Remember those dream cast lists we made for a live-action Winx Club movie, if one was ever done? It turns out the Winx’s “papa” has been thinking about it. Here’s a quote from a article:

After Not Born To Be Gladiators, Straffi says he has a dream to make Winx Club into a live action movie.

There it is. By the way, Paramount Pictures, which is owned by Viacom, is distributing this gladiator movie. They definitely have the power to make his dream a reality.

Anyone want to take a shot at a cast list again?

ScreenDaily: “Paramount strikes deal for Rainbow’s Not Born To Be Gladiators”
Impero dei Cartoni


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29 Responses to “Live-Action Winx A Possibility?

  1. I saw that too, and it doesn’t seem like something they wouldn’t do. And odds are, they might use the voice actors for a live action movie. But I guess we will have to wait and see ^^

  2. I think it would be… interesting. I wonder how they’d make the power blasts. Well, one producer could make Alice in Wonderland, which was entirely a green screen.

    Or… we could have another Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Ugh.

    • Pretty Guardian was Sailor Moon: Power Rangers Mode. Not something I’d want to see for the Winx. =_=

      • Ditto.

        You made made think of that Power Rangers Samari show that’s currently tunning on Nickelodeon. If I EVER see Winx Club like that, I’ll lock myself in my closet and have a breakdown.

  3. I’m really not a fan of anything involving live-action Winx characters. Their body designs just don’t work. Sure, the costumes can look great on real people, but they just don’t look right. If they did make a live-action Winx movie, I’d probably watch it, though…

  4. Actually, I in truth enjoyed Pretty Guardian, but that’s just me. If they did make a Winx Club live action movie, it would have to look realistic and not completely change the story. And they definitely shouldn’t get rid of the supposed ‘background characters’, i.e. Tecna, Musa and Layla who have been appearing less and less since Season Four. If they actually made it well, then, I think it would be interesting.

  5. The idea of a live-action Winx movie disturbs me. The show does not lend itself to live-action. The entire look, the outfits, they’re just too bright and colourful. The costumes look goofy on real people. They work for press events or stage shows, but can you imagine watching girls running around in lame and platform boots for two hours trying to deliver a nuanced performance? It’d be a total joke. The characters are not subtle or complex enough to be turned into well-rounded live characters that one could take seriously. Just no.

  6. Negative on that one. I’ve never had a liking to any live-action Winx stuff =.=

  7. I’m sure that I will warm up to the idea in six months. At the moment, I hate it. If they keep the same type of writing that they did for the first two movies, it’s going to flop badly. Even if they had a script, I would think that it would be forever stuck in development h**l. Unfortunately in our opinionated society, movies with bad writing don’t do very well.

  8. If not done correctly, this could turn out to be a total fail to say the least. At the moment I’m leaning away from the idea since I think WC is better and should remain as a cartoon show + CGI movies. Real live action movies would be very hard to do for this particular shows, especially the Winx’s outfits etc.

    Altough if Rainbow would get amazing actors, brilliant script and new, advanced technology it could work out well.

    • But that’s just it. Even if they do get amazing actors, brilliant scripts and new, advanced technology, it could still be a total flop. Everybody’s tastes are different and you can’t please everyone. Somebody you’d call an amazing actor could be a D-list actor to somebody else. And there are also those people who just can’t respect the opinions of others (I myself have been verbally attacked for an unpopular opinion).

      Heck, just look at us. Most of us are agreeing that a live-action movie is not a good idea, but there could be some people who think it’s a brilliant idea.

  9. Heh. I think it’ll look good, but I think it needs some, horror kinda backgrounds like you know, dark. For example, alice in wonderland! But if I see any tight costumes especially for tecna, I’m gonna cry for a full week. Also, reminder, the specialists. They wear bodysuits and bodysuits on men give me nightmares!! Hopefully, they make it GOOD.

  10. yeah i know kae lily i could still end up as a total flop and i think it is a HORRIBLE IDEA. but everyone likes diffrent ( srry forgot how to spell it ) things like you said before so some people might like the idea.

  11. I hate all magical live-action shows. It doesn’t look right. I’d prefer Winx Club to stay a cartoon.

  12. My first impression of the above human winx cast photo:

    Gah! Techna looks like a man! Flora is more outgoing than her normal reserved self. Stella looks too old to be a part of the group. The girls in Layla and Bloom’s outfits resemble the characters the most. The rest just seem way off. Also, they seem much older than the girls in the cartoon. 🙁

    Plus, will they have this cast run around in the short mini skirts the characters wear in the cartoon, while flying and fighting the villians? Oh, yeah, did I mention flying with wings will be difficult to envision with this cast as well.

  13. If Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon hadn’t had Usagi and co talking to a stuffed cat, I could’ve lived with it a whole lot better. I hope Kiko doesn’t go the same route as Luna the plushie.

  14. The Cast
    Alexz Johnson as Bloom
    Vanna White as Stella
    Debby Ryan as Flora
    Silvia Gunadi as Musa
    Jemma McKenzie-Brown as tecna
    Leeza Gibbons as Layla
    Gardenia location : Los angeles ,CA

  15. I would love for this to be a movie…and as for playin in the movie i would love to be apart of the cast. layla has always been my favorite character.

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