WinxBloomEnchantix posted this video on YouTube today. This promo was shown on the Singaporean channel Okto. She isn’t sure if this is a promo for season four or for re-runs of season three. Either way, something Winx is coming on November 11th. Banjogate did say that season four would premiere in English in November, so this could be the trailer we’ve been waiting for. (Winx-Bakugan-Pokemon has another promo on their website. I also found another video of this trailer. The quality isn’t as good, but the animation is smoother.)

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3 Responses to “Make Way for the “She”-roes!

  1. To be completely honest I agree, its a tad hard to tell wheather tis a promo, or a re-run. o.0
    -Pandawinx. 🙂

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