Musa and Tecna Harmonix. The Pop Disco Collection. Any future fashions for the Stella Design Studio. These are just some of the Winx toys JAKKS Pacific never released.

Yesterday, Winx Club International Fan Club ( shared these pics of other scrapped Winx dolls:

Here are even more, courtesy of WinxClubRUS. Looks like these might be (or were planned to be) rescued by Witty Toys.

A graveyard of good intentions. *Sigh* 🙁

Let’s hope the Color Splash, Bloomix, and Mythix dolls don’t get added to this Hall of Shame. The odds don’t look good for us right now. According to Winx fan Dane V., JAKKS has pushed back the Color Splash release date to…someday. Sounds like Musa and Tecna Harmonix all over again to me. 🙁

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24 Responses to “JAKKS Pacific’s Winx Toy Graveyard is Bigger Than We Thought

  1. I REALLY hope this isn’t Musa and Tecna Harmonix all over again. I’m looking forward to these dolls SO MUCH! Especially the Bloomix line. The color splash line looks like it’s the most likely to be added to the graveyard, as it looks like most of the dead lines are basics. I don’t think Jakks would cancel an entire transformation line though, would they? Oh gosh I hope not. (Btw I’m so mad they cancelled some of those dolls. A lot of them look more appealing than the actual released lines)

    • (Btw I’m so mad they cancelled some of those dolls. A lot of them look more appealing than the actual released lines)

      Couldn’t agree more. I loved the Winter/Zenith looks, so I absolutely would have bought those dolls, even though I’m not a fan of the basic dolls. The pajamas were adorable, too. *Sigh* 🙁

      • Same here. I would have LOVED to have the Sky doll from Magical Adventure because it makes him look so princely.

        Somehow I get the feeling that the Color Splash dolls will be shelved too. *sigh* Let’s hope Witty saves the Bloomix and Mythix doll lines.

      • Agreed. I like to collect most of the transformation doll lines, but the winter on zenith line looked very appealing. I would have bought them. *sigh* I hope that they won’t cancel the Bloomix and Mythix line.

  2. Those doll pictures in the top(above) with bloom and sky in looks like magical adventure outfits. R they by JAKKS? I would have bought those. Does anyone know if musa and tecna harmonix dolls got cancelled? Cuz that’s sad. I wanted 2 buy both

    • Yep, these are all by JAKKS. And yep, Bloom and Sky are wearing their Magical Adventure outfits. Those would have been awesome to have. Sadly, Musa and Tecna Harmonix have officially been cancelled, along with all of these. 🙁

      • Dang, that sucks. I wanted Tecna in her Harmonix since I had Musa in her Sirenix and the Believix dolls are so pricy, but I guess I’ll just have to hope Bloomix doesn’t get shelved. The only doll I’d be willing to pay quite a bit for is Roxy because she only got a very limited English release. >:

  3. I was on google images searching something or another dealing with Winx Club and I saw that image thing for the “Undersea Stylix Station” and my first thought was “WHO IS MAKING THIS AND WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED AND DOES IT COME WITH THAT FLORA DOLL BECAUSE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE” followed by a few sounds of excitement, rage, joy, squeeing, a little more excitement, and some hyperventilating.

    Also I take it we can stop holding our breath waiting for Musa and Tecna in Harmonix? Sometimes I wonder if it’d be easier collecting Winx dolls if I didn’t live in America and lived in the overseas countries that get the Witty Toys’ dolls marketed. Since they actually released all six Winx in Harmonix at the same time. Though I do really like the way JAKKS does the outfits, wings, and pose-able limbs.

    Maybe JAKKS is pushing back release dates for the dolls to wait and see how Nickelodeon plans to market them/Winx? That could be believable, and that the fact Nickelodeon doesn’t really have a want, unfortunately, to showcase Winx on TV or fill in commercial slots with doll adverts or new episode adverts, or even give them a re-run time slot during the week. JAKKS is probably sitting in their offices wondering “okay, we showed Rainbow and Nick the dolls and our advertisements for them, when do they want us to start mass-production?” and then everybody looks at Nick and just wonders if they even got the recent memos.

    My guess is they probably have them hidden under a stack of files for re-runs of Sam & Cat, that Breadwinners show, and all the other “hey, it makes stupid jokes; kids will love this!” show pilots. Nick probably needs a better sense of organization and Winx executives 😛

    • Maybe JAKKS is pushing back release dates for the dolls to wait and see how Nickelodeon plans to market them/Winx?

      I’m wondering this, too. There’s no point in releasing toys for a show that’s not even airing right now. Who would buy them? (Most of us would, but they wouldn’t see it that way.)

      I’ve also heard the excess of Believix dolls gummed up the works. The stores were still trying to sell them by the time JAKKS was ready to move on to new lines. (There are still some left even now.) Let’s be honest, though: they made too many Bloom Believix dolls, specifically. She was the only one you could find most of the time! Everyone already had her, so the rest just sat on the shelves. That made it look like the dolls weren’t selling, so the stores wouldn’t reorder.

      The handling of this show has been a mess overall. 🙁

      • Unfortunately that’s probably the case. Jakks tends to only release things when they’re hot. I’m a bit irked that they got the rights to Pokemon because it’s so hard for me to find the plushies I want. Still…at least Pokemon is going strong in the US (despite the licensing change that happened a few years ago,) so that means they’ll release their merchandise from time to time.

        And yes, they made WAY too many dolls of Bloom. I get that she’s the main character and whatnot, but she already has ENOUGH special edition dolls, so the least they could have done was released an EQUAL AMOUNT of all the Winx in dolls…and maybe even a limited edition Roxy one. :/

    • The Jakks dolls are nice when it comes to pose-able limbs, but Jakks made a big mistake by not including doll stands in the boxes. Before I moved them to the center, I don’t know how many times my Winx dolls fell from my shelf!

      And yes, I wish I lived closer to Italy too. Jakks excludes a LOT of characters from their toy lineups (they do this with Pokemon as well) which makes it hard if you’re trying to find something of a certain character. Witty Toys not only makes their dolls beautifully but included Roxy in their lineup for Season 4 (as did Mattel.) Jakks didn’t even bother.

      With Pokemon (and other Japanese products owned by English companies,) I can usually just look online and find the Japanese version of said toy, as sometimes I’m not satisfied with the way the English company handled it (ex: the Bandai versions of the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary plushies are so much cuter!) I also attend anime conventions and since a lot of the dealers there get their stuff directly from Japan, it’s all very good quality! With Winx, I’ve found that the only time you see stuff is if you go to a Toys R Us or a huge convention like Comic Con (in California)…and even then you pretty much only see dolls of Bloom right and left!

      So yeah…if I ever go to Italy I’m definitely finding the closest toy store and getting myself dolls of Tecna (and hopefully Roxy.) This is getting annoying. >>

  4. Jakks has been doing a TERRIBLE job with the Winx toys. I really hope Witty either opens up a branch here in the US or that Hasbro buys the license. >:

    And yeah somehow I get the feeling that the main reason Jakks has released such few dolls is because Nickelodeon has been such a terrible partner. I can’t even find them at Target anymore and at other stores it’s always Bloom this and Bloom that. I need a Tecna doll, dang it! ><

        • They might be, but like the US most of them are probably of Bloom (dang it!) I saw a video of someone at a place called “Big W” with a bunch of Winx dolls and they actually had a Musa…and then I looked at the date and it was in 2012. A friend of mine also took a picture of a limited edition Daphne doll he found, but I can’t remember what store he said it was and it was about a year ago.

          I’ve had mixed luck with EBay and Amazon, but lately their prices are sky high. Jakks messed up big time. :/

          • Hi! the video you are talking about is mine! winx unfortunately has not been selling so well so target and Big W has stopped stocking the dolls. However Toy World, Toys R Us and Myer still support and sell the jakks line. if you are looking for a specific doll please let me know and i may be able to organize an arrangement to get the doll to you

          • Unfortunately, it was more that 50% Bloom dolls. They sold the concert collection and mini Believix collection, but they were ALL BLOOM. :/ But there was also the limited edition Daphne doll. It looked kinda creepy to me. :S

      • I was afraid of that. I can’t even find them at Wal Mart any more.

        I don’t mind Toys R Us and whatnot, but it’s a 20-30 minute drive for me depending on traffic and I might not even find the doll I wanted in stock. I really wish I could find decent deals online but I can’t. >:

  5. Who even knows what’s going on with Winx in the US anyway… *Sigh*
    I wish Rainbow would shed some light soon.

  6. I sent Jakks an email almost a year ago and it said:
    (copied and pasted straight from the email)

    Thank you for contacting Consumer Relations,

    I regret to inform you that at this time those(harmonix tecna and musa) dolls are on hold. There is no set release date at this time for those figures. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.

    And then i sent another email asking about the pop disco dolls:

    At this time I do not have any information on the Pop Disco Dolls. The line is currently on hold.

  7. That bloom and sky pack is really nice looking… as are those winter themed ones… I really hate it when doll lines plan new releases and they never produce them. Ive stalked online stores for so long for the pop disco dolls for so long before giving up. I hope color splash doesn’t become the next musa and tecna harmonix. and what about Tecna, Musa, and Aisha enchantix??

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