Remember that Nabu guy?


Yeah. I miss him too.

In season 5, Nick was all for pushing Roy on us, and even though I personally found it annoying (Nabu X Aisha forever), I eventually came to terms with it.

Then came season six, and suddenly, we’ve thrown a paladin into the mix—a paladin that, can I just say, acts a lot like a second Riven. Now there are two guys competing for Aisha’s affection. Two! Apparently, Nabu is worth two men. I’m starting to think that Nick/Rainbow might regret taking Nabu out of the picture, because now it seems like they can’t make up their minds as to how to handle Aisha and her lack of a love interest.

Next thing we know, they’ll throw in the two guys Stella was trying to hook Aisha up with at that party.


What do you guys think of the budding Aisha harem? Which man should stay: Roy, Nex, both, neither…or just bring back Nabu?

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44 Responses to “It’s Rainin’ Men!

  1. Personally, if they aren’t gonna bring Nabu back in some way, I say she be with Roy. It’ll make it much more interesting if Nabu were to come back and then they both fight for Aisha

  2. I don’t know. Personally, one of the things that has ALWAYS annoyed me about Winx Club is how everyone has to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Why? Why is this necessary? I honestly wish they’d show one or more girls just enjoying the single life. I mean the whole ‘girl power’ trope kind of gets underminded when the girls [specifically Bloom] are utterly dependent on their significant others… Especially in regards to Daphne and Thoren. Things are going WAY too fast for them; they’ve acknowledged one another’s existence for what? Three, maybe four episodes? And suddenly they’re head over heels? Let one, at LEAST one girl just be happy and totally independent…*gets down off soapbox*

    I digress; I liked Roy, and I felt that they handled the tension between them in the beginning fairly realistically. Aisha is one of my favorite Winx, and she does have a twinge of agression in her personality, specifically when she’s confronted with things that make her uncomfortable or uncertain, and Roy was one of those things. S4 was just [we’re kind of led to believe] a year before S5, and Aisha was essentially ‘widowed’ when Nabu died, that’s a huge blow. Especially for someone who we know has a hard time letting people into her inner circle. What I don’t like though, is that Roy has basically fallen off the face of the planet this season! He has yet to make so much as a cameo appearance, be mentioned, or anything! I guess we could say he’s been “Roxied” this season…

    And as for Nex, he is TOTALLY a Riven ripoff… He acts like [for lack of better terms] a huge douchebag, very akin to Riven’s early-series personality. He’s conceited, a showoff, unnecessarily agressive, and attention-seeking. On the upside he’s competitive, which is just about the only quality we’ve seen in him so far that jives with any of Aisha’s attributes. I’ve read that they will eventually become a pairing in S6 and to that I say no. Just no. –– As I said before, why does EVERY GIRL absolutely have to have a guy hanging off her arm? I like seeing Aisha smile again and move on from Nabu, that’s the healthy way to go, but again, she just doesn’t seem the type to jump right back into a relationship after a loss that devastating. I would only like to see Nex with her [since that’s confirmed we may as well take that for what it is…] if Aisha puts him in his place and makes him re-check his childish attitude. Other than that, I actually don’t like what the writers are doing with her relationship status.

    • I agree. Aisha would be fine on her own. I think that having every one of the Winx have both a boyfriend and a pixie is making the show a little cluttered. The show could definitely make room to show someone living a healthy, single life.

    • I’m confused now.
      Where is it confirmed that Nex and Aisha are going to be a couple?
      I’ve read that there will be a Nex/Roy/Aisha love triangle…

    • I would disagree on your comparison of Nex and Riven. They are similar but Riven is in essence competitive. His aim is to be the best and his line in the Golden Auditorium episode sums it up best. In season 1 he wanted to win and he didn’t care how it happened. If that meant breaking the rules he was all for it.
      Nex is also competitive just not as much as Riven. He is also egotistical, more so than Riven and he thinks that if he flexes his biceps, every girl should swoon. He’s an attention wh**e. That is a quality Riven never really had. He’s a 1 woman kinda guy. Nex would be liable to cheat.
      Nex and Roy remind me of Riven and Sky in a way. Riven saw Sky as his biggest competition but unlike Nex its a dominance thing. Nex is just trying to get attention and prove that he is better than Roy to Aisha. I am sure if a girl is not involved, Nex would not bother to exert himself.
      Still despite his terrible qualities, I see the ability to change in Nex. He isn’t just a one dimensional character. There is room of growth if Nick bothers to do any character development. I can’t however see Roy doing much. Sure he has magic but it is not as cool as Nabu and his personality is a bit bland. I don’t look forward to seeing him where as I am curious about Nex.
      Nabu will always be my 1st choice for Aisha. If I had to pick between Roy and Nex, I would pick Nex. Also I totally get your point about having a single Winx. Until Nabu came and won me over, I was all for it. Thinking about it, I prefer that over her choosing Roy or Nex.

      • I totally agree. Nex has the potential to improve, but only if Nick are willing to do some character development. It seems as though Nick have forgotten the meaning of those words. To be honest, this love tiangle merely exists to create more drama. Roy merely exists as Aisha’s love interest. And as for Nex, well at the moment he also exists to create a pointless rivalry between Roy over a girl that doesn’t give a d**n about it. Seriously, I think Nick have become skilled when it comes to creating pointless side characters.

  3. Your entry made me laugh a lot. Though I like the fact that she’s getting attention, I think that it’s unhealthy attention. Speaking of attention, what was the point of RoyxAisha if in the end,SPOILER ALERT, she and Nex were going to get together. If Nabu came back, all this stupidity would stop. But at the same time, it would ruin his awesome exit and spoil the plot. But apart from that, I’m all for Nex. He has personality, whilst Roy feels like some rip-off of Nabu.

    • Glad you liked it. I rarely ever post anymore. But yeah, I agree that this is getting a little ridiculous. When I watched the episode where they first started hinting at Roy and Nex fighting over Aisha, I think I literally had the OP stop the episode so I could say, “…REALLY?!”

      • You’re reaction was saner than mine. I paused for a moment, then burst into manic laughter. Why? Because that’s my reaction to anything romantically unexpected.

  4. What is this show trying to teach girls? That they can’t be happy without a boyfriend? This happens since season 2, and it annoys me so hard.

    • Apparently, they can’t be happy with them either. If I were Musa, I would have dumped Riven ages ago, but oh well. I’m all for Aisha being with someone again, but neither of these guys seem right, in my opinion.

      • Sometimes I think Musa has no self-esteem and hates herself so much she can’t even find a boyfriend who doesn’t treat her like trash.

  5. If not Nabu then Roy. Roy is less Riven-ish for lack of a better word. Also I’ve noticed that the guys on Sky’s team are usually the right ones for the Winx. Any time a new specialist is introduced they usually end up on Sky’s team either by Sky’s permission or Saladin’s suggestion not sure which since the guys have the same dynamics as the girls. Nex is too much of a nut for Aisha and she clearly prefers Roy.

    • Yes, but Roy has far too many references to Nabu, which makes his personality hard to pinpoint at times. Whilst he was a nice character in Season 5, Season 6 turned him into another jealous douchebag. He really is more likable than Nex, but his lack of character makes him a hard character to like. I think that Aisha is with him because he reminds her of Nabu. It will explain why she forgot about him so quickly. Nabu, that is, not Roy. But, for some unexplainable reason, I still like Nex better than Roy.

    • As a fellow Muse, I approve of your name. 😉

      I suddenly want a spinoff show about Saladin as a matchmaker…. Really, though. I almost think it would be better if they brought someone in who wasn’t another specialist. Not everyone’s boyfriend has to join the group. It would be much more realistic that way.

      • Thanks. True not everyone’s boyfriend has to be a part of Sky’s team but the paladin uniform is just a red version of sky’s squad, I thought paladins had wings not just a rival specialist. Unless Paladins graduate into their wings they may as well have Nex and Thoren at Red fountain. Roy needs a bit more development but I still prefer him over Nex.

  6. Bringing back Nabu is a terrible idea for a variety of ideas, so that’s out. In season 5 Roy purely existed just to give Aisha a boyfriend, even though she could’ve lasted a season without one. He managed to be even more bland than Helia, an impressive feat. The best I could say about him is that he wasn’t a liability, which puts him above Nereus. Nex hasn’t shown up much, but he has a more defined personality. A jerk that seeks to impress the ladies, but is still heroic. So in that sense he’s better than Roy, but so far he’s shown even less chemistry with her. That could change of course. I’m in camp no boyfriend for Aisha personally, since she needs a break from the trauma, but that won’t happen. My next suggestion is the harem route. She’ll be queen someday; I’m sure she’s allowed to have multiple lovers. Would represent something we haven’t had in the show thus far at least.

    • I don’t think it’s a good idea for the harem route. Although it’s true that Andros is a very traditional kingdom which means Aisha could have a multitude of guys after her (someone tell that girl she’s more than pretty she’s foine!). That would raise complaints from skimpy outfits to Aisha’s a lady of the night. Winx has has enough complaints from the negativeness including that dub line of “plus size fairy” which has already haunted the show, we don’t need a fairy supposed to be a lady of the night, that would make Winx get a late night slot for sure, we’d rather keep the show in the daytime, so normal relationship ideals would work best without getting into what most consider crazy.

        • IKR! and Stella’s season 1 outfit doesn’t help things either. Actually I think Stella and Bloom are the main complaint factors. Stella for most of her clothes being risque and Bloom for being written as the Mary Poppins equivalent. I guess Bloom had just a little bit more than “a spoonful of sugar” for their taste.

    • Roy could win the Academy Award for the Dullest Boyfriend, with no trouble at all. Nex is conceited, but for some weird reason I still like the little douchebag. He has personality, which is a good thing. He lacks likeabiliity and relatability, but he’s entertaining.

  7. What I would like is for Roy and Nex to both disappear, then Nabu suddenly return and they can live happily ever after. But it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.

    Roy and Nex have both shown they’re jerks. Nex is obvious– he’s just being a douchebag for giggles. Roy however showed he’s terrible too when he got all defensive and angry at Nex trying to flirt with her; sorry dude, but if you’re not dating the girl, you can’t do that. Plus he started flirting with her less than a year after her fiance’s death– that’s a little horrible ESPECIALLY considering how she was obviously not ready. It seems like Nabu was the only decent man to enter her life.

    While I would like him to return, it would be even more angering if he did when Roy and Nex were here. What would she have then, Nickbow? A love polygon? And you just know she would pull a Pocahontas 2/John Smith/Rolfe and choose the newer guy because she’d already moved on from Nabu. So unless they manage to kill off Roy and Nex too, Nabu’s return would really suck.

    Nabu aside, with how things are going now, I don’t want her ending up with either of them. Neither of them are good enough for her. Bleh.

  8. I think that Nabu’s return wouldn’t make any sense.
    He is supposed to be dead…
    To be honest, I never liked him (I know I’m in the minority).
    So I don’t miss him.

  9. Well, I certainly want Nabu to come back, since he is my favorite Winx Club character. Roy is okay and all, but I’d rather pair him with Tressa. As for Nex… I don’t know what I think of him, aside from him probably not being right for Aisha.

  10. Well Winx DOES need some uncommon sexualities, so Aisha could be poly and basically have a harem… *grin*

    But more seriously, I’m with Kevin on this, I’d love to see Aisha settle into singleness for a while. Nabu was awesome in season 4 but bringing him back now would be strange, Roy hasn’t got much personality, and Nex seems like a jerk. Dump them all, Aisha!

  11. I was growing to like the idea of Roy and Aisha together, but now I’m preferring her to stay single 😛 to quote that meme I’ve seen all over twitter, Aisha is a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man!

    But seriously she doesn’t. I remember when I first saw her introduced on 4Kids how badass she was! Being like, 13 I thought it was so cool seeing a smart, athletic young woman who could fight with physical weapons and board down a mountain with the best of the guys! And she was really tough, considering she could survive in “Shadowhaunt” pretty well.

    So I vote Aisha stays single. Unless they wanna bring Nabu back, then that works.


  12. I liked Nabu because he was on the maturer side out of all the characters in the group. He also had much more common sense than a lot of the characters. Plus, the love between Aisha and Nabu was even bigger than the other couples in this show–I feel like Nick/Rainbow just wanted to ruin it by making him die. Also, it was kind of unique that Nabu isn’t a Specialist nor Paladin…. and didn’t in season 4 Morgana said that he was only in a deep coma state?
    The writers for this show should just wake him up… perhaps a potion spill on the plant will do haha xD

    I just want Aisha and Nabu to go back together ;__;
    I dunno… RoyxAisha doesn’t really work for me………… Roy seems to be too much of a show off.. at least in season 5. I’m not quite sure if he matured or not in season 6. He just seems a bit childish for Aisha’s personality.

    • There’s always that theory about Roy being Nabu putting on a ridiculously long test to see if Aisha can be happy without him. Once he’s got the answer he’ll reveal that he’s really Nabu. Aisha could then dump Nex and say that I’m angry with you for doing that but I’m also glad you did it. Also concerning Nabu he was essentially the sixth specialist even though he’s a wizard. He was on sky’s squad, which is apparently the best at red fountain if the winx are alfea’s best so he could easily be Roy.

      • Was Nabu ever a Specialist? They never called him on in the show. I specifically remember the narrator saying “Sky, the Specialists, and Nabu” once (although that’s a bad example since Sky is a Specialist).

        • The Winx website considered Nabu the sixth specialist for awhile. Although he never switched his uniform.

          • Oh I never knew that Nabu was considered a specialist. I always thought that he was out of school and older than Helia xD

  13. I actually like where this is heading.
    When it was just Roy, it annoyed me because I felt like he was replacing Nabu. Now that there’s another Roy (I am referring to Nex with his role as an uncharacterized love interest for Aisha), I don’t feel that way so much.

    Honestly, if Nickbow wanted to bring Nabu back they could, since the Earth fairies are supposed to be taking care of his body (as I recall). I mean, they brought Daphne back from the “Sirenix Curse.”
    All that needs to happen now is Nabu is given some life-saving force, then he can come back and Aisha will go running past Roy and Nex into his arms. Then all us Nabu X Aisha forever fans can sigh happily.

  14. I honestly don’t think Aisha will (or should) pick either of them. They are treating her like she’s some prize to be won or something, and I don’t think either of them gets it. If she had taken it slowly with Roy (and if he hadn’t been so jealousy prone,) then it MIGHT have worked out, but this episode made me dislike both of them. Either make her single (not every girl needs a boy to be happy) or bring Nabu back in my opinion.

    I really hope they find a way to bring Nabu back somehow. No, Sirenix can’t revive the dead, but it is possible that there is a loophole like there was with Nereus and Daphne (ie if he’s in a magical coma or something.) Considering that they are returning to Earth, they may find some sort of a way to do it.

    Side note on the Sirenix wish: Being unable to revive the dead wasn’t the only reason why Musa didn’t use her wish: she (and her father) felt as though her mother wouldn’t want it.

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