Posts about Winx Club goods like toys, games, DVDs, and magazine issues. Find out who’s making them, when they’ll be released, where to buy, how much they’ll cost, and more.


  • Witty Toys, a Dutch toy company owned by Rainbow, makes most of the Winx Club toys and dolls. They distribute them all over the world through local toy companies. What does that mean? Read more here.
Internet News

There have been a couple changes: The link to the mini-games (minigiochi) has been removed for some reason. Maybe they were having some problems with them. There’s now info about Winx Club magazine 63. Features include a summer style page (with bikinis…for ten-year-olds…) and a comic about Brandon and “a mysterious woman.” Mitzi, perhaps? It’s […]

Merchandise News

A YouTube user called 0florafairyofnature0 has posted a video showing the new Italian Believix dolls! And guess what? One of them is Roxy, which confirms she’s a fairy and possibly “the seventh Winx.” Note also the date given for season four’s Italian premiere! I think these transformations are pretty cute. They have an interesting childhood […]