As of the latest episode of season four, it seems like Musa and Riven are breaking up…again. This comes as no surprise seeing as this couple’s relationship has not been the best. Let’s take a look back at their history:

In season one, Riven was rarely kind to Musa, even though she tried her hardest to get him to notice her. Then, Darcy spelled him and caused him to break Musa’s heart. To be honest, I didn’t see much of a difference in personality between spelled Riven and normal Riven. Either way, I think Musa should have given up and found a decent guy. (That Jared she met later would have done just fine. ;p)

Then, there was season two. Things weren’t perfect, but their relationship had improved. During the fight against Darkar, Musa kissed Riven, and it seemed like they would finally get along. However, by season three, Riven was back to his cocky self. Musa considered breaking up with him (took her long enough…), but then he won her respect by fighting Nabu over her. But did this last? Nope!

In Secret of the Lost Kingdom, our lovely couple was fighting again. They got back together, but now in season four, the feud continues. Does this seem like a problem to anyone, or is it just me? Now, Musa is finally getting the chance to pursue her dream as a singer, but she’s getting no support from the boyfriend department. In fact, Riven seems jealous and even goes so far as to say that her singing stinks! I don’t know about most relationships, but I’d say that insulting a girl’s talent is a BIG no-no! Musa has plenty of reasons to dump him now, don’t you think?

So, are they over? It seems like it, but we’ve seen how resilient they’ve been in the past. They could end up back together. Who knows? If not, then this brings up another question: who is Musa going to end up with? Andy? Jason Queen? (Let’s hope not. There’s something sinister about that guy….) Will a new Specialist be introduced so late into the series? We’ll see! Whatever the case, I hope Musa makes the smart choice and says “Arrivederci!” to Riven.

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57 Responses to “Are Musa and Riven REALLY Over Now?

  1. At this point, I’m up for anything that breaks up the original couples.

    Welcome to the blog, Melodic Musa!

  2. Thank you! =D
    But, really, it’s time for Musa and Riven to break up. They’ve been at each other’s throats for four seasons now. They need to let go.

  3. I wouldn’t think that rainbow would break any of the couples, but this season I think that what their trying to do.

    I think musa sould move on and break up with riven and date andy I think he has a crush on her and they would make a cute couple in my eyes. After musa breaks up with riven, I think bloom sould do the same with Sky. I still can’t get over when he lied to bloom of being someone he not. That not cool at all sky plus he dumb to get spelled by valtor. Bloom can do much better but I guess she can’t since going to marry Sky at some point (maybe at the end of season four or in season five)

    Sorry about my comment turned into a rant. I don’t normaly stick up for bloom but it seemed to fit the topic well.

    • Thanks for your input! ;D

      Yeah, I agree with you. Andy and Musa would make a good couple. They’re both musicians, and Andy’s much more sensitive than Riven will ever be! I hope it happens!

  4. The problem I have with that is how is Musa gonna break it to Andy that she is fairy? Would Andy be willing to accept that reality or would he think she was nuts?

    As for Sky and Bloom, I’m all for breaking this couple as well but I don’t like the reasons you gave, Robin. The reason that Sky and Brandon switched identities was to keep Sky safe in case of assassination or some sly trick from Yoshinoya who is trying to destroy or take over his monarchy. Sky did not know Bloom well enough to say that she was trustworthy person. For all he knew, she could have been Yoshinoya’s spy.

    As for being under Baltor’s potion, he could not help that, could he? As far as we know, Sky has no major magical talent. Ergo, how could he defend himself magically without Bloom’s help? We also have to consider that he came under Baltor’s spell by the potion that Baltor gave to Diaspro who tricked Sky into drinking it. I find that really difficult to defend yourself from biologically.

    • Good points, Kikurukina.

      I wonder, though, if Andy already knows something is up. First, Stella levitates a microphone out of his hand, then Gardenia is saved by fairies. Enough weirdness has been going on that he might be able to handle that news. =P

      About Sky, I agree he couldn’t help it. The Specialists are basically sitting ducks when it comes to curses. As far as the identity switch goes, I doubt Sky didn’t tell Bloom because he wasn’t sure he could trust her. I think that had more to do with his engagement to Diaspro than the problems in Eraklyon. He probably wrestled with his feelings for some time and hoped Bloom wouldn’t find out the way she did.

      • I think Brandon clarified this in the RAI version on ‘Battle on Eraklyon,’ I think? Or whatever where Bloom and Flora visits Eraklyon and find out that Diaspro’s been kidnapped.

  5. ok, i’ll say it, if musa did not like riven, why did she try so hard to keep him as her bf. then there’s riven, if he did not like her, why did he jump in front of her when LD shot that ball at her? and why did he fight nabu over musa (even tho nabu liked layla). all I’m saying is riven has to come out and say, “I love you musa.”

    • I agree. Imagine how many spats could have been avoided if Riven had been honest with Musa about how he feels. Of course, if he was honest, he would not be Riven. It’s just not in his character to say something like that straight out, but he has shown that he likes her in some of the ways you mentioned. Riven is just so stubborn and complicated!

      • Feelings change over time. The reason that we do many things is based on passed experiences but some people are unwilling to learn from that. Plus, it’s been probably two or three years since the fall of Darkar and that’s a lot of time for things to change.

  6. Yeah your right Kikurukina, I guess I said those things about sky and bloom cause their not my favorite couple on the show. but I will say this sky may break bloom heart many times but she love him no matter what. Don’t forget Sky also help Bloom remember who she really was while she was under Lord Darkar’s spell.

    Yeah I think Andy know something is going on, he deosn’t seem like the clueless type to me.

    • I also hope that Musa ends up with Andy. Unlike Riven, Andy seems to have some sort of clue how to treat a girl. Although, since he’s Bloom’s EX-boyfriend, he may have done something wrong in the past. Let’s not forget that Andy knew Bloom before all this fairy stuff started. He’d have to be blind not to notice the changes going on around him. I agree that Andy knows about what’s going on with the Winx. He’d make a good addition to the boyfriend group. 😉

      • At same time, would it not be awkward for him? All guys know these amazing things like ruling kingdoms and politics (Sky), knighthood (Brandon), thievery (Riven), advance engineering (Timmy), magic (Nabu) and I assume, escape artist tricks for Helia because he has the laser string glove. If he knows how to restrain people, I assume he knows how to escape as well? Plus, they all know how to fight in general.

        Andy’s best chance at making friends is with Helia (artsy) and Nabu (all around friendly). Riven will probably hate his guts; Sky will generally avoid him and Brandon will follow suit to stay loyal to his king.

        I think Andy would be a setback to the group unless he knew some martial arts like karate or judo from childhood. I personally can’t see that happening.

  7. Well, Earth is Andy’s territory. He knows things that would take the Specialists years to learn. The guys didn’t even know how to fix a car, let alone drive it. I’m sure that Andy at least knows how to drive. I think he would be a positive influence on the Specialists. He could help them learn the ropes of living life on Earth.

  8. I agree with you all, Riven and Musa are not the best couple, but then, I don’t really think they’re going to break up. Of course, I could be wrong.

    It seems strange that the creators of this show would go to all that trouble to show that they like each other,between when they’re mad at each other, and then once they actually get to together (sorta), have them break up.

    The only thing that really is stopping these two in my eyes, is a lack of good, solid communication skills. If they could be honest with each other, if Riven could be honest with her, they wouldn’t have these kinds of issues.

    I’m not sure if they’ll break up or not, but it will be pretty awkward if they do. Think about it, they’ll still see each other, and Musa will probably get a new guy, which means a new guy will have to be introduced this late in the show. Or, if she does as some of you have proposed, and goes for Andy, and then Andy will have to be given a larger part in the show, plus he’ll have to be told that their all faries. Each of the guy’s for the girls so far has been special and unique, and they’ve all come from the magical dimension (meaning they alraedy realize the others are faries). I just can’t see them bringing in someone entirely different this late in the show.

    But that’s all just my opinion.

    Compared to most of the others, their relationship is…rocky, constantly, but, most relationships are. If they’re willing to work through their problems, then things should be just fine. I mean, look at Helia and Flora, or Nabu and Layla, they’re only doing so well because they actually TALK to each other, well, tha and they get along so well.

    Anyway, feel free to disagree or agree with me as you will.

  9. I think that some change is long due. I mean, I haven’t known anyone to have a relationship for longer than a year, and these perfectly matched couples are getting om my nerves…

    • I actually agree. Things normally don’t work out that well in real life, especially when you’re as young as they all were. When I was in high school, people started dating and broke up within the same month—sometimes the same week! Something needs to change. Everything just seems paused right now. Either there needs to be a shake-up or all the couples need to go ahead and get married. Of course, that might make the show a little awkward…

  10. oh come on guys … you dont REALLY think that they are going to break up… for goodness sake HE SAVED HER LIFE, her tear broke mandaragoras spell over him, yeeeeesh what is that if not love …
    and btw he once did say that she sings very nice(that was before jason who i hate so much grrrrrrr) and when they went to the studio jason was hitting on musa infront of his eyes, who wouldnt be jealous???

    and ps. phoebe and The Oblivious Prattler: things can go that good in real life and i am a living example, i have a solid relationship for little bit more than 4 years and i am only 18…

    in short my name says it all 😉

    • I do believe Riven loves Musa. He just needs to deal with his attitude before he drives her crazy (or crazier). If he can’t learn to behave, she might need to move on. And yeah, relationships can go well at that age; I just said they don’t normally. But it’s always good to hear about one that has gone well. I’m happy for you! =)

    • I agree with you there musa and riven 4eva, they are a inseperatable couple and you have rasied agood point, ok, so they’re not my fave couple but there a sweet one. 🙂

      -pandawinx. 🙂

  11. OK LISTEN UP! Think about The past of both of them Not just the relationship. Musas emotional from her mom dieing and thats why she sings is for her mom. And Riven DONT BE SO HARD! Rivens only scared to get nice and lovey in the relationship because his mom left him in his past and hes scared to get involved because hes scared his heart might be brocken deep down. But deep down Riven loves Musa and Musa loves Riven ok. To tell the truth I think they are the cutest couple on the show. And Riven is not jealous its only because musa loves music and is mostly doin it for her mom and think RIVEN HAD A HARD TIME WITH HIS MOM! so he has trouble with all moms. These two dont deserve to be broken up ok LISTEN RIVEN IS A DECENT GUY AND MUSA KNOWS IT AND U KNOW IT SO YEAH TAKE THAT THEY DESERVE TO LOVE EACHOTHER!

  12. i think they shoudn’t break up. I mean I know Riven is a little cocky but thats just the Riven way. He is so into Musa, he was just saying that musa’s singing stinks was because he was jealous of jason and Musa was ignoring Riven few days in earth. And he did fight Nabo for Musa.

      • BTW, Musa liked Jason but Jason just loved her singing. She was also invited to his wedding and she was heartbroken. Jason only wanted to be friends with her.( it’s in an eppy in season 4.) They were all invited to his wedding and musa sang there. You meet his wife in that eppy.

  13. They’re wonderful and belong together.. A realistic couple, not like the others “a boy met a girl, fall in love”
    And i think they’ll become together ’cause in the trailer of 4th season musa was crying and after that scene she saw riven, they hugged *aww*

    • I don’t think the scenes from the trailer were real (as in directly from the show), but that scene was really sweet and made me also feel like Rainbow doesn’t plan on breaking these two up.

  14. Riven is scared to commit into their relationship because his mother left him for money and he mistrusts women. You have to understand, it isn’t easy because he is afraid to be broken again and he’ll mistrust even more if it happens. Remember that humans aren’t allowed in Alfea or any magical dimension, so it’s impossible for Musa and Andy to be together. And, Musa’s family would obviously not let Musa marry Andy if it was possible because he doesn’t have any special powers or anything. Musa and Riven have pretty much been a couple and will continue to be. I don’t think the creators would let them break up. They’re doing it for a bit of drama and not a totally happy kawaii desu show. We all know that Riven loves her deep down. He saved her life, told her this:

    Musa: I’m sure you don’t really want to do the whole mushy goodbye, good luck thing, right? (silence) Right. Just making sure… (walks away, but Riven takes her by the hand and hugs her tight).
    Riven (in a soft voice): Promise you’ll come back to me. I don’t know what I would do without you, Musa. Okay?

    Seeeee? <333

    Musa wouldn't give up on him, neither would he.

    So, please, if you think they are over, they aren't going to be, EVER.


    They are my fave couple on the show. :'3

  15. Yeah, I feel that if all the couples in the show are going to be lovey dovey, then wouldn’t that be a bit too typical and cliche? The creators created Riven’s character this way because they WANT there to be complications, they WANT there to be conflicts, and most of all, they want to show the audience that Musa and Riven’s love for each other wouldn’t have been this deep if they hadn’t gone through so much. =)

  16. riven and musa r like love birds…its just that riven is a bit protective towards musa….he was just jealoused of jason…he loves musa more than his own life..and it has been proven!!

  17. eu acho sabe (NA minha opniao claro) qa Musa eo Riven deverião ficar juntos, assim como Bloom e Sky, Brandon e Stella, Flora e Hellio ea Tecna com o Timmy
    não gosto do Andy a Musa ja ta começando a derreter o coraçao de gelo do Riven

    PS: me desculpem se tiver algum erro de calegrafia ou se estiverem errados os nomes>. <

  18. everybody is sorta blaming riven for not communicating with musa but musa hasn’t the best in that department either so i think they are both at fault and the real reason they probably broke up is because rainbow wanted to thinkin the plot…..but they will probably just get back together

  19. Riven is only being hard on musa because rainbow wants the program to be intresting. kinda sorta what lalalala had said!!!!!

  20. Riven and Musa do have a rocky relationship, but they’re both at fault for it. I’ve seen a few times in the show where Musa was angry with Riven for seemingly no reason. They both have sort of the same traits: they’re both stubborn, they hide their feelings, they’re both emotionally vulnerable. In other words, they’re a lot like each other, just not exactly. Sure, Riven is cocky, but he has tried to be nice to Musa before and she just didn’t accept it. So it’s not all Riven’s fault.

  21. I think I know (in my opinion of course) that Musa and Riven should stay together, as Bloom and Sky, Brandon and Stella, Flora and Helia and Tecna with Timmy
    do not like Andy… Musa is just starting to melt Riven’s icy heart.

    PS: I’m sorry if you have any error or if the names are wrong>. <

  22. i don’t agree with what you’re saying
    i think musa and riven are a great and cute couple
    i think they are the best couple!!!!!!!

  23. Riven aunque sea algo testarudo e indeciso , se que quiere a Musa , y mucho , y Musa a el , aunque lo niegue se le nota , en mi opinion son una pareja fantastica y lo que pasa es que aunque no lo parezca , Riven es timido y no se atreve a decirle lo que realmente siente por ella y que la quiere. Con Musa pasa lo mismo , pero para hacerse la valiente tampoco se lo dice , pero en el fondo se quieren mucho , yo diria que mas que ninguna otra pareja..

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