Do you have a favorite Winx character who embodies the show to you? Someone you think of every time you talk about what you love about it? I do.

Surprise! It’s not one of the Winx — or Roxy, as much as I babble about her. 😛 And it’s not one of the guys, either. I have my favorites, of course, but ultimately they’re all minor characters and aren’t essential to the show. Some of them only exist to be love interests.

This character drew me in from the very first season. Their presence added mystery and wonder to the show. They existed before the story began and have often been behind the scenes, guiding the Winx on their adventures.

If you can’t tell from the description (or the post categories 😛 ), my favorite character of all time is…


When I look back on the first three seasons, I remember when Daphne would come to Bloom in visions and projections. Her flowing golden gown and ribbons. Her majestic appearance. The light so intense, Bloom and Faragonda could barely look at her. Daphne represented Bloom’s unknown past, the identity she was trying to reclaim.

The more Bloom learned about herself, the more she learned about Daphne as well. She’s a nymph. She’s Bloom’s older sister. (Was she always?) She’s the former Crown Princess of Domino, their home world, and she gave her life to protect her and hide the planet’s secret from the first coven of witches. Without Daphne’s sacrifice, there’d be no Winx Club.

The scene where Bloom visits her in Secret of the Lost Kingdom is not just my favorite one in the movie. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the whole series. It’s so beautifully rendered, and it’s sad yet hopeful. I love the last few lines in the RAI dub as Daphne returns to Roccaluce:

Daphne: Bloom, this is not goodbye. Remember, I’ll always be at your side. You’ll never truly be alone. Ever.
Bloom: And we’ll be a family again. Someday.

That’s why I hate what Nickbow did to Daphne in season five. They took the bravest, most noble character in the show and turned her into a Winx wannabe. She’s still elegant and beautiful, but she’s lost all of the charm and mystery she had when she was a spirit. There’s nothing special about her anymore.

Even though I call her “Daphne,” sometimes I forget she’s the same character. How can this sad Stella lookalike who just teaches the Winx about fairy tales be the same person? And now she has a boyfriend? Why would a girl who’s been a spirit for two decades care about dating yet?

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I wanted you to understand how much it bothers me. I’ve gotten over Nabu’s death. Season five was terrible and season six was decent at most, but I never have to watch them again if I don’t want to. But Daphne’s “return to life” upset me more than anything. It changed her character and wrecked the original plot of the series.

After I wrote my “Daphne Should Have Stayed Dead” post, a few readers gave good reasons why Nickbow may have revived her. It was strange for her to be the only dead person who became a spirit, so by retconning her story, they made death fair and permanent again. I understand, but I’m still not happy.

This won’t stop me from watching the show, of course. But I hope Rainbow never does something like this again. They should stand by what they’ve written, no matter what effect it has on the plot in the future.

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41 Responses to “My Favorite Winx Character of All Time

  1. Daphne is THE main reason why I started liking Winx Club when I was 12. She was so mysterious, so powerful… Daphne really fascinated me, because she made me think of some kind of some kind of goddess-like or Lady of the Lake-like (well, she was the Lady of Lake Roccaluce 😛 ).
    Her sacrifice to save Bloom, and how she still guides her little sister was so touching!

    Daphne is my major favourite! She’s my favourite-most Winx Club character!

    Her appearance in Bloom’s dream and on that building/temple facade in season 1 still fascinates me so many years later.

    That scene from The Secret of the Lost Kingdom is my absolute favourite scene from the whole series. I start crying whenever I watch it.
    There’s also the season 1 flashback scene on Domino, which ends with the witches closing on Daphne after she sends Bloom to Earth, which is one I like a lot.
    And the flashback when Bloom sees Mike saving her from the fire as well, because I realise that while Mike was saving Bloom, Daphne was getting killed by the witches at that same moment. :'(

    They are my favourite scenes from the whole Winx Club series.

    By the way, season 1 Bloom is also another favourite character of mine. I relate to her a lot (although I realise that part of the fandom enjoys hating on her nowadays)!

    Thanks for linking the guest posts, btw.

  2. “There’s nothing special about her anymore.” Wow. Remind me never to get resurrected around you.

    Seriously, though – that’s pretty harsh. Was her deadness the only thing that made her special? What about the rest of your description of her?
    “She’s a nymph” – Still true.
    “She’s Bloom’s older sister” – Certainly still true.
    “She’s the former Crown Princess of Domino” – We have to scratch the “former” part, but the rest is true.
    “She gave her life to protect [Bloom] and hide the planet’s secret from the first coven of witches.” – Technically, that’s still what happened, right? I don’t think her admittedly bizarre revival changes that.
    You also called her “brave” and “noble,” and I guess you think she’s not anymore? Has she done anything particularly cowardly or ignoble in season 6? I can’t recall it.
    You also said she was “mysterious,” and on this point I must agree with you – the mystery is gone. Since mystery was her foremost quality early in the show, I could see why it would irk you to have that gone (especially if that’s why you got attached to her). But that was slowly fading away the more we found out about her, right? Mystery is based on ignorance – it couldn’t be maintained forever.

    Now, do I wish Nickbow hadn’t brought her back to life? Sure. But honestly, I’m more bothered by the fact that they resurrected the whole planet. That’s what hurts my head.

    • It’s true her personality and actions haven’t changed, but her being dead/a spirit represented how much she’d given up. By reviving her, I feel like they basically said her sacrifice didn’t matter. So yes, in a sense, her deadness is what made her special to me. But it’s not the fact she was dead, but why.

      Is being a nymph, an older sister, and a princess really that special? We barely know how nymphs are different from fairies in this show. Flora’s an older sister, too, and there are three princesses in the Winx Club. I don’t feel those traits make her particularly special.

      And as far as what was left of her mysteriousness, it’s true we know far more about her than we once did. But she still had an air of mystery just by being a spirit, something supernatural and unusual even for this show.

      • Four princesses if you include Roxy. 😛

        Bringing her back from the dead does seemed to make her sacrifice feel a bit meaningless. But on the bright side, I don’t think it was done that badly. At least Nickbow hinted from the beginning of season five of how Daphne became that way and Bloom’s desire to “find someway to help” her. To me, Daphne’s resurrection didn’t felt like a deus ex machina, unlike some of those I’ve seen done over and over again in other series like Michael Bay’s Transformers films. I swear, they brought Megatron back to life TWICE! My suspension of disbelief could only go so far…I could probably say the same thing about Digimon, but then again Digimon are digital creatures that can be reborn as Digi-eggs. Permanent end only happens when their death is severe.

        I do wished Daphne had stayed dead, but I don’t really mind her being alive that much. Maybe if Rainbow kept Daphne mysterious in season 6, the fans wouldn’t mind that much. I believe that she can still be portrayed as a mysterious character, despite being alive again. I don’t know, make her like Queen Elsa. Instead of having Daphne clumsy, dating, and hanging around the Winx like a school girl, have her just as the regal and elegant Queen-to-Be that she is with a touch of mystery. It would make sense to have Thoren wanting to know more about her, but have Daphne slowly opening up to him before finally decided that they’ll be a couple by the end of the 6th season. That way, Daphne would retain a part of her mysterious touch and we don’t have to rush her into a relationship. Just have her slowly warming up to the idea of “dating”.

        When it comes to mysterious characters like Daphne, I think less is more. That’s why I love her in season 1 more as well as Elsa from Frozen, the Transformers from the first film, the Joker from The Dark Knight, etc. We don’t know much about these characters because they were portrayed as very mysterious beings! That excites us!

        • Mirta’s my fav…

          But I agree Daphne should of stayed dead. Or if they were had to bring her back then she should have been characterized differently. She is acting like a kid now. In reality she is one of the oldest people in her scenes…if faragonda or eldora isn’t there. I loved her mystery and I would of been okay exchanging it for some maturity.

          She could still teach history at Alfea but if she has to be alive she should stay on domino. And sister bonding time should be like in the second movie where she’s showing bloom how to be a princess. (I’m just thinking of the second season where stella says that bloom is a princess and can rarely muster up a please or thank you).

          Keep her dead but present or make her an adult. What she is now…it just isn’t right

    • I’m more bothered by the fact that they resurrected the whole planet. That’s what hurts my head.

      I agree, I think Domino should have stayed as a destroyed/dead planet instead of frozen/cursed. To me, being the last survivor of a planet destroyed by evil forces was one of the things that made Bloom an interesting character [when she was], and being an orphan alien who was raised by humans is an important part of her persona [especially since her adoptive father is a firefighter, and they are used to risk their lives for others], so I think restoring Domino and bringing Bloom’s parents back just ruined part of her character. Honestly, when I saw S3 for the first time I was expecting that Valtor had killed Oritel and Marion or that they were indeed inside of Valtor so Bloom would have to make the decision to kill Valtor even if it meant to kill her parents, which would have developed her character.

      • I’m okay with Domino’s resurrection only because it was done well. Since in the show she could be a full fairy without saving her planet. So she gets to be a full fairy by her actions in the movie.

    • Well, here’s the thing about Domino’s resurrection. At first, I felt the same way, Bloom gets to have her parents, her planet AND her sister restored to her? But Matlin and Nabu MUST remain dead? No sense made there! –– But then I thought [at least in regards to Domino and her parents] that they were never truly dead, such was only speculated by both fans and characters, but it was never definitively stated that they were in fact deceased. SOTLK made some sense of the whole addition of the Obsidian plot and going back to S1 with Domino being frozen by the Ancestresses, and placing Oritel and Marion in the final battle so that they ended up getting trapped on the planet at the time [thus becoming trapped themselves.] So they were never actually dead, just trapped/frozen. And the SOTLK plot was a little more seamlessly integrated with the show’s ideas, so the notion of the Winx being able to revive Domino and Bloom’s parents from being encased in Obsidian actually seemed feasible. Whereas the poor rewrite of Daphne’s death-turned-“curse” was really quite clumsily composed and made little sense with the information we already had regarding Domino’s downfall and her role in it. It made more sense for her to be dead.

  3. That was a big surprise. I sure thought as much as you go on about Roxy that Roxy was your number one (especially when you have sarcastic captions about her questionable membership on some pics in her posts). Now for what I like about Daphne, i enjoy her sisterly relationship, not just with Bloom but with the other Winx too especially Tecna since they’re both the distant smart girls of the group and being an ideal best friend for her (teacher’s pet accusations aside of course), giving the show an ultimate concept of family and showing how friends can be like family too. I also enjoy that now she’s like a mentor to the Winx. It’s nice to see that the Winx have a mentor that’s (relatively) closer to their age instead of always having Faragonda to explain everything. Another thing for five years (in show) she wore yellow my second fave color (Tecna and Bloom wearing my other two purple and blue, purple is #1 and blue #3) and is actually one of the blondes that can pull it off looking like a living treasure chest. I’m not so much on green for her sirenix it should have been yellow. Is this the beginning of your thoughts on the girls series by any chance? I ask because I can’t think of any better starting place for the girls than Daphne, like you said no Daphne means no Winx because Bloom and Stella would both be dead (because Knut was winning that fight before Bloom intervened and those wounds looked pretty ugly) since Mike never would have had that fire rescue if Daphne hadn’t sent Bloom to earth and sacrificed herself.

  4. Wow, we have a lot in common! Daphne is my all time favorite character and Flora is my favorite Winx member. 😛

    My favorite scene in the whole Winx universe is in the Rai dub of Secret of the Lost Kingdom when Bloom says “My nightmare has come true. I’m all alone,” and then Daphne says she isn’t alone and the two become one to fight the witches. Ah, the feelings in that scene make up for how boring I think the rest of the movie is.

  5. LOL, this was NOT AT ALL a surprise for me. I KNEW your favorite character is Daphne. It’s not like you’ve ever mentioned it before (at least, I don’t recall), but the way you have talked about her in the past, I knew it was her. If I’m not wrong, I think you were even upset at a Daphne doll which you claimed didn’t look like her (or was it some other blogger? Forgive me if I’m wrong).
    But anyway, you have been dropping enough hints for me to know that your favorite character is her.

  6. Agreed. I love Daphne, but I think it would have been better had she stayed dead…or more specifically, a mystical “disembodied spirit”. But I kinda understand why Nickbow would bring her back. As I’ve said earlier, she was pretty much the only “dead” character seen as a ghost, unlike Nabu and Matlin. So it makes sense for them to clarify Daphne as a special case by calling her a “disembodied spirit” and bringing her back.

    I really do love that scene from the first film. It was beautiful! I also like how Daphne’s design evolved. From the first season, her designed looked very plain and lazy to me. I mean just look at that large hairstyle! It’s boring! I was so glad that they made it more detailed and beautiful by the time they did the first film. It was interesting to see that they re-designed it as a head-dress. ;p

    • I was okay with her being the only wandering dead. I just linked it to the fact that she was some kind of demigod. That was how she was special to me. After all there is a temple to the Nymphs in Magix. I assume she’s worshiped.

      So now that they’ve explained why she’s was a special case…now they have to explain how she is different. Why is she a nymph? what is a nymph? And to be frank it was okay to no explain those things. That mystery is what made her demigod-hood acceptable to me. Now it needs explaining.

        • I’m hoping they retconn her resurrection. Lets say since the winx lost their sirenix powers that the wishes weakened (but were not undone). The sirenix curse is undone and won’t affect any future fairies but it no longer has the power to undo the past. Life is not something easily returned.

          • Yeah but if you accept Daphne as a demi then it would make her time as ghost essentially her “old woman” form. That is is a good theory about daphne being a femi so although she’s chronologically older, she’ll age much slower than anyone around her meaning that when anyone starts greying she’ll need to look her age.

  7. Here’s an idea, why don’t you use that beautiful screenshot of Daphne and Bloom from the first film to replace the Winx season 6 couture or the Harmonix design of this blog. But it’s your blog, so you know…do what you do. *giggle* ;p

      • Ooooooooh!!!! A redesign. I am looking forward to it. I do have to agree with your opinions thought. I loved Daphne and Bloom in season 1 because I was a teen going through my own self-discoveries and I thought it was so cool that there was this mysterious person to help Bloom (though at the time I thought she was Bloom’s Mom). In fact when I found out she was Bloom’s sister I was even more excited because in most shows sister’s don’t always have that close a relationship with each other.

        She even had her own back story as a nymph and I was glad to learn more about her through learning about Bloom. While Bloom shifted from being my favorite as my interest changed, Daphne still held a special place because she was the spirit of the show. She added an extra special magical element just by her existence. And yes, making her human again took that magic away for me too. It felt like they brought her back just so Bloom wouldn’t have problems when she goes off to marry Sky.

        And no I am not hating on Bloom to hate on Bloom but I feel that after season 3 and the movie, she lost that something special that made her interesting and suddenly the Winx became Bloom and the Winx. That feeling of equal participation was gone. It’s the same with making Daphne human. She lost the best qualities that made her outstanding and the noble sacrifice that created her new existence as a spirit was made obsolete. What was the point of her doing all that so we could all understand her story and the lesson that goes with it if you are going to tarnish it?

      • *gasp* Really? I can’t wait to see it!

        Speaking of which, I saw your Facebook update on Nick “starting over” with “The Legendarium” episode. Are you still going to try and wait for them to release the last six episodes before reviewing season 7? It’s times like this that I get the feeling that Nick is never going to release them all and that makes my blood boils. Grrr…

        • I might cave and finish season six online. But I’m still gonna wait on season seven. I highly doubt any country is gonna finish the entire season this year. Rainbow likes to stretch each season out over at least two years.

          • You’ll save yourself a lot of irritation with the final six of six at least with some things while on the other hand welcome to irritation overload. Most fans have already finished online and are mixed with some things so while you run spoiler risk for those who haven’t it’s better to finish six quickly than wait forever on nick. S7 if you want to wait go ahead. Also i think i know why Nick is stretching it out, the same reason 5 took forever to finish. They don’t want to break before s7 (which makes summers longer but at least we’d get them eventually. I still wish 4kids was dubbing though if only for the reason of consistancy and marketing the h**l out of the show so people knew who they were and what they were, why you could even say that the Winx were 4kids official mascots more than Sonic & TMNT were. They knew that they had a show that could rival the sponge and the mouse. Probably why nick US doesn’t market Winx much, they feel unclean having an “rival” show in their lineup like how Disney would feel unclean if they had Looney Tunes outside of Roger Rabbit.

  8. I think she should have stayed dead, even though what you said about her being the only dead wandering around it’s true, it is not an excuse to bring her to life, she could be a disembodied spirit and stay that way. I think it wouldn’t be that bad to “revive” her if they had done it in a more subtle and dignified fashion instead of just making a wish, and if they had kept that mystery which characterized “dead” Daphne.

    I used to love Daphne before S5, when my sister used to see Winx Club I saw it just because I didn’t have anything better to do, but when I saw Daphne for the first time I thought she was a sort of goddess and I loved all the scenes concerning her. She and that amazing final battle against The Trix and the army of darkness is why I decided to keep watching and eventually become a fan.

  9. I completly agree that she should have stayed dead. While I loved how Nickbow brought winx back to America, I hated what they did to season 5 and 6

    My favorite character is Sibylla (wiki link:

    She was the fairy of justice in season four and just had the most beautiful fairy-outfit. It stands head and shoulders above the rest; it is so creative, the color choices, and she has sparkly wings for crying out loud!

    For reasons other than clothes, she was incredibly sweet and treated the winx with respect. She BOWED to them.

    I think that she is one of the most creative characters and, while I wish she was still in it, she had an amazing part.

  10. When I was litle and first began watching Winx Club, my favourite character in the Winx Club series used to be Flora. As I grew up and heard about a lot of people picking Flora as their favourite Winx, I began to think that Rainbow developed her to be exactly the type of character that little girls would like the most and possibly pick as a role model – caring, loyal, well-mannered and overall really sweet, not to mention her Winx dress was pink, and that also played a big role as to why I have picked her.

    There were a few times when I felt like Bloom was competing for the first spot, but then season two and the whole Avalon thing happened, and despite redeeming herself at the end of the season as well as in season three, she was bumped lower on my list, simply because the other Winx were evolving quicker than she was.

    So, as I grew up, one Winx in particular began appealing to me and has pushed herself in the number one position, namely, the fairy that everyone considers immature, selfish, vain and superficial. Did you recognise her? The fairy of the sun and the moon (she’ll forever be the fairy of the sun and the moon to me and not the ‘fairy of the shining sun’, it angered me when they changed her status, considering that Stella’s fairy of the sun and the moon status reflects both her parents; King Radius – sun and Queen Luna – moon), Stella.

    Stella is a much deeper character than people give her credit for, there is much more to her than people think, one just needs to look deeper in order to properly figure Stella out. Many consider her to be selfish, but overall immature and superificial, after all, she’s always been the comic relief, the jokester of the series, as she has put it, she likes to joke around when there is danger and the more dangerous the situation, the more jokes she will make – it is simply her way of coping. But overall, once you get to look deeper and figure Stella out, you will probably realise that she is the most human of the group – she gets sad, she gets angry, she gets jealous, she can be childish, she can have selfish outbursts, but all in all, she cares very much for her friends and family, she would definitely put them before herself and she is there for them when they need a shoulder to cry on – the fact that she has hurt some of them on several occasions with her words, only shows how realistic she is, as she doesn’t seem to think before she speaks – one of the characteristics of an extrover, which Stella actually is. I feel like Stella is not like Bloom or Flora, she was not made for little girls to look up to and pick as a role model, no. While Winx’s target audience is of a young age, I will give Igino some credit for intelligence and assume that he did think of the older audience the Winx might have and has actually created Stella in such a way that she is rather the type of character people can relate to, rather than look up to.

  11. Part 2.

    I felt like it would be easier to make a comment split into two parts rather than make a very long one. But here it goes.

    I have two favourite characters in the Winx Club, one that I have already named, and one that has been more of an episodic character, a villain, rather. I will probably get a lot of hate for this, but my second favourite character is…

    Diaspro. There, I said it.

    I remember being still a kid and watching the episode where Diaspro first appeared in the first season – I thought that she was so pretty, I really loved her design and I was not bothered or angry at all that she had went to fight against Bloom.

    What cartoon creators don’t realise is that children are much more intelligent than they are being given credit (a main reason why I think today’s cartoons suck in comparison to the late ’90s, early 2000’s, when cartoons could actually have depth to them and their characters, but nowadays they’re all about lame jokes and the generic dimwit, idiot of the series), I can not pinpoint the exact reason why I did not dislike Diaspro, but probably the fact that Bloom was the one to ignite the fight, as well as the fact that it was revealed Sky basically two-timed them, had something to do with it.

    I feel like the creators of the show decided that it would be interesting to make a villain that would be a fairy – you know, a fairy being a magical creature that is supposed to embody courage, empathy and good will. A sort of irony, but as well show that not everyone that would be thought to be good at first glance can actually be a positive person and to kind of ‘never judge a book by its cover’.

    But in their quest to make Diaspro a villain, in the view of those that can actually put some pieces of information together, they kind of failed. If anything, Diaspro has actually earned my entire sympathy and has become the reason why I have come to put Bloom at the bottom of my ‘favourite Winx member’ list.

    Come to think about it – Diaspro was born a princess. All of her life she has been taught to behave like royalty, she was taught poisture, etiquette, mannerism and above all, the fact that, being a princess, she has to marry a prince. Basically, she has been taught that her entire worth is to marry a prince (and have an offspring, but that would never be put on the screen in Winx), and the prince that has been assigned to her was Sky. Now, unlike Sky, Diaspro has remained loyal to her duty as a royal, she has remained faithful to Sky and their engagement and has almost definitely developped feelings for him. Without marrying Sky, as she had been taught, she probably thought she’d have no worth, after all, as I have said, being a princess was what she knew all of her life (as she herself has said in season 2).

    And then what happens? Her fiancee cheats on her with an earthling girl, with a peasant (let’s not forget that earlier in season 1 we did not know Bloom was a princess). Not only that, but that girl that she had no idea of suddenly confronts her and attacks her out of nowhere. Way to make a first impression, right? And in the end, the man she had been faithful to gets away with cheating on her and dating a non-royalty and is still going to get to the throne one day, along with the girl he had been cheating with (add this to the ‘Sky is incompetent’ list), after all of her efforts and 16-17 years of her life wasted away.

    In the end, Diaspro is just a misunderstood character that has been unfairly given the ‘villain’ card. While the creators could have given her some rest after appearing in season 1 and let’s say season 3, they have instead chosen to make her appear again and only make her more desperate in her attempts to get rid of Bloom, which has only made me feel worse for her. Honestly, I would have liked to see Diaspro eventually realise it is better to be the bigger person, give Sky and Bloom the middle finger and just move herself on, make a bunch of friends of her own and meet a new love interest that would treat her a thousand times better than Sky has ever did, and possibly even reach her Enchantix level, which would only give Bloom a double middle finger.

    But, unfortunately, that hasn’t happened… And all I can hope for is that the creators will finally give her a break, after they have shattered her character to pieces and gave her the biggest kick in the a*s in the entire series. Yes, a kick even bigger than the one given to the Trix, because the Trix were at least made to be real villains, they wanted to take over the magical universe, but Diaspro wasted most of her life on learning how to behave like royalty and wasted time on a fiancee that has cheated on her and has faced no repercussions.

    • I don’t like Diaspro very much but I agree with you. If you look at it carefully Diaspro is the victim here, she just went to Red Fountain to see her boyfriend/fiancé and what happens? Her fiancé’s paramour attacks her. Honestly Sky behaved like a jerk by dating two girls at the same time, even if he really didn’t like Diaspro. He should have tried to break with Diaspro before starting to date Bloom.

      I think those sixteen years of her life being wasted was the reason why she lost her mind and become a sort of psychopath that just wants to separate Sky and Bloom, even if it requires kill one of them.

      • Well, to Sky’s credit, he wasn’t trying to two-time either of them. Don’t forget this was an arranged marriage, which, like Aisha, he may not have wanted. He planned to be loyal to Diaspro, but then he met Bloom. I think earlier in the episode where the two girls meet, Sky seeks advice from Timmy about his dilemma. That showed he was conflicted about his disloyalty.

        • But in the end, he still faced no repercussions for his disloyalty and not following what has been imposed to him by the royal court, while Diaspro lost everything. As it has been said, at this point, I don’t think Diaspro cares about Sky as much anymore, she’s just fixed on getting back at the two who have hurt her the most, but that is mainly the wrong done by whoever wrote the episodes where Diaspro appeared after season 3. In season 3 she’s still being in character, and giving Sky a love potion does prove more or less that she still had some feelings for him, but going as far as trying to kill Bloom, that was crossing the line and a bad decision by the writer – at least in my opinion.

  12. To what you said about season 6: I will also watch those episodes. We gave to many chances. Season 7 has already started in the UK. Why should we be behind just cause nick does not care?
    I am surprised how that person found the episodes in HD because they are not on itunes.:))

  13. Well, I am happy Rainbow cares about the american fans and I think its good that they kind of double crossed nick.:)
    Nick wanted to probably air the next episode in 2016 or so:)

  14. I’ve always found Daphne insanely interesting,she gave a sort of depth and a little bit of darkness and sadness to the show that I think Nickbow are somehow “scared” of using ,now.I have noticed that,maybe it’s just me,but the show is a little more one dimensional than it used to be both in terms of certain characters’ actions(like Stella in the Queen for a Day thing)and concepts.When Rainbow was working alone, they weren’t scared of tackling topics like sacrifice,darkness,fears,sadness.It seems Nickbow doesn’t think children understand depth which is upsetting because they are underestimating their audience.I watched Winx when I was younger (about 7) and I had no problem with the concepts,in fact it made me more attracted to the show.

  15. My favourite Winx was(and still is) Layla/Aisha.I fell for her agility and her sportiness and her multiple backflips in the first episode of S2 enabling her to beat monsters without magic(seriously that was badass),her attitude,her cuteness… but what really captivated me and was quite relatable was her fear of being alone and fear of not being excepted as she was.I know a lot of young girls who relate as I did and watching Layla face her fears and become stronger was important…this is why kids shows shouldn’t be scared to tackle loaded topics such as fears…

  16. My favorite is Flora. I loved here since I was lottle and watched Winx Club on 4kids with my sisters. My sisters said I was a lot like her too!

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