain characters, concepts, etc.; and try to come up new interpretations of old topics. Like with Thursday Your Say, you can suggest things for me to talk about, if you want to.

What will I not talk about? Any of the dead horses the fanbase loves to beat. You know what I mean:

  • What if [insert super-popular character] comes back?
  • What if the Winx have to fight [insert super-popular villain(s)] again?
  • What if the Winx revert to [insert the most popular transformation]?

Those topics may sound like they’re about the future, but they’re really part of the fanbase’s pining for the past. I don’t treat any time in Winx Club‘s history as ideal or the status quo. The show doesn’t need to regress. Rainbow just needs to use what’s in it now as well as possible. My posts will have ideas for how they could do that.

The first post will be about my favorite Specialist: Helia. He’s Flora’s boyfriend, he’s handsome and romantic — and he could become more powerful than anyone realizes. Stay tuned!

Winx Club 525 - Helia

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  1. That is a really cool idea, I enjoy these what if’s. Helia…most powerful specialist? Hrmm…or is that statement to be Most powerful Wizard or possibly male fairy? Hmm.


    On Helia: he and Flora have been having lots of weird fights in season seven. My theory on it is that they’re both experiencing character development, and it’s pushing them apart. The whole thing that sets these two apart Is because they’re the quiet ones among a group of bold characters. But they’re both becoming bolder and stepping up to the plate, as they say. And this is causing them to not get along as well. Just my personal theory, but I do wonder what you’ll have to say about Helia. 🙂

    • Ooohhh huh I like that one! That’s actually a question I thought of myself a while back, and then developed this whole theory of how they’d end up getting in with the earth fairies and learn from them and…… Anyway, getting ahead of myself. 😋 Interesting idea though!

  3. “What if the Winx revert to [insert the most popular transformation]?”

    Might as well say ‘Enchantix’, we all know how much the fandom worships that transformation. It’s beautiful, yes, but I do hate that with every new transformation, people either compare it to Enchantix or wistfully wish for the Winx to ‘just go back to Enchantix already’. None of the transformations can stand on their own, they always gotta pass the Enchantix litmus test first.

    Like, I may not like Onyrix, but that’s because I don’t like it and not because I don’t like it because it’s not Enchantix.

    • Yep. That sums up. Enchantix is my favorite transformation, but I don’t compare any of the other transformations to it. I’m not that biased towards it. I’m also not attached to it; I’m willing to kick Enchantix out of first place, but so far it’s still my favorite. Bloomix came close, though (it’s my second favorite). Honestly, I think some of the Winx’s Bloomix forms are more beautiful (Musa and Flora at least).

      • while enchantix is an interesting idea i find how’s bloom’s enchantix was handled could have been done better and i more prefer bloomix because of what it has been shown to be capable of doing

      • Yet it seems all the other transformations are just variation on or specialized versions of Enchantix.

        • Not really. They’re just other forms of magic that come from different sources. Enchantix is pure fairy magic, but of course fairy magic isn’t the only type of magic. Think about this: the Trix were able to have Sirenix, right? That suggests it’s not really a fairy form, but fairies can use that power.

      • I honestly think as a whole, Bloomix looks better than Enchantix. I do love Enchantix; I love the whole concept of gaining new powers by putting someone else’s needs before your own. You can’t just have a really nice Sirenix Guardian; you have to prove that you’re a good person who cares about other people. But (confession time) the Fairy Dust has always irritated me. From a writer’s standpoint, it makes sense; fairies are supposed to be forces for good and the light, and giving them the power to erase spells cast by darkness fits with that idea. But it just felt like plot convenience. Whenever there’s a problem or issue, just sprinkle some Fairy Dust on it! And we’re done for the day! For Pete’s sake, that was Bloom’ s final blow against Valtor! After all the mayhem he caused, he was beaten by that Dragon Flame fusion thing…and freaking Fairy Dust.

        Now, if Fairy Dust didn’t exist, Faragonda would still be a tree and all of Andros would be dead, so I’m not saying that it shouldn’t exist. It just felt like the Winx overused it. They should try and fix the problems by regular magical means first, and save the Fairy Dust for the bigger issues. Otherwise, the story just gets boring. (But then again, the writers got around that by the classic excuse of “the spell is too powerful for Fairy Dust to break.”)

        …And rant over. (By the way, Winx Club Dissected has a very good video about why everyone loves Enchantix so much. I believe it’s called “The Enchantix Standard.”)

        • Come to think of it, you’re right. The Fairy Dust was massively overpowered. Another example: Tecna saving Andros. It took three wizards to create the portal to the Omega Dimension, and it took three witches and a sorcerer to open it. But it took a sprinkle of Fairy Dust to close it again? Seriously? 😕

        • Finally someone else agrees with me that Fairy Dust was a bad idea. I know this fandom has an irrational attachment to Fairy Dust, and I can see why (since fairies are traditionally associated with fairy dust, also, the bottle opening animation looks pretty cool), but from a writing standpoint, it’s just lazy. It might as well be called Deus ex machina or Insta Problem Solver because that’s exactly what it is. Part of the reason why the second half of season 3 suffered so much is because every battle followed the same formula: The Winx fight a villain – oh no nothing works! – I know, let’s use Fairy Dust! -Problem solved! It just kills all the suspense.

          From a in-universe standpoint, it also makes you wonder why the fairies are always seemingly at a disadvantage when facing off enemies when supposedly, Enchantix is a basic transformation that everyone is expected to earn at some point (the Winx only achieved celebrity status because they earned Enchantix at such a young age). If the general population all possessed the Insta Problem Solver that can break any spell and undo any curse, then protecting the Magical Dimension should be a no-brainer and not as big of a deal as the show makes it out to be. It also makes you wonder why none of the fairies have been corrupted by the power and started their own fairy supremacist regime yet, but that’s a theme too adult for Winx.

          • This conversation highlights a problem I have with the fanbase right now. People may not have liked the later seasons of Winx Club as much as the earlier seasons, but because of that, they seem to treat the earlier seasons like they were perfect. They weren’t. Back when those seasons were airing for the first time, people complained about things in them, too.

          • winx club seasons 1-3 are definitely not perfect because there are why did nobody notice moments , why didn’t they do this instead moments and so on
            the writers have 26 episodes to work with and have to get a lot done like
            1. replace previous season fairy form with new fairy form
            2. introduce season big bad
            3. reveal big bad’s plan
            4. have the winx stop the big bad
            that’s only the main parts and also there is deciding who gets character development, what romance will be appearing and so on

        • Also, Winx Club Dissected’s video was, coincidentally, the exact thing I had in mind when I complained about the fandom always comparing every transformation to Enchantix. Because that’s pretty much what he did in that video. I watched it, and I wasn’t convinced.

          It’s not like I hate Enchantix – It’s one of my favorite transformations too, but I still rank it lower than Bloomix and Dreamix.

        • I don’t know fairy dust was honestly a good idea at the time and very important for the season. I mean they haven’t used it in a long time but that’s probably because the last few seasons it wasn’t really a option.

          The Wizards magic was actually stolen fairy magic and was designed to be rest isn’t to fairy magic.

          The mutants from season 5 where one part dark magic another part pollution so that didn’t work.

          The Leganduraim was its own dimension and the summons where technically not a dark spell.

          The “enemies” of season 7 used fairy magic themselves so that was no use.

    • i find that trying to compare Enchantix to another fairy form is like try to compare the F-35 to the A-10 thunderbolt 2 which you can’t do

    • I am getting sick of the “Enchantix standard” as WCD calls it. It’s annoying and doesn’t allow any transformation to be it’s own. I like it, but really…does the fan base have to declare it Best ever? Nothing else could be better? Personally I think Bloomix is better and actually more “Final Form” (if such a form exists) like than Enchantix. Why can’t the fan base just let the new levels be without comparing them to the past? I mean really? That’s as sickening as the Nabu issue. Aisha moved on, so should the fan base, same with the transformations. The girls grow up…new clothes, new hair, new experiences,new love and maybe wedding bells in a few seasons, it’s time for the fan base to start looking at the show in the way of reflection of the girls ages. They have jobs now…they can’t just be wearing crop tops behind a desk in their classroom..they’ve got to set an example for the new class.

      • Yeah i agree and each new fairy form is deadlier than the last
        Honestly i’m surprised that no poor schmuck has gotten killed from the winx’s fairy form

      • The fanbase always compares everything. They can’t judge any of the new stuff on its own merits because they have the old stuff so high on a pedestal. As a result, the old stuff sometimes gets more praise than it deserves. It’s annoying. I hate the fanbase’s bias toward everything “old Winx.” There are a lot of great ideas in “new Winx,” too, but no one takes the time to examine them thoroughly.

        • Another reason why I like season six is because of the whole concept of the Legendarium, I’ve always liked the idea of fiction colliding with reality (which is probably why I like Regal Academy so much…). But if I were to just dismiss it because “it’s new Winx, it can’t be good,” then I wouldn’t have watched it, and then proceeded to like it so much, Sometimes the execution was a little sloppy, but I still enjoyed it a lot, and just enjoy the fundamental concept.

          I read recently that the part of your brain that responds to someone contradicting your core values is the same part that responds to physical threats. While your opinions on an Italian cartoon about fairies aren’t the same thing as your core values, it’s the same idea. When something different from the norm is introduced to our brain, we don’t like it and we want to avoid it. We may attack it, or we may just ignore it and hope it goes away. But it won’t.

          Overall, I think people need to just calm down and actually try and enjoy the show. Just chillax, watch an episode, and try to judge it because of its actual plot and not because “that transformation is really bad compared to Enchantix” or “Nabu isn’t here” or something else like that.

          I’m sorry if I made anyone feel bad or offended anyone. I’m just kind of tired of all the shaming of the new Winx seasons and things, and my anger just kind of word-vomited out of me.

          • I agree with you so much. I also loved the concept of the Legendarium. Yes, sometimes it wasn’t executed well, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing good about it or season six.

            Having your values contradicted (or your opinions challenged) feels like a physical threat? That explains a lot. Personally, I think some of the popular opinions in this fanbase — like the ones people have mentioned in these comments — need to be challenged more often. The fanbase so biased, they only look at those topics from one or two angles.

            Comparison is usually biased, and any time you judge something based on something else, you’re not judging it fairly.

          • That reminds me. Plenty of fans still complain about Nabu’s death, but more often, I hear them complain about Riven leaving. I’ve literally heard people say season seven was boring or they hated it just because he wasn’t in it. Seriously? If Winx Club‘s success really came from a side character who constantly caused drama — instead of, you know, the six main characters the show’s named after — we have a problem.

            This proves Rainbow overused the side plots of “Musa and Riven having relationship issues” and “Riven being angsty.” They started to take over the show.

          • i like season 6 more than others because for starters we got to see the winx club’s use of the monster of the week trope
            next we got to see famous locations of earth in the show
            furthermore we got well needed character development for bloom with the introduction of selina being bloom’s childhood friend and info on bloom’s childhood whilst on earth
            also the main season 6 fairy form looked badass and deadly
            and eldora was the comedy mvp for me since her eccentric personality was very amusing
            also seeing bloom go through a situation that she couldn’t handle was interesting since we haven’t seen that since season 3

          • also we learned more about the dragonfire including that the keeper can share fragments of it and how the dragonfire can be recharged if needed
            also the life threatening flaw which is if the keeper shares too many fragments she’ll die from lack of dragonfire

        • Okay, even I know that I have a tendency to live in the past, but hating on a season just because the angsty brooding guy who constantly acts like a lone wolf even though his friends and girlfriend are more than enough proof that he isn’t alone wasn’t in it? Even I liked Riven, but that’s just pushing it.
          Season 7 was actually pretty decent. Yeah, the Butterflix Dance was grating and felt like filler (kinda like showcasing the full Believix transformations or the full Enchantix transformations ON TOP of the full Fairy Dust sequences), but it wasn’t BAD per say. Gave me more cooperation amongst the Winx and having them be more useful together than until Bloom would show up, so I can’t really complain.

        • As for Season 6, I really enjoyed a lot of its concepts and premises but it kind of falls flat on delivering them. For one, Bloomix was a pretty solid transformation. It could easily be considered the most powerful Fairy Form since its very existence is drawn directly from a Fairy being given a spark of the Dragon’s Flame and proving that she’s brave enough to use it and, bonus, its warrior fairy design is FANTASTIC. Just like 99% of the fandom, Enchantix is my top favorite form next to Believix, and Bloomix is right next to them.
          There’s also the Legendarium and the legends that were included in the show; the only problem I had is that it felt like the writers for that season didn’t really know how to properly put everything together without one of them seeming too broken or OP. Like with Bloomix, one thing that frustrated me was that the power levels between it and other magical creatures were all over the place. Bloomix vs. the Trix’s new witch forms; I could understand them being close to evenly matched with Bloomix most likely coming out on top. But then there were weird situations where the Winx couldn’t even hold back a gaggle of freshmen Witches even when they weren’t beefed up by stolen power. Heck, even a shield created by most of the Alfea professors popped to the same gaggle of freshmen witches.
          I understand wanting to compare newer fairy forms to one that’s established in-universe as being the final fairy form/gateway to higher forms but, as I said in WCD’s video, it’s counterintuitive because newer fans will grow bitter of Enchantix and may even hate it simply because everything gets compared to it. Y’know, like Pokemon fans and how some may think Kanto and everything Kanto-related is either lame or not so great because of how Genwunners praise Kanto as being the only region that “was truly Pokemon.”

          • well i would point out those freshman witches were using an invisibility spell which meant the winx couldn’t see where the witches were when the witches opened fire and when the winx can see where the witches are then the witches don’t have a chance

        • All the spell did was make them invisible though, right? It didn’t give the freshmen witches any insane power boosts or what have you, so it still felt odd that they could just easily do away with a shield created by Faragonda (the woman who could create shields capable of keeping Valtor out and staying up even after a whole stormcloud full of ALL the Cloud Tower witches were hypnotized into attacking), Griselda (who also seems to specialize in magical barriers), Eldora (who we’ve seen do away with Legendarium monsters impervious to magic), Griffin and, I think, Wizgiz and Palladium.

          You can also kinda argue that Bloomix would’ve been considered as such but, again, the establishing of power levels in Season 6 was just really weird.

      • a final fairy form for the winx would be one that is more powerful than every single fairy form that the winx have gotten up to that point

    • Enchantix looks beautiful as a transformation…but isn’t very realistic. I mean saving the world in skimpy outfits (heck, Tecna’s practically in her underwear) with coils around your legs isn’t a very good battle outfit.
      Bloomix on the other hand looks like a battle transformation. This one shows that the Winx is going to kick some butt (granted, the butt-kicking wasn’t very awesome) without looking ridiculous.
      The fandom has issues with keeping the show in the past, so the show can’t ever progress like that, can it.

      • Much as I agree with you, I don’t think it’s entirely fair to judge a transformation by how battle friendly it is. It has become a staple of the magical girl genre that designers often sacrifice practicality for the aesthetic (there is a reason the ‘Frills of Justice’ trope exists), and they can get away with it to a certain degree, because magical girls fight with magic instead of hand-to-hand combat, so technically battle friendly outfits aren’t necessary. I mean, if you think about it, Enchantix is far from impractical transformation the Winx have had. Harmonix’s long train would probably get tangled in corals and kelp (not to mention the extra weight they would add once they get wet), and the stiletto heels would most likely be deadly walking on wet surfaces, and the Winx would probably still freeze in those Lovix winter outfits. I could go on.

        I’d say the only transformations that come close to being practical are Sirenix, Bloomix, and to a lesser extent, Dreamix (I bet wedge boots are easier to walk in than the Dreamix stilettos). That’s the great thing about the newer transformations. Some people complain that the girls dress too modestly now (which proves you can’t please everyone, because others were also complaining they dressed too provocatively in earlier seasons), but because of that, we’ve also got some pretty badass warrior princess style transformations.

        • I have to agree with what you said; after re-reading my comment, I realised I was only attacking Enchantix on practicality while most of the transfomations are impractical

  4. i think most fans like enchantix because it was the last transformation that wasn’t quite so cookie cutter, what if niobe is secretly a mermaid and aisha/layla is too because how else would she be able to swim from earth to andros in season 2 without having sirenix

    • There is this theory/headcanon I’m quite fond of, that says that the Winx not being able to swim underwater in Believix (remember, their problem is not breathing underwater, it’s the fact that their wings go limp and they have difficulty moving around) but having that ability in Winx form has more to do with Believix’s limitations specifically and not writing inconsistency. The person who came up with that theory said that Believix is the only transformation that needs three different sets of specialized wings (basically the magical version of add-on extensions). With the exception of Tracix, the other two sets of wings do pretty basic stuff that the Winx can normally do anyway in their other transformations. That implies that Believix wings are weaker than those of other transformations, a theory only further backed by the fact that they stop working after a few seconds of being submerged in water. They also added that the Believix wings are probably the largest and most elaborately decorated wings out of any transformation, and that is to cover up for the fact that they’re pretty much useless.

      Does this mean that Believix is weaker than Winx? Not really. It simply serves a different purpose, like all the other transformations do. It’s simply nature’s way of balancing things out. If Believix’s strength is to make people believe in magic, it should have a weakness, and that weakness just happened to be the wings.

      I don’t know, I think that theory makes a lot of sense.

  5. Ooooh, yes. Anything involving Helia is a major plus and we DID see him just use magic in one of the S7 episodes (like it was nothing too!).
    Dang, I’d love to see him kick butt some more. Physically AND magically would just make that 15 times better.

    • To be honest, that wasn’t the first time Helia has used magic. We’ve seen him use magic since season 2 if I recall correctly, in season 5 he used magic as well. It’s weird how no one talks about that (or maybe I’m just out of the loop)

      • I’ve never heard anyone talk about it, either. I might as well admit it: that is what I was hinting at, but it’s not the only thing I’m gonna talk about in next week’s post.

      • Yeah! He’d give life to his origami cranes/swans and have them fly around Flora just to be sweet in the first few episodes of Season 5. I guess no one really talks about it in-universe because maybe it’s expected for them? I mean, he IS the grandson/nephew of Saladin: a skillful wizard and member of the former Company of Light. Though, the fact he’s been using his magic more and more in “blink or you’ll miss ’em” scenes does beg the question of whether Helia’s becoming more comfortable in using his magic. He very obviously kicks butt physically and maybe he tried not to rely on his magic so much as a Specialist? Could he have been training with Saladin when he re-enrolled? Is there actually a section of Red Fountain catered towards training young wizards that Saladin’s possibly in charge of? Who knows!

        • Yeah, Helia IS using his magic more comfortably than in the past episodes, maybe his magic skills are improving. Random idea, but why does Magix have a school for fairies, witches and Specialists but not wizards?

        • Magix probably has more schools than Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain but those three schools are considered to be the best of the best. They never actually explain though, so that’s weird. I think in one of the dubs it’s mentioned that Red Fountain also trains wizards?? But take that with a grain of salt ’cause I’m not confident in that statement.

          • Redfountain doesn’t train wizards. The only wizard we’ve ever seen there is Saladin, which is weird if you think about it. Why is a wizard the headmaster of a school for Specialists?

            Anyway, I think what you’re thinking of is how the Specialists were referred to as wizards at least once in the RAI dub. Codatorta was also called a magician in the season two version of the website. This was never explained, though, since we know Specialists can’t use magic (except the magic in their weapons and gear).

          • Actually, in the second episode of season 1, Stella said there were three schools in Magix, not three main ones. So, it there were more magic schools, wouldn’t it make sense to say there are three main ones. Also, out of curiousity, which episode does it say that Red Fountain trains Wizards, I don’t really watch the RAI dub

    • ironically brandon ends up causing a problem for the winx which results in have to save a mini-world but also repair the damage he did

  6. I may have seen this before, but what if…

    Immediately after they fought when they first met each other in Season I, Bloom and Diaspro were able to meet and talk, explaining to each other what happened, and they reconciled after realizing that Sky had stood both of them up and their fight was just a misunderstanding? How do you think the rest of the season, and indeed the rest of the series, would be effected?

    • The comics touch on it…Bloom & Diaspro are friends…when Sky’s not around…however if Sky’s around…the two will play a game. Even if Bloom doesn’t need to…it’s just giving Sky a reason to feel useful. This appears to be the case in show canon too so it’s possible. At least on the Bloom vs Diaspro side. Now the Sky vs Diaspro side….that’s never been resolved. The best way to put it
      Bloom & Diaspro: Best Frenemies
      Sky & Diaspro: Sky better apologize to her soon or gems will burn him up.

        • Bloom was planning on that…”Next time i’m sticking with bunnies” at least until Sky made a trip to frozen domino concerned for her safety. Diaspro? Mind-control wasn’t the best revenge.

      • Even the comics can’t make me like Diaspro I can barely tolatate her at best. Wonder if the Great Dragon has commdiment her?

  7. Though I’m not fond of fan-fiction, this idea is solid and a good conversation starter. However, there’s something I just need to say and can’t keep in anymore…
    You see, I don’t know if you’re being a devil’s advocate here, but it seems to me a lot of this article and some others have been rather condescending towards the majority of the fanbase and even some of the comments have turned a bit judgmental, too… Almost like this site has become a haven for ranting about other people and their opinions.
    Looking to the future is the logical thing to do, yes, but there isn’t anything wrong with holding a show to your own standards. Especially when those standards just aren’t being lived up to.
    Sorry if this comes off as harsh, I did not intend that…

    • This isn’t about fanfiction. It’s about aspects of the show that can still be explored, but many fans don’t talk about or notice. Second, I’m not playing devil’s advocate. That term assumes I actually agree with the fanbase on most things, but I’m pretending I don’t for the sake of discussion.

      The truth is I don’t agree with some of the popular opinions, and I also feel like we’ve become stuck in our ways. It’s one thing to have standards. It’s another thing to become so biased, you ignore or overlook other possibilities. The latter is what I feel has happened in this fanbase.

      Winx Club‘s past isn’t just treated as a standard. Everything in it is treated as “how things should be,” when it was just how things were at one point in time. Do you see people talking about what could still happen, or do they only talk about how much better things were before? Never mind that back then, people still had complaints about the show.

      If my readers feel like they can come to this blog and “rant,” I’m glad. If they said some of these things on other sites, they’d be the ones subjected to condescending comments. I know that because it’s happened to me. Many times.

      This fanbase isn’t as open to difference of opinion as you might think. There’s an unspoken belief that everyone’s in agreement about certain topics — i.e., “true fans” think this way. If you don’t, you’re looked down upon or criticized harshly.

      I’ll admit I’m fed up with it. If that’s coming through too much in my writing, I’m sorry. I don’t want my blog to be a place only for fans with unpopular opinions. But I also don’t want it to be a place where popular opinions are upheld without ever being questioned.

      • I feel each new season of winx club should be given a chance to show us what it brings to the table
        The only winx club seasons that i have seen from episode 1 to 26 are season 6 and 7
        Also each new season should not be compared to say season 3 for example
        Basically each season should be judged by the standards of the time
        I still like the early seasons because they were set up for what came next like season 4-7 and i’m honestly curious to know what season 8 will bring to the table

    • Is that still possible? I’m not sure. Morgana gave up the throne to Nebula, so unless she decided to take it back, Nebula’s descendant — if she ever had one — would most likely succeed her. I can’t think of a scenario where Roxy would end up becoming queen, but I guess it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

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