Princess Krystal restarts the Bloom-Sky-Diaspro love triangle, the Winx search for a rainbow pony, and at the end they’re given a new power called Harmonix. Here’s what I thought while I was watching.

  • Thanks, Krystal, for ruining a romantic moment! She sounds nothing like a Linphean fairy.
  • Krystal: “Isn’t it wonderful she’s [Diaspro’s] here?”

    NO! 😡

  • Poor Bloom’s using the Sirenix mission to distract herself from what’s going on with Sky. She can’t focus on both. I wonder if that might cause her to lose him…
  • Bloom and Stella just made the same pose. They are too much alike sometimes.
  • Best fairies at Alfea? Okay, two things. 1) The Winx shouldn’t even be at Alfea anymore. They’re not students anymore, and they’re barely teachers. They’re only there because they’re Magix’s celebrities. 2) Faragonda brags on them way too much. Their excessive popularity is getting on my nerves. In season four, they didn’t even like it. Now they’re relishing it.
  • Shouldn’t a being called “The Ancestral Spirit of Nature” live in Linphea? 😕
  • So there are only twelve “best fairies in the Magical Dimension?” No wonder Alfea has a bad graduation rate. Why do three of those fairies look like witches?
  • Ha, Musa!

    Stella: “If I had known we’d be hiking, I wouldn’t have worn heels.”
    Musa: “C’mon, Stella. We always wear heels.”

    It’s like they were trying to emphasize the “fashion forward fairies” thing.

  • Holy cow! Tecna mentioned Zenith! 😯
  • Why would Flora think an ugly horned lion was the creature of the Rainbow Mantle? Hey, wait! It’s an animal, right? Let’s get Roxy to…oh, that’s right. SHE’S NOT A WINX ANYMORE! 😡
  • Why is Flora so weak this season?!
  • I thought it was “Voice of Nature,” not “Voice of the Forest.” 😕
  • That stag…it looks like the one Valtor turned into. Rainbow did reuse Darkar’s snake form in season four. 😕
  • So the “best fairies in the Magical Dimension” can’t transform, use first-level spells, and have to be rescued by the Winx just like everyone else. So much for that title. 😕
  • Three words: My Little Pony.
  • Of course, The Winx were going to win! It was rigged! Faragonda must have know they needed this to open the Sirenix Book. But what if they had failed…
  • One lunar cycle to complete the Sirenix quest? So, basically a month? Yikes! And of course, Stella’s not taking this seriously. 😛
  • So the Selkies are in boxes? Haven’t we already seen Aisha’s Selkie? How’d she get out?
  • Yay! The Simulator! I missed it! 😀 Okay, wait a minute…If the Winx can clearly swim underwater in the simulated Andros, why do they need Sirenix? 😕
  • Aisha’s back to being mean to boys. Oh, Nabu, she needs you. 🙁
  • Harmonix is so gorgeous! I wish they’d keep it!

Overall, I wasn’t feeling this episode. Some of the scenes, like Stella, Tecna, and Musa “bonding moment,” felt rushed and choppy. Others just came out of nowhere. It’s like the Winx have become hyperactive. “The Trix! Quick! Transform!” I also hated the Rainbow Mantle creature. A rainbow horse? Really?

But the Harmonix powers kinda redeemed it. I’m still wondering why the Winx need it and Sirenix, if they seem to do the same thing. But I guess we’ll find out.

Next episode: We meet the Selkies, and the Winx continue their Sirenix quest. Meanwhile, the Trix keep causing havoc on Earth. (Maybe Roxy can keep an eye of them? Wishful thinking…)

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46 Responses to “My Thoughts on Ep. 5X06: “The Power of Harmonix”

  1. Krystal, you’re crystallizing tensions in the relationships of the Winx! ;P

    Three fairies that look like witches? Oh, yeah, they do look like Cloud Tower students, though they reminded me of Aurora’s fairies of the North from S4. (I really miss the Earth fairies. Why aren’t we seeing them, or even Morgana who’s at Gardenia, anymore?)
    I agree, how on Earth… I mean on Magix can the best fairies of the magic dimension be so weak? Well, since even the Believix Winx are no match for the Trix, it’s likely that the other (Enchantix?) fairies are no better.

    OMG! Everyone’s asking why the Winx need Sirenix all of a sudden. O_O
    Here’s my opinion:
    Even if they can swim, they still aren’t able to use their powers as they want to in the sea, they’re land creatures after all and they need a spell to be able to breathe. And our dear friend Believix (who’s still not as dear as Enchantix to me 😉 ) seems to have a little problem with water.
    Harmonix and Sirenix will help them be like fish in the water (pun intended) in the oceans and will allow them to use their powers freely in there. Plus they’re too weak even with Believix compared to the Trix and Tritannus. Didn’t Flora say something like ‘With our present powers, we will never be able to defeat Tritannus.’?
    Harmonix, it seems, strengthens the fairies, though its greatest importance is to allow them to use their magic freely underwater. Sirenix is more of a power source, it’ll make them extremely strong, enough for them to defeat Tritannus. Daphne acquired it to help fight the ancestral witches in a non-aquatic war on Domino 21 years earlier after all…

    Yep! Lots of wishful thinking for Roxy!

    Roy, we fans want Nabu, not you, for our fairy of waves! Just be friends, please! 😉

    Selkies in the boxes? O_O It’s Sirenix guardians! 😛 In the Harmonix dolls video I saw like a hologram of a miniature Sirenix fairy appearing when Flora opened her Sirenix box.

    • This is what I now think about Harmonix and Sirenix:
      Harmonix is for the fairies to use their powers freely in all oceans and unlock the Sirenix book in addition to all future items needed to achieve Sirenix. In this way, the transformation is merely a bridge to Sirenix, just as Charmix was a bridge between Magic Winx and Enchantix.
      Sirenix is to become one with the ocean and to gain access and/or full control of the Infinite Ocean. This will allow the Winx to defeat Tritannus.
      This is merely what I feel will happen as the series continues. I know it is far from being the only theory, much less than the correct one. Your idea can be just as valid. That is just how I’ve interpreted and differentiated the two.

  2. I love harmonix! I agree that it looks like an underwater enchantix. The girls look beautiful and more fairy like then they ever did before.
    This episode was just ok for me. The more I watch Season 5, the more I feel like I’m watching a completely different show with different writers for Winx Club.
    Again, I suspect that Nick might have tampered with the scripts dialogue, some of the things the characters say just seem weird if you come from the italian and cinelume dubs like myself.
    I get the feeling that Nick altered some dialogue again. I would be so surprised if they didn’t.
    The Winx just don’t seem to act like the girls that they were back in the previous seasons. Granted characters are expected to change over time but, there are times when I don’t even recoginize them anymore! And honestly, I blame Nick.
    The girls act at times like shallow teenagers. Everything about season 5 just feels… Americanized. Like that old spark of Winx is just…gone. I like that the girls are interacting more as a group, that Tecna gets her share of screentime, I like the harmonix/sirenix/tritannus plot as well (makes me wish Valtor didn’t use Andros back in S3 but another planet instead).
    What I don’t like is almost everything else. The girls dressed much more maturer and acted it as well last season, so far, this season, its another story. They also dress like American teenagers/young adults (I think this has to do with Nick because I heard that Nick changed all the girls original outfits to make them relatable, except Tecnas which was left in tact). Musa’s spunky personality has made a turn for the bad side as she just appears to be more rude now than anything else! It’s really disappointing.
    Stella’s shallow and egotistical personality was always a part of her. Its what makes her Stella. It also made for some good laughs but now… It’s irritating and makes Stella a walking Stereotype gone wrong. I miss the old Stella (and her Cinelume voice because god knows her Nick one is not fitting her).
    Layla/Aisha going back to hating guys is a downgrade in her character.
    And as for Roxy, I’m just hoping that the next time we see her, its towards the end of the season where she’d be declared an official member of the winx. That is if Nick is right about the small number of episodes she will feature in. Watching this episode and seeing the winx get harmonix made me wish that Roxy was there to. It felt incomplete somehow without her. Unfortunately, I’m losing hope on Roxy ever joining the group except in the comics.
    And whose idea was it to bring back Disapro and have Sky lose his mermory?! That person should get fired seriously! It’s so ridiculous! I thought that ship had sailed already.
    Bottom line, an ok episode, have yet to see a truly great episode this season. But who knows, things might get better.

    • I don’t think the winx spark is gone i just think they need something new and fresh like get off earth and get back to the magical dimension cuz i think thats what helped their can u imagine how awesome it would be for them to go to Tecna’s or Musa’s Planets!? i think even maybe going back to flora’s planet would be better than earth. Being on earth for me just makes them like everyday fairies….xD like the girls from W.I.T.C.H <.<

  3. Seriously! stop pointing out everything thats wrong with the show! at least we even getting a season 5! and the part about ‘Yay! The Simulator! I missed it! Okay, wait a minute…If the Winx can clearly swim underwater in the simulated Andros, why do they need Sirenix?’ THEY WERE NOT IN TRANSFORMATION!! THEY WERE IN AWESOME LOOKING OUTFITS! and if im not mistaken u can only use ur full fairy powers if ur transformed! otherwise whats the point of transforming? just to use ur wings? they have floating spells u know! and Sirenix will help them be strong enough for Tritannus and it’s a power for underwater! sheesh. And ur ‘So the Selkies are in boxes? Haven’t we already seen Aisha’s Selkie? How’d she get out?’ it doesn’t mean she lives in the box! the box just summons her!. And how was Crystal supposed to know the history behide Sky and Diaspro!?. And it’s true when Musa says they always wear heels..they always do! it doesn’t mean SHE wants to…she just got more girly i mean that happens to people when they GROW UP <.< and i think it's nice the winx are famous in magix! they saved the magical dimension how many times?

    • I’m not trying to find fault with the show. I love Winx, and overall I like this season. It’s very different from seasons past, though.
      I’m just saying what I’m really thinking when I watch the episodes, and not all of it is good. But it’s not all bad, either.

      • I think season 5 is the best season yet even though there are stuff that sucks but no point in pointing them out cuz it’s already finished <.<

        • I appreciate your point. I understand that “pointing out the bad stuff” won’t change what’s already happened in the show. However, only pointing out the good is useless, too.

          Let’s pretend I’m reviewing a product — let’s say, a doll (since this is Winx). I could spend a whole page gushing over how beautiful she is, how her wings are flawlessly made, how all the details are perfect, how reasonable the price is, how much fun kids will have with her, etc.

          But what if I noticed her clothes were easy to tear? Or her hair was hard to comb? Or that if you bend her leg in just the wrong way, you could accidentally snap it off? If I didn’t point those things out, would that be a fair review?

          I see it the same way with episodes. If I only point out the good, and ignore what stands out to me as “bad” (which is just my opinion), I’m not being fair.

          • You know it’s funny you mention dolls. My 8 year old got the Musa Believix doll for her birthday 2 weeks ago and last week the leg just snapped off at the knee.

          • OP, I love your reviews every episode and I think you should keep them going. I like how i wasn’t the only one who felt like the whole stella-musa-tecna bonding thing was completely rushed and choppy. I also like how you like the series and this point out the bad. Your like Kary, this guy who reviews a show called Degrassi. Bottom line is you should keep reviewing.

      • Don’t listen to them. sweetie. Seriously, I for one LOVE you for pointing out all the bad stuff as well. Fans are supposed to see errors and sometimes I feel like that I’m the only person who does that so I’m glad you’re in that boat with me. Really. All of your points were excellent. even better than those I could think of.

    • It’s not the selkies who are in the boxes, neither can the Sirenix boxes be used to summon the selkies. It’s actually a Sirenix guardian that’s in it and that is what you can summon using the box, the Sirenix guardian, not a selkie!
      Look closely at 1:31 in this vid, there’s a small hologram of what looks like a miniature fairy with the same Sirenix outfit as the Winx. It’s not a selkie!

      And btw, the part at 0:50 seems to be announcing something extremely promising to me, like Daphne coming back. ( Lots of wishful thinking! 😉 )

  4. oh and Horses are cool! and they really do save people! i can’t think of a better animal..horses are magical animals <.< can u think of something better? and if it was that deer..if i just started watching the show and u told be it's pokemon i would believe u xD

    • How about a cat because cats are known as magickal familiars? Horses while nice are just too ‘My Little Pony’ for me. And I haven’t even seen this episode yet (probably won’t until November Thank you Nick Canada :P) and the entire fifth season just seems to have jumped the shark, And there is stil ONE MORE SEASON.

        • No I’m thinking of actual Wicca/witchcraft. It would make more sense for it to be a smaller less conspicuous animal than a horse. It’s as though RAI is still dragging out Magical Adventure

    • How can you be so sure? O_O It’s not because the proper spelling of the word is “crystal” that there can’t be alternate spellings of it used as names.

    • You can spell Christopher and Crystal as Kristopher and Krystal they are both valid spellings and the nickname Chris can be spelled Kris, Chris, Chrys or Krys i’ve seen it spelled both ways same w/ Kristina/Christina

  5. Oh, Crystal… She means well, but she’s soo clueless. Someone should really fill her in on the details.

    And really? The competetion was only so they could gain the key to open the book, not to earn Harmonix? Hmm… If so, why were those other fairies competing? Just to prove their talents, or do they have magical artifacts they can’t figure out how to unlock as well? While I’m guessing the former, the latter could probably be an interesting basis for a fanfic.

    Anyways… The Winx finally have Harmonix. I love the design of this transformation, so much better than Believix.

    That Roy character… I hope those rumors aren’t true about him being a potential new love interest for Aisha. Hopefully there are plans to bring Nabu back, and Roy will only be a temporary ally or something to the Winx.

    But just in case, I suggest we ship Roy with Crystal. Problem solved! (nah, I’m just kidding. :P)

    • Aisha’s had a love of love interests in the comics, if I remember correctly. If anything happens between her and Roy, it will probably be temporary. But I’m thinking he will be important in some way. First of all, they bothered to name him. 😛 Second, she’s treating him the same way she treated Nabu when they first met.

  6. C/Krystal reminds me of Professor Avalon. Always helpful in just the wrong way. But it seems too obvious that she might be one of the bad guys. Bloom and Flora need to have a serious talk about her.

    Where were the Beta school fairies with their attitude? The Winx won the “competition” just by showing up. Or did the Winx overdone fame drive away all the other good competitors?

    I saw Musa’s line about the high heels as the Winx poking fun at themselves. They do that from time to time in sort of subtle ways. Wearing high heels everywhere is a bit silly. Even in the Harmonix form they have high heels. What could be more useless underwater than high heels! One of my favorite lines like that is from season 3:

    [Layla: Storm Harpies? I thought they only existed in fairytales.]

    Flora: Some people think that about us.

    Winx Club really is just a long beautiful fairytale isn’t it.

    I liked the scene with Musa, Stella, and Techna in the woods. I gave me hope that the characters from season 1-3 are still in there somewhere, even with the dumbing down that Nick/Rainbow has done to appeal to a younger audience. (But if Stella keeps saying “Cool” like a 10 year old, I may lose it.)

    “Why is Flora so weak?”. I think it’s one of the major subplots of the season. Flora has to become more assertive and self-confident to beat the Trix etc. and hold on to Helia. It was featured in “The Lilo”, (which didn’t fit before this episode or at the beginning.) My first thought when they were told they have to find the “Gem of self-confidence” was that it would be a test for Flora. But it appears in the preview that Flora gets turned to stone. Maybe she fails it.

    Hyperactive Winx transforming quickly is better than when the Trix beat them up in the archive for 5 minutes before they transformed. Of course, they still got beat up this time too. Getting beat up by the bad guys for the first half is part of every season.

    All in all this episode was better than I expected, in even with a smiling rainbow pony. I had expected this episode to be filled with an extended Harmonix transform, but since they did only 3 of the 6, they had room for some story & character.

    • That’s a really good point about Flora. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Bloom told her in “The Lilo” that she needs to believe in herself, and it may be she’s lost her confidence like you said.

      • Yes, it does make sense, considering what’s happening with Flora’s relationship with Helia due to Krystal and how Flora thought of him during her training in “The Lilo”.

  7. Honestly, I wasn’t too thrilled about the Harmonix design. Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely gorgeous, but I feel like the animators used the same basic format and just weren’t all that original this time around. They all have two overlapping wings, flowing trains, layered silk-like skirts, strapless dresses, and ribboned high-heels. Quite literally, the only variations from girl to girl are the color schemes, wing shapes, and minor adornments. If this keeps up, by season 7 the girls’ outfits will be nothing more than clones. Sirenix is the same deal. Again, it is a phenomenal design for ONE girl, but compare Harmonix to the other transformations, and you will indeed notice a lack of originality. I feel as if the animators reverted to Magic Winx with a touch of Enchantix elegance. This would be perfectly acceptable for the second season, but season 5? It just doesn’t cut it.

  8. I actually liked this episode, even though it definitely felt rushed.

    It seems Crystal doesn’t know about their history. Diaspro probably left out a few details when they all went princess networking. I hope she’s more good, but since she’s likely going to be evil again I hope she does something interesting. And the only Linphean fairies we’ve seen are Flora and Miele. Hardly a sample size as to what they all sound like.
    The Winx began cashing in on their popularity all the way back when they started their band, maybe even when they opened Love and Pet. I don’t see it as that bad, they do deserve the popularity after saving Magix, Domino, Earth, and the whole Magic Dimension. Besides, Tecna and Aisha were the only ones who disliked it. Stella relishes in it, Musa should like it, Bloom is fine, and Flora, well okay she probably doesn’t like it.
    When I hear Ancestral Spirit of Nature, I keep thinking Ancestral Witches.
    Faragonda was clearly lying when she said all the best fairies would be going. It seems that it was just an obscure competition that coincidentally had what the Winx were looking for. She probably wanted them to take it seriously.
    Musa’s comment is true. Not very smart of them, but they’re probably used to it by now.
    Zenith. Honestly, that one word probably saved the episode for me. It may be 2 seasons and 2 movies too late, but her homeworld has finally been mentioned on the show.
    While I never particularly liked Roxy, it’s disappointing to see them running into situations where Roxy would be really useful. Hopefully she at least maintains some presence in the plot, but I doubt it.
    Flora is feeling weaker than usual. I’ve always considered her the weakest member of the group personally, but she’s always been able to kick evil butt when she needs to. Here, she just felt kind of jobbed. On the other hand, she and Tecna are getting more screentime than usual this season. Meanwhile spotlight hogs Stella and Musa seem more pushed to the background, which is good. Bloom and Aisha get plenty of screentime again though.
    The Trix are starting to feel slightly overpowered. Darcy beat three of them in one hit from behind, and in general the Winx don’t feel like they’re giving much of a fight. I hope this trend doesn’t continue.
    Those other fairies were definitely terrified of the Trix. That’s understandable since they have been major threats sevral times already.
    Rainbow horse, yay. At least it didn’t get much screentime or steal many scenes.
    I like the Harmonix music, but not the transformation much. It’s just bland. The costumes are meh.
    I doubt Roy will be a replacement love interest (at least I hope not). Aisha is probably reverting back to her old habits from before she met Nabu because of shock over his death.

    Well the season is picking up pace. Nick’s presence is being felt, but aside from the transformations it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly. Hopefully the Earth Fairies make an appearance if anything big happens on Earth. I want Tritannus to give me a reason to take him seriously after the previous 3 seasons of villains.

      • Darcy and Stormy hate it too! How before they start fighting with Icy over it? I think maybe the old Icy will be back as soon as Tritannus won’t give her what she wants. We’ll see.

  9. Has anyone noticed that they transform, when they zoom out and fade away, as the magic swirls and forms a skirt thing. That skirt thing just fades off to show what was there before. What?
    What was the point in that?!
    It was pretty though <3

  10. Did anyone notice that when the skirts that go on fade off in the next scene? It bothers me to see such a wonderful piece transform, only to disappear right after. 🙁

  11. When the skirt fades off, look very closely to the magic sparkles it left behind. It travels to their backs! 😉 Wow!

  12. Hey Guess who is all late for the party( School why you keep me so busy?)
    Anyhow I made a few notes of my own. Not that anyone is interested….
    So I just now finished watching that episode. Gotta say I really liked it a lot. I will upload some pictures of it later today.

    I don’t know why, but I feel positive about the way thiis is going. Here are a few things I’d like to point out. Spoilers in text

    * Diaspro being back, it kinda seemed like Crystal wanted to screw Bloom’s life up. I mean She did saw her crying for sure – either that or she is completly bliind.

    * The filler part of the episode wasn’t bad either, it was a bit random, but it didn’t take too long.

    *Faragonda is a sneaky, cheater, is she not? I mean she sent Winx to that contest that was ment forthose who are still IN school. Then it was kinda hilarious to see ” All the best fairies of the magical dimention” There were like what – 12?

    * You’d think the best fairies of the dimension would know how to transform. I mean – not that I want there to be any more transformations than there already is, but it’s kinda strange Winx are the only transformers in the whole serie.

    * What are these other fairy schools? At first I thought Alfea was the only one, because of what Faragonda said and then by season 3 there were also Betas. We can safely assume that one more fairy school was founded in 3 years, but…now there are like 4 then? Oh, what am I saying. Winx stopped filling plot holes ages ago. They really need to hire a fan to do that or something.

    * Anyone else noticed Stella havving a really bad Believix make-up day?

    * I LOVED that moment when Tecna said that she does care. It was a little thing, but it added depth to her character and that is desperately needed. Same goes 4 Musa and her mum. I know they are brining these subjects up to tell the new fans more about the backgrounds of thhe girls, but whatever the reason I like it. I guess I disagree with OP here a bit, but oh well…

    * Stella – really? Must we have new outfits for every single episode?

    *Oh and Musa’s comment about them ALWAYS wearing heels. SO TRUE.

    * Speaking of that Eraklions kingdom sure if on a tight budget when even the princess can’t afford a new dress in 5 years,

    * Oh and these new things in the boxes. please Please PLEASE tell me we are not having another alternative for Pixies

  13. I’m surprised. Surely I’m not the only one who sees a frighteningly strong resemblance between Roy and Nabu. The hair is completely different, but the facial structure looks almost identical to Nabu’s, at least as I remember his design. It could be a coincidence that maybe a lot of men in Andros look that way, but it seems like more than a coincidence to me, especially given how Aisha treats him coldly for no reason, similar to how she initially acted around Nabu. Nooo idea where they’re going with that.

    And hey, I’m totally okay with you pointing out the flaws, because they’re totally valid complaints. 😀 Forced positivity is no fun (“Positive energy! Positive energy! Positive energy!”) and exclusively gushing over the series is no fun to read, either. From the sound of the episode summaries there will be plenty to rave about in the future, at least!

  14. this season is not that good :(. icy isnt icy anymore. almost no one is themself. i wanted valtor to return, but after seeing how that went with the trix, i’m actually happy he’s gone. and seriously, i predicted the whole horse scene. reallly? rainbow horse?

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