Like most of you, I’ve been eager to know when JAKKS would release their Musa and Tecna Harmonix dolls. I emailed JAKKS’ Customer Service yesterday morning and got this reply:

Thank you for contacting Consumer Relations,

Tecna and Musa will actually be released later. They are set to be released sometime within the next few weeks. You should be able to find them at Target and Toys R Us when they are released.

Finally! Not much longer to wait!

This message also backs up what JAKKS told us in November: these two will be “retailer exclusives,” meaning they’ll be at Target and Toys R Us only. Each store will sell both dolls. Target will probably price them at $19.99 each, while Toys R Us might ask for a couple dollars more.

Here’s an interesting side note. In “a few weeks,” it’ll be May — the same month the Winx Happy Meal Toys will be available, the last episodes of season five might air, and Magical Adventure might premiere. You don’t think Nick and Rainbow planned this, do you? 😛

JAKKS Pacific Consumer Relations

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22 Responses to “JAKKS Musa and Tecna Harmonix Dolls Coming “Within the Next Few Weeks”

  1. And May is my birthday month, too! How awesome. But…I want to know when the Disco dolls come out, because I like Disco Tecna better than this one (because of the former’s slightly-curly bob). And quite honestly…Tecna Sirenix is growing on me.

    So I think I’ll wait until Sirenix now. Though Tecna’s training hairstyle is nice too…Tecna gets all the awesome hairstyles!

    Things I learned from Winx Club: the best boy-cut hairstyles. Come to think of it, Mirta has pretty cool hair too.

  2. Finally! And since May is such a common birthday month, I guess I’ll have to make sure I get mine before 1. I run out of birthday money and 2. before everyone else who has a birthday buys out all of them 😀

  3. Yeah, I emailed them too, and they said the exact same thing they said to you. By the way, when are you going to reveal who the new writer is? Is it going to only be one person, or multiple people?

  4. Nick and Jakks had to plan this afterall if you you have only a few episodes of a season left and have a promotion with McDonalds then you may as well air as much Winx as possible during the promotion and oh I don’t know set it to where Sunday is the encore and Saturday is the premiere for new episodes with old season repeats on Monday Nights to boost the ratings.

  5. About time I have had the other four harmonixs dolls for months. Sadly my target still have the beleivix dolls but they do get the city style dolls (I’m still missing stella in that doll line) Maybe when we do get the Harmonix dolls it will have either musa or tecna. Just a note my target re stocks in mondays while Toys r us on Tuesday and Thursdays.

  6. Neat! My 5 year old will be sooooo happy when they arrive. Please inform as soon as you see them in stores, as well as their prices (stores that offer best deal).


  7. One of the posters on my blog, a Jakks executive, says the Musa and Tecna dolls aren’t coming in yet because they still have a lot of Believix dolls to get rid of. Stores overstocked them, and now the Harmonix and City Styles are harder to find. (By the way, the executive was really nice–she even let me e-mail interview her for an overstock article I wrote.)

    • How do you guys get these important people coming to your blogs? I’m mega jealous! LOL! 😛

      But that makes sense now. I still see two million Believix dolls wherever I go but very few of anything else. The Toys R Us stores in my area have been trying to get rid of their Bloom dolls (mostly Believix) since December, and they told me they’re not getting anything else in.

      But I’m glad this means I might still be able to get two of each doll. I still need another Bloom, Stella, Tecna, and Aisha.

      • Honestly, I was kinda jealous of you for having the time to post every day, not to mention your Photoshop banner knowledge…

        But I was thinking, since I’ve heard about bronies doing charities, maybe Winx fans can go to stores and buy the Believix dolls and donate them?

  8. right now i am sending a message on 2/19/14 it is over May 2013 and ive been searching for the dolls about a year now.If you guys won’t make ’em within 3weeks im telling my boss to shut you guys down.p.s he is very powerful.



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